SYS (Novel) Chapter 139


C139 - Extermination



Startled, Jin stared at Kidard.


“Are you telling me to test the overload spells on the people of Romp?”

“That’s right. Why are you making that face on this happy day? I have an opportunity to look at Schugiel Hister’s magic tome, and you received the Tome of Overload. With each other’s life on the line, I feel that our trust has been solidified.”


No words came out of his mouth. After some silence, Kidard nodded as if he understood.


“Oh, Huell. Have you… never killed someone before? Even in your mercenary days?”


Jin suppressed the swears and curses that were about to erupt from his throat. He shook his head.

Extreme Overload magic.

For the past ten days, he learned that it was a magic used to induce an overload to not only a magician, but also a normal person.

Apart from normal overload, it was possible to induce a fatal overload with the innate but miniscule amount of mana within a human.

Furthermore, Jin was a beginner, so he had no way of controlling the destructive power. Which was why Kidard suggested experimenting on the common folk—to adjust the magic’s force.


“It’s not that. I just find it a little surprising.”

“What is?”


Kidard quickly turned his head and with a slight anger in his eyes.


“Aren’t they just normal, innocent citizens? If you tell me to use them as test subjects for my magical achievement…”

“Ha! Huell Hister. Listen carefully!”


Kidard shouted and grabbed Jin’s shoulders.


“Don’t be scared of killing some bugs. You have a talent that the sky has bestowed upon you, and your worth and value is on a different level than them. They become your resources, and that is fate!”


A violence that he had never seen before.

Kidard breathed heavily, continuing to spew his contempt.


“Do you know who I was when I achieved 9-star? A common folk who couldn’t get any help from anyone. You can’t avoid becoming a monster, Huell. If you do, then you can’t become the best.”


“Those with monetary backgrounds do worse than this. They can get test subjects and buy expensive equipment all with ease. However, when I was young, I had to flounder about despite having more talent than others.”


Listening to his complaints about capitalism and privilege was painful, but Jin just listened along. 


“I, like you, was uncomfortable. However, back then, if someone had opened my eyes… I would have instantly known that I am worth much more than the millions of bugs crawling about in this world. I wish someone told me earlier that it’s fine to use them however I want.”


Jostle, jostle.

Kidard held Jin’s shoulders and vigorously shook him back and forth.


“Kidard Hall of Profusion would have been in a higher position. Huell, you need not face losses like I did. All you need to do is to learn from my mistakes and failures for free.”


As Kidard spat his monologue, Jin’s eyes slowly looked at the ground.

Just as Jin had seen this side of Kidard for the first time, it was also a first for Kidard to see Jin’s tired look.


‘A little more. Just a little more, and he would concede to these harsh words.’


Kidard firmly believed that thought.


“...Huell, if it weren’t for me, your talents wouldn’t have had the opportunity to flourish. You would have lived the rest of your boring life as a third-rate magician. Now that you possess the Tome of Overload, show me your resolve. If not, I will kick you out.”

“K-Kick me out?”

“It’s that important. You must master the technique by killing other bugs—not just the bugs in Romp City. If you can’t accept that, I have no intention of keeping you here.”

“...Please give me some time to think, Master.”


Kidard hid his smile and looked into Jin’s trembling eyes.


‘Yeah, it’ll be hard to understand at first. But Huell, as you use those bugs, you will understand why the world is split into geniuses and the ordinary.’


He truly believed that this was for his apprentice. Kidard had lived with killing his entire life and achieved 9-star. He was living proof that his cruel but logical training method was effective.

Jin lowered his head. 


“I was foolish, Master. Honestly, I can’t accept it completely… but I will try to follow your lead.”

“Are you lying because you are scared of getting disposed of?”

“No, sir. If it weren’t for you, I’d either be rotting away in the Meltador Magic Academy or be killed by the Zipfels. If I don’t trust you, I’d have no other path.”



‘He’s a smart kid. My eyes didn’t fail me.’


Kidard swallowed those words and stroked Jin’s hair. He was actually worried about what he would do if Jin chose to quit.


“...I’ll be back. However, we should never have a day like this ever again. I have achieved many things while walking through hell, and I’m trying to give it all to you. My apprentice, you are no different than my clone.”

“Yes, Master. I will keep that in mind.”

“Good… Now, tomorrow night, if you use those bugs without remorse, I will offer you a reward. This master of yours doesn’t only have overload spells in his sleeves. From elemental spells to curses—every time you succeed, I’ll teach you one.”



After hearing that word, Jin’s expression almost faltered.


‘I don’t want to learn that from you. Nor do I need it.’


There was no need to wait anymore.


“Master, before tomorrow night, I would like to ask something of you.”

