Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 178

Chapter 178 - Only Once (2)

A cold wind brushed against my neck, and I squinted my eyes. In the distance, a dimensional vortex roared, revealing an imposing view of a great city.

[Event Area!]

[Dimensional City Helis]

It had been a few days since the event was announced. After establishing a basic strategy, we headed towards the event location and were about to reach the designated area.

I looked around. Besides Capitalism Ho, large and small airships could be seen everywhere. The fleet of airships extended just outside the range of our sight.

"There are so many airships!" Jenna scratched her cheek, worried. "I have to be the first among these people. I don't know if I can do it."

"It's okay if it works out, but if not, it's okay too. Don't feel pressured."

"I think the Master will be very hard on me if I come back empty-handed."

"What can I do?" I laughed. "I'll do my best for now, but we'll see what happens."

Anyway, there was no way I would die in an event like this, so I decided to enjoy it calmly. Jenna stretched and entered the ship, and I joined the others in the training center inside the airship.

"There are three special events at the Festival."

The individual tournament.

The team tournament.

And one unknown.

In any case, to get the 5-star summoning ticket Anything wanted and the high-grade Advent Stone I needed, I had to stand out in the special event.

"We are five, so the number of people is perfect."

One person in the individual tournament and three people in the 3 vs. 3 team tournament. We just had to assign the last person to the remaining secret events. Members who quickly finished the event would explore the city and challenge themselves in small sub-events. Then we would add up the scores and get the reward. That was the main scenario.

Wow. My ears were buzzing from the noise of countless airships. If we calculated that there were five people per airship, the number of participants in the event would be at least 1,000.

The crowds would keep coming even after our arrival. It was evident that all the Masters capable of operating airships and at level 40 were gathered on server 2.

"It's good that high-level players aren't coming."

Masters with multiple 5-star or higher heroes were sent to higher-level Dimensional Cities.

I'll say it again, I was lucky. If you compete with people of a similar level, it's manageable enough. Although there are many, most are simple spectators. I reviewed the list of games that took place in previous Festivals as I waited for the arrival.

30 minutes later.

<<We have arrived at our destination!>>

The transmission from Taonier's engineer, Radi, echoed.

I opened my eyes. Capitalism Ho was entering the landing pier after passing through the dimensional vortex. The scale of the pier was several kilometers, even being conservative. Hundreds of airships were already parked from before.


Capitalism Ho flew low and stopped in an empty parking space.

Thud. The airship came to a complete stop. One by one, we went out onto the deck.

Me, Jenna, Belkist, Kishasha, and finally Edith from Group 2.

"What am I supposed to do?"

Radi, in maintenance uniform, pointed to herself.

"Play somewhere suitable. Take good care of the airship."

"Yes, of course. Good luck."


The stairs unfolded from the airship's railing.

I descended the stairs and set foot on the ground of the Dimensional City.

"It looks strange. I've never seen buildings like these before," murmured Edith.

Of course, that would make sense. Besides me, the others wouldn't have seen such a scenario.

'They've organized a fun prank.'

The background this time was based on a modern city.

Four-lane roads stretched straight, and tall shopping centers and buildings rose like a forest between the streets.

[Master, the "Get a Ticket" group has arrived at the event area.]

[You can check the event screen through the 'Festival!' icon in the main menu.]

[On the event screen, you can check the points obtained, the list of prizes, the status and morale of the heroes, as well as the list of events happening in the city. Some of them require the Master's help. Be sure to carefully review and get high scores! We support the Master!]

[The Festival Package buff (Extra Points +30%) is active.]

"There are so many people. It's annoying," Belkist frowned.

It was literally like that. The square outside the pier was crowded with no room to step. Dozens of buses parked on the street were busy carrying people, but still, more heroes were arriving.

Woong woong.

My ears buzzed from the noise of countless crowds.

"Come on, line up one behind the other, and don't fight or I'll throw you out!"

There were some people who stood out.

They were dressed in well-tailored suits and moved among the heroes. Around their necks, they wore blue employee badges.

'Are they Mobius employees...?'

For now, that seemed to be the case.

They reassured the heroes who remained bewildered in this unfamiliar city to board the bus and even mediated between those who argued.

"There are too many people... and it smells bad..."

Kishasha gagged.

Edith signaled me with her eyes, I picked up the trembling Kishasha and headed to a less crowded area. Apparently, it would take us quite some time to get on the bus.

"Hey, I have something that might help."

Jenna handed me an elongated rectangle of paper.

I scanned the words at the top.

<Dimensional City - Informational Brochure.>

<The setting of this place follows the model of a city in a distant dimension... with technology and amenities superior to those of Mobius...>
The brochure explained the background of the city, how to use the facilities, and a brief description of the buses.

"I think that's what they call a bus. It's a carriage without horses that moves on wheels and transports people."

"I know that without you explaining it to me."

I nodded reluctantly.

"Hey, we'll sleep in a place called a hotel, I suppose, and eat at a buffet... hmm?"

Jenna's eyes lit up.

