The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin (Novel) Chapter 83 - 84

C83 - 84

Chapter 83: Lambert Cage (2)

Lambert Cage.

Leaving aside what kind of place it is, what comes to mind when you hear that name?

Most likely, you wouldn’t think it’s a good place.

You’d probably imagine something like a cage where human slaves are kept in groups. However, surprisingly, this place is a luxury accommodation facility frequented by numerous people every day.

A VIP room that costs 50 gold coins to enter.

The facilities themselves were incredibly luxurious, almost on par with a royal palace.

It was a stark contrast to the dismal exterior.

You could roughly gauge the main clientele of this place based on the atmosphere.

Of course, people didn’t come here just for a relaxing holiday.

Looking out the window, I noticed various individuals, including thugs who had been roaming the streets a while ago and even some well-dressed signs of affluence, gradually converging here.

However, they didn’t enter the entrance and seemed to be heading somewhere else.

With that, I turned my head and walked straight out of the room.


As soon as I opened the door, numerous eyes fell upon me.

A plush red carpet adorned the corridor, with a total of six rooms, three on each side.

Except for my room, the other three had guards stationed, all of whom were eyeing me with suspicion.

From their attire and demeanor, it seemed like they didn’t belong to this building.

They were probably bodyguards brought by the owners of each room.

I didn’t pay them any mind and strolled down the corridor.


The familiar scent of perfume and cosmetics greeted me as I descended the stairs.

It was a strong scent, almost overpowering.

To me, it was quite familiar—the smell that wafted from the bodies of many nobles I had killed in my past life.

Lost in the scent, I found myself on the first floor without realizing it.

There were a total of five floors—a pyramid structure where the space widened as you went down.

This meant that the first floor where I stood was the largest area, but that wasn’t entirely the case.

Beneath the wooden floors of the first floor corridor lay a massive underground space, estimated to be more than twice the size.

First, I headed towards the lobby near the entrance.

Next to the lobby was a space where you could eat and drink, similar to a regular inn.

While there were some people when I first entered, now it looked deserted, like a closed shop.

The only person visible was the brown-haired female clerk who had rebuffed me earlier.

“I’m Lisa, a staff member at Lambert Cage! How may I assist you?”

Even if she wore a mask, her smile was so repulsive that I couldn’t help but fake a laugh.

Whether it was a strong professional demeanor or sheer audacity, it was hard to tell.

Ignoring it, I said,

“I’d like to use the Cage.”

“The Cage, you say?”

Her lips twitched slightly.

“I’m truly sorry, but for the time being, we’re only accommodating existing customers. It would be difficult for new customers to use the Cage.”

Internally, I thought, they’re taking drugs.

Money talks, so why would they limit the use of the Cage if they’re willing to give VIP rooms to even a 13-year-old?

“If that’s the case, shouldn’t you have just denied me a room altogether?”

A single bead of sweat trickled down her cheek.

“Th-that’s because our accommodations and Cage usage are separate… What can I do? I just follow orders from above…”

Does she think I came here without any prior information?

In a city where might is right and money talks louder than the law, it’s unlikely they would impose such restrictive rules.

The woman is clearly lying to me for some reason.

That means she’s hiding something.


My hand instinctively moved towards my pocket.


There was no other meaning behind my action—I just intended to pull out a few coins and toss them her way.

But then I noticed something.

As my hand went into my pocket, hers twitched and moved…

Not an unusual reaction; even though humans might be less sharp than animals, they are highly sensitive to threats.

She may have felt wary without realizing it as my hand was heading to a place she couldn’t see.

However, it wasn’t just the initial startle—it was the subsequent movements, as if preparing for something.

Even now, her fingers were constantly glancing towards the underside of the desk, as if hiding something.

Time seemed to stand still as I kept my hand in my pocket for nearly five seconds without making any further moves.

This woman, who I initially thought was just another unassuming clerk like Emily, turned out to be anything but.

Isn’t that strange?

She’s single-handedly guarding this spacious lobby.

Normally, there should be multiple guards stationed around, especially in a city like this, where trouble could break out anytime.

Yet, besides her and me, there was no sign of any other guards or security measures.

There could be two reasons for this.

Either there’s an issue elsewhere that has drawn all the guards away, or they deem her sufficient without the need for additional security.

The only way to find out is to investigate further.


Though I hadn’t initially planned it, I discreetly grasped Kaeram’s scabbard that was tucked away in my coat pocket.

