SYS (Novel) Chapter 168


C168 - The Fragmentor of Chaos (3)

Rustle, rustle.

Along with the sound of rustling leaves, a woman emerged from the shadows amongst the tree branches. 

Red hair and a suit—the woman who sat next to Jin at the transfer gate. The woman examined her surroundings, then hopped down from the tree.


“Oh, Brother! Jin! Hehehe!”


A very excited voice.

She had been following Jin ever since she found him at the Kon Kingdom. He had used his Mind’s Eye in order to even detect her. 

He never had this plan in mind, but it was perfect.


“I was so tired of ignoring you on the train!”

“Me too. How have you been, Sister? Also, what is that disguise? I thought you dyed your hair with blood. At the transfer gate, that is.”

“I heard from Owal that if I meet you again, then Father will kill you. So I dyed my hair with my favorite color. Fixed my face with some make-up too, hehe.”

“Hm… I don’t know how those relate.”


Jin put his emotions aside and remembered one warning.

—He also warned me through you. To never even think of using Elder Sister Yona.

Cyron’s warning that came with the Black Light Cuirass—to not use Yona.

However, Jin shut his eyes and wanted to use Yona’s power. He wasn’t killing Bouvard, just a light favor to eavesdrop…


‘Even if Father finds out, wouldn’t he be fine with it…?’


Well, it wasn’t illegal if no one found out.

And even if he did get caught, he could nullify the punishment by offering a majestic bust of Cyron.


‘What the hell am I thinking? If Father was someone to glance over crimes, then our clan would’ve never become so great. I’ll just not get caught. Never.’


“Don’t worry! Owal said he’ll keep it a secret too. Also, I’ve had my senses heightened, and there wasn’t anyone chasing us.”

“Thank goodness. Though, I was also moving while keeping an eye out.”

“So, why did you call for me?”

“Half because I just wanted to see your face again, and the other half is to ask for a tiny favor. Anyway, take a look at this.”

“What is it?”


Jin took out a mysterious vial containing a black liquid. He unscrewed the cap and downed the bottle.


“Keugh, Thousand-Poison Antidote. I’m using it well. I should show off the present you gave me, you know?”

“Ahahahaha…. Jin, you’re too funny. That’s Black Moss Poison. Really hard to get your hands on. Did your friends get it for you?”


“I’ll kill them. How could they give my brother such a thing?”

“I asked them to get it for me.”

“Be quiet. I don’t like it at all.”


Yona’s eyes became sharp, and Jin shook his hands frantically to calm her down. If she also found out that he was fed poison as soon as he woke up from his coma, Yona would actually kill them.


“Heh. Still, seeing that the antidote worked out well, it feels good!”


Reuniting with Yona after two months, she was still hard to read. However, Jin didn’t hate her for that, and he didn’t even feel any pity. 

Yona didn’t like sympathy for whatever weird actions she did. 


“So, what’s the favor?”

“From here on out, I’m going to meet a fragmentor named Bouvard Gaston. If you can, please eavesdrop on him. Whether he’s just muttering to himself or conversing with another person.”

“Simple, alright. Instead, when I’m done, you have to play with me.”

“You’re gonna have to watch him for days. If you’re okay with it.”


The siblings chattered and walked through the forest together. As they walked for about two hours, they saw a sign that read: ‘Artistic Explosion’.

Bouvard Gaston’s fragment workshop. 

The workshop sat atop a shallow hill, dyeing itself in the sunset.

Tons of fragments—big and small—laid in front of the workshop. The fascinating thing was, from each and every fragment, a strange aura could be felt, even from their distance. 


‘Shocking. Even for someone who’s not an expert, I could feel it. Enough for other artists to feel hopeless.’


Getting closer and taking a gander, it was true. Anything fragmented to look alive looked as if it would move when touched, and every single inanimate object felt more dimensional than an original object. 

Yona glared at the fragments. Instead of falling into admiration, her eyes looked uncomfortable and angry.



“These fragments…”

“Are you alright?”

“Ah, yes. Uh… This is a little embarrassing. This… Someone like me made this. I just know.”

“Excuse me? Someone like you?”


‘Is it something about her special powers?’


That thought shot through his head, but he didn’t ask.


“Very interesting. Can you tell me now how you found this place?”


Jin thought for a second, then unloaded the information he earned from Mato Baker. Yona was someone he could trust as much as he did Luna.


“Hm, so that’s what happened… The Transformer? This fragmentor? And you beat him up at the banquet.”

“Not too sure just yet. I just came to see if I can uncover some things.”

“First, I’ll erase my footsteps. Even if you can’t detect me, don’t think I abandoned you.”


Right after she finished her sentence, she disappeared. No matter how much he opened his Mind’s Eye, he couldn’t detect Yona’s position or her existence.


