Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 159

Chapter 159 - Descendant of the Beast King (1)

For several days, essential tasks were carried out, including reforming the training system, establishing management positions, and clarifying rules. Although it was still in progress, it was evident that continuous adjustments were needed. Either way, the final system would differ from that of Niflheim.

However, at that moment.


I stood with my arms crossed in my private room within the lodging.

It was late at night. Anything had logged out. It was the time when everyone rested.

'There's a troublesome matter.'

A report lay on the desk.

This document detailed information about the lodging reserved for Group 3.

Initially, it was expected that five members of the Semibeast tribe would reside in that forest, but now only one remained. The other four had died.

'It seems Anything tried to fix it.'

The recent summoning of the Twin Magas also aimed to replace the members of Group 3.

But they were not chosen.

To some extent, it was foreseeable.

The probability of a non-human hero emerging was extraordinarily low.

So, what is this girl who remains alone doing?


I was the last person to see Kishasha.

She stood solemnly in front of the crypt that housed the personal belongings of the four deceased members.

Since then, no one else has seen her. Although Anything's control panel indicates that she is confined to the forest designated for Group 3, she has not come out at all. Before, our interaction was frequent.

I sighed involuntarily.

I understand the situation, but...

After a moment of reflection, I decided to get up. I simply couldn't leave her like this. Kishasha was the only 4-star heroine in the Lobby.

Her true potential was known to me, as I had faced her. She possessed exceptional talent, with potential that put her in the race for first place. Leaving her alone would mean that this girl, having lost her motivation, would head towards a predictable outcome.

Although Anything acts with moderation, it will not allow a hero without utility to remain idle.

Silent protests do not last forever.

I took my sword sheath and armor, which hung on the wall.

After finishing my cold tea, I left the room. I hurried through the dark interior of the mansion and descended to the third floor of the plaza.

"I've been seeing you often lately."

I crossed paths with Belkist on the stairs.

"What's wrong? At this hour of the night."

"I came after facing the promising rookie. What brings you here at this hour, Major?"

"I'm going to see Kishasha."

"Hmm," Belkist paused to ponder, rubbing his chin.

"If she just sits there, doesn't that indicate that she doesn't have such remarkable talent? Let her be. What's the point of being strong if she lacks spirit?"

"Kishasha's situation also falls on my shoulders," I replied.

"You seem to have changed, Major."

"How so?"

"You've become more compassionate."

"More compassionate?"

"I bid farewell. Enjoy your caregiver day." Belkist chuckled subtly and continued up the stairs, leaving me behind.


I didn't see it that way.

The downfall of Group 3 was clearly my responsibility.

I was the one who included Yvolka in the mission. I was the one who involved Group 3, unable to act at sea. It was my duty to rectify that mistake.

Of course, if Kishasha had been an insignificant hero, I wouldn't have taken these measures.

'More compassionate.'

That was just a hasty assumption.

With a bitter smile, I continued towards the third-floor plaza.

I crossed the desolate square towards the lodging. If I turned right in the entrance hall and walked a little further...


The sound of stepping on soil and leaves was present.

When I first came here, a noisy girl clung to my right hand.

Now, she's dead.

I continued down the corridor.

The metallic floor gave way to soil and grass.

However, there were no signs of life. The hallway was so dark that it was hard to see even a foot ahead, and only the cold wind, once refreshing in the forest, was felt.

'It seems it hasn't been maintained in a long time.'

But, of course, it wasn't necessary.

My steps crunched on the dry leaves as I advanced.

I soon reached the lodging reserved exclusively for Group 3.

The village in the forest.

This place, which Anything had prepared for the semibeasts, no longer served a purpose.

After deciding what to do with Kishasha, it would be demolished.

'It's so quiet.'

A silhouette stood out clearly against the darkness.

Thanks to the effect of the Mental Eye ability, I followed the forest path that extended from the center of the lodging.

"Kishasha," I murmured softly.

Semibeasts have exceptionally good hearing.

She's undoubtedly listening to me.

"I've come to find you."


"I know you're there."

I stopped in a clearing within the forest.

The branches and leaves rustled loudly in the wind.

"Have you had time to clear your thoughts? Come back. We need you for the mission strategy."


My gaze shifted to the left.

A shadow trembled among the dense leaves in the canopy of a lush tree.

"That's right."

"What's the point? All my comrades have died."

There was no emotion in her voice.

"What benefit do I gain from helping humans?"

"You can resurrect them if we reach floor 100. You know that."

"And what assures me that your words are true?"

"There's no guarantee. But I believe it's a promise you can trust."


A cold laugh sounded.

"At first, I thought it would be fine. After all, I am a warrior of the Forest Tempest Tribe, recognized by the king of beasts."

"Exactly, you're a warrior. Therefore..."

"But I don't think the same anymore."


"Come back."

As expected, this is what happens.

I closed my eyes for a moment before reopening them.

"I don't blame you. The fault is all mine. My mistakes led my people to death. After that, what pride do I have left?"

"Do you understand what will happen if you continue like this?"

"Yes, I do. Obviously, I know. I'll die. I'll just die. Perhaps that ending... isn't so bad."

'How pathetic.'

I shook my head.

At that moment, this girl was radiant.

The Kishasha who is here now, is she just... a remnant?

"Am I the one you're going to devour? It would be an honor."

"Are you really going to stay there?"


There was no response.

'That's right.'

Somewhere in my heart, that hoped.

It's not the first time I've seen something like this. There were similar cases in Niflheim.

When heroes lose all their comrades, they often end up like this.

That's why, at first, I tried to prevent this situation.

To not be influenced by anything. To avoid giving affection as much as possible.

But in the end...


Understanding humans is complicated.

I can't even fully understand my own heart.

"I accept your decision, Kishasha."

