Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 163

Chapter 163 - Mosaic War (2)

The atmosphere was saturated with a dense scent of blood.

It was a fetid odor that would have made any ordinary person cover their nose, but for us, it no longer had any effect. We had long since overcome being affected by something like that.


I glanced under the wheel.

Under the shattered cart, there was a puddle of a bright blue liquid.

This liquid mixed with the warm blood of a fallen soldier, creating a rippling purple hue. Around it, glass shards sparkled in the sunlight.

“This is a magic potion. There must be hundreds of bottles,” Katio remarked, touching the liquid with a finger and then surveying the battlefield, where the battle was still raging.

“They were probably on their way to be delivered. Perhaps to replenish the mages with magic,” he deduced.

“That would explain…” Jenna looked towards the battlefield, thoughtful.

Following her gaze, I noticed that the magical light that once colored the sky was beginning to fade.

‘To cut off the supply.’

It was evident that the cult army was the most dependent on magic in this battle.

If we consider that the advance was made from left to right.

‘They are outnumbered. The mages are fewer, and their formation is already broken.’

I made a quick analysis of the situation on the battlefield.

In summary.

‘They are out of options.’

Although our action of destroying the magic potions would soon eliminate magical support, it seemed unlikely to significantly alter the course of the conflict.

The cult army still maintained an overwhelming advantage. Since our arrival, the battle had already begun to lean towards a retreat.

“Intervening in the war seems like a difficult mission. Even being exceptional, what could we do against thousands? You can't cover the sky with your hand. Calling other members wouldn't change the situation.”

“That's true.”


I stepped on a glass fragment under my foot.

‘We need more data.’

I decided to wait until the mission was completed.

It would be essential to gather more information once we returned.

I would compare this situation with the strategy data stored in my room…


[The mission type has changed.]

[Mission Type - Unknown]

[Objective - Unknown.]

An abrupt change in the mission caught our attention.

“This doesn't mark the end, does it?” Jenna tilted her head, confused.

Kishasha, equally perplexed, looked up.

“Unknown? What does that mean? It indicates that it's unknown.”

I stood up, leaving behind the cart wheel.

This was not the end of the mission. Nor was it a mere exploration task.

‘There's nothing worrisome at first sight.’

The terrain stretched out before us, a chaotic mix of rocks and meadows, elevations, and depressions.

Apart from the battlefield dominating the center, nothing else seemed relevant to our mission. The only items of interest were the supplies we had just annihilated.

Silence. Everyone turned their gaze to me, awaiting instructions.

‘The situation has become complex.’

The information was scarce.

Unknown, indeed.

‘Search for the mission objective yourself.’

I narrowed my eyes.

“Brother, what do we do now?”

“We need to investigate further. There's no other choice,” I replied, adjusting my sleeves and securing my sword sheath to my belt.

“Prepare yourselves. We'll head to a higher point.”

Luckily, there was another hill on the other side of the field, taller than the previous one and offering a better panoramic view. From there, we could have a complete view of the battlefield. It was evident that our mission was intrinsically linked to this conflict.

Without delay, we ascended the second hill.

The battle unfolded with each passing moment as we climbed. Infantry ranks collapsed, and commanders fell, one after another. The flags fluttering on the right side quickly dwindled.

From the summit, the dynamics of the battlefield became clearer.

‘The balance of forces is alarmingly unequal.’

The cult army was using its numerical superiority effectively.

They advanced with the infantry, while the cavalry executed flanking maneuvers from behind.

A classic strategy, representative of the hammer and anvil tactic.

‘The enemy commander seems quite skilled.’

The level of training was also notable.

Thousands of troops moved as if they were a single entity.

But, seen in another way, this also meant that opposing forces were being overwhelmed.


A huge fireball streaking through the skies hit the center of the enemy troops.

The soldiers at the epicenter were instantly annihilated, while those in the vicinity fared even worse: they were burned alive. This magical bombardment was also the work of the cult army.

“Are you sure we can't do anything but watch?”

“If you're curious, try something.”

Jenna wasted no time in shooting an arrow towards the battlefield.

The arrow, spinning in the air, collided with an invisible barrier and disintegrated.

“You see, there's no other option but to observe.”

Jenna slung her bow over her shoulder, showing a resigned expression.

We were limited to being mere spectators.

In this circumstance, observing was indeed our only option.

We continued to watch the battle unfold for several minutes.

‘It's surreal.’

Probably because we were watching from afar.

It felt like we were watching the special effects of an epic battle in a fantasy movie.

It wasn't boring, and it almost felt like we were in the cinema.

I thought about how nice it would be to have popcorn or soda.

It's said that there's no more entertaining spectacle than a fight.


Suddenly, Jenna blinked in surprise.

“What's wrong?”

