Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 158

Chapter 158 - Taonian Vassals (3)

The lobby's structure had changed much more than I had thought.

Not only had the number of floors increased from 3 to 4, but also a school had been established covering all training facilities, and from the warehouse to the equipment workshop, all facilities had been upgraded by one level.

The groundwork for systematic operation had been laid.

There were also changes in the luxury accommodations on the fourth floor.

Each group received a mansion.

The mansion featured individual rooms, of course, but also a large dining room, a lounge, a bathroom, and a private gym. There was no longer any need to move elsewhere.

'If only one more thing had been added.'

An office had been created.

A wooden desk and chairs, drawers for stacking documents.

On top of the desk, there were stacks of papers. The papers contained details about the lobby researched by the administrative staff in reserve.

"What, what is this? You!"

In front of the desk, a man frowned fiercely.

The man was kneeling, and behind him, Belkist stood with an indifferent expression.

"Is this guy?"

"Yes," Belkist replied.

"Mark Callain, right?"

"You, bastard, seem a bit strong and behave arrogantly, but..."


Belkist struck Mark's cheek and continued speaking.

"Answer what you're asked."

"Damn it... Do you think you'll get away with this...?"

Belkist began to mercilessly beat the man.

The relentless speed of his hands. Blood and broken teeth splattered on the office floor.


I watched the man with my hands on the table.

This hero named Mark belonged to the first floor. He was summoned here two months ago in lobby time as a two-star hero. But his subsequent behavior was a bit unusual.

Unlike other heroes who strengthened themselves through repeated training, he chose to stay on the first floor.

"Stop..." Mark, his face pale, murmured.

Belkist smirked mockingly and then kicked the man's face.


"You won't die from this."

"Do you think you'll kill me?"

"That would be fine too, wouldn't it? After all, you're trash."

'It's true that he's trash.'

This guy organized a special group by taking advantage of the moments when the master wasn't paying attention on the first floor.

What was the name? I don't quite remember. What's certain is...

"You diverted and hid items from the lobby. Right?"

I opened my mouth.


"Don't give that answer. I already know everything. It would have been better if you had only diverted the items. Assault, threats, theft. You've committed all kinds of crimes."

I checked the testimony.

The content of the testimony of a first-floor hero was written there.

Mark lowered his head silently and then:

"Damn it, damn it..."

He began to shout as if crying.

"What am I supposed to do?! Brought to this shitty place, fighting to the death! If you don't like that, you shouldn't have brought me here in the first place! Do you think I wanted to do this? When you only eat potatoes three times a day, what do you expect...?"


Belkist hit Mark's face.

The fallen one couldn't get up.

"Trash also talks. How are we going to handle him? Synthesis, maybe?"

"I know of some more like him."

"I already have them. They won't be much different from this guy."

"You did a good job. It was a good decision to entrust you with this."

"Don't say I did a good job. Don't ask me to do this again. It's annoying to death."

Belkist spat.

What I asked this guy to do was to dismantle the gang formed on the first floor.

It was more of a gang than a band. They acted stealthily when the master wasn't logged in, stealing items from other heroes and committing various crimes.

'I let it slide because I was busy with other things.'

But now things are different.

So far, after summoning heroes, we left them in the lobby, but now, from the moment of summoning, education and management begin. The goal is to foster efficient development and a sense of motivation. Mandatory education will be implemented.

'Laws will be created, I suppose.'

It's not complicated.

You die if you kill.

You die if you steal items from the master.

You die if you do something harmful to the lobby.

Now, Taonier has transformed from just a set of heroes into a group with rules and discipline.

At its peak is the submaster.

"Elder, will you continue with these tedious tasks?" Belkist asked as he wiped his blood-stained hands.

"It seems you won't be able to focus on training."

"You're right. I'm busy."

Busier than imagined.

I haven't finished skill training yet.

At this rate, I'll be tied to the office unable to move.

"Isn't it a loss?"

"It would be good if there was someone to entrust it to..."

The Submaster is the strongest and most favored hero in the lobby, but basically, he delegates the work to a representative. Time was too tight to handle training and work simultaneously.

"Me too. I couldn't even touch the sword today."

"I'll find someone soon and free you. It won't take long."

First, we set the example.

After that, we can't do it ourselves. After all, we are clearly the attack team.

We had to find administrators to operate the lobby!

That role is being played by Nerissa right now.

"Anyway, take care of it. It would be good if it's resolved in three days."

Belkist left the office dragging his feet.

Being alone, I sighed deeply and picked up the documents.

"The daily amount of iron ore extraction is..."

I took out a sheet of white paper and started writing with a blue ink pen.

I was creating a report to send to the master.

And that night.

[Welcome to Pick Me Up!]

[Loading complete.]

[TOUCH! (Select)]

The sky beyond the window lit up.

Anything had logged in.

'...The Book of Heaven's Investment.'


Is the master the sky?

I sat in the chair and crossed my legs.

"If I catch that guy, I could become the master of Taonier."

The speed of ascent would increase several times.

The detailed method... I suppose it will appear if I search enough.


I chuckled bitterly.

[Master, there is an unchecked report.]

[Informant - Submaster: Han (★★★)]

[Do you wish to verify it?]

[Yes (Select) / No]

A document appeared on the master's operation window.

The document showed the content I had recorded with the blue ink pen.

