Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 192

Chapter 192 - Engraved (2)

A little while later, I was sitting against the wall, holding onto my arm. The wound on my left arm had disappeared, but a burning pain, as if it had been scorched by fire, remained.


I sighed. I was lucky to have acted quickly; otherwise, it could have been irreversible.

"What the hell...? What is this?"

"What do you think it is?"

I looked down, annoyed. A plump pigeon was flapping at my feet. The pigeon spun in place, adjusting its wings and body in turns.

"What have you done to me?"

"You said you wanted a body, didn't you? I just did what you wished. And you're angry with me instead of being grateful?"

"No way..."



The pigeon's eyes widened.

"You've turned into a pigeon."


"Luckily for you, you got a body. By the way, the pigeon's name is Gugukon."

"What... what did you say?!"

Truth be told, I didn't expect things to turn out this way. I never imagined that a monster from the Dungeon of Advent would appear before my eyes. Even I, who had witnessed numerous Advents and Engravings, had never seen such a thing before.


I slumped to the ground. After swallowing a second potion, I looked at it again. The pigeon staggered, its chubby legs wobbling, looking at its wings. It seemed to be struggling to comprehend the situation.

"You despicable human. Doing this to me..."

After about five minutes of observing its body, the pigeon seemed to finally accept its reality and suddenly reprimanded me.

"Turn me back to my original state right now! Otherwise, you will regret it."

"How do you suppose I do that?"

"You ask because you don't know?"

"Actually, I ask because I don't know. It happened somehow. If you tell me how, I'll consider it."

"That's... That...!"

After thinking for a while, the pigeon spread its wings.

"Just return me to my original state! I intended to grant you the honor of becoming an avatar of a great race, and you do this? What insolence. Han Israt!"

"Gugugugu. Gu... Gu!"

The pigeon's beak opened wide and then closed.

"Human! If you return me to my original state, I will spare your life. Choose wisely! If you incur the wrath of a great race, no one can survive."

"You said you wanted my body. If I return you to your original state, won't I die?"

"You won't die. You will live as one with me."

While remaining silent, the pigeon laughed, covering its mouth.


"Are you afraid? It's okay. I'll give you a special chance. Return to my left arm. I'll give you 10 seconds. I'll start now. Ten..."


I grabbed the pigeon by the neck and lifted it.

"Pigeons are quite noisy, aren't they?"

"You, you still don't know your place. Dare you to challenge me, you mere human insect...?!"



I submerged the pigeon's head in a nearby bucket of water. Although the pigeon flapped and struggled, a bird couldn't have the strength to resist. I pushed it deeper, to the bottom of the bucket.

"Kuek, khek, kururuk...!"

After 30 seconds, I pulled it out of the bucket.

"You insolent creature. My head..."

A second dunk.

I counted another 30 seconds.

"I will kill you..."

A third dunk.

This time, I counted a minute.


Only after the fourth time did it calm down.

I pressed the pigeon's head onto a pile of straw.

"Don't overdo it."

"Kur... Kururu!"

"Be quiet."

I crushed the pigeon's head against the ground and forced its beak to fill with straw.

The fallen pigeon fluttered its wings.

"It seems you don't understand the situation. All that talk about a great race, but right now, you're nothing more than a pig-like pigeon. Understand? If you're so great, try transforming into that powerful dragon."

"You, creature..."

"Don't you understand yet?"

I smirked disdainfully and then stepped on its head.

The fragile skull. With just a little force, the pigeon's head would crush like a potato chip.

"If you kill me... you won't be able to use the Black Dragon's Blood."

"I don't care. I'll just think I stepped on dung and find a new Engraving. Better than being outdone by a bird with a chicken brain."

I applied very light pressure with my fingers.


The pigeon thrashed violently.

I hadn't anticipated the corruption, but I hadn't expected this either.

I was quite annoyed. To the point where the Engraving didn't matter.

I almost got fooled.

"Wait! Just wait!"

"Why should I?"

"If you kill me..."

"I don't need to."

"Don't kill me! I don't want to go back there!"


After spitting out the straw, the pigeon writhed from side to side.

"Do you understand now?"

"Ah, I understand! I won't ask to return to my original state!"

"Good that you understand, even if it's late."

I relaxed my foot.

The pigeon lay there, panting.

"Alright, Gugukon."

"You! I am Halgion Syraos. Since the dawn of..."

I moved my foot.

"Call me whatever you want."


It seemed we had finally come to an agreement.

I sat on the straw and began to inquire about things that intrigued me.

After inventing nonsense, I dunked it in a bucket for about a minute, and it spat out the truth.

"The black dragon's blood wasn't in its complete state, then."


Gugukon replied resignedly.

"You have a different nature than the other heroes I met. I thought you could be a vessel for me, not just to borrow my power."


The trial he mentioned seemed to have a completely different meaning than what I had thought.

"So you pretended to comply and then stabbed me in the back."


Gugukon's head drooped.

According to this creature, the Black Dragon's Blood inscribed within me was incomplete. It removed elements that should have been in the Engraving and added a special magic in their place.

"Why did you do that?"

<I was trapped there for tens of thousands of years. I wanted out. And then, you appeared, a peculiar human. How could my heart not be moved?>


<I don't want to go back.>

Gugukon shook its head several times.

