SYS (Novel) Chapter 148


C148 - Accidental Victory (2)

 Owal lightened the pressure he placed upon Jin. The bottomless darkness soaked the atmosphere, but Beradin’s and Dante’s snoring didn’t change one bit.

Owal already used some needles to paralyze them. Now, instead of his fighting spirit, he could immobilize Jin with just his glare. 

Jin’s body trembled regardless of his resolve, but he didn’t feel any fear.

He shook because his body couldn’t take all of the energy being emitted by Owal.


‘I didn’t say it on purpose, but he’s furious just because I brought up Elder Sister Yona’s name. It means it’s sensitive information, basically resulting in the leader’s wrath.’


In fact, Owal revealed his own weakness. Even now, all he did was glare at Jin, and he didn’t look like he was going to take Jin’s life.


‘I kinda get it…’


He concluded his calculations.

All thanks to the past few days that Yona presented to him.


‘The Leader of Nameless is incredibly strong, but when it comes to assassination skills, Elder Sister Yona is one level above him based on Nameless’s principles.’


When Jin first spent his time in the intermediate cadet’s house, Yona observed him in the cramped second floor for over an hour. Afterwards, she constantly stalked Jin close by, indiscriminate between open or cramped spaces.

Without being spotted. That was a skill incomparable to assassination, and Jin had been mistaken thinking that he was just weak or Nameless’s best assassins was a little better.

It wasn’t that at all.

If basic assassination were the goal, the Leader of Nameless could take Jin’s life without him knowing. However, even the leader couldn’t make a feat like Yona had.

Not just in Nameless. No one in the entire world could mimic Yona Runcandel’s skills.

Jin suddenly remembered Luna’s words before he became a provisional flag-bearer.

—Among the siblings, is there anyone you feel a threat from?

—Nobody for a one-on-one. Maybe Luntia or Dipus? Or maybe you in the future…? However, Yona is really dangerous.

—Elder Sister Yona? Because of poison?

—No, she’s an assassin. Assassins can take anyone’s life if they lower their guard.

At the time, Jin thought it was just a reminder about the danger of assassins. However, he just realized the hidden meaning behind Luna’s words.


“I wouldn’t care if I rip you apart right now, but just to be considerate of Lord Cyron, I’ll turn a blind eye for you.”


Owal responded in a soft voice, Jin stood and bowed.


‘He mentioned Father because he had a reason to. To guarantee that he’ll never kill me, even if I slander Elder Sister Yona.’


Jin liked the fact that there was less of a reason to die at Owal’s hand.

Moreover, he became more certain that the leader came to save him.


‘The Leader of Nameless came so he could save me from my sister. The deaths of Dante and Beradin from Yona’s horseplay would be problematic for the leader.’


Jin willed down his smirk.

He liked his ability and position to throw threats, but a weakness was more effective when it was held in hand than shaking it provokingly. With the attitude that he could squeeze and make it explode whenever he wanted.

Unfortunately for him, he caught another weakness aside from Yona—Beradin and Dante.


“I apologize. I was naive and provoked you. I will receive any punishment.”

“You thought I wouldn’t know? With an expression that tells me that you know why I’m here. No matter how courageous you are, that demeanor is impossible unless you are certain of your survival.”


That was Nameless’s leader. Jin’s mask became useless, but he didn’t really care.

Exaggerated respect and etiquette would be futile against these types of people.


“It was a poor choice of words that disrespected you. I don’t want to make such mistakes twice. I’m certain that you have come for Dante and Beradin who are lying over there.”

“Correct. Killing you, a provisional flag-bearer, wouldn’t be much of a problem, but they’re a different story. If you obey my words well, then I’ll dismiss your mockery from before. I’ll also forget about your relationship with those two.”

“I’m listening.”


The leader alleviated his anger and lit a cigar.


“Starting tonight, instead of cadets, white-masked executioners will come for you. You three must stick together, and make sure to seek the town square while escaping.”


Hearing the orders, Jin extrapolated that the leader could no longer control Yona.

If the leader wanted to save Dante and Beradin, then he just had to exclude them from being targets. However, he chose to come to Jin and offered him advice instead.


“May I ask why?”

“You still have the courage to scorn me?”

“No, sir. I will do as you say.”

“And when the day after tomorrow comes, make sure to escort the two successors out of the city. At all costs. If they do not listen, take them down and throw them out.”

“So I should be alone.”

“You understood well. The executioners will come thrice.”


Owal’s simulation went like this:

Since Yona had three opportunities, he would help the teens for the first two times, but the final time would be to not raise suspicion. 

