Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 189

Chapter 189 – Advent Dungeon (1)

After returning from the event location, we were given a few days of rest.

Having obtained the main items from the event, Anything would also need some time.

Anything was preparing the expansion of the Lobby and the construction of a new airship. A hangar facility was set up next to the Dimensional Breach, where technicians led by mechanics were building the skeleton of the airship.

I had other things to do.

Although it was a period of rest, there were urgent matters that could no longer be postponed.


The third ability of the heroes that could be awakened from four stars, obtainable in the Advent Dungeon.


In the object synthesis facility of the magical academy.

Katio was chanting a spell with his eyes closed.

Every time magical power surged from Katio's body, the magic circle shone brilliantly in response.

["Let's go! You! Shine! With color! Yes! That's it! Go ahead!"]

Iselle was tap dancing beside him in a cheerleader outfit.

'......What a noise.'

I clicked my tongue and moved my hand.

["Starting object synthesis!"]

[Selected materials – Intermediate Advent Stone, Dragon Blood, Sharp Scale of Black Dragon, Celestial Fruit, Blood of the Forest Queen, Trace of the Dead, Black Mushroom, Dragon Eye]

[Completed object – Unknown]

[Success rate – Unknown]

[Synthesis method – Manual]

I put the prepared materials into the magic pot.

As Katio moved his hand, a purple flash burst from the pot.

This was one of the reasons why Mages were highly regarded. Mages were usually excellent enchanters as well. Placing them in the synthesis facility grants significant bonuses to attribute allocation and combination.

["Choose the puzzle difficulty. The higher it is, the greater the rewards!"]

Upon starting synthesis, a difficulty selection window appeared.

I don't need to think. I chose Ultra-Infernal difficulty at the bottom.

["Kyaaa! As expected!"]

"Quiet. I need to focus."

["Ah, understood."]

There might not be much difference even if it's done carelessly, but there's always a chance.

I began to solve the puzzle that appeared on the screen.

[★Super success!★]

[Han (★★★★) has created Intermediate Advent Stone (Black Dragon Soul)!]

The completed object came out of the pot.

I took the stone that was shining in black. Dragon scales emerged on the surface of the Advent Stone.

It wasn't a particularly pleasant sight, but well, it meant success.

'It came out correctly.'

The combination difficulty was high, so it would have been risky without Katio.

Forcing him to come was a good decision after all. I put the Advent Stone in my pocket and told Katio, who was sweating profusely.

"Good job. You were a great help."

"Huu… I thought I was going to die. But what exactly are you? What you just did is......"

"You'll find out later."

I patted Katio on the shoulder and left the magical academy.

The current time was 1:45 AM. Anything had logged out, and it was the time when everyone except a few heroes were asleep.

I deliberately chose this moment.

Because it would be quite a difficult scene to show.

I passed through the darkened square and headed to the second floor of the Lobby.

To the place where the Space-Time Rift was located.

"There won't be any problems later, right?"

[Definitely. I made sure of the record manipulation. They'll never suspect anything!]

Iselle hurried after me.

I fiddled with the Advent Stone in my pocket as I descended the stairs.

'It would be troublesome if the Master finds out.'

Today's event would be the most suspicious incident among the things I've done so far.

I've set up some security measures in advance, but it would be difficult to avoid suspicion. I can only hope Anything overlooks it. Better safe than sorry.

[With Loki as the sub-master, transferring authority became easier. Maybe soon, you could do it without me.]

"That would be nice."

Indeed, it was exhausting to ask Iselle for every little thing.

I arrived at the square on the second floor. The door to the Space-Time Rift was already fully open.

I took out the Advent Stone from my pocket.

Obtaining an engraving was quite a complicated process. First, there was the difficult task of obtaining an Advent Stone, and then one had to overcome the Advent Dungeon that opened through the stone. Of course, if one died during the attempt, it would all be over.

I manipulated the Master control window that Iselle had given me.

[Master, opening the Advent Dungeon!]

[Tips/ The Advent Dungeon is a special stage that can be opened through a special event or Advent Stone. It allows engraving a Mark on the heroes.]


I walked towards the Space-Time Rift.

Iselle bid me farewell from behind.

[Loki, you can't die! You must come back no matter what!]

"Of course."


As I entered the circular room, the door closed behind me.

Three large mirrors stood tall like tombstones.

They symbolized the Main Dungeon, the Daily Dungeon, and the Exploration Dungeon, respectively.

However, one more had been added here now.

[Show your strength!]

[Advent Dungeon: Difficulty – ???]

The Advent Dungeon.

It may not be a main dungeon, but its difficulty could be even greater.

There were many heroes who died trying to obtain a Mark.

"Yurnet, are you ready?"

I brought my hand to my ear and spoke.

<Of course. You can summon me anytime.>
"Don't make mistakes. One slip-up and it's over."

<Of course.>
A slight laughter was heard.

I approached the mirror labeled as 'Advent Dungeon' holding the Intermediate Advent Stone.


[If a hero dies in the Advent Dungeon, they cannot be revived.]

[Engravings have a failure rate. Heroes who fail in the engraving will fall into a 'corrupted' state.]

I disregarded the system message that appeared in my view.

I already knew.


[The level of the engraving is associated with the level of difficulty.]

[Choose an easier difficulty at first!]

I inserted the Intermediate Advent Stone into the mirror.

The surface of the mirror that swallowed the Advent Stone began to ripple in black.

[Conditions for opening the Advent Dungeon have been met.]

[Intermediate Advent Dungeon (Black Dragon's Den – Group recommended) is now open.]

[10 seconds remaining until entry.]

I exhaled.

