SYS (Novel) Chapter 140


C140 - After His Death (1)

Kidard’s death became known at least a month after his passing, and the world was shocked. Although his presence dissipated due to him being in hiding, the death of a 9-star was still shocking. 

Furthermore, the exact cause of death wasn’t known. 

The location of death was a residence off-road of a forest in Romp City. The citizens didn’t really worry or think about Kidard’s absence in the main city for a month. They just assumed that he was researching something with the young boy that he kidnapped. 

Thanks to that, Kidard’s corpse—that was discovered to have been abandoned for a month—became food for the mountain beasts. Only a few small bones remained.

Journalists of the press, affiliates of the Ministry of Magic, and those who had personal ties to Kidard could only focus on the message on the wall. 

—Jin Grey, the likely culprit behind Kidard Hall’s death. Who is he?

—Why did he kill Kidard Hall? And what’s the reason for his hiding?

—Unfortunately, scriptures of Kidard’s overload magic are supposedly in Vankella’s eternal storage…

While the people loaded the press with these titles, those who knew of Jin Grey had their own separate debate.


“It’s not the youngest, right? Jin Grey’s a common name…”

“No way. I know the youngest is amazing and all, but it’s against a 9-star magician. There’s no way. Yeah, there’s no way. It’s definitely not him.”

“Haha, right…?”


The Tona Twins were about to leave after becoming provisional flag-bearers. Despite their denial of Jin’s achievement, they couldn’t stop thinking that it was him.


“Our stupid siblings. They talk well for some kids who haven’t met a 9-star magician. I can’t believe that they’re provisional flag-bearers after only a few months… Tsk.”

“Hey, why, Myu? They’re kinda cute when they spit some dumb stuff. Enough for me to want to kill them. A frickin’ 9-star… I thought that White Wolf Tribe incident last time was enough.”


Myu and Anne smirked and glared at the Tona Twins, and this time, Mary looked at the girls. 


“Shut up. You’re interrupting the meal.”

“Tch! We can’t even talk this much?”

“I said, shut up.”

“Ha! You stayed quiet when the Tona brats were—”

“Myu, Anne, one more word and Mary will kill you. I can’t stop her now, since Mother isn’t here either.”


The second son, Dipus shrugged. Luntia shook her head, tired of everything. Ran and Vigo quietly focused on cooking.

The pureblood Runcandel children gathered at one table. The only ones missing were Luna, Yona, and the provisional flag-bearer, Jin.


Joshua lowered his knife and wiped his mouth.


“Alright, alright. Stop it, everyone. It’s been a long time since we had a dinner like this. Do we need to get our faces red and hot like this? I, for one, think that the youngest did indeed kill Kidard.”


All eyes fell on him. Even Luntia, who didn’t really care.


“Joshua, why do you also think that? Why? You think that makes sense?”

“Hm… It wouldn’t be possible on his own. If that kid, Yona, helped him, then maybe.”


Mary and Dipus glared at their eldest brother with hatred. The two had always despised his weird plots.


“Calm down, Brother. I knew that we weren’t here just for a meal, but your exposition is annoying. Do you have to doubt a provisional flag-bearer?”

“Can you back the claim that Yona helped him, Eldest Brother?”

“I don’t know for certain. It’s just a hunch. Do I have to take responsibility for my words? A 9-star grand magician died and there’s no clear reason of death. That’s hard to achieve for someone who isn’t ‘Nameless’.”



The assassin organization that Yona was currently affiliated with.


“You seem to want Yona to have a bad time. Bringing up her name now without reason makes me want to barf. And tying her with the youngest makes no fucking sense.”

“On the death scene, ‘Jin Grey’ was written on the wall. I think that the youngest requested something from Nameless in order to publicize his name, and Yona wrote the message in lieu of the youngest.”


Myu and Anne applauded his claim and nodded.


“Oh, thinking of it that way makes sense! Then Jin’s successful mission in the past would also be by Nameless!”

“It’s all under an assumption. As Myu said, the youngest had done amazing things since back then, so I don’t think there’s any downside to opening an investigation.”

“That’s right, Brother. There were too many questions regarding Jin. I also want to know what Yona thinks about the clan.”



Mary stood as she slammed the table. Myu and Anne were startled and turned to look at her. Luntia sighed. Another troublesome situation was brewing.


“Against the business of the second flag-bearer, I, the seventh flag-bearer, shouldn’t be talking shit to you. But remember one thing, Brother. If you hurt Yona, Father will not sit still.”


Dipus stood up and added on to Mary’s words.


“Brother, please show some coolness. If you are jealous of Yona, just put her under your sword. Simply slandering and flicking your tongue at her is not the Runcandel way.”

