The Main Characters That Only I Know (Novel) Chapter 118

Chapter 118


The tricolor snake was furious at the intruders who were causing trouble in its dwelling.

It was a spirit that had been waiting for a long time to become a dragon in this place. 

And the three natural stones that it guarded were the ones that would help it achieve a higher level.

This was its own sanctuary that no one should dare to enter.

But today, unwelcome guests came.


They were not just unwelcome guests. They were actually fighting with each other in front of its home. 

As if they were provoking it.

The tricolor snake could not tolerate the behavior of the two clans.

It was already annoyed by the fluffy white creature that had entered without permission a while ago, and it had missed catching it.

The intruders added fuel to its anger.

So it moved.


Crack! Crunch!

Breaking the trees that irritated its eyes and turning the rocks into dust, the giant snake that contained three energies rushed to eliminate the intruders itself.

When it revealed itself in front of the intruders, the tricolor snake raised its head and roared.

“What, what the hell!”

“What is that monster!”

The terrifying pressure of its massive body that spewed from its mouth. 

And the mountain-like aura that it had as a spirit.

The presence of the tricolor snake that appeared in the middle of the fight was enough to make the collectors unable to close their mouths.

But the tricolor snake did not care what reaction they showed.


The only important thing was to get rid of the enemies who invaded its territory.

The tricolor snake opened its mouth wide and charged at the collectors.

And a third party who was watching that scene, quietly moved without anyone noticing.


“Okay. Now it’s our turn. Let’s move.”

The key to this operation was when the tricolor snake left its place. 

It was the guardian of the natural stones. 

No, it was an insult to call it a guardian.

It thought of the natural stones as its own. 

And in fact, in the history before it was realized, it had consumed as many natural stones as possible and became a dragon.

In other words, for the tricolor snake, the natural stones were like Yeoui or Ruyi Jingu Bang for Imugi.

It was natural for it to react strongly to intruders.

“Probably, the tricolor snake will do everything it can to get rid of them. The thing inside is very precious to it.”

It even tried to attack a tiny white fox that posed no threat at all. 

The tricolor snake that guarded the natural stones was definitely a sensitive one. 

As I expected, it joined the fight between the collectors and started to cause trouble.

“Now is our chance.”

It was what they called fishing in troubled waters.

Kwon Jia and Kang Hye-rim nodded their heads, and I carefully moved the lotus like a raft and slowly approached the island.

They didn’t notice our existence until we landed on the outskirts of the island.

Maybe it was because of the tension of being caught. 

The spirits seemed to like it more.

[LOL 10 seconds before being caught.]

[Ah. I’m so nervous. It’s been a long time since I felt this way LOL]

[The one who laughs in the darkest place supports 100TP!]

[Hmm. It reminds me of when I sneaked into Eden.]

[The one who resembles brilliant light shouts at him to shut up.]

[Supports 100TP!]

[Is this also a fight? Everyone gather!]

They really seemed to enjoy themselves to death.

I smirked and headed into the forest.

“Now, from here on, we’ll get the natural stones inside as quickly as possible.”

A simple situation briefing. 

But in reality, what we would face would not be so simple.


As if they sensed our presence, the phantoms that protected nature showed up one by one.

“We’re in trouble if we waste time here. The tricolor snake is more cunning than you think, and if it finds out that there are other intruders, it will target us first.”

So, from here on, it was a race against time.

How quietly and how quickly we could break through the phantoms and get the natural stones.

What would determine that was our teamwork, which was tested for the first time in real combat.

“Are you ready?”


“Of course.”

“Good. Then shall we go?”

I immediately drew Baekryeon (White Lotus).


“Hoo. Damn it. I can’t tell what’s going on inside.”

The collector who received orders to guard the entrance of Crystal Cave Worldview sighed as he glanced out of a nearby closed shop window with a lamenting tone.

“Suddenly intruders came. The supervisor himself intervened. If this gets out somehow, it would be a huge trouble for the clan.”

It would be a problem if they didn’t completely eliminate the enemy. 

But it would also be a problem if they did.

These intruders, they were not ordinary collectors. 

They were clearly sent by some clan, and he was worried that this incident might escalate into a war between clans.

“Ah. Why do I care. I just have to do what they tell me to do.”

So he took on the role of guarding the entrance of Worldview. 

He didn’t expect the enemies to attack while he was guarding.


Suddenly, he saw several large vehicles approaching in his sight.


Did Twilight Veil send reinforcements? 

No, that couldn’t be. 

This was under the supervisor’s jurisdiction, and there was no reinforcement from the clan after he arrived.

Then, could it be, the additional forces of those intruders?

But, the types of vehicles they rode were different.

“Wha, what?”

The vehicles got closer, and he saw the emblem engraved on the outside of the vehicles. 

His eyes widened.

The emblem that symbolized justice. 

It was a mark that only the association could use in this country.

People from the association got out of the vans that landed near the entrance of Worldview in an instant.

The collector could only watch the scene with a bewildered look.

‘This, this is crazy!’

The association.

The ones who should never come, the association bastards smelled something and gathered.

He trembled as he watched the scene.

‘We’re doomed!’

The situation was getting out of control.

Yoo Seong-Ah, the team leader of the special forces affiliated with the Association, got out of the car and frowned at the construction site covered with a tarp.

It had not been long since an anonymous report came to the Association. 

But its content was enough to stir up the Association.

A clan had secretly owned a world of thought, and hid it from the government.

Yoo Seong-Ah could witness its existence with her own eyes.

“Twilight Veil, you bastards.”

She had not expected that there would be such a thing in this remote place, where people did not come and go. 

Not only that, but she also thought that the Twilight Veil clan would desperately try to hide it.

