SYS (Novel) Chapter 163


C163 - Remnants of the Dark Magic Association (4)

Towering at three meters while looking muscular and nimble at the same time, covered in white fur, and has wolf-like eyes—just like their name. Rather large for a White Wolf Tribesman.

Blood stains were painted across the hammer slung behind his back. Evidence that he slaughtered the magicians outside the cave.


‘I can see why the fake Auten said they enjoy lively hunting game.’


Being the most notorious fighting tribe amongst the beastmen, the White Wolf Tribe treated humans like food or toys when faced with a significant opponent.


“Whoa, what the hell happened here? Shit went down!”


The White Wolf Tribesman looked around and clicked his tongue. Seeing the dark magicians on the floor, he looked very conflicted.

The giant was surprised, but not scared. Even after seeing close to fifty of his underlings dead or unconscious.


“Man, I wondered whose head that was, but it was Rolt’s! Keke, unbelievable. Let’s see… I guess the betrayal didn’t work out.”


As soon as he appeared, Enya pointed her wand with a stone-cold face. She no longer wanted to shudder in fear, determination fully evident on her face.


‘You’re going to learn a lot from this experience, Enya.’


If they could resolve the situation and safely return to Tikan, that is.

The beastman pointed at the two with exaggerated movement, as if he were in a play.


“You two kids! This is your doing? It must be cuz I’m never wrong. You induced mana overflow to all of them? Rolt said that there was a human magician who was crazy for overload spells.”


Everyone knew that a magician going through mana overflow threw up blood and fainted.

The finger pointed at Jin and Enya had the girth of a steel bar. Instead of answering, Jin met eyes with him.


“Ha! Well, then. You’re a little kid magician, and you dare look at me like that? It’s alright to be a little scared.”


Jin had immediately concealed his sword after beheading Rolt, causing the beastman to think that he was a magician. There was nothing good about telling the enemy that he was a magic swordsman.

Thanks to his decision, the beastman thought he and Enya were magicians.


“It won’t be too late to determine that after I hear your name.”


Jin spoke, and the beastman shuddered. Then, he clapped loudly before howling.


“Amazing! On a different level than the ones outside. I like you a lot. My name is Goltep Hafalep. It feels awkward telling you my name when our battle will end very quickly, haha.”


After hearing the name, Jin internally sighed in relief.


‘I thought he was Tuzard Raiker or Buteau Wenz because of his large body, but thank goodness.’


Tuzard Raiker and Buteau Wenz were famous warriors of the White Wolf Tribe for their massive bodies. In human terms, they were 9-stars and were still a hard fight for Jin.

Either way, he had never heard of Goltep’s name. It was highly likely that his opponent was not some talented warrior.

Despite it not being Tuzard or Buteau, Jin couldn’t just relax, since all White Wolf Tribespeople were born and raised for combat.


“Goltep Hafalep, you say. First time hearing it. I’m Jin Grey. This is Austin Grey. Well, don’t you think you should be a little scared? We two wiped out your entire team.”

“What do you mean, team? Other than Rolt, they were all just heads of meat to fill the numbers. Don’t be proud of killing some of the peons.”


The White Wolf Tribe was specifically covered in magic textbooks. It mentioned that they were difficult to injure with spells that were 6-star and below, and their fur had magic-reflective properties.

Hence, Jin and Enya didn’t scare Goltep despite being in his ‘very talented magicians’ list. Goltep also assumed that the two acted fine but had depleted mana.

Since Rolt, Fake Auten, and over fifty other peons either suffered from overflow or were dead, Goltep could only make the conclusion.


“Well, since Rolt is dead, it’ll be a little problematic if I just return. Hmmm…!”


Goltep grasped his forehead, then clapped his hands. 


“Alright! I will make a deal. Your ability has been proven since you killed Rolt and the other meatball… How about this? Instead of being minced by my hammer, you will join the Kinzelo Group.”


Jin’s eyes widened.


“Kinzelo…? Isn’t this the Dark Magic Association’s cave?”

“Oh, uh, that’s Kinzelo’s, uh… What do you call that again? A branch of some sort. Only knights and warriors are part of Kinzelo, so the magicians are part of the Dark Magic Association.”


He heard something interesting. Ever since the Seven-Colored Peacock identified Vishukel and Bouvard as affiliates of the Kinzelo Group, the organization became Jin’s next target of interest.


‘Now that I think about it, on my first mission during my cadet days, Quazito Truka also seemed to be affiliated with Kinzelo. And the Dark Magic Association, at that.’


The Kinzelo Group and the White Wolf Tribe…

What was their relationship? Along with the assumption that the entirety of the White Wolf Tribe might be a part of the Kinzelo Group, Jin felt that the organization was a bigger and more threatening force than he had initially thought.

