SYS (Novel) Chapter 162


C162 - Remnants of the Dark Magic Association (3)

As if a whirlpool swallowing water, the mana sphere endlessly sucked the mana out of the novices and dark magicians. Dozens of mana strands flew and spiraled into the whirlpool, brightening the dark cave.

Kiiiiiing. Kiing~! KIIIIIIIIING…!

The shrill noise from the Heavenly Defiance was amplified by the cave walls. 

From the absolute calamity in the cave, only four magicians remained.

The culprit of the Heavenly Defiance and Enya sticking right next to him, Fake Auten—who just got a trail of blood between his lips—and another dark magician who was quivering from the initial attack.


‘It’s mine. The one who created this cave.’


Compared to Auten, the magician was barely standing. Muttering some words, a mana barrier formed around him, and it looked like the magician was using all of his strength to suppress the overflowing mana.


‘About an 8-star.’


If overload magic didn’t exist, or if Heavenly Defiance didn’t exist, Jin would never be able to induce an overflow reaction from him. Based on pure mana, the enemy would be one step higher.


“Austin, cast a barrier. The orcs will wake up soon.”


Multicasting while retaining the Heavenly Defiance was still impossible for Jin.


“Oh, yessir!”


Because it was her first real fight, Enya was very inexperienced. She didn’t know what to do for about ten seconds after Jin cast the spell. However, he didn’t feel that she was dumb.


‘She’s still pretty incredible. It’s her first time, and I never told her what would happen, but she’s still in her right mind.’


As an average 16-year-old magician and a student, she would’ve been stuck in despair. However, Jin liked that Enya cast the barrier with composure.


“Now go for that one with a spell you’re most confident in.”

“Not at Auten, but the black-robed one?”


Jin nodded, and a drop of sweat flew off.


Only 9-star magicians should be able to cast Heavenly Defiance. Since Jin was only a 7-star, he couldn’t cast it to its full potential, nor could he continue to cast it.




Losing against the overflow reaction, Fake Auten ultimately fell to the floor, throwing up blood. However, the 8-star seemed to have regained some of his health and stability, beginning to breathe normally.


From Enya’s hand, a barrage of sharp wind whooshed out. A harsh echo ensued, but it wasn’t enough to pierce the barrier. The wind shard shattered after contacting the barrier, and the orcs turned their heads towards the attacker.


“Stand and shoot… your arrows…!”


Thankfully, they also faced the early stages of overflow. They couldn’t attempt an attack equivalent to that of an 8-star magician.


‘But if Heavenly Defiance recedes, they’ll begin to fire their magic at will.’


If possible, he had to finish the job without using excessive mana. If what Auten said was right, the other enemies would find them immediately.




The orcs scurried here and there, picked up their bows, and pulled its string. About half of the twenty failed to pull the string back, and about four or five successfully fired the bow. 

The arrows hit Enya’s barrier and made loud, hollow sounds.


“Brother, what should we do? If I use Lord Olta’s power, I might be able to deal with some orcs. However, breaking the 8-star magician’s force field by myself…”

“Save that power, and just block a few more arrows.”



A strange smile stretched across the 8-star magician’s face. He felt that the Heavenly Defiance above was getting weaker. He probably noticed that Jin’s mana was rapidly decreasing. 

As such, the 8-star could only think that time was on his side.


‘That kid probably thinks that I’m out of mana.’


It was true that Jin would face overflow effects if he didn’t deactivate the spell.


“I guess I took a hit. Did Kidard have a hidden apprentice or something?”


The 8-star shouted at Jin. Thanks to the mana whirlpool getting smaller, he regained enough strength. 


“You’re going to die soon, so why do you need to know?”

“Nonsense. You would’ve taken a hit from losing focus, but since I already identified that you are only a 7-star, I am Rolt Joe! I’m sure you’ve heard of me?”


Rolt Joe.

The younger brother of Andrei Zipfel’s arch nemesis, ‘Cold Joe’. It piqued his interest.


“I’ve heard that Cold Joe had an underachieving younger brother who was talented in earth magic. I would’ve never known his name was Rolt Joe.”

“I’ll tell you straightforwardly. Join the Dark Magic Association, apprentice of Kidard Hall.”

“What if I decline?”

“The moment your mana depletes, I’ll end your life. Isn’t it obvious? You had no chance of victory the moment you didn’t finish me off with that spell.”


Jin didn’t reply, so Rolt ordered the orcs to lower their weapons.