“What is it?”

“Please demonstrate the Extreme Overload spell.”

“Of course—”

“On my body. Try it out.”


Before Kidard could ask why, Jin continued. 


“I want to know where I should induce a mana overload in order to achieve the best outcome. So I can get the hang of it as fast as possible.”

“Kuhaha…! Yes, that’s the right thought process. I’m proud! If you kill over five bugs, then the knights from the capital will come. So we would have to evacuate right after. I haven’t thought of that.”


Kiiiiiiiiiing! Ching!

A sharp screech resounded, and in Kidard’s hand, mana for overload magic gathered to form a sphere.


“I’ll show you now. You need to recover before tomorrow night. Also, as an overload magic user, you should know how it feels at least once.”

“Thank you.”

“You may already know this since you looked into the magic tomes on Extreme Overload, but this spell’s name is Overload Vortex. You basically create a force that pulls and steals the opponent’s mana, and with it, you induce an overload. This is the spell you will practice tomorrow.”

“Yes, this is the spell I practiced while you were in Vankella.”

“Now, I will accelerate the spin of this mana sphere, and it’ll begin to suck the mana out of you from head to toe. I will concentrate on each part of your body, so focus on where it is the most painful.”


Jin stepped back and closed his eyes.


“I’m starting.”



Kidard’s Overload Vortex began to rotate rapidly. 

From Jin’s body, tiny mana particles emerged from his skin and flew into the spinning vortex.

Then, a flood of blue particles flowed out of his body. It looked as if the mana wrapped around him.




And as soon as Kidard noticed it, he couldn’t hide his surprise.


‘I cast the highest level suited for a 7-star so that he could feel the pain clearly, but why don’t I feel the slightest hint of mana overload? Huh?!’


Kidard looked at his Overload Vortex.


A crack began to form on the sphere.


‘N-No way. Huell was far beyond 7-star! No, it can’t be. I’ll raise the intensity.’


Screeeeeeeeeech! Shhhhhhht!

The sphere’s spin accelerated, and the light blue mana emerging from Jin’s body grew a little darker.

Kidard was using mana close to that of a veteran 8-star. Jin had his eyes closed without any change in expression.

The Overload Vortex couldn’t handle the mana that Jin had.

The mirror artifact’s infinite mana.

Kidard only realized something was wrong when the sphere began to expand.


When Jin first came to the city, he had already activated the Fountain of Mana. 

Just for this moment.

Kzzzzzzk! Boom!

The Overload Vortex disfigured and exploded. Kidard gathered all of his energy to contain the mana.

However, even though he was a 9-star magician, he was still human. He couldn’t handle the mirror’s infinite mana. It was as if he were trying to block a waterfall with his hands.

Kidard absorbed the mana he used to cast the intense Overload Vortex together with the mirror’s infinite mana. His body began to show signs of mana overload, and the overload began to spread.


“Kidard Hall. You would know best of the horrifying suffering brought about by overload.”



Blood spilled out from all orifices on Kidard’s face as he began to tremble. Jin slowly walked towards him.


“You must’ve lived without knowing…”

“Urgh, wh-who…?”


Kidard’s face was covered in blood. 

His two eyes filled with shock, and his two legs shivered, unable to handle the pain caused by mana overload.


Losing his strength, Kidard kneeled and barely held his head up to look at Jin.


“H-Huueellll! How could you?!”

“Fifteen years ago, you tried to curse a little baby at the Storm Castle. Do you remember the baby’s name, Kidard?”


“I am not Huell Hister, but Jin Runcandel.”



Jin pulled out a blue dagger from his sleeve and looked down at his enemy.

He recalled the 28 pathetic years that he lived in his past life. He had to go through hell all because of that damned curse—the damned Bladed Illusion.


“It took almost 44 years to find out that Joshua ordered Taimyun to tell you to curse me.”

“Please… Cough! No…”

“I didn’t have a chance to beg for mercy back then, Kidard. I was only one year old.”


Jin dyed his dagger with spiritual energy, and Kidard rapidly shook his head as he began to convulse. Blood spewed out from his mouth, staining Jin’s clothes.

Jin slowly lowered his torso and took Schugiel Hister’s magic tome from Kidard’s robe.


“Your pathetic 80 years can’t compensate for my 44 years, but I’ll use the Tome of Overload very well.”

“S-Save me… Cough—”



The darkened blade pierced Kidard’s cheek, and foamy blood erupted from his mouth. Death. Kidard’s body slackened, and Jin walked away.

Swinging the dagger across the wall, he left a message.


(You will not die peacefully like this man.

- Jin Grey)


So that Joshua Runcandel—his older brother—could see.

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