The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin (Novel) Chapter 81 - 82

C81 - 82

Chapter 81: Luna Rainriver (4)

Six in total.

None had fled or hidden anywhere.

Since confirming took precedence over dealing with them, I hastily approached with my carriage.

[I thought you’d spare at least one. What’s the point of the mask if everyone’s to die?]

Did I wear it because I wanted to?

Even though she was under a sleep spell, she should have woken up by now, is what I thought as I hastily wore the mask and came here.



I hadn’t expected her to still be asleep.

Out of curiosity, I placed my hand over her face.


She was sleeping so deeply that even if someone picked her up, she wouldn’t notice.

It seemed like she had been sleepless for several days from the start.

As if she were catching up on all the missed sleep until now.

Even after removing the gag from her mouth and untying her limbs, she remained motionless.


I exhaled deeply, throwing away my mask and took a breath.

But there was no time to leisurely admire her sleeping face.

Let’s just get it done quickly and go back.

I carefully laid Luna’s body down.

Then, I unbuttoned two buttons of her shirt to expose her chest.

Placing my fingers on top, I closed my eyes.


I cast the 6th-level general spell ‘Searching’.

A magic spell that injects mana into the opponent’s body to check their physical condition.

You can think of it as an upgraded magic that she used to check my body grade.

For me, it is a magic spell that I haven’t used in a long time.

I felt it.

The flow of mana coursing through her entire body along with blood.

However, it wasn’t flowing vigorously.

As mentioned earlier, something ominous was obstructing its flow.

As if chains were tightly wound around her blood vessels.

“That’s it.”

With this kind of thing wrapped around her body, it’s no wonder she can’t live up to her name.

After confirming the nature of the energy, I immediately opened my eyes.

[Why? What happened?]

“Heart Curve…”

[Heart what?]

Kaeram cocked her head as if she didn’t understand.

She probably wouldn’t know.

This is one of the proud achievements of those obsessed with magic research.

“Simply put, it’s a device that suppresses human growth.”

It injects a lump of magic the same size as the target’s heart to inhibit the growth of mana.

Like tangled vines, there were dull black tendrils entwined around her beating heart.

[Suppressing growth?]

She probably wouldn’t understand.

The President Regens of the Magic Society undoubtedly has a firm goal of elevating his granddaughter to the pinnacle of magic.

To achieve this, he would have subjected her to various experiments, treating her like a test subject, to enhance her magical abilities.

Yet, an unexpected inhibitory device on her?

It’s understandable if you curse at the absurdity.

What’s amusing is that it’s highly likely the Garam Magic Society, of all entities, implanted it.

[Who planted this?]

“Obviously, the Society.”


They probably intended to use it not for suppression but for storage.

Keeping a gentle flow of water flowing continuously doesn’t cause any problems.

But what if that flow were suddenly blocked and suppressed?

Unable to block the natural flow, the water that couldn’t flow gradually accumulates and swells.

What happens when it’s suddenly released?

It’ll burst like an explosion.

In an instant, chaos will ensue.

The Garam Society probably desired this.

The artifact called Heart Curve suppresses the flow and growth of her mana.

Continuously injecting mana into such an unstable body.

When the state reaches its peak, releasing the inhibitory device would unleash the accumulated potential explosively.

Is it possible?

Well, I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know.

However, I know exactly what they did to achieve it.

Through dozens, hundreds of human experiments, they would have applied the most suitable route to her.

Perhaps Luna from her previous life couldn’t withstand it and died.

Strictly speaking, this wasn’t about nurturing but about breaking the vessel.

Kaeram seemed quite baffled, wearing a puzzled expression.

[Anyway, if you leave it like this, she’ll eventually die, right?]

“That’s right.”

[So, what are you going to do about it?]

I haven’t decided yet.

Actually, what Kaeram told me about telepathy wasn’t related to this.

It was just a faction opposing the Garam Magic Society who heard about her unauthorized absence and tried to disguise themselves as Society members to kidnap her.

It was a kind of petty scheme to take her to their hideout somewhere in the Garam Kingdom and experiment on her as they pleased.

Perhaps by now, the real Society members have realized the truth and are rushing over.

So, why did I help Luna?

It’s nothing special.

I just didn’t want to deal with the aftermath when the consequences came knocking after I knew about it.

After all, she was kidnapped right after meeting me, so it’s natural for the arrows to turn back on me.

If I just handle things properly and leave her safely, nothing will change.

Well, my job is done, now all I have to do is leave…


I let out a sigh without realizing it.

If that was the case, I shouldn’t have come in the first place.

With one hand, I once again manifested mana.


