Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 193

Chapter 193 - Black Seed (1)

Several days later.

In the early morning, in the private practice room of the Training Camp, I was catching my breath.

In front of me, humanoid mannequins were lined up. Made entirely of steel, they were tough objects that wouldn't suffer a scratch from most attacks.

In the past, I wouldn't have dared to try.



I drew my sword in an instant, lowering my body while simultaneously activating the switch.

[Han (★★★★) has entered Exceed state!]

Before the searing pain that seemed to engulf my entire body could spread, I swung my sword, grazing the ground.

[Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill has been activated!]


[The unique skill, Black Dragon Scale, has been activated!]

Dragon scales sprouted all over my left arm.

The sword, bending like a whip, cut through the first mannequin. The blow that sliced through the steel like butter left a mark on the metal wall of the private practice room before disappearing.

Clanging sounds filled the air as the remnants of shattered steel fell to the ground. The backlash that used to torment me every time I used the Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill was no longer felt.

There was only a slight discomfort in my left arm. I sat on a steel chair and murmured.

‘Status Window.’

[Han Israt (★★★★) Lv. 40 (Exp 193/400)]

[Class: Fighter]

[Strength: 90/90]

[Intelligence: 10/10]

[Endurance: 83/83]

[Agility: 81/81]

[Possessed Skills: Intermediate Sword Handling (Lv.6), Exceed (Lv.4), Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill (Lv.3), Supreme Dragon Slash (Lv.1), Mental Eye (Lv.8), Fire Resistance (Lv.3), Dragon Slayer (Lv.3)]

[Inscription Slot: 1/1]

[1: True Black Dragon Blood (S, Lv.2)]

[Displays the pure lineage of the ancient Black Dragon.]

[Effect: +20% resistance to all attributes]

[Unique Skill: 1. Black Dragon Scale (Duration: 1 second)]

The description in the status window had become quite extensive.

My level was now 40. I had recently completed my promotion to Fighter. Although the level of weapon technique had only increased by 2, the growth in Exceed and Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill was notable. Naturally, since I had been practicing them intensively.

Additionally, an inscription slot appeared, and a new skill was added.

I touched the holographic graph labeled as 'Supreme Dragon Slash'.

[Supreme Dragon Slash (Lv.1)]

[Rating: C+]

[Type: Unique, Link]

[A linked technique combining Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill and Black Dragon Scale. Can nullify the backlash damage of Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill. However, it can only be launched using the left hand, and its power is significantly reduced.]

[Attribute: Fixed Damage]

[Note: Exclusive skill of Han Israt (★★★★)]

Supreme Dragon Slash.

A skill that could ignore the backlash of Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill with the damage nullification feature of Black Dragon Scale.

It was the result of my efforts to use Inscription during the night. However, it was not without disadvantages.

It could only be used with the left hand, where the scales appeared, and the power of the skill was significantly reduced.

Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill was a full-body technique, while Supreme Dragon Slash amplified the power only of the left arm.

The dragon scales only sprouted up to my left shoulder.

I wasn't particularly dissatisfied.

The piercing attribute remained intact, and even with reduced power, it was enough for a finishing blow.

There was no longer a need to crawl after using Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill where it wouldn't work.


I wiped the sweat from my forehead with a towel.

To obtain this skill, I had to synchronize the activation times of Exceed, Conqueror's Spirit Sword Skill, and Black Dragon Scales in 1 second. The infernal pain I endured from repeatedly activating and deactivating Exceed, well, it was something I just had to accept.


< Hmph! What pathetic power. >

I looked under the chair.

A plump pigeon stared at me.

< After all the trouble of giving you True Black Dragon Blood, you can't even use it properly. Good potential, but the user is deficient. If it were me... >


I stepped on the pigeon's neck.

< Kuek?! >

"Don't get arrogant."


I twisted my foot while stepping on its neck.

< Stop! Listen to me. For a first attempt, it's not bad! >


Releasing my foot, Gugukon coughed and rolled on the ground several times.

Having been taken out of the stable because it didn't want to stay there, it roamed the common areas as if they were its home. It was a daily occurrence for it to barge into my personal practice room, a place even Jenna couldn't enter.