"I can't believe I'll be able to eat any delicious food I want! This is so..."

"Is everyone here a 4-star hero?" Belkist interrupted.

Jenna handed the brochure to Belkist. Belkist took the brochure and then looked at the information.

"... It seems to be true," Belkist grimaced.

"What's wrong?"

"They don't seem very strong. 4-star heroes are supposed to be competent, at least as good as that Semibeast girl."

Belkist's eyes shifted.

I know where he's looking. The steps and postures of nearby heroes, their hands, and their gazes. Belkist's eyes were especially sharp, and he could discern a target's strength just by looking at them.

"Snap out of it. She is among the best heroes born with 4 stars."

I put my hand on Belkist's head.

"That's not funny."

I don't know if there's any 4-star hero raised by high-level Masters, but those users are almost guaranteed to fall into a high-level Dimensional City. The Masters gathered here were mostly stuck at level 40. Of course...

Most, but not all.

I glanced behind me.

On the landing platform, a dirigible of a much different size than the small and medium ones was descending.

At least three times larger than the Ho Capitalism. It was a large aircraft. Its exterior, clad in white steel, bore a red emblem.

Some Masters choose the head of a snake instead of the tail of a dragon.

The first of its kind had appeared.

Judging by the equipment and the size of the aircraft, the Aircraft Master was a level 60 user.

Heroes of 4 stars descended from the aircraft, an aircraft that could be seen from outside the landing zone.

"Don't lose sight of them. Those are the real competitors."

"I see. Not all of them are like that."

High-level Masters began to appear one after another.

They are the ones who take the majority of the city's rewards. The rest of the normal users will only go back to farming beans after the high-level ones.

'There are five of them.'

High-level Masters who would participate in the 4-star event.

Their heroes are probably adorned with all kinds of high-end equipment and engravings.

And their groups are likely made up exclusively of four-star heroes, which are hard to come by for the average player.

Unless you're a player who spends money.

Anyway, it was through events like this that I began to be noticed as a Master.


The leader of the 4-star group that entered the plaza outside the dock snorted.

She was dressed in dazzling polished silver armor and a jeweled rapier at her waist. She walked confidently among the heroes, her blonde hair pulled back around her.

"Insignificant people," the woman said, not hiding her emotion.

She wore precious silver armor. She was a 4-star born hero, and her Master was several levels higher than most players. Being sent to the event as the most important member of her Lobby, she was supposed to enjoy the status of a king in her own kingdom.

"That sister seems strong, but... "

"Does it bother you?"

"Yes." Jenna didn't exactly deny it.

I laughed and turned around. It wouldn't hurt to see how it ended up. It would be a good show, just as the plaza was half empty.


A special attraction appeared on the four-lane road where only buses used to enter and exit.

It slid silently into the plaza and stopped at the entrance to the exit gate.

'Why is that...?'

I frowned.

The side door of the black limousine opened, and an older man, immaculately dressed in a suit, stepped out. The elderly man stood by the door with an air of dignity.

I looked to the side.

A blonde woman, who had been watching the limousine with interest, approached the elderly man.

The woman asked him.

"What is this?"

"It's a carriage for special guests."

"It's wonderful, my group would love to ride in it."

"I'm afraid you're not qualified."

The woman raised her eyebrows.

"It's curious, my Master climbed up to floor 64, and I'm a sub-member of the assault group. I think I'm more qualified than most of the useless ones here, don't you think?"

"Miss, you're speaking too much. Aren't they all four stars?"

"What, are we all 4-star heroes? We are 4-stars born and they, obviously, were born with 1 or 2. They're a bunch of useless ones. Don't compare us, it makes me feel bad."


The woman huffed and looked back at the elderly man.

"My group is here to win first place in this event, of course we will, and I think that explains everything, so... "

"I repeat, you are not qualified to be a guest."

"That's ridiculous. Then, who goes up?"

The elderly man pointed to the sky.

All eyes turned to where his finger pointed.

A caravan of aircraft was arriving.

The woman rolled her eyes.

The aircraft wasn't large. At most, it was the size of the Ho Capitalism, but its design was different from the others. Black and polished, sleek and aerodynamic, it bore the Master's emblem on one side.

"It's much smaller than our Arias. Is a hero riding in an aircraft like that minnow qualified? Wow, this is ridiculous."


The propellers spinning on both wings retracted, and the aircraft landed.

'... Holy heaven.'

"It seems he's only at level 50. Let's take a look. He's some sort of big shot, so he's qualified. His emblem is a black mountain goat... Hmm? A black mountain goat?"

The woman's eyes widened as she tilted her head.

"A black mountain goat!"

The woman was speechless.

"What's a black mountain goat?" Belkist whispered to me.

I sighed. The side of the aircraft opened, and a staircase descended.

From the staircase walked a succession of heroes in black uniforms.


A horn sounded.

I had heard that sound before.

It signaled the arrival of a Ranker.

No, it wasn't something I had heard of.


I remembered her smiling face.

'You've played a good prank.'

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