SYS (Novel) Chapter 150


C150 - Two Long Nights, One Short Night (2)




The problem was that the flames from the spell… were pathetic compared to its grand name.

The first flames were almost fierce, but it instantly dissolved in the air. Then, small bubbles of flame just floated about.





Those reactions didn’t come from Jin and Dante.

It was from the executioners who, until now, hadn’t shown a single bit of emotion even when Jin pressed the attack as a 6-star or when Dante used his decisive killing move. 

The outcome was so disappointing that the executioners—who had emotion training—gave a reaction. 

They expected some terrifying spell since two of them were guarding the magician with their life.

Pop-plop, plop-pop-pop. Psssshsshhsh…

These cute flames extinguished. 

Like snow melting in water, the flames disappeared in thin air. The heat probably couldn’t even melt a candle.




A short silence befell them. However, it was enough time for Dante and Jin to shame and blame Beradin for the embarrassing spectacle.

Beradin’s thick skin was gone as well. His ears turned bright red.


‘I know that it wouldn’t be at full power, but this is kinda harsh.’


If one didn’t retain an extremely unique talent, not even a 10-star or Genesis Knight could completely cast this pretentious spell.

However, since Beradin was a pureblood Zipfel, they expected at least ten-percent of the spell’s effect. 


“You done?”


The leader spoke for the first time, suppressing his disappointment. The other executioners laughed silently and exchanged glances with one another.

As much as they were humans, they wanted to return the ineffable humiliation as their fighting skills were ridiculed by Jin.

And the executioners were embarrassed that they couldn’t take down some kids. It would be news that would put Nameless to shame. 

However, the squad leader wasn’t a person who would make the same mistake twice.


‘That black-haired kid probably has something up his sleeve. It can be a variable in close combat, so we’ll finish them off with projectiles before they can get there!’


He signaled the others, and the assassins surrounded Jin—even the ones that were injured by Dante. 

If they couldn’t continue their mission despite their injuries, they wouldn’t be ranked as advanced executioners.

Jin quickly examined Dante and Beradin.


‘Dante’s stamina’s depleted.’


Dante’s heavy breaths proved Jin’s point. There was no need to ask.


‘And Beradin… This fucking bastard. He’s already showing the early stages of overflow?!’


A river of blood flowed out of Beradin’s nose as he writhed in embarrassment. He was suffering from mana overflow after failing to cast the extravagant spell.

However, Jin was relieved to see the unicorn’s horn that peeked out of the heavy backpack. 

Regardless, they needed at least an hour for the mana overflow symptoms to recede. 

Essentially, the two were incapable of battle.


“I-It’s been a while since I last cast it, so I may have messed up the chant… It’s really complicated…”


Cough! Cough!

Beradin spat excuses with his croaky voice, and Dante consoled him.

As for Jin, he felt like his insides were going to explode. 


‘I guess it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let them fight in the first place.’


However, they weren’t done for just yet.


“Dante, take Beradin and run. I’ll take down these guys and follow you.”

“Will you be okay on your own?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. But you guys might die if you don’t run like your life depended on it.”




Understanding Jin’s words, Beradin and Dante sighed.

In open terrain, Jin would never take damage from the enemy. As long as they didn’t all run in at once, Jin held an advantage. He just needed to deflect all weapons from all directions.

And since it would quickly become a chase anyway, there was no chance of them getting surrounded again. They were able to get to their destination because they could outrun them in the first place.


“Pray that I can parry all of their attacks… and run!”


Jin shouted as he swung his sword at the enemy. Blue blade crescents flew towards their formation, and the executioners temporarily scattered.

At the same time, Dante picked up Beradin and sprinted away.

If even one dagger were to fly past Jin and hit either of the two, the Zipfels or Hairans would lose an heir.

That would honestly be favorable for Jin, who would become a future patriarch.

However, Jin chose loyalty over a favorable future. He didn’t want them to die as of the moment.


‘If I somehow protect them until they get into the town square, then we’ll all survive!’


There was a reason for the leader’s advice. Jin had faith in his words.




Dante ran while screaming his lungs out, and the flurry of daggers continued.

Clang! Clank! Ting!

Jin followed right behind them and parried each and every flying dagger. If it were a month ago, he wouldn’t know if his feat was possible.

Jin definitely became aware that he improved a lot recently.


‘My Mind’s Eye is almost open.’


He thought back to his Clear Stone training with the Tona Twins in the secret training room for the intermediate class, where steel marbles flew everywhere because of the Tonas’ mistake. 