“I am showing mercy because your master, Kidard Hall, had good relations with us. There isn’t much time left before your Heavenly Defiance dies out. Your mana is almost all gone. What will you do?”

“According to you, I don’t have a choice, don’t I? If I don’t join, I only have death.”

“That is why I said I’m showing mercy.”


Jin sighed and then flicked his eyes to Rolt.


“Rolt Joe. What line of the Dark Magic Association are you?”

“Are you asking for your friend? I’ll say that it is within my ten fingers. Even if Kidard Hall wasn’t our good friend, we would still appreciate your talent and ability. As soon as you join, we will immediately promote you to a higher position.”


‘Within ten fingers?’


Jin’s eyes narrowed. 


“So you’re telling me that the association has at least nine others as strong as you? I thought you guys were garbage that used your old name to scare others, but the offer is still compelling.”


Jin spoke as if he wasn’t shocked, but he hid his true emotions. If Rolt’s words were true, the association would not only be considered the ‘remnants’.


“Of course, we will accept you after fixing your disrespectful attitude. Well, you achieved a lot at such a young age, so I do understand your ego in the skies.”

“But don’t you want to know why I came here in the first place? As a follower of academy magicians, on top of that.”

“We’ll find out soon enough during the conversion process. Well, alright. You must be itching to try out your overload spells. I’m sure Kidard would’ve told you that the world will be below your feet as he transferred the Tome of Overload.”


Jin smiled and nodded. 


“Alright, I will join the Dark Magic Association. However, I have one request.”

“One request?”

“Try to take me down. I can’t go under someone weaker than me, right?”

“Puhaha! You are something. You still have enough energy to flaunt your prowess? I can see why Kidard took you in…”

“I think you were stuck in a delusion, but I am not Kidard’s apprentice. It seems that you haven’t learned my name yet. The Tome of Overload was my prize for killing him.”




The Heavenly Defiance shrunk to the size of a head, and the mana spiral turned black. The whirlpool spun again, bathing the surroundings in darkness. 

The spiritual energy strengthened the power of the Heavenly Defiance. 

Spiritual energy of the same amount had the same strength as aura or mana that was two levels above. Since it was 5-star spiritual energy, it was no different than 7-star mana.





Rolt reactively covered his mouth and threw up blood. It had only been a minute since he suffered from the early stages of overflow from his mana spell. 

Before, he used his strength as an 8-star and managed to prevent the worst reaction. However, this time was different. He was certain that Jin was out of mana, and he suffered from the aftershock of overflow. He had to resist another attack.

Yet that was impossible, even for someone like Rolt.




One name appeared in Rolt’s head. The name written on Kidard’s lab wall.


‘Jin… Grey?! No way…! And that dark power!’


Spiritual energy. The dark, omnipotent power that all magicians desired. Hopelessness shone in Rolt’s eyes.


‘So he’s Solderet’s contractor that Kinzelo was searching for! Not just Heavenly Defiance, but also spiritual energy…!’


There was no time to calm his frantic mind. The orcs stumbled backwards in fear, and Rolt realized his unrecoverable mistake.


“You said that I lowered my guard, but you were the one who did.”

“Keururgh! AAARGH!”



Jin unsheathed Bradamant, and from its pale-white blade, aura flickered. 


“Y-You bastard!”


Pssssht, glug-glug-glug—! 

The overflow took over.

Checking that Rolt leaked blood from every hole on his face, Jin stopped his magic before walking towards him.


“Kidard Hall showed similar reactions. I want to let you live and ask you a lot of things. The size of the Dark Magic Association, your main base, and your objectives…”

“Kharraark, kurgh!”

“But I can just use Fake Auten who is soundly fainted. Above all, I might have a little fight with the one who enjoys hunting game.”


Slash! Thunk!

Jin lightly swung Bradamante and beheaded him. The orcs immediately began to run away. 


“I’ll take care of that!”


Enya swung her wand in the air and shot icicles. A herd of orcs was usually not suitable for a 4-star magician, but it was easier since they were running away.

The orcs that were hit with an icicle fainted near the group of fainted magicians.


“Good job, Austin.”

“Thank you, Brother!”

“But now, you have to do one more thing. I think some big guy came into the cave.”


Boom, boom, boom!

They had just finished their fight with Rolt.

Yet from the path they came from, far away, heavy footsteps came towards them.

A humanoid silhouette emerged, and this time, Jin couldn’t hide his anxiety for the next opponent.

The one who returned from playing with the remaining magicians that Fake Auten separated.


‘A White Wolf Tribesman…?’

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