"Come back."

"I won't."


I unsheathed my sword.

The blade gleamed with a cold shine in the darkness.



"Iselle, I told you clearly. Don't interfere."


I diverted the sword to the side.

I felt a weight on my shoulder.

I crouched down and, focusing on Kishasha's position, I thrust my body forward.


The wind brushed against my body.

And then.

"What the hell?!"


The top of a sturdy tree split in two.

Among the scattered branches and leaves, a black silhouette soared into the air.

"Then die."


"What, didn't expect me to act like this?"

Kishasha leaped to another tree.

I won't let her escape. I followed her trail through the damage inflicted on the tree.

The blade of my sword drew an arc once again, as the shadow leaped with agility.

"It seems like you don't want to die now."

"You're insane!"

I continued pursuing Kishasha, smashing and knocking down trees, leaving none standing.

Every time the heavy blade of my sword cut through the air, the remnants of the shattered forest flew in all directions.

"When it comes to being a warrior and all, where did all that go? Why are you crying now? How pathetic."


"Come closer. It won't be as easy as last time."

The trees were obstacles.

Kishasha, taking advantage of her unique mobility, dodged my blows by jumping from one tree to another.

So I decided.

I destroyed every tree in front of me.

With a deafening noise, one side of the forest disappeared as if a bulldozer had swept through it.

'After all, you're fast.'

My smile turned sinister.

The leaves of the trees trembled slightly, and suddenly, she had moved to the opposite side.

"I didn't think you'd go this far."

There was excitement in her voice.

I chuckled.

"Save your words."


Something long extended from the shadow's arm.

I recognized it. I had seen it before.

'The claws of a beast.'

Tougher than common steel and with a cutting capacity superior to any mechanical tool.

"Are you scared?"

"Are you seeking death?!"

'You're still a child.'

I thought she was more mature from the way she spoke.

My instinct didn't deceive me. I rotated my body and swung my sword.


A vibrating shock ran through my body.

The ground beneath my feet gave way.

Finally, I was face to face with Kishasha.

Kishasha faced me with a fiery gaze.

"It's been quite some time."

"What's on your mind?"

"This is what I think."

With my left hand, I drew a dagger and threw it straight at Kishasha's left eye.

Kishasha dodged the attack with an agile movement of her head, twisted her wrist to retract her claws, and then launched a diagonal counterattack. Kishasha avoided the edge of my sword with maneuvers bordering on acrobatics.


I kicked my opponent directly in the abdomen.


Kishasha recoiled from the blow.

Without wasting time, I launched a series of stabs.

And attacked again each time she dodged.

'She's slippery like an eel.'

I thrust with my sword, horizontally and vertically, one after another.

Kishasha, with movements reminiscent of rhythmic gymnastics, leaped and moved with agility, avoiding each of my attacks.

But then.

[Kishasha (★★★★) is bleeding. Her health will decrease periodically.]


With a groan, Kishasha took a step back.

I rotated the dagger in my left hand, sprinkling drops of blood.

"Does it hurt?"


"You should be able to endure this. You talk a lot without backing up your words with skill."

I threw the dagger directly from my left hand.

The target was the heart. Kishasha blocked the attack with her claws.

At that moment, the blade of my sword aimed at Kishasha's inguinal area, attempting an upward thrust.

"You have disappointed me."

Kishasha repelled the upward edge of my sword with a quick movement of her foot.

Then, almost immediately, she launched a counterattack with her claws.



The clash between the claws and the sword blade generated a burst of sparks.

'She's still strong.'

Since then, I have increased my strength several times.

But the feeling of facing her is the same. A speed that defies the eye, with no unnecessary movements. The power behind her claws was enormous, causing pain in my wrists.

Kishasha began to integrate attacks into her movement pattern.

She advances as if fleeing, retreats as if attacking. From all angles, her sharp claws aimed at my vital points.


A long cut opened on the side of my thigh.

The blood began to flow.

[Han (★★★) is bleeding. His health will decrease periodically.]



With the pommel of my sword, I struck Kishasha's solar plexus.

Kishasha's body bent into an 'L'. I hit her on the back of the head with my elbow before rushing with my knee.

Just as I attempted to cut her throat with my sword, Kishasha jumped back.


"Have you been playing all this time since then? You're not the same as before."

"Don't you dare laugh. If I really set my mind to it..."

Kishasha spat out a blood-stained tooth.

Her orange irises tore horizontally, like those of a wild beast.

"You're an easy target."


Raising dust and dirt, Kishasha lunged forward.

Her claws scratched from bottom to top. I blocked them with my sword in a sweeping motion. A kick with the force of a cannon was aimed at my head. I quickly ducked. The right side of my cheek went numb.

'This girl...'

She's still strong.

It seems she has leveled up.

She moved with the speed of someone who seems to have multiple bodies.

The claws began to tear my armor everywhere, leaving wounds along my body.

"Is that all you can do?"

The claws lightly grazed the skin of my neck.

If they had penetrated a little more, I would have fallen, bleeding.

'Fortunately, it's just a scratch.'

At least the wound is healing.

Kishasha spun in the air, directing her claws towards my legs and throwing a kick towards my torso.

I withdrew my sword and swung it with force.


The tremendous force pushed me several meters back.

Blood flowed from my torn hands.

But there was no pursuit.

I muttered.

"Why do you stop?"

"It's enough..."

"Don't run away. I think I could win if we continue."

Kishasha, who was about to walk away, glanced at me.

Her shoulders seemed to shrink, and then her mouth moved slightly.

"Just you."


"If it weren't for you... Han Israt!"

I felt a tingling sensation on my skin.

An intense murderous intent.

'She's really furious.'

With a mocking smile, I replied.

"I'll kill you!" Kishasha's eyes turned red.

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