Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 188

Chapter 188 - Only Once (12)

I opened my eyes.

I saw the lines on the ceiling.

It seemed to be a private room in the hotel. However, it wasn't the room I was in.

A king-size bed and luxurious white sheets. Luxurious wooden furniture was placed all over the place.


First, I got out of bed.

I didn't have any particular pain. The side effects of Exceed had also completely healed.

It seemed like my physical condition had returned to normal.

"Are you awake already?"

As I yawned, a woman dressed in a uniform entered the room.

It was Yurnet.

After all, there was no reason for her not to appear here.

"You've been sleeping all day. I thought you were dead."

"Have you been here?"

"Yes, since before the Master arrived."

Yurnet smiled at me and handed me a glass of water.

I drank the glass of water in one gulp.

"What happened to the event?"

"After the Master passed out, the closing ceremony took place. It's been a day since then, so everyone has returned to their respective Lobbies. The only ones left here are us from Niflheim and the Master from Taonier."

I looked out the window.

The sun was hanging halfway over the buildings.

In the distance, a wave of light was devouring the city.

"The Dimensional City will disappear before the day ends. If we leave late, we'll be dragged along too."

"I guess so."

"I've prepared breakfast. Would you like to eat something?"

"No, I'm not hungry."

There was armor and a coat hanging on a rack next to the bed.

After dressing properly, I picked up the scabbard that was underneath.


The sound of something scraping accompanied the extraction of Bifröst's blade, which was broken.

Only then could I truly understand what had happened with Aaron.

"It was an impressive duel. Even Lidigyon couldn't help but express his admiration. They say they are eager to see him reach 6 stars."


"Master, it's really impressive. Winning two titles. Both Earth and Mobius were talking about you. This event will surely attract the attention of the rankers to the Master."

"That sounds bothersome."

I didn't want to attract unnecessary attention.

Well, I was the one who gave them the opportunity. Although I can handle Exceed, I can't hide the power of the Conqueror's Sword Spirit. Any Master with a bit of insight will be able to understand the meaning of the technique I used.

Since it pierced through the protective barrier installed outside the stage.

"I didn't want to draw attention, but..."

There was no other way to overcome it without using the Conqueror's Sword Spirit.

I don't regret it. Anyway, it was something that was going to happen sooner or later.

"Please repair it as you mentioned yesterday."

"Trust me."

I tossed the sword to Yurnet.

The space next to Yurnet opened up and swallowed the sword. Bifröst originally had a self-repair function, but given the nature of the technique, it probably wouldn't work properly.

I left the bedroom for the living room.

Looking at the outdoor scenery, it seemed we were on the highest floor of the hotel. The wave of light was devouring traffic lights, roads, and various buildings.

"And Aaron?"

"He's in the next room. Should I bring him?"

"Leave him be."

I've said all I had to say.

If I meet that kid again, it will be in Taonier.

By then, the Aaron I knew will have changed a lot.


"What is it?"

As I prepared to leave, Yurnet spoke to me.

"Muden has proposed Aaron's naturalization."


"It's not just a proposal, he seems very determined. He says that even if he has to cut off his legs, he won't let him go. What will you do about it?"

"What am I supposed to do? Tell him to drop the idea."

"With all due respect, I am also in favor of that proposal."

I turned to her.

Yurnet had her eyes closed.

"One of the positions on the 13th floor of Niflheim could soon be vacant."

"What do you mean?"

"Muden has lived too long. Longer than we can imagine."

She's starting with strange things again.


"Are you trying to prevent him from returning?"

"Not exactly. He will be sent at the right time. It's about what will happen afterwards. After he finishes in Taonier. If he decides not to return to his original world... I think it's worth considering."

"Do you think Niflheim will still be here by then?"

"Of course. We really like the Master and this world. We would prefer to stay here as long as possible, until you grow old and die."

Yurnet looked at me and smiled.

Until I grow old and die, huh.

What a funny thing to say.

"Lend me a sword. I have nothing to use while they repair it."

"You can take the sword by the entrance."

There was a sword in the umbrella stand identical to Bifröst.

Upon examining the item, it turned out to be of grade A. It would be suitable as a temporary replacement while Bifröst was repaired.

I strapped the scabbard to my belt.


"Now what?"

"We're waiting."


I smiled and walked out through the main door.

Returning to my original room on the eighth floor of the hotel, the four team members were waiting for me.

According to Jenna, they received a call from the people of Niflheim saying they were treating me right after my disappearance.

"It's impressive, really. It didn't seem like you were going to recover in a day."

"We should leave now. We can have the after party in the Lobby. They said the Dimensional City will disappear soon."

"Of course. Did everyone pack their things? Radi said he had the airship waiting right outside."

Everyone walked out chatting from the room.

The heroes that filled the hallway were no longer seen.

They said they retired semi-forcefully after the closing ceremony.

"Seriously, are you human? I saw the video of the Battle Royale. You were beating everyone. And with that body, you went and won the individual tournament."

"That's right. Unlike someone who was writhing from the poison."

"Hey, you did well too."

Jenna and Edith chatted as they walked ahead.

Behind them, Kishasha chewed on jerky, and at the end, Belkist walked with a bitter expression.

I chuckled.

