The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 130

Chapter 130 - Sharing

It's already mid-August.

During this time, Ma Gyeong-rok has been busy gradually eliminating trash as planned.

"He has already killed almost 300 trash," someone commented.

However, there are still many bugs in Pseva.

Bugs that will surely cause harm to civilians if left unchecked.

That's why Ryu Min asked the president to make wanted posters and actively distribute them.

Of course, it was a synthesis catch with Photoshop.

"But the small fish are the easiest to catch."

A different warehouse from where Ma Gyeong-rok was working.

When Ryu Min used the skill to erase traces, the bodies of five trash disappeared.

Like Ma Gyeong-rok, Ryu Min was also focused on trash cleanup.

"Although I don't get dark magic, at least I can loot some items."

On the ground where the bodies disappeared, Ryu Min found a large number of items torn apart by torture.

Magic stones, unique materials, shop equipment, and various other items.

Even the criminals who managed to resist until round 8 had many items.

"Maybe I should combine shop equipment and unique materials to make some unique equipment."

Currently, in the market, there are unique materials but no unique equipment for sale.

Because no one knows how to make them.

"The unique patterns won't be fully unlocked until round 9."

There are still no people who have discovered the combinations.

"Even if someone does, I don't think there are fools who would sell such valuable unique equipment just to make real money."

Ryu Min also had no intention of making and selling unique equipment.

After all, money was not a problem for him.

With Player Place's stocks on the rise, Ryu Min had so much wealth that he could afford to play and have fun while still having plenty left over.

The reason Ryu Min was making unique equipment was only one.

To share them with the candidates who could be his future allies.

"If they survive, it will be good for me too."

He decided to start by creating equipment for Min Juri and Christine.

Combining unique materials with agile stats would yield equipment for Min Juri, while combining with intelligence would yield one for Christine.

"Oh, I might hurt his feelings if I don't make one for Ma Gyeong-rok too."

He would also have to make one for Russell and another for Seo Arin.

And also for An Sang-cheol, Heo Taeseok, Jo Yong-ho, and Yugrito.

"Why do I have so many members in my military family...?"

On second thought, that wasn't right.

There weren't enough materials to take care of everyone.

With his head down, Ryu Min decided to take care only of those he would bring to round 20.

"For now, I should only take care of Min Juri and Christine. The rest... I'll think about it later."

At that moment, when just thinking about it already caused sighs.

He received a call from Ma Gyeong-rok.

"Yes, sir."

-Prophet, do you have time?


-Yes. I have something for you.

"Something like what?"

-I've been gathering items for you as a prophet.

"Items? Oh, did you loot items before killing the criminals?"

-Yes, exactly. Wouldn't it be a waste to just kill them? Items, on the other hand...

It turns out that Ma Gyeong-rok was doing the same thing as Ryu Min.

"I have a lot of useful things gathered, so come and choose what you want."

"Oh, thanks. You could have kept everything for yourself, but you decided to leave my share..."

-While receiving information that couldn't always be quantified in money, can I keep ignoring it? There must be a human relationship at play.

Although Ma Gyeong-rok spoke amicably, Ryu Min knew there was a hidden meaning behind it.

'He probably wants to retain him, even materially, to keep receiving information in future rounds.'

It could be considered a kind of bribery.

Anyway, it was convenient.

He already needed ingredients to create unique items.

Considering the number of people Ma Gyeong-rok had killed so far, he surely had enough materials.

"Where's the location? Let's go straight there."


While waiting for Ryu Min in the hotel room, Ma Gyeong-rok enjoyed a whiskey while contemplating the night view.

On the floor, he looked back and saw an endless amount of looted items in the past two weeks.

'If a seer sees this, he will surely be surprised. Or maybe he has already seen it through prophecy.'

Given the fact that he didn't seem surprised when they spoke on the phone, he probably already knew.

'Maybe he also knows that I'm willing to give him all the items?'

Even though he told him on the phone to choose what he wanted, he was willing to give him everything.

That way, he could continue to get information in future rounds.

'It's like some kind of debt.'

Ma Gyeong-rok smiled, unaware that what he was playing in the palm of his hand was himself.


"Who is it?"

"It's me, Mr. President."

Ma Gyeong-rok went out with a smile to welcome Ryu Min.

"Welcome, Mr. Seer!"

"Calling the hotel room at night. Someone might misunderstand it."

"Haha, just a joke. Come this way."

Ma Gyeong-rok turned around, still smiling at the corner of his lips.

'Now he even knows how to make jokes. Has he grown much bigger?'

Although he praised him superficially, Ma Gyeong-rok couldn't help but see Ryu Min as someone easy to handle, at least until he had the prophecy skill.

Recently, he even admitted that he couldn't win in a fight against Ma Gyeong-rok.

'By the way, how does a seer fight? Does he just survive based on future information?'

It was a question that had never occurred to him.

"Mr. Seer. A sudden thought came up... How do you fight?"

"Oh, me?"

Ryu Min, who had already read his thoughts in advance, responded without showing surprise.

"That's a secret."

"A secret?"

"I must have some secret too. If I share all the information, how am I going to live?"

"Oh, that makes sense. Haha."

Ma Gyeong-rok laughed, unaware that Ryu Min had also acquired his own looted items.

"So, if there's anything you need among these, feel free to choose? I'll give you everything regardless of the quantity."

"Haha, in that case..."

Ryu Min selected the items without hesitation.

Mainly, they were unique material items.

