SYS (Novel) Chapter 149


C149 - Two Long Nights, One Short Night (1)

The first batch sent to the three teens were advanced executioners. The progression from intermediate, advanced, to master executioner, as predicted by the Leader of Nameless, was horribly wrong.

Atop a tower, the leader and Yona watched the three get chased around the city.


“Yona… are you alright with this? You sent advanced ones from the start. Your brother might actually die. Is that what you want?”

“Jin’s super strong.”

“I know his achievements are unbelievable for his age. However, that is different from—”

“And the fake-friends stuck to him need to die as well.”


“If they don’t die, we decided that I would give them personal training.”


Owal gripped his forehead. Amongst the assassins of Nameless, Yona’s training was the most terrifying and painful.


‘Then they would attack with all they've got… I wonder if Jin and the others can take them to the town square…’


He sighed.

Whether they died or not, Yona watched them with flaming eyes. Especially Beradin and Dante.

Then, she gave a short giggle before continuing to glare down at the chase.


“Uwaaaaaah! This doesn’t really compensate for the food Jin paid for!”

“There seems to be no end to them!”

“And how is this an assassination?! This is a hunt! Isn’t this Samil? Why are those bastards just chasing us in public?”

“Isn’t it an assassination as long as there’re no witnesses? There hasn’t been a person in sight. It’s as if the entire city is after our heads.”


The three rushed through the streets like mad bulls. The assassins right behind them wore white masks, signifying that they were ranked Nameless Executioners.


“Why are you so heavy for someone who looks light?!”


Jin had Beradin in a fireman’s carry. The magician would never be able to outrun the assassins.


“Sorry, I have a lot of stuff in my bag.”


Shouting those words, Beradin lifted his wand and began to cast a spell. 

Giant’s Hand, 6-star earth spell. As soon as he finished casting, the mana from the wand soaked the ground. The rocks and dirt formed a massive hand and blocked the path behind them.

Among the ten assassins, five were obstructed by the hand.


However, the hand that smashed the ground didn’t harm a single one.

Swooosh! Swoosh!

The executioners hopped like crickets onto the rooftops to evade the spell and threw daggers towards the three. It looked as if they were only lightly flung, yet the blades pierced through all surfaces—gates, bricks, and pavement. A true display of an executioner’s throwing dagger.


“Holy shit. The daggers melt through everything!”


Watching the attacks unfold, Beradin screamed, and goosebumps stretched across his body.

Dante quickly glanced at the poison incomparable to any other. He gulped. 


Jin and Dante’s footsteps quickened. Soon after, they were confronted by a dead end where two buildings met.


“Dante, break through! I got your back!”


“And dodge immediately! There has to be a trap…”


Creeaak! Pssshhht!

The sound of sword clashing bricks occurred with the sound of activated traps. However, the traps behind the wall were not darts, daggers, or arrows.

It was the hooks that ripped Jin’s robes.




Living up to his name as the prospective successor of the Hairan Clan, Dante swung his sword to cut through the chains of two hooks. Sparks flew everywhere.

However, the chains did not disconnect and instead curved towards Dante along with the three other grapples. 

Not even a second later, Jin clenched his teeth and threw himself towards Dante.

Ting! Ting!

If it weren’t for Beradin on his shoulders, he would’ve deflected all three grapples. Even after Jin’s feat, one grapple went from Dante’s throat.

However, he wasn’t just anyone who overcame the generation above him to become the prospective successor. In that short moment, Dante copied Jin and stabbed the grapples.


“I dodged an injury, thank you!”


Jin forgot that he told Dante about the grapples.

Before Jin could respond, the assassins behind them threw more projectiles.

However, they didn’t know that Jin led them to a dead end on purpose.


‘I was so surprised when I checked my pockets after the leader left.’


A map.

The leader not only had a conversation with Jin, but also put a map in his pocket. One that showed the path to safely evade the executioners. 

A path that intentionally led towards a dead end with a path straight to the square behind it. Towards their destination without Yona’s suspicion.

Behind the remnants of the wall, they saw the pathway straight to an open area.

And in this main street, there wasn’t a low building, wall, or sewer where an assassin could hide. Almost like a pilgrimage route for the priests of the Holy Kingdom of Vankella, the road was wide and clean.

Essentially, no matter how ghost-like the executioners were, assassination attempts were impossible. Unless they were as good as Yona.