It wasn’t just a simple grasp.

By holding the sword, I allowed the aura that accompanies it to spread unchecked.


She must have sensed my aura because her pupils visibly dilated this time.

About ten seconds passed.

Just as my hand was about to emerge from my coat pocket,



A loud clang resounded, assaulting my eardrums.


The clerk, with a shocked expression, was holding a dagger in her hand.

Unlike her, I had nothing in my hand.

It wasn’t that I came out empty-handed; nor did I draw Kaeram.

What I retrieved from my pocket was a single shining gold coin.

Unlike my calm demeanor, she couldn’t close her mouth in her bewilderment, looking as if caught in the act.


The coin I threw bounced off her dagger, spinning on the desk like a top.

After a moment, it stopped spinning, and she let out an incredulous laugh.

“W-what are you doing…?”

“I was just trying to get some money out.”

It wasn’t a lie.

As I said earlier, I had intended to take out money from the beginning.

She quickly sheathed her dagger and waved her hands.

“P-please don’t misunderstand! This was just self-defense! There are so many unruly thugs in this city that I needed to protect myself…”


I gave her a skeptical look.

“Can’t I file a complaint about this? The lobby clerk is threatening a guest with a knife right now. I’m extremely uncomfortable, you know?”

Of course, it wasn’t actually happening.

However, she was already deeply embroiled in serious consideration, trying to remedy the situation with an anxious expression.

“Um, is there something you’d like to…?”

“Access to the Cage.”

My purpose was clear.

She sighed as if she had lost.

“So, you’re the hotshot of the fresh rumors, huh? Heard about the boy who appeared on Lambert Street, trampling the ruffians and warning not to mess with him? Never thought you’d come our way.”

She grumbled as she wrote something down before handing me a badge stamped with the seal.

“It’s like an admission pass. Just a word of advice: if you’re not planning to stay here long, it’s better to leave quietly. If you don’t have multiple lives, that is.”

A clerk concerned about guest safety couldn’t be anything but kind.

She got up and opened a small door behind the lobby.

Beyond the door was a staircase leading underground.

Lights were installed along the way, so it wasn’t pitch dark.

“It looks like it’s for staff.”

“It doesn’t matter; the destination is the same. Why bother going around to the back when there’s a path?”

Well, she had a point.

There was no reason to refuse her kindness.

Without hesitation, I stepped through the door she indicated.

The facility aside, there was more than a hint of suspicion about the clerk, but for now, I decided to put it aside.

The staircase was longer than expected, descending about three floors deep, and the stuffy air of the underground was palpable.

[Why does the stride feel familiar? Have you been here before?]

Kaeram, who had been dozing, suddenly popped out in the middle of the stairs.

“I had to. Not during such a lively period, though.”

In my past life, I had come when it had almost become a ghost house.

As we descended, indistinct shouts became audible from below.

At least dozens, perhaps hundreds of them.

Listening to the noise, I reached an old door.

I didn’t hesitate and opened it, stepping out.

“Why’s the lineup so weird today? Did I come here to watch these pathetic fights?”

As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted by loud curses.

“If you’re not gonna watch, get lost! Those worth watching are everywhere else!”

Accompanied by thugs who wouldn’t be fooled by appearances, an atmosphere of exaggerated tension was created.

[I’ll ask anyway, what is this place?]

“It’s nothing special. Just a betting arena for fights.”

Traditionally, the most entertaining spectacle was watching fights, and even more thrilling than that was betting on them.

This place was the perfect venue for satisfying such primal human desires.

Humans who wanted to fight gathered here, beating each other senseless, while the spectators reveled in the brutality, exhilarated by the carnage.

And those intoxicated by the thrill of it all would bet to watch new matches, making this place, the Lambert Cage, a renowned attraction in the city.

At first glance, it might seem like a gathering of baseless thugs who enjoy fights, but they were just a small, insignificant layer.

Apart from the Lambert Cage, there were numerous similar arenas across the continent, but the core customers responsible for operating these facilities were all aristocrats.

That’s how lucrative this business was considered on the continent, in which aristocrats were the primary patrons of such facilities.

The VIP room I had booked was, in fact, just an additional facility for these aristocrats.

For now, I headed straight to the betting arena in plain sight.


Chapter 84: Lambert Cage (3)

In Lambert, fitting its neutral name, there was no lord ruling over it.

However, the absence of a lord didn’t mean there was no owner.

