The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 195

Chapter 195

The Seven Demons Black Sky Divine Skill 

It was a unique martial skill created by Seo Sumin, the peerless martial artist of the ancient era and the heavenly demon of all people.

Its power was not unworthy of the name divine skill, as Yu-hyun had already witnessed. Perhaps it was even more than that.

After all, it was a skill that allowed a mere mortal to defeat a second-generation spirit, albeit in an incomplete manifestation.

“You’re going to teach me that skill? To me?”

“Of course.”

“Are you allowed to teach it to anyone you want?”

“Why not? It’s my own creation after all.”

“But still…”

“It’s up to me whether I want to teach it or not.”


That’s true.

Yu-hyun had no argument. He realized that it was indeed the case. It was not like she had learned a secret skill that only one person could pass on. She had invented and created her own skill, and she wanted to teach it to him. Who could say anything about that?

“Besides, I want to teach you for personal reasons. You may not know this, but your body is very suitable for my skill right now.”

“That much?”

Yu-hyun said so, but he knew very well how amazing his body was right now.

It was a body reconstructed with the ‘fruit of life’ from the scripture. Even though it was a small fruit that had not fully ripened, it was more than enough.

“Of course, it’s not perfect or ultimate. But it’s more than enough. I hate to admit it, but your body is much more compatible than my previous life. So be grateful. This is not something you can easily learn if you want to.”


Yu-hyun tried to say something, but stopped.

No matter how he thought about it, this was an opportunity given by heaven.

And it was not him who begged her to teach him, but Seo Sumin who offered to do so.

It was more than just fate, it was a crucial chance that came to him on its own.

But still.

“What are you hesitating for?”

Seo Sumin smiled as if she could see through his inner thoughts.

“You’re not sure about it, are you?”

“…Well, yes.”

“Hmm. Even though you’ve seen me use the skill, you still say that…”

Seo Sumin swallowed her words. She realized what he was aiming for.

‘Ha. I never thought I would get such an evaluation for my skill. If it were before, I would have been outraged, but somehow I can understand why he would think so.’

Seo Sumin had learned something from talking to him a few times.

This man was looking at something very big that others didn’t know.

Even when others were blinded by the immediate benefits, his eyes were on something farther and bigger.

She was right.

Yu-hyun acknowledged the power of the Seven Demons Black Sky Divine Skill, but he also wondered objectively whether that power would work in the world he envisioned for the future.

‘I need a main skill too. It wasn’t that important before, but now it’s different.’

Kang Hye-rim had the Heavenly Thunder Sword, and Kwon Jia had the Snow Heaven Divine Flow.

But Yu-hyun didn’t have a clear skill yet. 

He had a few chances to get one before, but he deliberately refused them.

‘A main skill is not just a skill. It’s a story that I have to cultivate and polish in the future. In other words, once I awaken and immerse myself in it, most of my power will be bound by that skill.’

Yu-hyun looked at the distant future. 

He even considered fighting against spirits in the worst case scenario.

The beings of the stars.

They were far beyond his level right now.

To fight against them, he needed a story that matched them.

That’s why he did it. 

He didn’t even bother with mediocre stories.

‘If I have to learn one main skill, it must be able to reach the sky.’

That’s what he wanted. 

He wanted to use his knowledge of the future to obtain that power.

But it wasn’t easy.

Knowing the future didn’t mean he could do anything.

The flow of the world was very fluid and could change with even small things.

In that flow, he couldn’t just pick what he wanted with his knowledge alone.

If he had to learn something, it had to be a skill of extremes.

It had to be able to stretch out its hand and touch the sky. No, that wasn’t enough.

It couldn’t stop at touching the sky. 

It had to grab the stars with its hand.

That’s why he hesitated. 

He wasn’t sure about Seo Sumin’s skill. 

That was the reason.

Seo Sumin read his mind and pulled back her body, smiling with her eyes.

“Do you want to grab the sky?”


