The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 129

Chapter 129 - Council


In the midst of a tense situation, Gu Yeon-seung nervously swallowed.

"What the hell is going on?"

So far, the actors had killed everyone without any issues, using Hong Seon-ah as bait to lure and kill other players, making it easier to steal their items.

With the ability to erase traces, they could cleanly hide all evidence.

By coordinating their stories, escaping a police investigation wasn't that difficult.

That's how Gu Yeon-seung had used his famous peers to gain items and increase his worth.

He had such high criminal intelligence that he boasted being a professional in creating traps and dealing with consequences.

He made no mistakes.


"Where the hell did everything go wrong?"

He had never experienced such a serious crisis while killing 32 people.

Facing Daguri was no problem, that was natural.

But Black Scythe?

The monster who had ranked first in the entire zone for the previous 8 rounds and now, at level 80, showed up?

For Gu Yeon-seung, as an experienced criminal, it was incomprehensible.

It was like throwing bait to catch fish and having a shark come instead.

"No, is it really Black Scythe in the first place? Just because he carries a black scythe, does that mean he's Black Scythe?"

There were suspicions, but only for a moment.

Observing the elegantly decapitated corpses of the two actors, Gu Yeon-seung thought that maybe the person in front of him really was Black Scythe.

"I didn't see the movement or hear the sound of the cut. That means he has agility stats so high that the attack isn't visible, and his damage is exceptional."

It was just a turn, but it was enough to feel the gap with his opponent.

"It's like the difference between heaven and earth. It truly is an unfathomable level."

Understanding his opponent's ability, Gu Yeon-seung's mind moved quickly.

Dull noise...

He immediately kneeled and launched his well-practiced act.

"P-please, save me! I haven't done anything wrong!"

He pointed at the other actors with his finger.

"Them! They all made me do this!"

At the sudden accusation, Hong Seon-ah and four other male actors, including himself, looked at each other with confused expressions.

"W-what are you saying, Major Gu?"

"Why are you telling us this?"

"It was all under the Major's orders."

"Black Scythe-nim! Don't believe what this guy says! He did it on his own, and indeed, he was the instigator!"

In response, Gu Yeon-seung stood up angrily.

"What? What did you say? A rookie like you dares to talk like that to a major? Damn idiot!"

The juniors also raised their weapons as if they were ready to counterattack.

The actors looked at each other as if they were about to kill each other.

An unparalleled chaotic situation.

However, all of this was planned by Gu Yeon-seung.

"Alright! Now it will seem like there really was an internal conflict!"

At this moment, it seemed like the observer could relax and lower their guard.

He shifted his gaze and saw Black Scythe, who, with a disdainful gesture, shook his head as if he considered the confrontation between them pathetic.

"It's time!"

Gu Yeon-seung raised his staff as if about to launch an attack against his juniors.

"Screw you, do you really want to die?"

Meanwhile, he suddenly changed direction, aiming at Black Scythe's face, and activated a skill.

'Black Arrow!'

Originally, it was conventional to restrain movement with black chains and then shoot the Black Arrow. However, as it was a surprise attack, there was no time for restraints.

'Even if it's Black Scythe, he'll surely die if I hit him in the head!'

The magic-charged black arrow hit directly in the head.


'Ready! It went in correctly...!'

Gu Yeon-seung's expression, immersed in joy, suddenly stiffened.

The arrow he thought had hit narrowly missed and collided with the wall.

'Did he escape at the last second?'

Truly astonishing agility.

The actors watching that scene rolled their eyes, wondering what was happening.

Ryu Min smiled subtly from behind the mask.

"Clear this ridiculous theater. Did you think I would relax if I pretended to fight with my peers?"

Gu Yeon-seung's face became uncomfortable.

The juniors raised their pupils as if they knew nothing.

They were the ones who truly believed that Gu Yeon-seung was betraying his peers.

"Didn't I say? Don't get clever, idiot."

"Son of a b...!"

Gu Yeon-seung openly aimed his wand.

Now that things had come to this point, there was no turning back.


If the black chains wrapped around Black Scythe, he planned to escape.

But Ryu Min, who could read minds and see the future 7 seconds ahead, wasn't going to let that happen.


