Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 177

Chapter 177 - Only Once (1)

The morning after.

A conclusion was reached after the meeting.

Of course, the conclusion was not surprising to me; it was to rigorously conceal the truth from the low-ranking heroes and accelerate the completion of missions even further. Edith finally understood the reason why she was fighting and showed a relieved expression.


Yesterday morning, Nerissa came looking for me.

She vaguely asked if I knew anything, but I dismissed her without a word. Nerissa took the initiative to explain to the other members, but if their memories were perfect, there was no way she wouldn't have known something was amiss. But I couldn't tell her that.


A secret arose in my heart that I had to carry with me.

It's annoying, but there's nothing I can do about it. After all, I had already been hiding something.

Anyway, the goal hasn't changed.

After resting, we will climb the tower again.

But before.

[Do you want to become stronger?]

To the right of my field of vision.

A video was playing on Anything's screen.

In the video, a huge dragon spewed fire.

[Do you want to test your limits?]

Dozens of vortexes rose near the huge dragon.

Through those vortexes, the shadows of countless heroes were reflected.

[Then accept the challenge! Great glory belongs to you, Master!]

[Coming soon!]

The video ended with the clash between the giant dragon and the heroes.

After a while, Anything, which had been inactive, pressed the play button again. As if showcasing Mobius's wealth, the PV was filled with various dazzling 3D graphics.

'The new season has already arrived without me realizing it.'

Once in a while.

A large-scale event spanning the entire server takes place.

One of them is the World Raid Festival held every season.

[World Raid Festival!]

[Masters, the festival you've been waiting for has returned!]

[For both high-ranking players who can't control their power and Masters aiming to ascend to the top, it's an event to enjoy together! Here are the details.]

I read the notice below.

It doesn't differ much from what was held before.

The condition to participate in the event is to join a place called 'Dimensional City' located in specific sectors. Of course, since it's an external activity, impartiality is required.

"No pain, no gain."

Well, some might take advantage of the lack of fairness somehow to participate.

"The main event is a World Raid."

At a specific point, a giant monster appears.

The Masters form a united line to jointly defeat the monster.

Of course, the rewards are rare materials that can never be obtained conventionally. The items I used to create the 5 sacred weapons were also obtained from Raids. Furthermore, magnificent rewards await you, such as high-quality soul stones, enhancement stones, and special airship blueprints.

[Do you want to become stronger?]

Anything played the video once again.

It seems quite obsessed with the event.


'You're not strong enough.'

Would a novice Master mix among top-ranking players occupying the top spots?

No, not even those close to the top 100 can join the World Raid without consideration.

'Those looking to profit easily...'

They will be crushed by Niflheim.

From my perspective, it was obvious. After going through all kinds of hardships to defeat them all, they sneakily come, land a few hits, and take away the rewards. When there's an intense battle going on, they just stay in the rear observing.

'I'll make them regret.'

While other servers share laughs and distribute rewards, in server 2 where I am, that doesn't exist.

If you don't do the minimum, you'll be torn apart under Niflheim's fleet fire. Of course, my part was an absolute evaluation, and currently, there's no possibility for the current Taonier to do that 'part.'

'Wake up from your dream.'

Even if I participated, a simple gesture from the Raid monster could turn me into dust.

Taonier's strength is, at most, a small to medium-sized airship and some 4-star heroes. You'll be able to participate in the main event when you've grown a little more. What I was aiming at was the other side.

[During the festival period, special events will be held in various locations of Dimensional City.]

[Heroes who achieve outstanding results in the event will be awarded points and prizes. Accumulate points and purchase various materials and items at the Event Store!]

The prizes were listed below.

From consumables like high-level potions to high-level enhancement stones. Blueprints to build advanced facilities and various rare materials.

However, at the bottom, two items with striking effects stood out.

[Rainbow Advent Stone]

'This is great.'

Strength naturally flowed into my hands.

Although I was promoted to 4 stars, my Engraving slots were empty.

In the normal course, I would have to loot Exploration Dungeons to get Advent Stones. At best, the quality of the stones I could obtain would be rank B. There's not much to do when the number of floors to descend is low. But these Rainbow Advent Stones that I can obtain in this event...

'It's possible to get an S-grade engraving.'

To obtain Engravings, you have to clear the Advent Dungeon, but in my case, I have weapon summoning.

'It's fine.'

It was an opportunity to boost my weak growth speed once and for all.

I will definitely participate in this event. I decided and scrolled down. The second highlighted item was shining.

[5-star Summon Ticket]


The rainbow ticket was flashing.

I blinked and looked at it again. The holographic letters didn't change. The color of the ticket remained the same.

'Is the gaming company crazy?'

They're going to release a guaranteed 5-star summon ticket.

Suddenly, even Anything's gaze turned towards me.

Are they out of their minds? A guaranteed 5-star summon ticket. An item they never released during the seven previous festivities. And it wasn't a reward from the main event, but from a side event.

Of course, it won't be released in large quantities, but it's completely different from not having it at all.


I sighed.

Anything's control panel stopped, capturing the 5-star summon ticket.

That guy's mood was evident just by looking at the screen. Immediately, Anything clicked on the banner appearing at the top of the screen.

[If you have something you desire now, make the payment immediately!]

[Moebius supports the Master's choice!]

[You have selected the Special Festival Package (1).]

[Package contents: 2,000 gems, 100,000 gold, Premium Soul Stone]

[And here are additional benefits!]

[We offer an additional 10% bonus on Festival event reward points.]