"Hm? What do you plan to use those for...?"

"Mr. Ma, didn't I tell you before? By looking at prophecies, you get all kinds of information."

"Yes, but what's the significance of that...?"

Instead of answering, Ryu Min acted.

He opened the combination window and placed the unique materials.

Using an expert-grade armor as the main material, he pressed the combination button.


With a flash of light, the materials disappeared, giving way to a shiny item.

Ma Gyeong-rok's eyes widened.

"Is, is this?"

"It's a gift."

After receiving the armor, Ma Gyeong-rok checked the options and was astonished.

"A unique ranking for an expert-grade item?"

Until now, the highest-ranked equipment that Ma Gyeong-rok had was of epic rank, bought from the store, and this surpassed that with enhanced options.

Ma Gyeong-rok's pupils moved nervously from side to side.

"How did you do this?"

"I told you before. I see information in various ways unintentionally."

"Did you see the unique formula from the future?"

Nodding, a sigh escaped Ma Gyeong-rok's lips.

"I can't believe you can even know the unique formula..."

The worth of the seer went up another level.

Furthermore, he also needed to maintain a close relationship with Ryu Min, no matter what.

"Hey... Mr. Seer. Are you really giving me this?"

"Yes. Mr. Ma gave me this item thinking of me, so I must return the favor. It also means you should reach level 40 quickly and use it. I also made one for your fiancée while crafting it."

"Even for Christine?"

"Mr. Ma will tell her personally."

"Oh, thank you. Seriously."

Ma Gyeong-rok couldn't take his eyes off the unique armor.

He really liked the appearance.

"Can I take the other materials with me? They might come in handy."

"Of course. You can take them all. If there's anything you don't need, leave it. I'll sell it in the market and send you the money."

"You don't need to do that much... Thank you."

When Ryu Min smiled, Ma Gyeong-rok also smiled.

"Do you want to have a sip of whiskey?"

"No, thanks. I don't like alcohol. I'll go home first."

"Oh, really?"

Ma Gyeong-rok made a slightly disappointed expression.

"If you didn't bring your car, do you want Mr. Joo Sung-taek to escort you?"

"I appreciate the offer, but I already brought my car."

"Oh, I see."

"Then, see you next time."

When Ryu Min disappeared, Ma Gyeong-rok frowned.

He almost had a drinking buddy, but he felt like something was missing.


After crafting a unique item with the materials received from Ma Gyeong-rok, Ryu Min went to find Min Juri.

"Accept this."

"Hm? What's this?"

"I made it for you to use."

Min Juri, after glancing at Ryu Min once, examined the item information and opened her eyes wide.

"It's, it's unique, isn't it?"

Ryu Min explained how he made it to Ma Gyeong-rok.

Any explanation would work as long as he mentioned the prophecy.

"Even with this useful information in round 9..."

Min Juri, looking moved, suddenly lowered her head.

"I can't accept it. Use it yourself."

"I don't need this item. I already have one made for myself."

"Still, I can't accept it. I'm in debt to you, receiving help in every round and carrying a debt. How can I accept this with decency?"

"It's been a great help, and I received a lot of assistance too."

Min Juri's buff has been a great help to Ryu Min in updating his records.

It seems he has recouped the investment, at least.

But he can't reveal that fact to Min Juri.

How could he say now that he was Black Scythe?

"Even so, take it."

"No, I can't accept it."

By showing a firm attitude, Ryu Min also had to adopt a firm stance.

"Then let's do it this way. Consider it a debt. Pay it later when you grow up. Would that be okay?"


It's not giving; it's lending.

Saying that, Min Juri also felt a bit unsteady.

"I'll pay it all later. For now, these items are useless to me."

"Well... I'll repay it big later."

Min Juri reluctantly accepted when Ryu Min offered the items.


After sharing unique items with his companions, Ryu Min returned home.

"Hyung, do you want to eat together if you haven't had dinner yet?"

"Eat first. I'll eat later."


Seeing his brother enter the room without having dinner, Ryu Won raised his head with a smile.

"Is there something wrong?"

Ryu Min entered the room and lay down on the bed.

Now was not the right time to have a relaxed dinner.

It was nothing but deciding the course of future action.

"The transition of Pseva should be complete this month. Transforming from a criminal organization to a group of ordinary players."

But the problem was social perception.

The way citizens view players is a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.

If they can't change that perception, it will become an obstacle to correcting the deteriorating society.

"I can't allow it. My goal is to turn Black Scythe into a powerful presence in the nation."

The name value that Black Scythe has in reality is not as significant as one might think.

It has always been in the number one spot in the rankings, making it known among players, but in everyday life, it is often treated as unknown.

"The name of Black Scythe must have influence in reality. Only then can I gather and control players from around the world with just one word."

Controlling wild players can help make the world a less chaotic place.

To achieve that, he needs to have considerable power in both the gaming world and reality.

He must elevate Black Scythe's status to the level of the president.

"What I need to achieve that is Parliamentarian Lee Seong-hyun's bill."

A law that establishes an organization of elite players to quickly eliminate criminal players.

It's already an approved law, but it will take time to execute it.

"I have to shorten that time."

Ryu Min got up from the bed.

He immediately grabbed his phone and dialed a number.

"Yamti, I need to give instructions."

-Go ahead, owner.

How can I shorten the time?

"There's someone you can seduce. Someone with great power."

Simply dominate someone with a high level of power.

For example, someone like the police chief.

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