The Black Dragon's Den. It seems it worked correctly. Offering an attributeless Advent Stone would open a random scenario, but inserting a specially prepared Advent Stone like this one, allows entry to a specific location.

Now all that's left is to win.

[¡Ding! ¡Dong!]

[The Advent Dungeon is open!]


A black flash emitted from the mirror enveloped me.

When the light faded, I opened my eyes.

A circular stadium covered in sand.

A man with a black cloak was there.

[Halgion's Master]

[Ricardo Von Halgiraf Lv.???]

The man's eyes turned towards me.

I had seen this figure before. This place was too familiar.

It was the scene of a fierce battle not long ago.

This was the field of the 20th floor.


The man laughed, covering his face.

"Being summoned means... you want to devour me."

"You know it well."

I unsheathed my sword.

Advent Dungeon.

Here, heroes devour monsters to make their skills their own.

That was a Graven.

"I wish I could rest, but I can't."

"It's mutual."

"Is it?" The man laughed bitterly.

"This time will be different."

Black scales began to sprout from the man's flesh.

Crack. Giant arms and legs pierced through his skin, protruding. His limbs bent unnaturally as his body inflated like a balloon.

Eventually, as the blood mist dispersed, his true form was revealed.


[Black Dragon Halgiraf Lv.64]

Claws like steel and huge wings. Shiny scales densely covered his body.

His horizontal pupils fixed on me.

The creature's jaw opened wide.


A roar that shook the air.

Suddenly, the shape of the Black Dragon disappeared.

Instinctively, I drew my sword and swung it.


[The monster is immune to physical attacks!]

My sword slid off his scales without effect.

As expected, its properties hadn't changed.

I jumped back, moving my sword.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The black scales the beast threw sparked as they collided with my sword.

[Corrupt Shadows Lv. 31] X 15

Shadows emerged from the scales buried in the sand.

Physical and magical immunity, scale throwing, summoning of 'minions.'

I was familiar with these three patterns of the beast.


Its claws struck the ground, causing a wall of sand to rise.

I dodged its claws, stepping back to the edge of the field.

It was much faster and stronger than before.

I discarded my sword. Anyway, it was useless against its physical immunity.

I extended my hand into the air.



As I raised my hand, a translucent sword appeared.

Balisarda. One of the Niflheim Collections, a weapon with physical penetration properties.

As the floors progressed, summoning weapons became less and less efficient.

Although I lacked Bifröst, summoning weapons was not impossible.

It was time to use what I had been saving for this moment.


The Black Dragon roared, jumping meters into the air.

From the ground, its shadows rushed towards me. I held Balisarda loosely and swept it in a semicircle.

[Physical Penetration!]



"Now you understand."


I stepped on the beast's front paw, which was oozing black blood and trembling violently.

Deciphering its pattern was something I had finished long ago. Did you think I couldn't handle it alone?

Once the problem of physical immunity was solved, the creature was nothing special.

I smiled and plunged into its embrace.


About 15 minutes later.

The Black Dragon lay scattered in the sand.

The thick blood from its body formed puddles on the ground.

I shook the blood-soaked sword on the sandy ground.

It wasn't particularly difficult.

I had fought this creature before, and since then, I had become incomparably stronger.

There was no need to use Exceed.

[Stage cleared!]

[You have completed the Intermediate Advent Dungeon.]

[You have acquired the special Graven Black Dragon Blood (C+). You can grant this graven to the hero who challenged the dungeon.]

[Eligible Hero - Han (★★★★)]


A black light floated above the corpse of the Black Dragon.

I maneuvered the operation window to inspect the Graven.

[Black Dragon Blood (C+, Lv.1)]

[Pure blood proving a lineage of dragons dating back to the beginning. It has been nearly diluted through countless generations.]

[Effect: Physical Defense +10%, Magical Defense +10%]

[Unique Ability: Dragon Scales (Duration 1 second)]

There was nothing special about the additional effects.

The point of interest was the unique ability, Dragon Scales. Although there was no description of the ability, it wasn't hard to guess what effect it might have.

Immunity to all physical and magical damage for 1 second. The level of the ability and the duration would increase with higher Graven levels.

On its own, it seemed like a common ability, but it was a different story when considering synergy with other abilities.

I possessed unique abilities that returned damage when using skills.

'If I use Conqueror's Sword Spirit during Dragon Scales...'

I could use my skills without any burden.

Now, I could escape being a self-destructive mechanism.

A black orb spun around me.

Stretching my hand towards it would initiate the Graven ritual.

My first Graven would be decided as Black Dragon Blood.


That's not acceptable.

I laughed and passed by the corpse of the Black Dragon.

Satisfied with just a C-grade Graven?

Then it would make no sense to have fought in the Dimensional City.

Although Gravens could evolve through growth, this level was insufficient.



<That would be reckless.>
Yurnet seemed to have caught on to what I was planning.

I had mentioned challenging the Advent Dungeon, but not this.

"Prepare the last weapon invocation."

<Master! It's still not a good time for a second...>


I closed my eyes.

Floor 35.

The scenes of that moment were vividly remembered.

I would prefer not to go through that again, even in death.

Therefore, I had to take on this level of risk.

<...Are you serious?>



Yurnet, who had been silent, sent a response.


I took out a higher-grade Advent Stone from my pocket.

I knew what to do, having learned it from Iselle.

Go ahead.

A stronger Graven.

This Graven wouldn't take me anywhere.


[The Advent Dungeon has ended. Please press the 'Exit' button.]

I threw the rainbow-colored stone at the corpse of the Black Dragon.

A black hand emerged from the pool of blood next to the corpse and swallowed the stone.


[The difficulty of the Advent Dungeon has changed to Superior!]


The sky began to open.

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