< For a first attempt, it's quite impressive. As you get more used to it, you might be able to cover your whole body with scales. Of course, only if I'm nearby! >

I nodded.

So far, the scales had only sprouted on my left arm.

Furthermore, the duration was less than 1 second. Once used, it couldn't be activated again for at least an hour. The hidden abilities of Inscription remained a mystery.

< You have an unusually high synchronization rate. Normally, when different bloods are mixed, there's a lot of struggle at first. It's fascinating, no matter how many times I see it. >

It must be thanks to the Seven Stars constitution Yurnet and Lidygion mentioned.

Probably that's why this creature could temporarily enter my body.

After tidying up the training equipment, I started to warm up.

Post-mission maintenance had been completed long ago. The facilities of the Lobby had expanded once and the construction of the second airship had concluded successfully. Promotion and class change ceremonies for combat personnel, including myself, also ended successfully.

It was time to embark on a new mission.

Yesterday, Anything had distributed consumables to all combat personnel.

Therefore, it was very likely that the mission would start tonight.

< Cough. Look, Han. I can also be helpful in the mission... >

"Stop dreaming."

< I can also be powerful! I've perfected my attack with the beak! A strike of my beak, and... >

" Gugugugugu! "

Gugukon pecked fiercely at the ground.

< Everything's finished. >


Iselle appeared, sprinkling stardust, and looked disdainfully at Gugukon.

[ Here we go again with this? ]

< You! How dare you refer to me as 'this'? Show some respect. I am... >

[ Silence. I've heard you were planning to betray Loki. Don't interfere, just come with me! ]

< Wait! Ack! >

Iselle disappeared, taking Gugukon with her.

Left alone, I resumed warming up. The Exceed penalty doesn't fade easily.

I needed to return to normal condition before Anything connected tonight.

And that night...

[ Welcome to Pick Me Up! ]

Anything logged in.

[ Loading complete. ]

[ T O U C H! (Select) ]

Upon entering the main menu, Anything opened the item window.

Then, tapping the rainbow-colored ticket at the top, an ornately designed ticket enlarged.

[ 5-Star Guaranteed Summon Ticket ]

[ Rating: S ]

[ Allows the summoning of a 5-star born hero (★★★★★) when used. ]

[ Note 1 - Prize for winning the World Raid Festival ]

[ Note 2 - Congratulations on winning the event! ]

After scanning the ticket for a while, Anything closed the item window and started the day's agenda.

‘...He didn't use it.’

The 5-star ticket wasn't being used.

I thought it would be used immediately upon connecting, but he just stored it in the warehouse.

The reason wasn't hard to guess.

Probably Anything wanted to fully prepare for raising. Until now, Anything had been raising heroes almost negligently after summoning them.

In other words, not really getting involved in their development. But as the Training Center level increased and instructors were hired, it became possible to directly specify training methods. It seemed like Anything wanted to personally raise a hero.

There was still some time before the hero born from 5 stars was summoned.


'Something's wrong.'

Originally, Pick Me Up didn't have an item like a 5-star summoning ticket.

Even I, who memorized thousands of items, had never heard of such an item until it suddenly appeared in this event.

'According to Tel, there are no 5-star born heroes in Niflheim.'

If Niflheim were to use a 5-star summoning ticket,

Would it end in failure?

Hopefully not.


Maybe it's best for the 5-star summoning to be delayed.

I adjusted the scabbard on my belt, put on my armor, and left the practice room.

Anything was in the process of selecting a group for the mission.

"[Group 1! Assemble!]"

As always, Group 1.

I joined Belkist at the Training Center's exit.

This was almost the first time I faced this guy since I returned from the Dimensional City.

He had been hiding somewhere, barely coming out.

"Long time no see."

"Yeah. How have you been?"

"Fine, of course."

"But it doesn't seem like it, though."

The clash with Aaron seemed to have been significant.

We headed to the plaza on the second floor, where the Space-Time Rift was located.

We could join Jenna, Kishasha, and Katio on the stairs.

"Here we go on another mission. Let's do our best."

Inside the Space-Time Rift.

Jenna smiled slightly, looking at the members.

"We've gained new powers. Maybe it'll be easier this time, right? Yap!"