Because there were at least nine more magicians over 8-star in the Dark Magic Association.


“In other words, you are going to become a part of the Dark Magic Association under the Kinzelo Group. You’ll be perfect in Rolt’s spot. I’ll be seeing the leader soon too.”

“Who’s your leader?”

“I’ll tell you after you join. Work with us. I think you guys have more worth than the trash over there. Especially you.”


The beastman pointed at Jin.


“I just know you’re made of good stuff.”

“Dead Rolt over there said the same thing. I basically got invited twice. It seems Kinzelo is running low on people? I think you guys are picking people too carelessly and are giving out leadership positions like spraying water.”

“There’s always not enough people to fuck with the world. And you said this was the second time? There usually isn’t a third chance. Your life is too young and too precious to lose yet. My mercy stops here.”


Goltep’s smile disappeared, and he began to emit waves of energy. Within his body, as soon his aura began to engulf his body, the cave’s air got heavier. Enya glared at the beastman, and Jin raised his wand.


“Do you want to know what I answered when Rolt invited me to become his underling?”


“I can’t work under someone weaker than me. That applies to you as well. If you want me in the organization, take me down. If I lose, then I will take your deal seriously.”


Murderous intent grew in Goltep’s eyes.


‘His energy isn’t anything normal. However, I don’t feel any threat at all…’


Goltep drew his hammer.


It was bigger than Luna’s axe-sword, Crantel. Even though the hammer only lightly hit the ground, the cave rumbled.


“Your skill doesn’t match your intelligence… I see now. However, as I already said, there will not be a third chance. No more chivalry, only punishment.”


As soon as Goltep jumped into the air, Enya flinched and raised her wand. She was startled from losing Goltep from her wand’s trajectory. Even a 4-star warrior wouldn’t have been able to detect the speed.

A black silhouette flashed across the cave, instantly closing the gap. At minimum, a 6-star warrior would be able to barely react to such movement.


The hammer fell onto Jin’s barrier. From the strike, cracks traversed across it, and it broke to the second strike. For the third strike, Jin had to cast another barrier.




In the short moment that the first barrier broke, Enya shot wind shards. However, a 4-star wind spell wouldn’t be effective against the beastman’s fur.

On that note, Enya had the abilities and actions of a talented magician. Instead of the body, she went straight for the eye.

However, hitting a fast-moving target with magic was not an easy feat. 

Goltep scoffed. He didn’t even block the attack. Instead, he opened his mouth and ate the projectiles, which surprised Jin.


“As expected, the girl isn’t much. Why don’t you stop making the barrier and use that egotistical ass of yours, Jin Grey.”



Goltep spat then licked his lips. The spell didn’t even leave a scratch in his mouth; his saliva didn’t have blood mixed with it.


“Huh?! How’d he know I was a girl?!”

“Who’re you tryna fool with that stupid disguise?”


“Which is why humans are pathetic. Anyway, move aside, side character. I want to see Jin Grey in action!”


Boom! Thoom! Boooooooom!

The speed of the hammer made it look light. Blocking with a barrier would no longer be possible. 


‘I guess acting like a pure magician was futile. I wished Enya would at least pop an eyeball before the real battle began.’


Like Enya, Jin also went for the eye. However, noticing that it was basically impossible, he didn’t need to waste any more mana.

Moreover, as he examined Goltep’s swings while in the barrier, he thought that playing defensive was no longer needed.


‘Is it because I got stronger that he doesn’t feel too threatening?’



The moment the fourth barrier broke, Jin threw his wand away and unsheathed Bradamante.

Quickly ducking under a swing, he thrusted Bradamante forward. Thanks to his Mind’s Eye, he could be certain that if he dodged the hammer, it still wouldn’t hit Enya.




Enya ducked, covered her head, and screamed. Goltep got slashed by Jin from the unexpected swordsmanship.

Plop, plop.

From his thigh, blood splattered everywhere, and Goltep trudged to make distance.


“Shit! You were a magic swordsman?”

“Everyone falls for it.”



Jin engulfed Bradamante in aura.

Goltep stopped momentarily, then, forgetting the problem, he covered his hammer with aura once more.


“I thought the decapitation on Rolt was too clean. So you did it with a sword instead of magic… But nothing will change, Jin Grey. Oh, there is one thing. I won’t kill you. I have to show the boss.”


Whip, ssst.

Jin twirled Bradamante in his palm and took his stance.


“I want to advise you to not lower your guard. It’s been some time since I fought a White Wolf Tribesman. It’ll be sad if it ends bitterly.”

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