SYS (Novel) Chapter 169


C169 - The Fragmentor of Chaos (4)

It was a blatant lie, but it was Jin’s only choice since he slipped up in front of Vishukel.


‘Vishukel Yvliano. Just one mistake and he’ll become a pain in the ass. I have to conjure something that he’ll believe…’


Vishukel tilted his head, shook it, and kept a sharp eye on Jin.


“To meet me instead of Bouvard?”


“For what reason… Oh, that’s why.”


Jin looked hungry for a fight as his expression looked inviting. Vishukel smiled in interest.


“Would you like to duel me as a provisional flag-bearer?”


‘Not a bad reaction.’


“It’s embarrassing to admit, but that’s true. Since I can’t personally go to the Yvliano Clan with my current status as a provisional flag-bearer, I first sought Bouvard, someone who Lady Margiela referred to as a ‘friend’.”


Vishukel flinched at the word ‘friend’.


“Hm, so you’re basically saying that you tried to meet me through Bouvard.”


Vishukel didn’t ask Jin as to how he found the workshop’s location. There was no reason for the Runcandels to not investigate Bouvard who dueled the banquet’s host.


“Although, I wasn’t lying about having a bust of my father created. If I knew that Bouvard was the most talented fragmentor of this city, I wouldn’t have searched the streets this entire time.”


A silence passed.

Jin didn’t know if his lies worked on Vishukel, but he wasn’t desperate to find out. Vishukel took out a cigarette.


He scraped a match on the box’s match striker, and smoke fluttered into the air. 

Vishukel took a second puff when half of the cigarette was burnt as he organized his thoughts on Jin’s unexpected appearance.


“...That day, the duel was quite memorable. I also waited for the day to duel you.”

“Thank you for the compliments.”

“However, now is not the time.”

“Why not?”

“Even though a rose grows some thorns, I should never step on a growing flower. Young Master, as someone older than you, allow me to advise you. Excessive bloodlust is poisonous.”


Jin’s pupils shook.


‘Look at this guy…’


It was a lie turned challenge, but he didn’t need to be this patronizing.

However, Jin shouldn’t rebuke it.


“After becoming a provisional flag-bearer, I fought many enemies. But it seemed my opponents were always a bit lacking. I don’t get the same rush that I got when I fought you. The feeling of using the Mind’s Blade.”

“Please don’t embody your current achievements as your whole self, Young Master.”

“Those achievements almost caused some horrible accidents on the duel that day.”


The level of provocation rose.

Nonetheless, Jin knew that Vishukel wouldn’t want to fight him anyway.


‘He isn’t someone to fall for these provocations, and he won’t earn anything out of a battle.’


Vishukel was currently an 8-star. Jin was announced to be a 5-star at the banquet. A sizable skill gap existed between them.

However, Vishukel knew that Jin’s achievements weren’t small after one and a half years since the banquet. Though, he didn’t think that those achievements were relevant towards the outcome of the battle.

Vishukel rubbed the ashes of the cigarette on the wall, then sighed.


“Please stop, Young Master Jin. I don’t want to get tired from such extraneous business. I came here on vacation. Don’t you think it’s a little disrespectful?”

“I apologize for that.”



Vishukel created a palm-sized blade with his aura and cut Jin’s bangs. Before the blade disappeared—before the hairs fell to the ground—he cut the falling strands once more.

Realizing what happened half a beat later, Jin felt a cold sensation creeping up his back, and Bouvard thought Vishukel beheaded the Runcandel.


“I’m showing you in case you didn’t understand. Do you think you’d stand a chance after failing to react to that?”


He was right.

Excluding the fact that Jin didn’t react on purpose.


‘I almost instinctively dodged it. Shoot, I would have had to duel him for real then.’


Jin didn’t want to duel either. The goading was all just to wash his body off from Vishukel’s suspicion and catch his attention so that Yona could do her job.

Bouvard smacked his lips after seeing that Jin was still alive.


“Why didn’t you just cut this insolent bastard, Sir Vishukel? It would have felt great.”

“Bouvard, are you out of your mind? What are you gonna do when Young Master Jin becomes a flag-bearer in the future?”

“That kid will definitely die before he does. I can tell just from him fearlessly challenging you. He thinks he’s on top of the world just because he’s a Runcandel—”

“Bouvard Gaston.”


Jin turned and stomped towards Bouvard.


“What? Why?”

“How will you deal with me?”

“Hmph. You think I’m scared?”



Jin unsheathed Bradamante.


“Young Master Jin?”

“I admit my hubris and discourtesy, Lord Vishukel. I am no different from a child who can’t even clash swords with you. However, this fellow talking bad of Runcadel is another problem…”


Jin wasn’t simply making a scene; he really wanted to kill him. Bouvard flinched and tried to scramble behind Vishukel.