<I know the situation you heroes are in. What happened to Taonier, what the goddess did. That woman did something incredible.>

"So, she sold this place to another dimension?"

<Yes. It wouldn't have been easy.>

Well, by the way it speaks, it seems to already understand the truth of this world.

It seemed unnecessary to bother with tedious explanations.

"So... what are you good for?"

<Goo? Well!>

I grabbed Gugukon by the neck, who was tilting its head in confusion.

"Explain to me how you can be helpful to me."

<Wait a moment!>

"I don't care if you've spent thousands or tens of thousands of years there. I need a good reason to forgive someone who tried to stab me in the back. Do you plan on spending your time here spreading manure?"


As I released it, Gugukon opened its beak.

"If I'm by your side... you can unleash the true power of the Black Dragon's Blood!"

"Really? What else is there besides getting stronger?"

<The Black Dragon's Blood is not just about getting stronger. It's a blessing that has been passed down since the beginning of time. It's the providence that penetrates the essence of the universe and its ruling power.>

Gugukon, limping, stood upon the straw and spread its wings. At the same time, its eyes gleamed, and the eyes of a dragon appeared.

<The power that the Semi-Black Dragon you faced had is just a fraction of the true power.>
This is seriously strong.

<Yes. You've already inherited my blood. Even without me, you can use a part of the power. But without me, you can't wield the true power.>

"True power?"

<The ability to rule the movement of the universe and the stars.>
Gugukon flapped its wings. A dark red lightning burst behind it, forming the figure of a dragon. Then it extended its wings forward.


A branch on the stable door was sucked toward Gugukon's wings.

Gugukon extended the branch toward me.

<That's gravity.>


<The Black Dragon's Scale is just a byproduct. If you gain the right, you'll be able to wield that great power.>

"So, I need you for that?"

<Yes! Without me, it can't be done! It's a very difficult and arduous task!>

Gugukon puffed its chest towards me.

<I swear by the ancient pact that everything I've said is true.>


If it were just immunity, there would be no way I couldn't pierce through this guy's defense. However, this guy didn't suffer an inch of damage from the slashing attack with numerous attributes. It meant that some other force was at play.

'It's definitely a monster.'

It couldn't bring out its original form, a dragon. Among the Advent monsters I had encountered, this one was top-notch.


<What is it?>

"You said there are three more like you, right?"

The so-called Four Great Families.

Yes. But I am the strongest!

"First, return the Engraving you deliberately left out."

<Hmph. Don't be surprised.>

Gugukon extended its front wing toward me. Crack! A dark red lightning began to seep into my left arm. This time, there was no ominous sensation.


[The Engraving is complete.]

[A special ability is Engraved on Han's body (★★★★)!]

[True Black Dragon's Blood (S, Lv.1)]

[Shows the pure lineage of the ancient Black Dragon.]

[Effect: +20% resistance to all attributes]

[Unique ability: 1. Black Dragon's Scale (Duration: 1 second)]

[※There are numerous unknown abilities.]

I reviewed the description of the Engraving. Not much was added, just a line mentioning numerous unknown abilities.

'Now it's of S rank.'

It may not seem like much difference now. But as the level and specifications of the Engraving increase, hidden abilities will gradually unlock. That must be the 'qualification' it mentioned.

I turned my arm. There didn't seem to be any obvious difference, but a strange sensation followed the movement, as if my arm had tripled.

"If there really are three more like you..."

Gugukon clicked its tongue, annoyed. If this creature is one of the ancestors of the Four Great Families, then there must be similar beings in the other three.

'If I could obtain the other 3 S-rank Engravings...'

This is a significant opportunity. Just as heroes belong to accounts, Engravings also differ by account. But finding even one A-rank Engraving is rare, let alone an S-rank.

'If I manage to acquire the other three...'

I smiled. It's not like collecting Dragon Balls. Having many Engravings isn't necessarily good. It's all about how you grow and use them.

'If the opportunity arises, maybe I'll give them to others.'

<With my power alone, you could indeed become invincible.>

"Given the monsters out there, that's easier said than done. Anyway, having you close by will be useful, right?"

<Indeed. Just by being close to the power source, you can awaken hidden abilities. I will assist you.>

"Is that so?"

I laughed and looked at my arm, gripping the sword in my right hand.

'Let's experiment.'

I instinctively knew how to use it. It felt similar to activating a skill. I took a deep breath, pulling that sensation.

[Engraving Activated!]


Immediately, scales sprouted all over my left arm.

The black scales tore through the sleeve of my arm, protruding sharply.

Without hesitation, I plunged the sword into my forearm.

[The hero is immune to physical damage!]


The sword bounced off, and the scales disappeared quickly. For now, that was it. It only lasted 1 second. There seems to be a significant cooldown as well.

It felt like my body was tiring.

I'll need to practice consistently. To use it in real combat, I'll need to train combining it with Exceed or Conqueror's Sword Spirit.

<Hahaha! How is it? Do you feel the unlimited power?>



I grabbed Gugukon by the neck and submerged it in the water bucket again.

"Guk, gukururur!"


"Your tone annoys me."

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