He recalled the weird sensation that he felt back then. Whether a steel marble flew near or towards him, the trajectories that became visible in his head…


‘All the suffering I went through in this city wasn’t for nothing. I guess this is thanks to Elder Sister Yona.’


He didn’t even obtain the Thousand-Poison Antidote, but since he almost died multiple times, he was thankful for the fruits of his labor.


‘I will survive until the day after tomorrow and receive the potion from my sister, then make the leader keep his promise.’


Of course, he didn’t forget to keep Dante and Beradin safe.


* * *

* * *


Two long nights had passed.

On the second day, the chase progressed the same as the previous. Although there were twenty assassins instead of the previous ten, it was easier than the day before.

It was thanks to them abstaining from fighting as soon as they found the road to the town square.


“I didn’t know they’d stop attacking as soon as we got through that road. It’s a weird yet cool tradition.”

“If it weren’t for that tradition, us two—I mean three would’ve died, Beradin.”


The center of Samil City. 

That was the special area where Nameless’s high-ranked executioners’ families resided. Nameless Executioners never unsheathed their blades at that location unless it was an emergency or there was an invasion.

Hence, it was the only peaceful area in Samil.

A tradition that even Quikantel didn’t know of. It was an unspoken rule established after her prime.


“What do you mean, ‘Beradin’? We said we’d call him Lord Holocaust Fire Bubble of the Empress 1st Form.”

“Stop teasing…! People can make mistakes.”

“People can tease others.”


Jin smirked, and Dante coughed awkwardly.


“Ehem! Anyways, I think escaping to the town square would have a limit. When does the game with the higher-ups end?”

“I don’t think this deal will just end with us cheating our way out, but I’m also curious about this higher-up that you know.”


The two looked at Jin with sparkling eyes. Clearly, they wanted to know more about the deal he made.

It wasn’t a deal, but more so an order. Jin looked away.


‘As promised to the leader, I have to send these guys out before the evening.’


—And when the day after tomorrow comes, make sure to escort the two successors out of the city. At all costs. If they do not listen, take them down and throw them out.

Thanks to Owal’s map, they were able to progress throughout the challenge.

And that was pretty incredible. Although they cheated a little, no one would believe that these three young adults survived dozens of advanced executioners for two days.

However, the three would never be able to survive the incoming wave.


‘Tonight, the best of the best will come. And the leader will not appreciate these two who are still here.’


Jin didn’t want to send them out.


“Today’s the last day. You two should sleep well for the evening.”

“Whoa, it means we’ll suffer one last time.”

“If you gain something from winning, you have to share it with us. You’ll share it, right? Just like the time at the arena.”



‘I’ll give you a souvenir.’


Jin swallowed his follow-up and smiled.


* * *


“Owal, please answer my question truthfully.”

“Hm… Yona, what is it that you want to ask?”

“You helped them.”


Owal hid his surprise and tilted his head, feigning innocence.


“What do you mean?”

“It makes no sense. How did Jin and the two weirdos go to the non-violence zone twice in a row? This must be your—”

“Haha, it can’t be.”

“It’s obvious that you’re lying, heehee.”


Yona spoke while giggling, and goosebumps climbed up Owal’s back.


“Ehem, anyways, did you write the self-reflection on the destruction…”

“Heh, since you broke your promise first, I’m taking action.”

“You do not trust me?”

“Nope. And starting today, you’ll stick right next to me since you might help them again.”



It was a dejected laughter, but Owal wanted it this way in the first place. 


‘That obedient kid will send them off. And Yona going after him is better than some other executioner. Since she likes Jin… she might show mercy.’


However, he couldn’t be certain. Yona’s personality reeked of chaos, so she could choose to kill her loving brother anytime.


“It’s dinnertime soon. Time to kill some children. Will you come with me?”

“I shall.”



They silently went towards the inn where Jin’s party resided.

They took position on a rooftop across the inn. Owal felt soreness on the back of his neck and experienced light suffocation.


‘Wh-Why are those three still together?!’


He could see clearly across the window without curtains. The three were together.

In fact, Jin was awake, and Beradin and Dante were fast asleep.



“They’re gathered nicely before their death…”

“Just wait a moment…”




Their eyes widened.

They saw the object in Jin’s hand: the present that Quikantel gave.

And surprisingly, Jin clearly displayed it in Yona’s and Owal’s view.

Yona glared at Owal.


“Your title is the Leader of Nameless, and yet you gave him that?! To save them?!”

“N-No! I really didn’t! Yona!”


Cold sweat drenched Owal’s face.

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