“How dare they hide a world of thought without the government’s permission? They got caught very well today.”

A harsh sound came out of Yoo Seong-Ah’s mouth, who was hot-tempered. 

She was already annoyed by the clans’ actions that crossed the line and tried to threaten the Association.

She was eager to shake them down if she caught them, and then this incident happened.

Yoo Seong-Ah suppressed her desire to welcome them with both hands.

“Hey! Seal off this area! Block anyone who comes near! And don’t let anyone who comes out of there escape! Got it?!”


“Then move! And leave some people to guard the site, and the rest follow me inside!”


Yoo Seong-Ah, the vanguard of the Association’s special forces. 

Her nickname was ‘Mad Dog’, which did not suit her beautiful appearance.

Once she bites, she does not let go until she dies or the opponent’s flesh falls off.

That was her creed.

She was also very disliked by other clans. 

The Association’s mad dog showed her sharp teeth to the Twilight Veil clan.



“Aaah! Damn it! What is that snake?!”

“This is crazy! The attack doesn’t work properly!”

“Is this the boss of this place?! Why now of all times?!”

The Twilight Veil and Hanul clans felt a sense of crisis without anyone telling them.

They were fighting each other and lost a lot of strength. 

But on top of that, a boss-level fantasy creature intervened in the fight.

It was angry for some reason, and it swung around with agile movements that did not match its huge body.

“Damn it! First, we have to stop this snake bastard!”

“Gather up!”

The Hanul clan tried to somehow organize their formation, but when one of their members died from an attack that suddenly flew from the side, they clenched their teeth and shouted.

“Hey, you crazy bastards! Do you all want to die?”

“Die? You’re the only ones who will die!”

“Do you think you’ll be safe with that snake?”

“You shameless bastards. This is our clan’s work site! Do you think we don’t have reinforcements?!”

In fact, they had no reinforcements. 

The members here were all they had. 

But they remembered what they had suffered from the Hanul clan over the years and felt unbearable anger.

That snake? 

They knew it was dangerous. 

But they hated fighting with those bastards more than anything.

“You vault robbers. Today is the day you all die!”

“Vault robbers? Are you crazy?!”


The tricolor snake swung its tail between the two clans that glared at each other.

This was a battlefield where there were only enemies and no allies. 

The Twilight Veil, Hanul, and the tricolor snake continued their fierce fight to kill each other.

On the opposite side of the island where the gate opened, another fight was taking place inside the island.

However, it was a picture of one side pushing the other unilaterally.



The earth spirit cut by the sword collapsed. 

Next to it, the forest spirit was torn apart, and the water spirit evaporated in an instant by lightning.

Yu-hyun and his party easily knocked down the fantasy creatures that blocked their way and headed to the center of the island where the natural stones were located.

The closer they got to the natural stones, the more spirits there were, but they were not threatening. 

Without the most dangerous tricolor snake, all that remained were scarecrows with faint egos.

They reached where the natural stones were in no time.

“This is it.”

There were three natural stones in the center of a place that looked like a small altar.

Yellow with earth power.

Green with green power.

Blue with water power.

Each natural stone with different attributes emitted a brilliant light. 

Even without holding them in their hands, just approaching them made clear energy seep into their skin.

The spirits also widened their eyes at seeing the natural stones and spammed messages.

[Wow? Wow? Wow?]

[This is crazy. Isn’t that the precious natural stone?]

[There are three of them? That’s amazing.]

[I’ll buy it. I’ll buy it. Please sell it to me.]

[Me! Hand! Handhand!]

There were even spirits who shouted to sell them to themselves from the beginning.

That was how much value the natural stones had.

Yu-hyun quickly grabbed the three natural stones. 

He felt an urge not to let go as soon as he held them in his hand. 

It felt like the energy of nature was directly seeping into his body. 

But Yu-hyun easily shook off that temptation.

“We finally got them all.”

“Wow. Awesome.”

“That’s a huge profit.”

Three natural stones and various herbs and minerals that they had collected on their way here.

If they sold them, they would get an enormous profit that they could not compare with what they had gotten so far.

Get the best benefit possible.

In this regard, Yu-hyun’s plan was almost over.

“But it’s not over yet.”

The sound of fighting still heard from afar.

But compared to the beginning, its momentum was quite weakened.

“Let’s go.”

The outskirts of the island where the fight took place were turned into ruins by its aftermath.

There were corpses everywhere, and there were very few survivors. 

Especially the collectors who were not Translucents, they could not even leave their bodies intact. 

Only one arm that was presumed to be his was half buried in the ground.

Neither the Twilight Veil nor Hanul had many people left.

And the guardian and boss of this place, the tricolor snake, also had fatal wounds all over its body and was gasping for breath.

The three-way battle that was fiercely fought ended up with a result that only drained their strength without completely cutting off each other’s breath.

A situation where they could not move while watching each other.

It was then.

“Everyone stop! You bastards got caught!”

As if she had been waiting, the fourth supporting character that Yu-hyun wanted appeared.

Yoo Seong-Ah, the mad dog of the Association, came closer with a triumphant smile. 

Behind her were full of collectors belonging to the Association.

“This, this damn…”

“Who the hell…”

The expressions of Gidong 3 and the Twilight Veil clan members were filled with despair.

They might have been able to resist if their bodies were intact, but they had no strength left in this state.

Especially since the opponent was Yoo Seong-Ah. 

She was a doubtful opponent even at full strength, let alone now.


The tricolor snake also felt a sense of crisis at the appearance of new intruders. 

It thought that it had to go back to its nest and get some incomplete natural stones. It was at that moment.


The moment it tried to turn around, feeling a presence behind its back.


A sword pierced through its forehead.

[You have cleared the world of thought ‘Aloran Crystal Cave’.]


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