Just below the left chest, between the sternum and spine.

Plunging my hand as if into water, my mana-infused hand was drawn into her heart.


It’s tougher than I expected.

Like untangling vines from a tree, I roughly tore away the black tendrils encasing her heart.


The torn debris was immediately incinerated on the spot.

After completely removing the core of the artifact that had been attached until the end and smashing it, the revitalized heart began to stir.

[Do you know where the person who said he was not a savior has gone?]

Kaeram mocked me with rather amused eyes.

I casually replied, “I just paved the way. Nothing more.”

With the absence of the Heart Curve, her lifespan was significantly extended.

Though she may not know immediately, she will gradually sense that her body has changed. Consequently, a natural change of heart will also occur.


With extended lifespan and potential, what can she achieve?

Will she allow herself to be whittled away within the confines of the society, or will she break free and pursue a different path?

The decision rests entirely with her.

Who knows?

If she explores her own potential, she might truly fulfill the aspirations of the Society’s leader, the pinnacle of magic.

Whether the sprout becomes a flower or a tree, no one knows for sure.

* * *


Awakening from sleep, Luna drew rough breaths as if she had just had a nightmare.

She instinctively reached for her heart, but there was no discomfort.

Instead, she felt remarkably serene compared to before she fell asleep.

After the brief moment of disorientation, Luna finally looked around.

The surroundings were cluttered with luggage, and a chilly breeze blew in from one side, indicating she was likely inside a carriage.

Just as she presumed to step outside, something outside seemed to ripple like water droplets falling.

“A barrier?”

It was a magically constructed restraining barrier.

Curiously, Luna lightly tapped the barrier with an inquisitive eye.


The barrier rippled like waves and promptly disappeared.

With caution, Luna stepped outside.

“Found her!”

Simultaneously, urgent cries and footsteps approached her.

Squinting, Luna recognized familiar faces—guild members.

“Are you alright, Luna?”

They immediately checked her well-being.

Luna responded somewhat dazedly,

“For now, yes.”

“Do you remember what happened?”

Her last memory was of unknown watchers casting a sleep spell on her, leaving her with no recollection until she woke up in a strange carriage.

She had nothing substantial to tell.

“Anyway, we’re glad you’re safe! We’ll explain on the way. Will you come with us? The President is waiting!”


Despite the familiar scenario from before sleep, she harbored no suspicions.

Throughout the carriage ride escorted by guild members, Luna continuously checked her condition.

Whatever had been binding her seemed to have vanished completely, leaving her with an unusual sense of freshness and a newfound inner sense of protection, rather than restraint or devourment.

“Is Grandfather very angry?”

Luna’s question left the guild members unable to answer readily.

“If you explain the reason for your outing well, I think it’ll be fine! For now, the most important thing is that you’re safe.”

Knowing well there would likely be a severe scolding upon her return, Luna wasn’t particularly fearful.

It seemed like something new, which wasn’t there before, was now protecting her…

This was a feeling of reassurance, not detachment.

* * *

The scene was neatly arranged, and through illusion magic, I had clearly left my alibi in place.

As a precaution, I had also set up restrictive barriers around the carriage, so unless a sandstorm passed through, there shouldn’t be any issues.

In other words, no one would know I was there.

However, one particularly astute individual, as if not to be fooled even by ghosts, interrogated me as soon as I returned to my room.

“Did you have some sort of itch while I was away?”

“I’m not sure what you mean…”

Leader, Silica, scrutinized me with suspicious eyes.

“You must know about Luna’s affair?”

“Of course. She went to the restroom and disappeared. I didn’t think she’d been kidnapped.”

I put on a serious face and remained silent.

The kidnapping incident had already become public within the academy.

“A magic instructor named Nella Aronis from the Academy went missing. She was a woman from the Garam Kingdom and reportedly opposed the Garam Society.”

She seemed to be referring to the gray-robed woman I had likely killed first.

“It seems she spread information about Luna to her faction. Her hasty restroom visit seems like a move to inform her allies.”

My demeanor remained consistent.

“Can you guarantee you’re not involved in this?”

Without hesitation, I replied,

“I can guarantee it.”

I wasn’t sure what was at stake.


Kaeram watched me and the Leader with a rather displeased expression.

It was as if she wanted to intervene but had nothing to say, likely because she was an accomplice himself.

“Still, I thought you’d be exhausted from the banquet incident. You seem quite uneasy.”

Not at all.

“Since there’s still some time before the start of the next semester, I’ll give you a solo assignment.”

I was skeptical.

“A solo assignment?”

She wordlessly handed me a black envelope from her pocket.