Especially in turbulent places like Lambert, the rulers of territories changed frequently, and with multiple factions vying to control them, it was like a small-scale battlefield.


A man with hair redder than blood sat on the stone steps, smoking a cigarette.

His name was Gunther Rictus, one of the rulers of Lambert’s western district, managing the waste yards of the city.

In front of him sat one of his subordinates, here to report a series of incidents from the eastern district that had just occurred.

“A young boy?”

“Yes, that’s correct. He appeared in the entertainment alley at the city’s entrance, trampling the area’s guards and leaving a warning.”

“What did he say?”

The man relayed the boy’s warning, which made Gunther burst into laughter.

“He said that? If anyone touched him, they would become a cripple? What’s wrong with that guy?”

It seemed more delusional than arrogant, to say the least.

He didn’t seem particularly bothered by the arrogant warning from the boy.

“So, how are the folks from that district dealing with it? Delkia isn’t one to sit still, right?”

“Of course, as soon as they heard about it, they started looking for the boy’s whereabouts. Surprisingly, they found him quite easily.”

“Oh really? Where was he?”

“He’s at Lambert Cage.”

“Lambert Cage?”

“Yes, and he booked the most expensive room, the VIP room, alone.”

Gunther’s expression subtly changed.

“Is he a noble?”

“I’m not sure. But when he booked the room, he didn’t give a name.”

“Did anyone see his face? Was there anything special about it?”

“Here’s the strange part… Everyone who was there couldn’t remember the boy’s face.”

“They couldn’t remember?”

Gunther immediately questioned.

“Yes. Although they could remember other details like his hairstyle, clothes, voice, and walk, they couldn’t recall his face. They only remembered that he had sharp eyes and black hair…”

“Does that make sense? It’s not like they have prosopagnosia, and if they got punched too, why couldn’t they remember?”

There was no answer to be had from someone who wasn’t the person in question.

Gunther’s expression stiffened briefly but didn’t last long.

“Anyway, the boy is in Lambert Cage now, right? He didn’t just come to watch; he trampled the street thugs and issued a warning. He must have more in mind than just sightseeing, right?”

“Well, I suppose so…”

A strange smile appeared on his lips.

After flicking the cigarette he was smoking, he stood up.

As he rose, a chilling bone-cracking sound emanated from his entire body.

“It’s been a while since I felt this interested to move myself. He’s not just interesting; he’s become something to look forward to.”

His face filled with exhilaration, Gunther’s destination was undoubtedly Lambert Cage.

* * *

People tend to attract a lot of attention when they are in places where they don’t naturally belong.

And that’s exactly the situation I’m in right now.

Although I’m not consciously aware of it, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m receiving the stare of everyone around me.

“Oh. Lambert Cage has changed a lot, hasn’t it? Even kids like that are coming in?”

“Isn’t it like a lost servant wandering without its owner? Otherwise, there’s no reason for him to be here, right?”

“Why don’t we go and trip him up on the way back?”

If you do that, your legs might end up broken, so I hope you don’t act on it.

[After work, are you planning to kill everyone here?]

I asked back, surprised by the sudden and cruel words.

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

[No, otherwise it would be too confident, right? No matter how far away you are, is it okay to show your face openly like this?]


I stared into her eyes for a moment.

[Why are you looking at me like that?]

“Well, you seemed worried in a way that’s unlike you, so I wondered what’s up…”

[This rat-sized thing wants to die?!]

Given my past experiences, it’s natural to feel uneasy no matter what I do.


Well, still, what she said isn’t entirely wrong.

Normally, when an assassin reveals their face, it signifies a strong intention to kill the opponent.

Even though I’m far from the academy, thanks to the recent disturbance with the street thugs, rumors about me must have spread throughout the city.

So, it’s only a matter of time before my face and identity become known.

But why bother revealing my face so carelessly if I was going to do it this haphazardly?

I have my own precautions.

“It’ll be fine. People in this city won’t remember my face anyway.”

She seemed like she was about to retort but suddenly stared straight at my face.

[…Did you use some kind of illusion on your face?]

I didn’t change my face. I simply used a trick to prevent others from remembering it.

Right now, my face is obscured by a thin black mist, a modification of one of the techniques of mist, ‘Shadow Concealment: Disguise’, which induces a recognition disorder in those who see my face, preventing them from remembering it.

So, anyone who sees my face will all have a facial recognition disorder.

Therefore, there’s no chance of my identity being exposed, no matter how much chaos I cause here.