If Yona found out, Nameless would be flipped inside out. So if Dante and Beradin ran away, she would forget about them.

Since the one most important to Yona, Jin, remained in the city until the last day of the challenge.


‘Yona will send an intermediate, advanced, then a master executioner. Since she intends to help her brother’s growth instead of killing Beradin and Dante.’


The three could never survive a master executioner. Neither would Jin alone. 


‘If Dante and Beradin leave, it doesn’t matter if Jin lives or not. Well, it’d be nice if he survives and makes Yona happy, but that’s too much to ask.’


It was still possible that Yona would step in and save Jin before the master executioner kills him.

Owal honestly thought that was the only way. 

Organizing his thoughts, the leader rubbed the light of his cigar on his finger.




“You have just told me to face death. Since you told me to survive where it’d be challenging even with my companions.”

“So you are saying that you can’t do it?”

“No, sir. However, I believe that I should also have a reward for risking my life. At least, in the case where I successfully execute your orders.”


Owal nodded.


“Alright, I’ll heed your request. What do you want?”

“The Thousand-Poison Antidote.”

“You crazy bastard.”

“Is that not possible?”


Unable to express Jin’s shamelessness in words, Owal burst into laughter.


“That wouldn’t be possible, even for Lord Cyron.”



Maybe that was too far.


‘I was going to get it through Elder Sister Yona anyway, but if the leader were to give it to me directly, it’ll be guaranteed. And I won’t need to deal with him if I get it from my sister. But now that I think about it, it’s too far-fetched.’


Knowing that his request had been rejected, Jin wasn’t too disappointed. It was just a crazy thought that was worth a try.


“Request something else. If you speak more nonsense, I won’t give you more opportunities to speak.”


Jin enunciated what he wanted, syllable by syllable, and Owal’s eyes widened.


“...Alright. You can request that in exchange for risking your life. However, you must keep the two successors alive.”


Owal would fulfill Jin’s request only if Jin satisfied his conditions and survived.


“Thank you for understanding. I will keep your promise.”


Jin internally screamed in happiness.

The moment the leader accepted the deal, Jin deduced that he was unstoppable in Samil.

About to leave the inn, the leader glanced back at Jin. 


“And let me offer you some words of wisdom.”

“I will listen with gratitude.”

“There’s only a few who we can’t kill with ease, but we do not senselessly kill everyone. Do you know why that is?”


Having already decoded Owal’s intention, Jin looked up at him.

Owal was gently scolding him, who toyed with the Leader of Nameless.


“Because a weapon that could fatally wound a man is more frightening when held in hand. And wielding such a weapon without care could result in a commotion.”


And Jin was dropping more hints to ‘the leader whom he owed.’


“Huh! Then why did you—”


Owal halted mid-sentence and stopped in his tracks. He shook his head.


‘Wait, Jin Runcandel, that kid… Did he not know that Yona was our weakness…?! Since I didn’t ask about the city’s destruction first, he already predicted that our meeting was about Yona?’


He remembered his expressive self that overreacted when Yona’s name was mentioned, and for the first time in a while, he felt embarrassed. A feeling of shame and failure washed over him.

He lost to a child in a game. The ruler of the city, the man deemed as the king of assassins.


‘I can’t even look at him anymore. Shit. I’m an embarrassment. Even if he’s a pureblood, he’s last in line and only a provisional flag-bearer. Of course he doesn’t know a lot about Yona.’


Jin sarcastically bowed and hid his smile.




Owal’s short, deep complement echoed in the room, and the moment he stepped out of the inn, he disappeared.

As he returned to his chamber, the leader felt disappointed. The youngest son of the Runcandel Clan was fated to die at the hands of Yona’s master executioner.

Beradin and Dante’s paralysis disappeared, and they couldn’t even conceive what happened while they were asleep.


* * *

* * *


“Even the lord couldn’t have known that the provisional flag-bearer was friends with the successors of the Zipfels and Hairans… We’ve obtained some interesting information we can report.”

“There’s also something between Yona and the provisional flag-bearer. Since we witnessed the situation, the evidence will soon start pouring in.”


A group of men were having a discussion. They were in an advanced cadet’s home. The house owners had a chain around their throat, suffocated to death.

The group were Joshua’s henchmen.


“We aren’t done just because we got some information. And since the level of the assassins after the youngest son’s head is increasing, watch very closely. Don’t forget that he can’t die yet.”


However, they forgot that Nameless’s best executioner resided in the building across them.

The executioner had been stalking them since they came into the city, watching them every single moment.

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