Yu-hyun was shaken.

Sumin stretched her slender hand towards the ceiling.

“If I could reach out this hand, and grasp that sky.”

She recited those words, one by one, that Yu-hyun had secretly wished for so much.

“Or maybe even beyond that…”

“…and grasp the stars.”


Sumin smiled faintly. 

Hye-rim and Jia, who noticed what they were talking about, also became serious.

What Yu-hyun wanted now, if it wasn’t a delusion, was surely a realm that ordinary Tellers couldn’t even dream of.

That realm.

“It’s possible.”

Sumin said she could achieve it.

“If it’s me, if you learn my skills, you can do it too.”


“Didn’t you see the skills I displayed? It might sound like an excuse, but that skill was nothing but a very basic skill of my martial arts, the Seven Demon Black Sky Divine Skill. The reason why I displayed it in the first place was because that was the best I could do at that time when I had just awakened.”

“That means…”

“Yes. The Seven Demon Black Sky Divine Skill is divided into seven major skills, as its name suggests. I only showed you the first one properly. There are still six more that I haven’t shown you. And the ones after that are naturally exponentially more powerful.”

Yu-hyun swallowed his saliva.

The truth was, he didn’t know clearly about the power of that divine skill that Sumin had shown him.

Sumin, who had displayed that skill, was not in a normal state either, and Chulapantaka, who was her opponent, was also not in a normal state.

Sumin said that even if they had fought in their best condition, she would have won.

There was no lie in that statement.

There was no arrogance or deceit either.

“If you learn that skill, and I teach you it personally.”

Sumin didn’t rush. 

She literally threw him a choice, and the result was entirely up to Yu-hyun.

“You will be able to grasp the sky.”

Sumin’s gaze moved from Yu-hyun to Hye-rim and Jia.

“And you two as well.”

“Uh, yes?!”

“Are you listening?”

“Yes. Although I can’t teach you my vision, there are many other things I can teach you. I can make you stronger than you are now.”

There was no one in this place who was thirsty for strength.

There was no one who wanted to settle for reality and stop.

Everyone wanted to become stronger and move forward.

“I accept.”

Yu-hyun made up his mind. 

There was no point in holding back any longer after coming this far.

The Paradise of Chulapantaka moved by Wish, and at the point where he faced it.

Yu-hyun had to make a choice.

“I will learn Sumin’s unique martial arts.”

“You made a good decision. A very good decision. You won’t regret that choice. I will do my best to teach you as well. You should also be prepared to stake everything on it.”

“There is no one here who doesn’t do that.”

“I know. That’s why I like it very much.”

Heavenly Demon smiled.

She was looking forward to what would happen next so much that she couldn’t stand it.

“Because I also don’t regret the choice I made to come here.”

Find happiness and hold on to it so you don’t lose it.

Even for the sake of the old man who died, Sumin didn’t hesitate.

This decided what they would do for the next week.

Hye-rim and Jia, including Yu-hyun, would receive lessons from Sumin.

There was no one who objected to this. Rather, everyone had a strange expectation as if they had agreed on it.

Both the teacher and the students.

“Well, since that’s settled.”

Sumin immediately threw herself at Yu-hyun. 

This time she lay down with her head on Yu-hyun’s thigh in reverse. 

Her snow-white hair spread out widely like snowflakes.

Sumin looked up at Yu-hyun while lying down.

“From now on, treat me very well. Ahem.”


Yu-hyun felt awkward. 

Somehow he felt that this Heavenly Demon-nim had a very mischievous personality from the beginning, and he might have some trouble with her in the future.

“By the way, Sumin. Have you checked the story you received as a reward for clearing the World of Thought?”

“Hmm? Was there something like that?”

“You might not have known since it’s your first time. You get a reward related to that world when you clear a World of Thought.”

“Oh. You mean my black sword Mokryonggeom(墨龍劍)?”

Seo Sumin obtained a sword. 