Ryu Min, who had already moved out of the range of the chains, moved behind Gu Yeon-seung like a ghost.

"Although you turned your head well."

When he raised the scythe, Gu Yeon-seung's wand fell to the ground.


"You picked the wrong opponent."

For a wizard, the wand was as crucial as a firearm.

Even if he tried to use the Black Arrow now, he couldn't aim accurately.

"Damn it, kill him!"

The male actors who felt the crisis ran towards Black Scythe at the same time.

But they wouldn't be a match for Ryu Min.


With a single stroke, the heads of the four male actors flew into the air, and their bodies fell to the ground like rag dolls.


Gu Yeon-seung sank to the ground as if surrendering to that overwhelming force.

He was already disabled, so he couldn't even resist.


Ryu Min looked around in silence.

He saw Gu Yeon-seung groaning with trembling arms and Seo Arin, with a shocked expression.

Even though one wasn't in sight, there was no problem.

He had already sensed it with his perception.



When he swung the scythe through the air, a sharp scream echoed.

Automatically, the invisibility faded, and Hong Seon-ah, with trembling legs, appeared.

Ryu Min's scythe was embedded like a fork in her thigh.


When he applied force, blood spilled as both thighs were cleanly cut.


"Hah... haah..."

Hong Seon-ah collapsed with her eyes rolled back, trembling like an insect.

Overwhelmed by pain, Gu Yeon-seung couldn't even look at her.

"Seo Arin."


"It's the first time I see you in reality."

"Oh, yes."

Seo Arin, surprised, widened her eyes.

"Yes, nice to meet you. Black Scythe-nim."


Gu Yeon-seung looked at her incredulously.

Even Hong Seon-ah, who had stopped groaning in pain, looked at her with suspicion.

"So, did Seo Arin and Black Scythe know each other?"

"How the hell would she be related to Black Scythe? Seriously?"

A common assumption arose in both their minds.

"Could it be that this woman sought support from Black Scythe?"

"What if we are the ones who fell into the trap...?"

Although Ryu Min knew that they both misunderstood the situation, he didn't care at all.

After all, they were going to die soon anyway.

"Of course, I won't kill them with my own hands."

Ryu Min planned to leave their judgment in Seo Arin's hands.

That would be satisfying from Seo Arin's perspective.

"Seo Arin, I give you the opportunity to decide on the lives of these two."


"If you decide to let them live, I won't stop you. So decide on their lives."

The unexpected turn of events made Seo Arin's eyes widen.

The same happened with Gu Yeon-seung and Hong Seon-ah.

When they realized that their lives depended on Seo Arin's judgment, both spoke quickly.

"Arin, please, save us. I'm Gu Yeon-seung, the same one who collaborated with you on projects. Remember the connection we had back then and give me a chance..."

"Major Gu, shut up! Collaborated on projects? Compared to me, who has worked much more with you on artistic projects. Arin, it's me, your lifelong friend, Seon-ah. Think about the memories we shared. Huh? Please let me live, I still don't want to die, sob."

"That crazy woman, look at how she begs. Seo Arin, don't be fooled. That woman is trash. Do you know how much she insulted you behind your back?"

"When was that? Don't believe Major Gu's lies! Everything he says is false."

"Wow, how shameless you are! Is this woman who is shamelessly lying calling herself your friend? I'd rather be the one with you."

"What nonsense. I'm outraged. Arin, remember the animal that trembled in fear when thinking about what you would do when you arrived? Who was it?"

"When! Don't make things up, you damn bitch!"

Both raised their voices.

Seo Arin, now having the power to decide life and death, reflected.

But the reflection didn't last long.

Since they were trash with nothing to consider.

"Both of you are pathetic."


"I've decided."

"Really? Will you let us live?"

"Huh? Arin, we were close, right?"

Both looked anxiously, but Seo Arin's gaze was cold.

Right on time, the cooling-off period had ended.

Seo Arin summoned her fairies.

"Kill them both."

"Wait a moment."


Following their owner's orders, the fairies shot beams.




They had already lost their ability to fight, and they had no strength to resist.

The beams targeting their heads burned them to black, and their faces couldn't be seen.