[All this for only 110,000 won.]

[This amount will be added to next month's phone bill. Do you really want to make the payment?]

[Yes (Select) / No]

That's famous for being the splurge package.

Well, not bad if you're aiming for a high rank.

[Payment has been completed!]

[Items have been delivered by mail. Please confirm!]

Anything, upon receiving the items, immediately started purchasing other packages.

Similar packages, but more expensive and worse. This way, Anything would get a total of 30% additional bonus points in this event.

[Gift Shop!]

[Buy Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Gift Horse Statue to Han (★★★★).]

The horse statue suddenly fell beside the desk.

I chuckled ironically. I could clearly understand Anything's intention.

'Are you telling me to get a 5-star summoning ticket? For just a horse statue, seriously?

Speaks with sense. Only a few hundred Masters participate in the event.

Tickets are unlocked by luck, right? To get a ticket, you have to sweep through numerous competitive events and reach the top.

[Buy Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buy Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buy Horse Statue for 5,000 gold…]

[Gift Horse Statue to Han (★★★★).]

[Horse Statue to Han (★★★★).]

[Horse Statue to Han (★★★★)…]

The statues poured out in torrents in the corner of the room.

I arranged the statues on the shelf as they fell.

Unknowingly, half of the shelf was filled with statues.


But my goal remains the Rainbow Advent Stone.

Since the first Engraving determines growth and future career, it was crucial to button that up nicely. The 5-star summoning ticket... better get it if there's any chance.

I reviewed the event rules once again.

Only one entry per Master is allowed in the Dimensional City, which is the event location.

Additionally, there are special conditions. There are entry restrictions based on rank. For example, the Dimensional City nearest to this Lobby was the 4-star Exclusive Zone.

They want us to compete at a similar level?

I like that.

I went over the rules one after another. During the festival period, events will be held throughout the city, and heroes must participate in various events to achieve high rankings.

'This should be enough for now.'

I'll figure out the details myself when I go.

I stood up from the chair. Though it was late at night, there were still people working.



The warehouse in the Dimensional Rift.

Katio was grumbling as he checked the airship system.

Anything had called Katio, who was resting, to give him the order to perform maintenance on the airship.

"You said there wouldn't be any overtime."


Making a fake cough, I approached Katio.

"How's the maintenance going?"

"Not many issues. As long as we have enough fuel. But why maintenance now? Planning to go somewhere?"

Katio looked at me and asked.

There were dark circles under his eyes.

I glanced at the Ho Capitalism.

Some parts had been upgraded since last time. All areas of the hull had been converted to steel, installed weapons were bigger and stronger, and the thruster power had been increased thanks to engine strengthening.

"There's an event."

"An event?"

"You can get many items."

"Sounds familiar…"

Katio tilted his head.

I smiled as I explained.

"Don't worry. I won't take you with me."

As the driver, a mechanic was needed.

The members who would participate in the event were already decided.

Anything was already organizing the group.

[Forming group.]

[Drag and drop the heroes!]

[Han (★★★★) joins Get a Ticket!]

[Jenna (★★★★) joins Get a Ticket!]

[Belkist (★★★★) joins Get a Ticket!]

[Kishasha (★★★★) joins Get a Ticket!]

[Edith (★★★★) joins Get a Ticket!]

Get a Ticket!

We even decided and created the group name.

I chuckled ironically.

"There are changes in the members."

I had taken out Katio and included Edith.

If anyone had carefully reviewed my strategy, this was an obvious move. Typically, these kinds of events tend to be more individualistic. Mage classes, which are vulnerable in one-on-one encounters, aren't appropriate.


Our Taonier would participate in the Festival this time.

Ho Capitalism, after finishing maintenance, was ready to depart.

After quickly gathering the group members, I explained the nature of the event.

"Well, then…"

Jenna scratched her cheek.

"How should we call this?"

"An athletic tournament, perhaps?"

"Something like that. There are various events. Anyway, we go to the Dimensional City and get prizes. That's the reason for this group."

"But I'm not from Group 1."

"This time, Katio is taking a break. Edith, you'll go in his place."

Belkist frowned in disgust.

"Do I have to get involved in this kids' joke…? I'm busy with training."

"It's not just a kids' joke. We're putting our lives on the line there. We won't really die, but close to it. And there are two things you'll like."

In each Raid Festival, there were always two events.

The first was an individual tournament. The second was a group tournament. It was a special event in the Dimensional City with big prizes and points at stake.

"Did you think you'd just kick a ball around quietly and play? You'll have fun with the guys gathering there."

"Doesn't sound too bad."

It was easy to persuade him. In many ways.

Kishasha and Jenna easily accepted my suggestion to go, and though Edith had some doubts at first, she eventually agreed. It was good to give Edith the opportunity to lead the attack group in my place and allow her to have this experience.

"Thousands of people will gather."

I lowered my voice.

"Everyone gathering there will be rookies. While we were struggling through all sorts of problems, they were camping comfortably on easy, relaxed missions."

"Camping, huh?"

"The goal this time is one."

First place.

To bring the long-awaited 5-star summoning ticket as Anything desires, there is no other choice.

"It's not such a low possibility."

The difficulty of Taonier missions was abnormal.

Therefore, to overcome this, heroes affiliated with Taonier also had to strengthen to a similar level.

These guys won't know. They won't know how strong they are.

They'll be able to gain confidence in themselves.

It would help boost their morale.

Anyway, stack up a War Horse Statue, I'll bring you what you want.

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