‘So this is her full strength. It seems she hid between the fragments. Before that… her reaction was weird. Elder Sister Yona and Bouvard being similar people…?’


Clang, clang!

He first shook the bell on the door. Curano’s fragmentors often operated underground, so they couldn’t hear customers knocking on the door.

Thud, thud!

Footsteps echoed after shaking the bell for some time. Bouvard lugged his heavy body up the stairs, as if he were pissed.

The door swung open.


“What kind of…”



Failing to continue his words, Bouvard stared at Jin for some time.


“Bouvard Gaston. Long time no see.”

“Eeeek! What do you think you’re doing here?!”


He grabbed a handful of salt from his pocket and threw it at Jin.

To his standards, the ones seeking his workshop were ‘dirty lowlife’ customers, which was why he always had salt prepared.

And amongst the lowlife, Jin was the worst.



Jin quickly evaded the projectiles and didn’t get hit by a single salt crystal.


“That’s a bit harsh. I came as a customer today.”

“Customer, my ass. I don’t take customers like you!”

“Oh, you’re gonna be like that? I’m no different than your savior.”

“Saaaaaavior??? Saaaviooorrr?!?!”

“If my siblings or a guardian knight heard what you did at the banquet, your limbs would’ve been ripped off. You would’ve never dreamt of crafting such beautiful fragments.”

“Shut up and die!”



Bouvard’s fist hit Jin’s chin.


“Phew, stop it now. Even if I am a prospective successor, this is—”



Getting hit twice, Jin felt something snap.

The strings of his patience were snapping apart.


‘Yeah, maybe beating up this guy might not be too bad. No, but does he have no fear, or is he just stupid?’


The moment the third fist flew…


Jin dunked his fist on top of Bouvard’s head.




The short battle was different from the battle at the banquet. Jin went through an amazing transformation while Bouvard remained as a pitiful 5-star.

Bouvard lost balance and fell backwards, but Jin caught his wrist and kept him upright. 

Then, another person emerged from inside the workshop.


“Bouvard, what’s the matter… Young Master… Jin?”

“Lord Vishukel…?”


He didn’t expect Vishukel to be at the Artistic Explosion that day.


“Young Master Jin, why are you here? Are you not in the middle of your provisional flag-bearer trials?”

“About that…”

“L-Lord Vishukel! This guy embarrassed me at the banquet and sought me again to cause a disruption…! Aaahhh! Please kill him!”


At that moment, Vishukel’s eyes met the salt on the ground. He also glanced at Jin’s slightly swollen chin and forehead.


‘This disgusting fatass. It’s obvious what he did wrong.’


Swallowing those words, Vishukel took a deep breath. 


“...Please come inside, Bouvard. Apologize to him. Who are you telling me to kill?”

“Why should I?!”

“You threw the first punch and incited violence. And you’re telling him to apologize? You have anything to say for yourself?”


Vishukel scolded Bouvard, whose face wrinkled in a frown. Vishukel had been very stressed because of him recently.

“Eeeerk… Still, I can’t apologize!”

“Uh, yeah, then I’ll do it for you. I’m sorry I hit you, Bouvard.”


Jin conceded and pushed Bouvard into the workshop before shaking hands with Vishukel.


‘So this calm and cold man is also in the Kinzelo Group…? Sir Kashimir told me that Bouvard was above Vishukel, but it doesn’t seem like it.’


And Vishukel had no idea Yona was nearby. 


‘As much as Vishukel is an 8-star, he must have a more polished Mind’s Eye. I’m sure Elder Sister Yona will adjust accordingly.’


Letting go of Jin’s hand, Vishukel shrugged.


“I apologize, Young Master Jin.”

“No worries. I came knowing that this would happen. I should’ve been more patient. I apologize for causing you stress.”

“No need. Anyway, what brings you here…?”

“I wanted to have a bust of my father created, and all of the fragmentors in the workshop street recommended this place. This was my last, last straw.”

“Hm, I see.”

“I do have a rough past with him, but it’s still my father’s bust. Seeing the fragments in the front, it seems I came to the right place. I couldn’t hide my astonishment from Bouvard’s pieces.”


Vishukel’s eyes narrowed.


“Young Master Jin.”


“Everyone knows that Bouvard’s fragment work is amazing. However, I don’t understand your demeanor as the Runcandel Clan’s youngest child.”

“Ah, did I act disrespectful in any way?”

“Correct. The young master I saw at the banquet wasn’t someone who’d act upon such an extraneous situation. In fact, if you needed a bust of Lord Cyron, anyone from this area would’ve been just fine.”


As if admitting defeat, Jin shook his head.


“You saw right through me. Indeed, there was an ulterior motive. The one I wanted to meet wasn’t Bouvard, but you, Lord Vishukel.”


Jin glared at Vishukel with burning eyes.

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