“Fufu… I don’t think you're in a position to say that, Dipus. If you don’t like my style, why don’t you just unsheathe your sword?”


Dipus’s eyes flicked to Luntia.


“For whom?”


Mary and Dipus left the dining hall, and Joshua smiled in satisfaction. 

Meanwhile, the twins—who were the cause of the situation—could only think.


‘Uwaaah, since Jin the doormat disappeared, the higher-ups are getting messy…’

‘I don’t know how long Myu and Anne will keep their focus on us. Shit. If Jin were here, our sisters would’ve teased us less. I can’t believe I miss him…’


The Tona Twins were depressed. 


* * *

* * *




The world’s most boring event, a Zipfel banquet.

Beradin waved a newsletter and sat next to Dante, who came only because he was invited.

Nonetheless, Dante was concerned as to what expression he should make at the dull party in order to not be disrespectful. So, after multiple greetings and bows here and there, he made an awkward smile when Beradin came.


“You came, Beradin? It’s a… wonderful… banquet. Thank you for not forgetting to invite me.”

“Hey, why are you trying to save face? I know our clan’s banquet is boring as hell. I just wanted to see you again. Sorry, sorry. You were bored, right? Me too. I miss that night at the arena.”

“Oh, the arena! That was nice. No need to be sorry. After that day, I also felt pretty empty.”

“There wasn’t a single day when I didn’t fiddle with the empty chest, commemorating those days. But that aside, did you hear? About this.”


Beradin put the newsletter in Dante’s face.

Surprisingly, Dante had just found out about Kidard Hall’s death. Right before coming to the banquet, he had only been a shut-in, engrossed in training. He had no idea what was going on in the world.


“Huh? This… A 9-star magician had been murdered, and Jin Grey’s name was left on the crime scene?”

“I’m more surprised at you. You didn’t know about this? Anyways, this case… It has to be his doing. What do you think?”



Dante snorted with certainty.


“Most certainly! He is a man who would do such a thing. I don’t know his reason or method, but it must be his doing.”

“On that note, Dante, can you make some time?”


“No, starting tomorrow. A good chunk of the day.”


Beradin whispered into Dante’s ear.


‘Wanna go see him?’

‘Do you know where he is?’

‘Well, we can just look for him!’


Dante chuckled and nodded.

The guests and journalists attending at the banquet interpreted the sight differently.


‘Those two just discussed the Kidard Hall case, right? They were talking and smiling, as if there was something only they knew.’

‘Recently, I heard good relations between the Hairan Clan and Zipfel Clan. The Zipfels must be related to Kidard Hall’s death, and it seems Young Master Beradin offered some information to Young Master Dante.’

‘The Zipfels might be strengthening their friendly ties and organizing the unallied forces. Since the Zipfels took down Kidard with intent, I should be careful of what I write about them.’


* * *


Meanwhile, the main character of all of this talk searched for an ear cleaner.


“Is someone talking about me behind my back? My ears tickle… Murakan.”


“Are you done with the Tome of Overload?”

“Argh! Shit, I have a right to live like a human, kid. I’ve been on this tome for a fucking month!”


As he said, Murakan had been deciphering the text ever since Jin returned. He could cast the runes to his body only after the process was done.

Compared to Tzenmi’s Photon Cannon, the rune characters were overly complicated, so it took more time to decode. 


“But no one else can do the tome-work than you.”

“Why do you keep forgetting about Quikantel? She knows how to do this too!”

“We’re not that close. In exchange, I’ll bring a wagonful of your nice little magazines. The exclusive editions.”

“If you bring anything less than the special edition, I’ll kill you.”


While Murakan huffed and puffed in anger, Kashimir came to Jin.


“Young Master.”

“Yes, Sir Kashimir?”

“Uhm… I came to tell you that I’ll be leaving for about a month.”

“A month? Where to?”

“So, that’s, uhhh… The Vermont Empire. Yes, the Vermont Empire. I must go because I forgot something there.”


As the Fallen Prince of Vermont, Kashimir had no reason to return and find something he wanted in the empire.

Jin examined Kashimir’s awkward speech and soon realized exactly why the other needed to leave for a while.


‘My father called for him. He’s headed for the Black Sea, probably because of Kidard Hall. It seems he wants to talk about it in person.’


The awkwardness was born from Kashimir clumsily making excuses while lying about being in contact with Cyron. He still thought that Jin didn’t know about the reports being sent to the patriarch. 


“Is there anything I can help with?”

“Oh, of course! Well, it’s something I must do alone, haha. Anyways, Young Master Jin. I already retrieved what you requested last time, so please spend your time wisely during my absence.”


Jin wished Kashimir luck and smiled.

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