It was the same sword that she had used in her previous life, and she thought of it as nothing more than a reward.

Yu-hyun shook his head. 

He had power, but he still lacked knowledge about this world.

“The sword is also a reward, but the rewards are not limited to material things. The texts that accumulate in your body are also rewards, and most importantly, the reward that matters the most is ‘the story’.”

The story was the most basic and important reward. 

It was the story that developed and changed into skills and titles.

Seo Sumin widened her eyes as if she didn’t know that.

“There was such a thing? How do I check it?”

“Say ‘status window’.”

“Status window?”

“Yes. Say it with sincerity, with all your soul. Say it loudly.”

“Do I have to do it like that?”

“Don’t you want to do it?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to…”

Yu-hyun spoke seriously, and Seo Sumin hesitated a little as if she felt pressured.

“Sta, status window.”


“Status window!”

“You’re not sincere enough. Louder!”

“Sta, status window!!!”

Seo Sumin shouted with a flushed face. 

It was so loud that it seemed to shake the room. But nothing happened.

Her puzzled eyes soon turned to Yu-hyun’s face.

He was holding back his laughter.

“I didn’t think you’d really do it.”


Seo Sumin punched Yu-hyun with her fists, her face red with anger. 

Kang Hye-rim, who was watching the scene, turned her head and suppressed her laughter, and Kwon Jia also bit her lips slightly.

“Yo, you jerk! How can you play such a prank on someone who’s going to be your teacher!”

“Hehehe. You were too serious, so I just wanted to tease you. Oh, okay, okay. I won’t do it anymore, so stop hitting me. It hurts.”

“How can my punches hurt you when I’m not even using my inner power? You’re much stronger physically than me.”

“Anyway, since you’re a collector now, you should know how to use the Genesis Network. You know how to use the internet, right?”

“…Do I look like I can’t use modern technology?”

Surprisingly, Seo Sumin was good at using smartphones.

Yu-hyun said it would be easy then.

“You can use the Genesis Network just like you use the internet or a smartphone. It was originally built on that framework.”


He showed her how to do it, and Seo Sumin quickly used it. 

The Genesis Network window could be opened anytime as long as there was will.

Seo Sumin followed his instructions and soon found her status and the new stories she had acquired.

“It’s here. I got two stories this time.”


“Yeah. One is called ‘Heavenly Demon’.”

“It must be because it was a world created from your memories. That makes sense.”

“And the second one is… Impermanence.”


“Do you know what that is?”

“Yes. Well, more than knowing, it’s just famous.”

Impermanence was one of the enlightenment teachings in Buddhism. 

It meant that everything, whether material or spiritual, changes constantly.

The problem was why Seo Sumin had such a story…


Yu-hyun instinctively realized that he had something to do with it.

‘Did he pass on his power before he died? Why?’

He couldn’t understand why Chulapantaka, who was determined to destroy himself while trying to kill her, gave her such a story.

‘Maybe it was a whim at the last moment. Well, whatever happened, it’s good.’

The story of Impermanence contained an immense enlightenment. 

The meaning of the letters was not simple. 

It encompassed the whole process of a human being realizing everything and attaining nirvana.

“What a strange guy.”

Seo Sumin seemed to realize who gave it to her too, and muttered with a bit of resentment.

“He tried so hard to kill me back then.”

“Maybe he changed his mind. He gave you something like this after all.”

“I’m still not grateful. Do you think this will make me forgive him?”

“By the way, can a spirit directly give such a story as a reward?”

Kang Hye-rim asked.

Yu-hyun stroked his chin.

“Well, usually spirits only have points when they want to support someone.”

In Honsunggye, they called it ‘simple support’.

On the other hand, what Chulapantaka did this time was not simple support, but a much higher level of ‘direct support’.

It was a level that could never be shown on Earth right now.

“Since we’re on the topic, let me explain it to you.”

It wouldn’t hurt to know the concept of direct support in advance.

Someday, it would happen on this Earth too.


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