Jenna pushed off the wall, gracefully leaping into the air. Then, she performed an aerial spin, jumping even higher with a double jump. From her bag, she scattered five apples and then pulled out her short bow, drawing the string back.

Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop!

The arrows, bending in different trajectories, pierced the apples.


"Wow! Impressive?"

Katio applauded, and Jenna scratched her head embarrassedly.

She had also received a Marking.

What we got from the event wasn't just the high-quality Advancement Stone.

Jenna's Marking was called 'Blessing of the Wind Arrow,' a versatile C-grade Marking that granted wind attribute power to the body and arrows.

"I've been thinking. I'm like a genius. New techniques keep popping up in my head... Oh, oh, oh!"

"Don't get carried away. The mission is about to begin."

"I was just trying to lighten the mood!"

Though I knew.

Thanks to Jenna, everyone's expressions seemed a bit more relaxed.

[Main Dungeon, current challenge floor: 42.]

[The door will open in 10 seconds. Get ready!]

The central mirror began to shine.

The challenge floor was 42.

"It feels slightly different from when we knew nothing." Jenna muttered, losing her smile.

It made sense.

Up to 3 stars, the missions were simply about surviving. From 4 stars, after going through the promotion ceremony, they came to understand the reason for their battles.

"To save Taonier... right?"

"I fight for my deceased relatives. I don't care about the Beast King or whatever."

"I'm not particularly interested."

The three spoke in turn.

Katio and I remained silent.


Nothing had changed for me.

The reason to fight, even after knowing the truth unknown to them, remained the same.

Survive, to return.

Even if those I had killed and would kill were former heroes.

Even if their hearts for Taonier remained unchanged.

'I can't become something like a hero.'

Not that I intended to.

I gripped the hilt of my sword.

Light enveloped my entire body.

[Floor 42.]

[Mission Type – Subjugation]

[Objective – Annihilate the enemy!]

The hot wind brushed my cheeks.

I opened my eyes. Everything around me was ablaze.

Screams and the clash of swords echoed from within the flames.


Without a word, everyone drew their weapons, forming a circle around Katio.

A basic formation centered on the Mage.

"Just by looking, you can tell. It's a subjugation mission. Kill anything you see."

"Simple. I like it." Belkist lazily smiled.

"Where could this be?"

I pointed beyond the wall of flames to a waving flag.

A lion with a sword in its mouth.

The emblem of the Asynis Army.

"It seems they're being massacred again."

It seemed they had been ambushed during the night.

Dozens of large and small tents were burning.

So much for being a martial family; it's just one defeat after another.

[Black Knight Lv.45] X 27



A mounted black knight swung his greatsword, cleaving through a soldier's torso, which floated in the air for a moment.

A beastly brute force.

And there were dozens of them.

Massacring soldiers in groups.

"Find the traitor... Kill her!"

"Our enemy... the enemy..."

"Find that woman! She must be hiding somewhere!"

In the midst of the black knights.

A middle-aged man in black armor brandished a huge halberd.

Muscles about to burst from his armor trembled, and dark red veins bulged near his eyes.


[3rd Battalion Guard Subcommander]

[Darkan of Destruction Lv.51]

The same man I saw in the palace.

The knight who stood by the prince.

"Ignore the pawns! Just kill that woman, and it's over!"

"It doesn't seem necessary to go there, does it?"

Belkist commented, seemingly uninterested.


The situation was the opposite of the 40th floor.

Hundreds of soldiers surrounded the black knights and the man.

No matter how supernatural their existence, the disparity in numbers was too great. One by one, the black knights fell, and wounds began to appear on the man's body.

"You, you know nothing! What she did, what happened to Taonier!"

"What's this madman talking about!"

"Kill him! Surround him and kill him!"

Finally, all the black knights fell, and only the man remained.

"Priacis, that woman, she... to all of you...!"

Before the man could finish his sentence, I charged like lightning.

Then, leaping from a tent pole, I soared several meters into the air.

[Hans (★★★★) has entered Exceed state!]

[Conquering Sword Spirit skill activated!]

[Black Dragon Scale skill activated!]

[Combined skill, Supreme Dragon Slash, activated!]


The man's body exploded into bloody pieces along with his blood.

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