As I unfolded the envelope, all I could muster was a disappointed laugh.


Chapter 82: Lambert Cage (1)

The warm afternoon sunlight streamed through the windows of the royal chamber.

With nothing to do, the bored maid yawned, the drowsy dragon lounged after lunch, and the knight, with no one to guard, focused on exercise.

But where was the master of the room?

“Really tough. How can you spend six hours exercising every day without fail? Are all knights like this?”

“Oh, my master insists that if you have even a second to spare, you should dedicate yourself to exercise. I’m trying to uphold that.”

Emily waved her hand as if to say, ‘Don’t be funny.’

“Ha! You’re better at jokes than being a knight. Did you really believe that advice?”


“I know my master the best. He’s not the kind to give such good advice to anyone. It’s ridiculous!”

Brian, who spoke the truth, was taken aback.

“Oh, I have to hear about that. How was master’s academy life?”

Thus began a conversation about the abandoned ones, Cyan left behind.

“He almost never went to class, spent his days exercising like me, and went out for drinks at night, returning at dawn. Sometimes he’d be gone for a day to a week.”

Emily chuckled knowingly.

“Some things never change. Even when he was stationed at the front, he did the same thing. His habit of going out for drinks remains.”

She flopped onto the sofa, exhaling deeply.

“I finally get to the long-awaited academy, and all I find is boredom. Really, where did my master go after bringing me here? And leaving behind that weird half-grown kid!”

Emily’s gaze fell on Nana, who was sound asleep in the room.

Despite growing up, Nana was still a sleepyhead.

“Haha! You’re not alone. Anyway, my master always had Kaeram by his side.”

Brian smiled, trying to offer some comfort.

“Kaeram? Who’s that?”


Silence filled the room momentarily.

“You don’t know Kaeram?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard the name. Who is this person you know but I don’t?”

Brian, feeling embarrassed, couldn’t close his mouth.

Although she had spent a long time together with the Cyan, she was unaware of Kaeram’s existence.

It was a perplexing situation for someone as innocent as him to contemplate.

“Who’s Kaeram? Judging by the atmosphere, is she a woman? Who’s this person you know that I don’t?”

Emily suddenly grabbed Brian by the collar and began shaking him vigorously.

“Well, uh, she’s always by my master’s side, even if she doesn’t show up often…”

It was difficult to say something, and even if he did, it wouldn’t explain everything.

From Brian’s perspective, they had simply been together for so long that Kaeram had become part of the scenery, making her practically impossible to explain.

“What’s up with our master? Besides the princess and that noble lady, who else is by his side?”

“Um, Emily, could you please let go of me…!”

Brian’s collar was being shaken endlessly.

* * *

Ushif Empire’s neutral city Lambert in the southwest.

If Luwen is a legally neutral city established for the advancement of the academy between nations, this place was implicitly formed as a neutral city for humans to satisfy their desires.

In other words, it’s a dirty criminal city where money and fists prevail over law and order.

[Ugh, dismal! Are cities like this even real?]

Even Kaeram, who used to laugh and joke amidst the chaos on the front lines, was showing intense displeasure.

It’s not surprising.

Everywhere, there’s rampant swearing and violence,

Strange filth and the stench of blood permeate the ground,

And the people roaming the streets are rough and intimidating, to say the least.

Yet, I had only one reason to be here.

It was to carry out the solo mission given to me by the leader.

A leader who gives missions as a return gift for returning.

I’m so grateful for her consideration for her disciple that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

[Isn’t she going a bit overboard too? Does she really intend to send a kid like you alone to a place like this? Anyway, since there’s no corner that appeals to you?]

“Well, I don’t think that’s really what you want to say.”

Despite everything, she seemed displeased just by the fact that the leader had given me instructions.


Suddenly, a flabby lump from the alley pushed my shoulder.

Of course, I didn’t budge.

I stopped in my tracks and looked at the one who had pushed me.

“Geez, you really need to watch where you’re going, instead of bumping into people like this?”

Quite amusing.

He was obviously peeking from the sidelines.

“What’s up? No adult with you? Why is a kid causing trouble in broad daylight?”

Would a kid be causing trouble at midnight instead of in broad daylight?

It’s a typical script from typical guys.

They pick fights with passersby and then extort money from them.

They probably thought there were parents or adults around me, so they thought they could just push me around.

They’re the kind of people who don’t even have the slightest intention of giving proper education.

So it would be best if they just brushed past quietly and took the money, but the problem is, people like them never just let things go.

“Hey, why are you just trying to pass by? Can’t you see my stomach hurting from hitting your shoulder? If you hit someone, isn’t it common decency to apologize and compensate?”

