The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 196

Chapter 196

“Most of the points you get from unfolding the stories are simply donations. The spirits only send you the fragments of the stories, which are texts, as a simple donation.”

Everyone focused on Yu-hyun’s words.

“Spirits don’t just have points. They have things that exist in myths, gods that transcend cognition, and even weapons used by legendary heroes. Especially the things that the first-generation spirits have, they are things that can bring about innovation in the lower world just by their existence.”

“Then, does that mean that spirits can’t donate those things?”

“Yes. Up to points, it’s a simple donation, but after that, it’s a direct donation. But unfortunately, direct donations are prohibited on Earth right now. Spirits can’t give them even if they want to.”

The reason was because Earth had not yet fully integrated into the hybrid world.

Even though the integration of ideas had occurred, Earth was still in the material world. Only some of the powers of the hybrid world had flowed into Earth.

“Earth is somewhere between the material world and the hybrid world right now. No, rather, it’s closer to the material world. The influence of the hybrid world opened up the Genesis Network and created the world of ideas, but it’s not complete.”

“Is the real hybrid world much different from now?”

“Yes. The state of Earth right now is, well… if I have to say it, it’s nothing more than a taste.”

The hybrid world was incomparable to the material world in everything. 

Even if only a very small part of the influence of the hybrid world flowed in, Earth would face a tremendous change from before.

The barrier that prevented that was the Genesis System.

“As long as there is the Genesis System, spirits can’t make direct donations. That’s why it’s amazing that Ms. Sumin received the story of Impermanence. It’s practically impossible.”

“Wait a minute. You received a gift, didn’t you? Isn’t that a direct donation?”

“Hmm. I think so too. I received it from Eden and Pandemonium, right?”

“I’m an exception.”

Yu-hyun answered naturally as if he expected that question.

“I’m not a collector in the first place, but a teller. Tellers who stay in the relay can receive things directly from the spirits of the upper world. You can see it as a privilege of being an intermediate manager.”

That was also why Yu-hyun received Baekhyo’s egg and the fruit of life.

That was also why he received Laplace’s Demon and Guiding Story.

It was all possible because he was a teller.

Kwon Jia made an uncomfortable expression.

“Isn’t that totally unfair?”

“That’s because I’m a weirdo among tellers. Usually tellers can’t use those gifts even if they receive them.”

So-called unintended privileges.

There is no lion who uses a knife even if he receives it as a gift. But Yu-hyun uses it.

Which teller in the world can use the fruit of life they received? Which teller can hatch and raise an owl egg from heaven?

The gifts from spirits were pie in the sky for tellers. They couldn’t use what they received, and all they could do was sell them at the dimensional store, but then they could incur the wrath of the spirit who gave them.

So most tellers would rather receive points as gifts.

“There are restrictions on these gifts too. We can’t transfer what we received from the upper world to people in the lower world.”

It was a measure to prevent spirits from using tellers to make indirect donations.

Things or stories given by spirits from the upper world cannot be passed on to humans in the lower world. All they can do right now is donate points.

“It seems like there is a system for everything.”

“Yes, there is. If not, the world would have been a mess long ago.”

Yu-hyun muttered so, but he couldn’t hide his bitter expression.

The future Earth, that is, the Earth after the end, was a world that was fully integrated into the hybrid world and where ‘direct donations’ were possible.

Then spirits would choose only humans they liked and donate to them, and they wouldn’t even care about those who couldn’t.

That inequality was so huge that even former collectors were overtaken by ordinary people who received donations after the end.

“Then, this story of Impermanence that I received is also something I got illegally? If I get caught, I might lose it?”

“Probably not. Genesis didn’t impose any sanctions on it.”

Usually when such illegal donations are detected, the donor pays a considerable price and the recipient loses their item.

That process is very fast, so if sanctions were imposed, Sumin would have lost her story long ago.

“Maybe it’s because it was a story given by a spirit who manifested directly in the lower world. He transferred the owner before he died, so the story didn’t disappear with the spirit’s extinction.”


Sumin looked a bit awkward.

It was a story that belonged to a spirit who came down to Earth to kill her, even at the cost of his own extinction.

She couldn’t just be happy about receiving a good gift, ignoring the deep wound of emotion.

Yu-hyun tried to console her.

“It’s a good story. It’s something that the spirit had, and he gave it to you as he was dying, so maybe it’s more than what we think.”


“I understand your hesitation. But you can’t throw it away either. Even if it’s awkward, if it becomes your power, using it is the most rational thing to do.”

“…You’re good at putting rational words in your mouth.”

“Is that so?”

Yu-hyun laughed softly.

He thought that the word ‘rational’ didn’t suit him very well.

He was usually logical, but he became strangely emotional at crucial moments.

Seosumin snorted.

“Well, if our Teller says so, we can’t help it. I’ll make good use of it since it’s already like this.”

“You should both know this. This Earth is now in the preparation process to enter the Mixed Realm. It will be very different from now when you enter.”

The spirits would sponsor those they had noticed with what they had.

Whatever that might be.

In case of the worst scenario, there was a possibility that they would not receive anything from the spirits. It was essential to build up their strength in advance to prepare for that time.