“Completely open terrain! We should lure them there and fight them off!”

“Affirmative, we won’t need to run away over there. They’re all dead now.”


The two grinded their teeth.

However, Jin thought differently.


‘It’s still a road, not the central square. There must be a reason why the leader told us to go there.’


Even though the three were very talented.

Jin could still not use magic or spiritual energy, and their opponents were ten advanced executioners. On top of that, they were the ones handpicked by Yona.


‘It won’t be too bad to fight these guys. See their capabilities firsthand.’


Just because he thought differently didn’t mean that he didn’t want to fight. It was an opportunity to check Beradin and Dante’s improvement and return the favor to the assassins who treated them like hunting game. 




“We’ll protect you, so cast one of your strongest light spells. Bonus points if you wipe them all out at once.”


Clang! Clink-clang!

Dante and Jin deflected the projectiles and entered the main street.


“Just give me ten minutes. I know a perfect spell for this.”

“What is it?”


The executioners ran around Jin and surrounded the three teens. 


“Ring of Erupting Flames Massacre by the Empress of Magic 1st Form.”

“Whoa, the name is astounding.”


Jin almost stopped in his tracks when he heard Beradin’s reply.


‘He learned that?!’


Dante just thought that the name was obnoxiously long. He didn’t know about it at all.

Of course he wouldn’t.

Only a small number of magicians knew of it. Two hundred years ago, the Zipfel patriarch—Liol Zipfel—who was called the Empress of Magic, used it once.

Yet, in the long history of magic, her life and achievements filled multiple pages.

Jin had seen his past life’s master cast an incomplete version. And Jin knew where the tome for its final form existed.


“Here they come.”


Jin regained his composure as the executioners charged in.

Just because they were assassins didn’t mean that they were only trained for assassination. They were all at least 6-star warriors, and the leader had to be at least 7-star.

Kaclang! Clang!

The two swords clashed with ten others. Jin stuck right next to Beradin’s barriers and guarded him, and Dante lured the others into the open area.

Seven on Dante, three on Jin and Beradin. The executioners planned on dealing with Dante first before moving on to Jin and Beradin.

However, Dante didn’t seem to be pushed back at all by the seven warriors.

A blue aura whirled and whipped around him, indicating Hairan’s decisive killing move. 


‘I heard that he shut himself in for training. Did he finally master “that”?’


Every time a blade entered the gaps between the rings of aura, sparks flew. The bright blue rings blocked the blades like armor.

The move was called Imperial Blade: Dragon Blade Armor. Just a barrier in an abnormal form.

Every time the armor received an impact, the aura belt would absorb it and return it to the opponent. So, no matter what direction, if the attack wasn’t enough to pierce the armor, the attacker would take damage.




Two assassins fell backwards with their shoulders and thighs stabbed. The others gripped their swords and swung sparingly. 

Jin was kind of proud of his friends.


‘A barrier that counterattacks… I should be careful of that move. And is Beradin actually casting that spell? The amount of mana gathered in that barrier is a little disquieting.’


Compared to Dante, Jin made light footsteps while pressing onto the three executioners. There was the mid-level 7-star, but he was also being pushed back. 

Even though Jin’s aura was only 6-star.


‘As expected, my body is waking up.’


The blessed body of a Runcandel.

Every time he swung, his body’s immense power supported his lacking aura, which made his progress possible. A strength that truly marked the best clan of swordmasters in history.


Jin swung with all his might, and the executioner’s sword snapped.

Even the squad leader was surprised and put some distance. Behind the mask, the executioners’ eyes quivered.


“Fighting isn’t your main profession anyways. Don’t be too sad.”


Just as he was about to smirk—




Dante desperately called for Jin. His Dragon Blade Armor clearly diminished. 

His stamina was wavering. They had been running from the pursuers since the evening, and he used his decisive killing move for the victory.


‘This idiot should’ve rationed his energy while fighting!’


It wasn’t that Dante didn’t control his stamina. 

He decided that everything would be alright even if he went too far since Jin was there—the warrior he trusted the most.

The same applied for Beradin.

The magician nodded to Jin to signal that the spell was complete and that he could go help Dante.

As soon as Jin bolted away, the squad leader swung at Beradin’s barrier, and it shattered like glass. Jin cleared the attackers on Dante. 


Flames erupted from the cracks of the barrier.

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