Well said.

Even now, if you kneel down and apologize, I might just let you pass.

“Hey? Now that I look at you, you’re quite handsome for a guy. If you have nowhere to go, why don’t you come with me? There are quite a few guys who like someone like you! I’ll give you a job! Employment!”

Instead of apologizing, he crossed the line.

He was dripping saliva as he slowly pushed his dirty fingers towards me.

It’s a clichéd repertoire, but unless you go through it at least once, progress is impossible.

I lightly twisted his finger as I grabbed it.



Without even giving him a chance to scream, I immediately kicked his shin, disrupting his balance.


His bulky figure fell with a loud noise.

The cheeky stomach that had hit my shoulder was now soaring towards the sky, and I mercilessly brought it crashing down with one foot.

It was a warning never to hit someone else’s shoulder with such a crude belly again.


With a groan, dirty fluids spurted from the guy’s mouth.

I shoved the finger that had been broken in his mouth and simultaneously stepped on it with my foot to keep it from being removed.

His struggling resembled that of a pig in a slaughterhouse.

“Hey, big guy. It’s called a head, you know. It’s not meant to be carried around like an accessory.”


Perhaps he couldn’t bring himself to answer, as he only emitted pained groans.

“Why would a little kid like me wander around such a filthy place in broad daylight? Didn’t you think there might be something wrong? Even if you’re dumb, you should have some sense.”

In fact, those without any sense resort to thuggish behavior.

If they had any sense, they would have thought twice from the beginning.

But this guy approached without any thought.


Still, it wasn’t just one; four thugs gradually gathered around the guy inflicting pain.

However, they didn’t approach easily.

Unlike this guy, they seemed to have some sense.

“I’ll say this only once, so listen carefully.”


“Spread the word to as many people around you as possible. If anyone finds a boy wandering alone on Lambert Street from this moment on, don’t ever touch him. If anyone dares to ignore this and approaches…”

I brought down my foot, which had been holding his mouth shut, even harder.


“Someone’s going to lose something, like your teeth…”

A few teeth broke with a thud.

Thankfully, it was just a few teeth on one finger this time.

If anyone ignores my warning and approaches me again in the future, it won’t end this easily.

“Do you understand?”

I gently removed my foot, and the guy with his mouth covered managed to nod his head.

Judging from his expression, he understood well.

The bulky figure quickly gathered his gang and disappeared in a flash, much faster than expected for his size.

[Did you really want to make enemies? Are you prepared to face the consequences?]

With a click of her tongue, Kaream spoke.

“Don’t say things you don’t mean. I can see you’re secretly amused.”

As the enemies increased, there would be more opportunities for battle, which would be excellent for the demonic sword.

[Oh my, caught red-handed? Knowing women’s hearts, our master has grown up!]

Truly consistent, the demonic sword was.

I paid no mind and surveyed the area around the city.

The streets felt lifeless.

Beggars who had collapsed from starvation were seen everywhere.

Though it might seem like an abandoned city, surprisingly, Lambert boasted an influx of capital comparable to the Imperial Palace.

Of course, if that capital was being used for the city’s benefit, it wouldn’t have this eerie atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, this was a neutral city, without a clear owner.

This meant that through a series of business transactions, the city managed to sustain itself.

Indeed, while walking the streets, you wouldn’t only come across petty thugs but also individuals with some level of power.

For now, without much concern, I moved my feet towards the luxurious building in sight.


The cleanliness inside starkly contrasted with the dreary exterior.

However, the faces of the people within didn’t match the environment.


A brown-haired woman, who seemed like a clerk, eyed me with disdain.

Can’t blame her.

My attire didn’t scream aristocracy; it was more reminiscent of a shabby wanderer.

“How may I assist you?”

She reluctantly inquired.

“Looking for a room.”

I sensed a slight change in her expression.

Perhaps she thought there might be another master besides me.

“How many guests?”

“Just me.”

Her expression reverted to its original state in an instant.

“Hey kid. You seem to have wandered into the wrong building. We don’t have a room for you to stay. Coming to a place where blood isn’t even dry on your head….”


The clerk, in the middle of her sentence, startled and stumbled backward.

Nothing significant.

I just placed a pouch full of gold coins on the table.

“The best room you have.”

“…Excuse me?”

Only then did the clerk, with widened eyes, start to inspect the pouch.

“Is this how you welcome guests here?”

Her expression changed once again.

“W-welcome to the Lambert Cage! We will escort you to the VIP room on the top floor immediately!”

At that moment, all eyes in the lobby turned towards me.


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