The report had a total of 23 pages.

It's quite long. From the basics of the lobby to changes in the training system, identification of criminals, and suggestions for future operations.

[Tips/Heroes assigned to special roles can report and suggest to the master. To expand the role, Hero Reaction research at a higher level is required.]

[The Submaster, Han (★★★), suggests the public execution of Mark (★★).]

[The Submaster, Han (★★★), suggests the creation of a new class of heroes, Administrative.]

[The Submaster, Han (★★★) has...]

Anything started tapping 'Yes' without reading from the middle.

I don't know if he trusts me or just got tired of reading.


"I received ten."

I put the statues Anything had given me in the showcase.

Two spaces were filled with horse statues.

976 to reach a thousand.

Looks like I'll have to make about fifty showcases on the fifth floor.

"...I didn't think it would be so cheap."

Well, it doesn't matter.

If it's fun, that's enough.

I left the office whistling.

Anything was carrying out various tasks according to my report.

It must be quite complicated. Expanding the operational area according to my suggestions made the menu several times more complicated. Before, I only had to worry about a few simple things.

There's no other way.

If you do it ordinarily, you'll just be like everyone else.

To rise higher, there's no choice but to suffer more.

"But still..."

'There are chances.'

In this situation, there are not a few Masters who, because it's complex and annoying, abandon everything.

'But he doesn't give up and perseveres. It's been like that since we lost our first 4-star hero. His mindset and resilience are worthy of recognition.'

"Otherwise, I would have quit a long time ago."

Or would have died.

It was a gamble, but it worked.

That I was summoned by this person was also lucky. Although he seems clumsy, he gets the job done. If Anything had earned the hatred of the heroes, we wouldn't have gotten this far.

While the Master handled the work, I decided to do something different.

I equipped lightly and left the mansion.

On the opposite side of the square, another mansion stood. It was the exclusive accommodation of Group 2.

Opening the door and entering, Edith, dressed in casual clothes, came out to greet me.

"You've arrived?"

"Where are the newcomers?"

"They're waiting in the living room. They also wanted to see you."

"That's fine."

I followed Edith to the living room on the second floor.

At the elegantly decorated room table, two people were sitting composedly.

They were the new members of Group 2 who would fill the places of the retired Roderick and the deceased Lilinia.

"Let's see, your names are..."

I looked at the summoning records I had prepared in advance.

They were the details of the payment summoning Anything had done in my absence.

[Ta-chak, durururu!]



[Master Anything has acquired hero Rain (★★★)!]



[Master Anything has acquired hero Main (★★★)!]

A double roll.

Even so, luck played its part.


[A strong connection is felt between the two summoned individuals.]

[The Wind and Cold Double Harmony bond has formed!]

Just by seeing the name of the bond, it can be understood.

I turned my gaze back to the room.

"You're Han!"

As if coordinated, both their voices overlapped.

A high tone, like the singing of a bird.

"I am Rain."

"And I am Main!"

Both stood up from their seats and bowed before me.

Both were young, barely in their twenties.

They had slightly wavy hair down to their waist.

"You don't need to be so formal. You can sit."

Both sat on the sofa.

I sat on the opposite sofa and began to speak bluntly.



"You are mages."

"Of course!"

They replied immediately.


Except for the hair color, their appearance was nearly identical.

Edith, sitting next to me serving tea, said:

"Rain specializes in wind-based magic, and Main in cold-type magic."

"That's right, sister. We were quite famous in the north."

The blue-haired young woman, Main, smiled slightly.

"You have undergone a combat test. Both of you are excellent. You will be of great help in future battles."

"I hope so."

After all, they are mages.

Each element has its own advantages.

Fire magic has the strongest attack, but it can damage allies, consumes a lot of magical energy, and has limited combat durability.

'Wind and cold at the same time...'

And, moreover, as a bond.

It's something very rare.

It's not like fire and cold, which are opposites.

'This is a great find.'

So far, Anything had made several payment summonings, but had never been so lucky.

The other newly summoned elite heroes would be having their welcome ceremony on the third floor.

"But, Han."

While thinking about the combination of the two, Edith whispered to me.

"Is it okay to put two mages in Group 2? This would concentrate too much power."

"That's true."

"Remember last time. You said it's better to distribute power evenly."

I nodded.

I had said something like that. Equitable distribution of power. I still think the same.

But that was in normal situations.

'Taonier's mission composition is not normal.'

I learned that after going through several boss scenarios.

To start with, the difficulty is ridiculous. Also, the basic requirements for the main team are enormous.

Fighting dozens is normal. In these circumstances...

"We simply can't split our forces."

We have no choice but to use a different method.

It was my suggestion to put two people in two different teams. Anything agreed.

"Let's change our strategy. This won't work."


"Let's create a sacrifice."

Edith blinked in surprise.

I drank water before speaking.

"From now on, everyone except Groups 1 and 2 are disposable."

"What? That's..."

"Think of it as something we use and discard."

"Wait, what if the roles are divided like on the 20th floor?"

"We'll cover that. It's not like the Dark Mage is there for no reason."

Edith seemed to not understand.

I finished drinking my water.

If it's difficult to split our forces, then we have to gather more.

Overwhelmingly. So as not to collapse in any circumstance.

The other groups are just a distraction.

I finished drinking my water.


The first thing we needed was this girl.

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