The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Yu Seong-Ah, the mad dog of the Association, was shocked when she first entered the World of Thought. 

She thought she was going to faint.

‘Why did these crazy bastards hide this place, I wondered, but they were trying to protect this gold mine?’

She wondered why the Twilight Veil had violated the law and done such a thing, but when she entered inside, she understood at once. 

There were precious by-products that looked like money everywhere. 

That was just at the entrance, how much more would there be inside?

There had never been a World of Thought with such a massive amount of resources.

The Twilight Veil must have gone crazy. 

No, any clan would have been greedy.

If the information about this place spread, other clans from other countries might try to suck it dry.

‘So I have to thoroughly investigate it.’

Yu Seong-Ah exuded a more ferocious momentum and led her team members.

Her team members were exhausted from following her at a speed that was hard to keep up with even if they ran desperately.

‘Oh my. The team leader is really angry.’

‘Well, it makes sense. She’s been grinding her teeth over this for a long time.’

‘She made the mad dog of the Association so angry, whoever the opponent is, they really need to pray for their souls.’

The team members thought so inwardly, but they did not forget their own work.

They were also collectors affiliated with the Association, and they naturally disliked the clan’s behavior. 

And since this opportunity came, they couldn’t be happier.

It was just that their team leader was the most heated and relatively overshadowed.

The hearts of everyone gathered here were the same.

They swept through the cave at a terrifying speed and were able to reach a huge cavity in no time.

The dazzling light pouring through the hole in the ceiling and the beautiful scenery spread out under the cavity in the cave were like a paradise.

However, what caught the eyes of the Association people were those who were fighting on the outskirts of the island.

‘I finally found them!’

Fireworks flew in Yu Seong-Ah’s eyes. She immediately rushed towards them to arrest them on the spot.

The team leader went ahead, so the team members also hurriedly followed her.

The collectors of the clan who were behind this incident recognized Yu Seong-Ah and fell into despair. 

They had already lost their will to resist, or so Yu Seong-Ah felt as she glanced at the tri-colored snake guarding this side.

‘Is this the boss of this place? It has a huge snake head.’

But the tri-colored snake also suffered considerable damage from the onslaught of the Twilight Veil and Hanul clans, and was in a very exhausted state. 

The pressure from its huge body was still there, but compared to before, its momentum was too weak.

‘Anyway, right now, arresting those two bastards is a priority.’

It was when Yu Seong-Ah made that decision.

When she arrived at the scene, someone suddenly popped out of the woods.


She didn’t even have time to react because the unidentified person didn’t target her but the tri-colored snake.

Did he expect someone else to be in this situation? 

And no one here expected him to stab his sword into the head of the tri-colored snake.



The sword stuck in the forehead of the tri-colored snake.

It tried to writhe in pain, but it had already suffered serious injuries and had no strength left to resist.

That’s how the tri-colored snake died miserably.

“You son of a …!”

Before Yu Seong-Ah could react, a message appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

[You have cleared the World of Thought ‘Aloran Crystal Cave’.]

Naturally, Yu Seong-Ah and her team members from the Association, as well as those who barely survived from Twilight Veil and Hanul clans, were pushed out of World of Thought.

The scenery changed in an instant. 

The Association people who were stationed around the entrance saw Yu Seong-Ah pop out and widened their eyes.

“No, team leader. Why did you come out again? Was there nothing inside?”

“That’s not it!”

Yu Seong-Ah had no time to explain what she saw inside. 

The end of World of Thought meant that this entrance would disappear soon, and that mysterious man inside would also come out.

“Tighten up your perimeter! Don’t let anyone escape!”

“Why are you suddenly doing this …”

“There are still people left inside! He cleared World of Thought!”

“What?! Is that for destroying evidence?!”

“How do I know! Anyway, he’s our most important witness! We have to catch him!”

“Yes, yes!”

Everyone was tense when that happened.

One of Twilight Veil clan members who had been watching the situation all along, a man who had held Beta Six radio set picked up his phone nervously.

‘This is crazy.’

He didn’t think so, but he didn’t expect the supervisor to be caught. 

Was it because they fought with the ones who entered first? 

The number of clan members who entered first had decreased considerably. 

The remaining survivors were not in good shape either, but the Association did not spare them and treated them harshly.

“Hurry up, you bastards!”

“You criminals! You’re in big trouble today!”

The clan member felt a bad feeling about this as he saw the supervisor’s face filled with humiliation.

If he stayed here, he might be caught by them too.

‘But at least I contacted them.’

As he was about to leave his seat, he saw Twilight Veil people rushing over from afar. It was thanks to him that he gave a separate signal to the headquarters.

“Uh, uh? Stop! Stop!”

“Who are you guys! What are you doing here!”

The collectors of the Association frowned and blocked them.

The two groups faced each other, and the air around them was tense and heated.


In the meantime, World of Thought’s entrance was at its limit to maintain its existence, and it was howling intensely.


“Did you pack everything you need?”


“Of course.”

After I knocked down the tri-colored snake, everyone else was pushed out of World of Thought. 

Only the three of us were left inside.

World of Thought could not be maintained once the clear conditions were met. 