Seeing that scene, Ryu Min felt a certain pride.

"At first, they were concerned about the lives of those who tried to violate them, but they have changed a lot."

It was the second time Ryu Min saved Seo Arin, after almost falling into the hands of Hwang Yong-min's gang.

Seo Arin, apparently, also knew it, as she nodded in gratitude toward Ryu Min.

"Thank you, Black Scythe. I can't express in words the gratitude I feel. I truly appreciate the kindness you've shown me both now and before."

"Do you really think I'm Black Scythe?"

"Yes. Should I guess what weapon Black Scythe was carrying at that time? Although the appearance and voice are different..."

Apart from that, the atmosphere and build were quite similar to Black Scythe.

Most impressively of all was the overwhelming strength.

The reason why Seo Arin firmly believed in Black Scythe was evident.

Ryu Min's reaction was one of relief.

"You did well to transform. You might have been suspicious if you had kept your original form."

Ryu Min wore a mask while transformed into Lost Yak, giving him a taller stature and more developed muscles than before.

This precaution was because he might have been suspected of being a Prophet if he had maintained a shorter stature.

"I would like to thank in some way, is there anything you wish? I've been thinking, but it seems I don't have much to offer you."

"I'm not looking for a reward for my actions, so don't worry about that."

"But, by the way, I don't want to be disrespectful in saying this, but how did you know about this place? I'm really curious, so I hope you don't misunderstand this question."

Certainly, it would be natural to be curious.

Not only did he appear at the crucial moment, but he also turned out to be none other than Black Scythe.

Ryu Min, who had already prepared excuses, spoke without hesitation.

"It was pure coincidence."


"I saw you pass by and decided to follow you because of the sense of familiarity. That's how I discovered the existence of this club."


"It seems there's trash stealing from other players. I didn't even know when..."

Seo Arin looked at the corpses as she spoke.

Ryu Min, as if to erase any traces of sadness, removed the bodies as if he had been waiting for that moment of crisis.

The place, which originally had nine corpses, was now as clean as at the beginning.

"Forget what happened. Look forward. Think about yourself. Don't worry about others."


"Speaking of which, let me give you one more piece of advice. Be careful with people. They're not far. They're close. Don't let your guard down, always stay vigilant, and distrust your surroundings."

It wasn't appropriate for Ryu Min, who sought to gain Seo Arin's trust, to give this advice, but he was confident.

By giving this advice, she might start suspecting not herself but other people.

As expected, Seo Arin was remembering two people upon hearing Ryu Min's words.

An Sang-cheol and Ma Gyeong-rok.

"I appreciate the advice that becomes bone and flesh. I always receive help from Black Scythe. I don't know how to repay this..."

"As I said before, there's no need to repay. If I wanted something from you, I probably would have demanded it since I saved you the first time."


Seo Arin's eyebrows twitched.

She has no expectations of you.

Indeed, these words wounded Seo Arin's pride.

"It seems I've achieved my goal enough."

Ryu Min turned his body as if the time had come.

Then, he left a light farewell.

"If we go out together, it might raise suspicions, so leave in five minutes. No need to report to the police without evidence."

"Ah, wait, Black Scythe..."

With those words, Ryu Min left the room.


Seo Arin, standing in the same spot, stared in the direction Black Scythe had disappeared.

She decided to wait for the five minutes as instructed.

While waiting, Seo Arin reflected on Black Scythe's advice.

"Black Scythe's words are true. I trusted the bodyguard and the boss too much all this time."

She harbored negative feelings toward Ma Gyeong-rok.

Since he had tried to use her as a prostitute, it wasn't surprising that she felt that way.

"If the boss's loyal subordinate is the bodyguard...".

Facing immoral orders without hesitation.

That statement implied the constant possibility of being stabbed in the back at any moment.

Since An Sang-cheol had originally been assigned as a watcher, it made sense.

"I was trusting too much in the people around me."

Was it because she was on the verge of being betrayed by a fellow actor she trusted?

Or was it due to Black Scythe's advice?

In Seo Arin's heart, caution and doubt began to arise.

At the same time, she was sure of one thing with this incident.

Beat after beat after beat...

Her heart towards Black Scythe.

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