"Are you so annoyed about not participating in the individual tournament?"

"Not really. I just regret that my eyes were bad. It was obvious that victory would be yours if you participated. If it had been me..."

Belkist narrowed his eyes as if remembering that moment.

"I have a question."

"Tell me."

"Are you sure your ability was surpassed by his technique, Major?"

"If that were all, it would be lucky."

"A unknown world, huh." Belkist laughed and closed his mouth.

He definitely has a good eye.

It seems he had understood Aaron's technique to some extent.

As we exited to the hotel entrance, I could see the airship, Capitalism Ho, waiting for us.

The airship approached us and lowered the ladder. Once aboard, the airship began to rise slowly.

'Anything is...'

He was still connected.

Almost three straight days, keeping the game on all day.

A true gaming addict.

<World Raid Festival!>

[Notice of completion of secondary event and prize distribution]

[The secondary event of the World Raid Festival has concluded! We thank all participating Masters and announce the prize distribution and rankings...]

The entire city was covered in shadows.

I looked up. Countless airships filled the sky, from medium-sized airships like ours to giant airships the size of buildings.

Approximately hundreds. But that fleet was only a part of the total size.

'Is this the beginning of the main event?'

With the end of the secondary event, the main event of this festival begins, the World Raid.

Those airships are heading towards the location where the Raid monster will appear.

The buzzing of hundreds of aircraft deafened my ears.

"Can we join them?"

"Not now." I smiled at Kishasha's question.

'For now.'

Anything and I are still rookies.

But the next season will be different.

What we did this time isn't even a sample of the season's events.

The top rankers from server 2 gather to compete and cooperate against high-level monsters in the World Raid, the best Pick Me Up content.

'So grow fast.'

I looked at Anything's control screen.

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000...]

Anything was sweeping the War Horse Statues in the gift shop.

That's obvious. Who got him his 5-star summon ticket? I thought I was going to break my back trying to get the Master, who only did nonsense in mini-games every day, to win.

[4-star City Ranking.]

[1st place: Anything (Taonier) - 132,221 points]

[2nd place: Loki (Niflheim) - 85,234 points]

[3rd place: Kkudeok...]

Niflheim in second place.

Even in a 4-star City Dimension.

Image loss is inevitable, but it's okay.

After all, fame isn't very useful in games.

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

[Buying War Horse Statue for 5,000 gold.]

I sat on an iron chair on the deck.

Capitalism Ho was moving away from the event city towards the dimensional jump point. The fleet of aircraft heading towards the Raid was becoming smaller in the distance.

Let's see, what did we get?

I checked the list of items Anything had obtained.

The first thing that caught my attention was a brightly colored rainbow ticket.

A guaranteed 5-star summon ticket obtained as a prize for first place.

If it's a 5-star born hero, whoever comes out will be at least a success, which will be of great help for group composition.

Next, the blueprint for an airship.

This is essential for building a high-level airship.

Additionally, there were a large number of rare items such as high-quality Ascension Stones and various rare materials that are not easy to obtain. The foundation for further expansion had been established.

'The most important thing is the Ascension Stone.'

I took a jewelry box out of my pocket.

The high-quality Ascension Stone, the prize for winning the Battle Royale.

For me, this item was more important than the 5-star summon ticket and was absolutely necessary.

'The problem is that this isn't the end.'

After opening the special dungeon with this Ascension Stone, I'll only get the engraving if I complete the mission.

Of course, there's also the possibility of failure, and the price would be contamination or death.

If I fail, it's the end.

I decided to make a detailed plan once I return.

After all, it was something that could decide my future.

When that guy comes back, I don't want to show him a weak appearance.

It's embarrassing to lag behind.


Finally, the City Dimensional disappeared from view.

On the deck of Capitalism Ho, Edith and Kishasha entered the ship, and Belkist, who had been still, followed them saying he would go to train.


In front of me, Jenna was struggling to open a knotted plastic bag.

"Oh, this won't open. How did they tie this?"

"Let me see."

It was a black plastic bag like the ones seen in convenience stores.

I took the plastic bag from Jenna and started to untie the tight knot.

The content was quite heavy.

"What's this?"

"The food there was delicious. They said it was okay to take it, so I brought it. I thought about sharing it with you. You didn't have breakfast, did you?"

I handed the bag back to Jenna.

"Good catch!"

Jenna whistled and started to take out the contents of the bag.

"My first recommendation! It really surprised me. Who would have thought such a flavor existed? Have you heard of this? The harmony of fresh and sweet flavor is exceptional!"

Jenna placed a package of milk on the deck.

The color was a bright light blue.

"Mint with chocol..."

"Take it."

"Eh? But, this is really delicious..."

"Take it."


"Enjoy it. What's next?"

"Ah, yes. You'll be surprised. Ta-da!"

What Jenna took out was wrapped in plastic on a disposable plastic plate.

"It's a dish called Tangsuyuk. Isn't that a funny name?"

Jenna unwrapped the package and placed a fork in front of me.

This looks edible. Just when I was a little hungry.

"And the sauce?"

Jenna smiled triumphantly and took out a container with Tangsuyuk sauce.

And she started pouring it over the Tangsuyuk.

'This girl...'

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