Naturally, most of the by-products here would disappear. 

It would be a lie to say that we didn’t mind, but we had already packed the important things.

‘Besides, the spirits seemed happy too.’

We lured the two clans into fighting each other, and also made World of Thought’s boss go wild.

In the end, we had them all arrested by the Association’s arrival, and in that short gap, we hit the boss with a final blow and got all World of Thought clear rewards.

[100TP donation!]

[Wow, really. I don’t know who came up with this plan, but it was very wicked.]

[100TP donation!]

[Really didn’t even touch them and pulled their noses ㅋㅋ]

[The one who laughs in the darkest place 100TP donation!]

[It was really a strategy that made me cry too.]

The spirits were in a festive mood as Satan joined in the chat.

[Wow, even Satan acknowledged the Teller.]

[No, the collectors all endured it. Why is the Teller like this?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[Someone has to play the villainㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

I’m glad they’re all having fun. But, Satan, isn’t it a bit too much to say that with your own mouth?

What did I do wrong? I don’t think I belong to the wicked side.

[Gang Yu-Hyun Teller’s expression of injusticeㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[What? Why are you laughing? I’m serious here. Look at thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[We have a different way of thinking from you.]


I had a lot of things to say in my defense, but for some reason, both Kang Hye-Rim and Kwon Jia who were next to me nodded at that reaction.

Aren’t you supposed to shield me? I felt a bit annoyed, but in the end, I decided to accept it.

“Fine. Let’s just go with that. And Hye-Rim. Ji-A.”


“What is it?”

“Soon this Aloran Crystal Cave will disappear completely. And then we’ll be out of here.”

There’s only one thing we have to be careful of here.

“The collectors from the Association who received the report will be blocking all the exits. Don’t let any of those rats escape.”

“Uh, um.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

White Flower Management had nothing to do with this incident. 

But if we get caught here, we can’t avoid being held responsible.

“First of all, wear the hats I gave you when you came in.”

They were items that had multiple engravings on them, making it impossible for any collector to easily identify them. 

It was bitter to think that I spent more than 10,000TP each to make them, but this is what I made them for.

They did as I told them and put on their hats.

They were hats that hindered the other party’s perception and erased their appearance, aura, and even smell. 

I also put on my hat after confirming that they both had put theirs on.

“Get ready.”

“For what?”

“To run away.”

Actually, there’s no plan or anything at this point.

Just breaking through the siege and running away is the final act of this plan.

She realized that and Kwon Jia frowned.

“You said there are Association collectors outside, right?”

“I did.”

“And you’re going to break through them and run away? I saw it just now, and there was even Yu Seong-Ah, the mad dog of the Association. You know how strong she is, right?”

Well, I know Yu Seong-Ah, the mad dog of the Association, too. I also know how much she is feared among collectors.

But it’s okay.

“That’s only if there’s only the Association outside.”

“Only the Association?”

“You’ll see.”

By now, those who had their hunting grounds interfered with would have moved.

“You bastards! What are you doing here!”

“Geez. Our ears aren’t blocked, so please be quiet.”

“What? You brat?”

“More than that, the Association has no morals. They just barged into our workplace.”

“Are you guys crazy right now? Don’t you understand the situation?”

The ones who approached the Association surrounding World of Thought’s entrance were Twilight Veil clan members. 

They realized that World of Thought they had secretly hidden was exposed and decided to storm the scene and destroy any evidence.

‘It’s cheaper to clash with the Association than to be exposed for hiding World of Thought. Of course, if they say anything, we can just say it was a misunderstanding between us. There’s no turning back now.’

Of course, Yu Seong-Ah knew their brazen intentions and ordered her subordinates to stop them.

The Association people who were guarding World of Thought’s entrance decided that stopping Twilight Veil was more urgent than stopping those inside.

That’s how both sides faced each other on the verge of a clash.

Everyone swallowed nervously. Yu Seong-Ah didn’t avoid their gaze and quietly told her subordinates.

“You guys. No matter what happens, don’t let those bastards get through here. Do you know what they’re trying to do? They’re our evidence. We can’t let them go.”


“And if they break through, well. Yeah. Then I’ll… probably be very angry.”

When she said that, her subordinates all tensed up.

It wasn’t just an empty threat. 

Yu Seong-Ah felt her heart freeze when she thought of what would happen if this defense line was broken and Twilight Veil succeeded in destroying any evidence.

She usually got angry easily, but when she was really angry, she became so cold that it made them shiver.

Those who had tasted the fury of her anger had no choice but to tighten their throats.

“We have to do well. Got it?”


They thought they would die if they couldn’t stop them.

The Twilight Veil side also had a big determination. 

They also had to somehow destroy the scene and get rid of anything that could be evidence. 

They probably took pictures of the scene and stuff, but they had to somehow manipulate them.

They had to be humiliated. 

They had to stop this situation at all costs.

It was at that moment when both sides reaffirmed their will.


World of Thought’s entrance gradually shrank and then disappeared with a flash of light.

At the same time, three unidentified people appeared there.

That was the trigger.

“Break through!”

“Stop them!”

“Let’s run!”

A loud wind blew outside World of Thought as well as inside.


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