Then a voice came from the sky.

“You’re having an interesting conversation, aren’t you?”



The peaceful atmosphere that had been exchanging conversations until then was gone.

Kwon Jia and Kang Hyerim quickly drew their swords and took a combat stance, and Seo sumin also maintained a state where he could strike at any time by raising his internal energy throughout his body, although he pretended to be indifferent on the outside.

Only Yu-hyun looked up at the sky with his eyes slightly open.

“I wondered who it was.”

A woman with red hair fluttering in the air slowly descended from the sky at the end of his gaze.

Her crimson hair, which was long enough to resemble a lion’s mane, and a black eyepatch on one eye.

Unlike other Tellers who insisted on free dress from the rank of manager, she still wore a neat black suit even though she was a director.

“Director Celestina. What brings you here?”

“Do you know each other?”

Yu-hyun nodded at Kang Hyerim’s question.

“Yes. She is one of the directors in the same Star Chamber. We are in different departments, though.”

Why did she come to such a place?

Celestina smiled mischievously as she received Yu-hyun’s gaze.

“It’s nothing. I just came by to see our cute junior’s face for a while.”

When Yu-hyun pretended to know, the other three immediately withdrew their momentum. Celestina murmured in an admiring voice with a sigh.

“Are they all chosen by you? They’re all crazy, aren’t they? If they’re like that, they’ll probably get a pretty high grade soon.”

“I appreciate your compliment. So I don’t think you just came by to see my face, do you have any business?”

“Half of it is true.”


“The other half is, I have a separate purpose.”

Celestina said so and sat down on an empty sofa. 

She couldn’t actually sit down because she had protection, and she was just imitating it.

Yu-hyun focused on the words ‘good news’ that she had just uttered, feeling awkward at Celestina’s behavior, which seemed like a teenage girl throwing a tantrum.

“I’m sorry I doubted you. We also had no choice because of what happened recently…”

“…Well, you must be troubled too. I got it. I’ll just tell you.”

Celestina sighed deeply and explained her purpose for coming.

“You know well that the spirit of Paradise of the Great Sage illegally descended to the Lower Realm this time, right?”

“Of course. We were the ones who almost died seeing it.”

“Yeah. Let’s put aside how you survived, but there was a Teller who helped him plot something secretly. Do you know that too?”

Pentagram Department flashed through Yu-hyun’s head. 

He didn’t know exactly who the Teller was, but he was sure he belonged there.


“His name is Shamath. He was a manager in the Pentagram Department.”

Celestina’s expression was not very good when she mentioned the name Pentagram.

From her position as the director of Celestial Ice Department, Pentagram was not only a rival department, but also one that didn’t match her temperament.

“That crazy viper bastard was taking money behind people’s backs. Well, it was an open secret that Tellers received sponsorship from ordinary saints or individual spirits. But he crossed the line, his balls swelled up.”

“What happened to that Teller named Shamath?”

“What do you think happened?”

Celestina asked with a grin.

Yu-hyun felt a sense of satisfaction as he saw her smile, which wiped away all the frustration he had accumulated.

“As a price for summoning a spirit to the mortal realm, his library was completely destroyed. He must have realized the danger and tried to run away, but I caught him right away. I almost missed him if I was a little late. Anyway, after I caught him, I gave him a light touch to hear the whole story.”

Celestina seemed especially pleased at the part where he said he gave him a light touch.

“How did you know and catch him? It sounds like you expected something like this to happen, according to what you said, Director Celestina.”

“Of course not. I didn’t know either. It’s just that my master asked me for a favor.”


Celestina nodded. 

She touched the blindfold part with her fingertips.

“He said he had a feeling that you would get involved in something and asked me to help. It was almost the first time that my master asked me personally for something like that. I was also eager to deal with those pentagram guys anyway, so I agreed.”

“That’s surprising. I thought Galiaz didn’t want to get involved in anything else.”

“Think of it positively. It means he liked you that much. Enough to break the oath he made a long time ago.”

‘The oath he made a long time ago?’

It was a strange word that caught his attention, but he didn’t bother to ask.

“Is that so? I should thank Galiaz personally then.”

He knew that Galiaz had been worried about him for a while, but he didn’t expect him to ask Celestina for help.

Actually, Celestina also thought it was just a minor quarrel that happened. 

She never expected Shamat to make a deal with Great Sage and do such a thing.

The problem was that many spirits witnessed that scene. 

Through Yu-hyun’s library.

Naturally, it affected not only Paradise but even the Celestial Corporation.

Shamat didn’t intend it either.

It was all a disaster caused by Chulrapantaka’s reckless behavior, but as a result, Shamat committed the worst sin.

“I can use him as an excuse to tear apart the pentagram department. For me, it’s something I want to do even if I have to pay points.”

“So you’re telling me that to let me know? The teller in question will definitely be punished, right?”

“That’s one reason, but there’s also another reason why I wanted to tell you some good news.”

“I can’t think of any better news than that…”

“Why not?”

Celestina smiled slyly and pointed at Yu-hyun.

“You got promoted. To manager.”


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