“One more step and I’ll kill you, Bouvard.”

“Young Master Jin, please stop.”

“Lord Vishukel, if your clan was slandered, would you remain still?”


Vishukel could not answer. It was true that Bouvard spoke poorly about the Runcandels.


“I could take some of Bouvard’s comments towards me since you were in front of me. However, towards my clan… He’s one crazy fellow.”


Watching the situation unfold, Bouvard didn’t blabber a single word. He realized that he would actually die if he moved a muscle.


“Haaa, I understand. However, in this case, I’m going to have to stop you as well.”

“Then do so.”

“And what if you die?”

“Even if I die, I will kill him and protect the Runcandel name. Of course, since I am a provisional flag-bearer, you will face no consequences.”

“If you kill Bouvard at this moment, I will kill you. If that happens, what’s the point of protecting the Runcandel name?”

“Even if the clan doesn’t find out, I will not be ashamed of myself.”

“Must you do this?!”


Vishukel raised his voice for the first time.


‘Shit! It’s my fault for not controlling that damned bastard’s mouth. The young master isn’t joking right now. What to do…?’


Cold sweat dripped down from Vishukel’s nape. His desire to kill Bouvard was stronger than Jin’s, but in order to finish Kinzelo’s project, he had to keep him alive. 

However, Jin and Bouvard were too close to stop. The only way to stop Jin would be to cut his arm or throat before he could move.

Yet Vishukel was not confident in cutting his arm. 

In his waist was only his belt. Before Jin came, Vishukel was eating sweet potato croquettes, so he unarmed himself. He could conjure a blade with his aura, but a small blade like that wouldn’t work. 

To cut the arm, Vishukel needed a longer sword, but with that size, Bouvard’s head would go off first. Hence, Vishukel’s only choice was to cut Jin by the throat.


‘If Jin Runcandel dies, will Lord Cyron really do nothing?’


Cyron was not the type to seek such vengeance. It was true that he valued Jin, but the moment the Runcandel Clan reacted to the death of a provisional flag-bearer, they would be labeled as hypocrites.

Vishukel couldn’t be certain, however. The first provisional flag-bearer to have an honorary banquet after Luna killed in the hands of an Yvliano. What if that rumor spread…?

He predicted that, on top of the Yvliano Clan, the Kinzelo Group would also take a toll.


‘I just need to hide it. No, I can’t. Too many people saw his face in the workshop street.’


Putting the panicking Vishukel behind him, Jin opened his mouth.


“I will count to three, Bouvard. During that time, kneel and apologize with your life! One!”

“Kneel, Bouvard!”


Vishukel screamed. If Bouvard just kneeled, this awkward situation would all come to a close. 






Bouvard’s chubby knees hit the ground. Vishukel sighed in relief, and Jin put his sword on Bouvard’s throat.


“I did as you—!”

“You’re not done. Now, apologize. I should hear something I like before my hand slips.”


Bouvard trembled in anger and shame, and Vishukel’s heart dropped.


“I… did you wrong…”


Jin sheathed his sword and smiled.


“If it weren’t for Lord Vishukel, I would’ve killed you. That is the usual consequence for slandering the Runcandel Clan. Thank him, Fragmentor.”


Jin then walked to Vishukel and bowed.


“I have committed many acts of discourtesy, Lord Vishukel. If it’ll help, you may beat me as much as you like.”


Vishukel smacked his forehead.


“...I knew that Runcandels were like fire, but you are on another level. You were in no wrong to punish Bouvard. I show approval as the patriarch of the Yvliano Clan.”


He was genuinely impressed.


‘He’s definitely a handful, but no other flag-bearer of Runcandel would do this. Jin Runcandel, you have surprised me many times since the banquet.’


He made sure to make Bouvard shut up in front of any stranger since then.


“However, I hope we don’t have such chaotic encounters in the future. Please don’t forget that I didn’t attack you because Bouvard deserved his punishment.”

“I won’t forget.”

“You are free to leave.”


Jin left the workshop, and Vishukel stared at his figure getting smaller and smaller. 

Once Jin was no longer in sight, he finally spat curses. 

After hearing five or six horrible words, Bouvard grabbed Vishukel and let out depthless excuses. Then, he silently went to the basement.


‘It’s my first time seeing Sir Vishukel that angry. Jin Runcandel, that bastard. He was so disrespectful…!’


Bouvard would never realize that Vishukel’s anger was towards him instead of Jin.

When Bouvard returned to the first floor, he had many croquettes in his arms. 

Rustle, rustle.


“Please eat this and calm down, Sir Vishukel. Errrr, that rat bastard will never live a long life.”

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