[In any case, it seems like you’ve perfectly inherited the power of the idiot god. You seem to be quite skilled in such simple tricks, don’t you?]


[…Why? Got something else to say?]

“No, nothing.”

I wanted to retort that she also inherited the power of the idiot god, but this time, I decided to hold back.

I stood in front of the betting area with an indifferent expression on my face.

A middle-aged man who seemed to be an usher looked at me with ambiguous eyes.

“Um, so, are you here to place a bet…?”

Before answering, I glanced at today’s match-ups displayed on the table.

I checked just in case, but as expected, the name I was looking for wasn’t there.

“Can I just watch without placing a bet?”

“Y-Yes, you can, but, could you please show me your badge?”

The only thing I had that could be considered a badge was the one the attendant had handed me earlier.


The attendant, after checking the badge, couldn’t close his mouth.

“I, I didn’t know! I’ll escort you to the VIP section immediately! What are you doing?!”

Amidst the commotion, guards who were waiting nearby rushed over.

I hadn’t bothered to check, but it seemed like quite a convenient pass after all.

“Hey? Nowadays, even chicks like this get VIP access?”

Just when things seemed to be going smoothly, a rough voice came from behind.

“W-What are you doing?”

The owner of the voice grabbed the badge the attendant was holding.

He was a typical big bully who couldn’t judge the situation, nothing more, nothing less.

“I don’t think it’s fake, but did this kid really book a VIP room with money?”

“What are you doing?! Protect the guest immediately!”

“Why are you all acting like this? I just want to watch. I’m not going to harm anyone.”

Even the guards seemed to be looking around awkwardly, not knowing how to respond.

“If you have money, even little kids like this get VIP badges? Is he from a noble family or something?”

I stared at the guy without saying a word.

“Wow! That look is really fierce! Oh? Could you be the main character of that hot gossip? The one who warned not to mess with him or you’ll be in big trouble? Am I in a really serious situation right now?”

With a strange laugh that I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or mockery, he put his hand on my shoulder.

Well, even though he knew my warning, he still touched me, right?

I casually grabbed his beard and…


Before he could even realize it, I struck him down.


Despite the loud noise that echoed through the space, I didn’t care.

There would be three more echoes in the future.

*Bam! Bam! Bam!*

After the exact three echoes ended, the surroundings fell silent as if nothing had happened.

“Hu… Haha…”

He didn’t faint after all.

I unceremoniously pushed away the guy’s bloody face.

“Where should I go?”

“The guards will guide you!”

The rest of the process proceeded swiftly.

* * *

“The match is over! Winner, Albert!”


Throughout the five matches, I felt only one thing: boredom.

Sitting in what was supposed to be the best seat in the house, I found the matches extremely dull to the point of almost falling asleep.

[Why do people pay to watch this?]

Kaeram seemed to share my sentiments.
The fun of watching a fight is guaranteed when those who are stronger than you face off against each other.

The moment you think ‘I can do better than that,’ the fun is over.

The thrill was long gone.

I observed the matches to gather information, but there seemed to be no harvest.

I pulled out the directive handed to me by the landlord.

[Owner of the Lambert Cage]

It’s quite concise, isn’t it?

Because that’s all there is to it.

No exact name, no specific charges, just a sentence demanding the death of the facility’s owner.

From the receiving end, it’s a situation where one can only tear their hair out.

However, the slightly better part is that I know who the eccentric owner of this facility is: Lindsay Nihalov.

He is the owner of Lambert Cage and one of the practical rulers of this city.

But even what I know is limited to just his name.

Nothing is known about his appearance, gender, age, or motives, just like in my past life.

It’s speculated that he must have a lot of money since he operates the arena.

In my past life, I had made contact with him in various places, one of which was with the Imperial Prince Louisnel.

Louisnel, who later became the emperor, approached him to secure military funds for continental unification but was vehemently refused.

Later, the emperor even sent troops to Lambert to conquer it as part of his expansion, but the city had already turned into a ghost town, and Lindsay Nihalov’s whereabouts were nowhere to be found.

I was one of the knights who set out to conquer Lambert at that time.

I only returned smelling like dust in the end.

Ultimately, I need to confirm who this Lindsay Nihalov is.

To do that, I need to make him find me, not the other way around.

Rising from my seat, I headed back to the betting area.

“W-What can I help you with?”

The attendant, now even more stiff-faced than before, hurriedly asked me.

“I want to sign up as a participant.”


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