“I think my hand has become a bit translucent. Look!”

She extended her hand forward.

Her forearm, semi-transparent, allowed the sunlight to pass through it.

“This is, the signal that we're returning to the Lobby! This already happened to us in a previous mission.”

“It's true, it happened before.”

I vaguely remembered the incident.

Was it on floor 6? During an exploration mission, our bodies became translucent as an indication of our imminent return.

Jenna sighed in relief.

“Thank goodness. I thought we would be stuck here unable to do anything.”

“What are you talking about, archer?”

“That we're going back. It seems like the return will be triggered once the battle down there ends.”

She pointed towards the battlefield.

After a long while, the battle was finally coming to its conclusion.

The retreating forces were being massacred, unable to defend themselves against the enemy charging from behind.

“So, this means…”

“Strong humans.”

Kishasha bared her fangs, with a fierce look.

Her beast eyes fixed beyond, towards the horizon.

I also focused my gaze.

It was impossible not to notice. Those who burst through the retreating troops stood out clearly in the vast battlefield. They rode on black horses, larger than usual, clad in dark plate armor covering them from head to toe, and wielded oversized swords; they resembled tanks, advancing one after another.

“Those individuals…”

I've seen them before.

I've also fought against them.

During the escort mission on level 15, those black knights who blocked the entrance in the second half.

A group of black knights blocked the passage, cornering the troops. Their movements exceeded human limits. As comrades, we could recognize it; they were of our caliber.

A total of thirty.

"Where did they come from?"

It seemed as if they hadn't been there from the beginning.

"These subjects will be entertaining to face," Belkist grinned maliciously.

The black knights prevented the troops from retreating, executing a unilateral massacre.

Some soldiers attempted to resist, but were crushed like ants, disintegrating instantly. With the cult forces pressing from the front, the outcome was inevitable. Complete annihilation.

"What are they trying to show us?"

I glanced at my wrist.

My skin, now resembling transparent jelly, let light pass through it. My body was gradually becoming translucent.

It was the signal of return. Just as Jenna had mentioned, once we were all annihilated, we would likely return to the Vestibule.

"Jenna, Kishasha!"



"Examine the battlefield more closely. If you notice anything unusual, inform me immediately. I sense that something bad is about to happen."

Both nodded.

'Something's not right.'

Could it be leader's intuition? Even though it was a secondary mission, there was no reason to prolong it so much.

I felt a bad omen.

I continued to watch carefully, although the distance was considerable.

Despite being able to grasp the overall picture, the details eluded us.

Even with my ability to sharpen my vision, that was all I could discern. However, Jenna and Kishasha might have a different perception. I hoped to receive a relevant report from them.


As a general riding a white horse fell, and the troops were reduced to a quarter, Kishasha intervened.

"Have you found something?"

"That human female."

"What are you saying? A human female?"

"I've located the human female who troubled me. The one who begged to save the humans and others. The human woman from that time is there."

Kishasha pointed to the lower right end of the battlefield.

I followed Kishasha's slender finger with my gaze.

My eyes focused on the place where dozens of black knights and...


"Elder brother?!"

When I came to, I was running down the hill.

"Where are you going?"

"Han, you said it was blocked!"

"Then wait there!"

I exclaimed as I sped up.

My hand was already on the sheath of my belt.

'Why her...?'

The questions chained together.

As I ran, my speed increased progressively.

It was a sprint.

I channeled all the energy of my body from the soles of my feet and propelled myself forward.

The wind hit my face strongly, like a whip.

'I can't understand it...'

Since when have I been able to understand it?

With gritted teeth, I kept running.

The battlefield, once a distant scene like something from a movie, expanded before me.

The clamor of weapons, the pungent smell of blood, the sound of steel cutting through flesh, the cries of despair.

And in the midst of it all...

"Priacis!" I shouted with all my might.

The collision with the invisible barrier came next.

I faced the pain, which seemed to want to tear me apart, and composed myself.

"Answer! Priacis! Priacis!"

Regardless of whether my voice was lost in the chaos of the battlefield or not, she did not turn to me.



"I surrender, I surrender! Please, please...!"

The soldiers around me fell as if they were mere stalks before the scythe.

Their pleas and cries were futile. Resistance, even less effective. The black knights, relentless as machines, reaped lives without distinction.

In the midst of this horror, Priacis Al Ragnar stood firm, with a determined expression.

Her hair, soft and white as snow, was tainted with dust and blood, and her pale face gleamed with sweat and mixed dirt.

The light armor she wore showed dents in several places. Gripping a partially shattered sword with her right hand, Priacis pleaded desperately.

"Didn't you say you would surrender?"


"I offer my life! Then, leave the others alone! Isn't it my life you seek?"

The black knights remained impassive, offering no response.

A snap. Hot blood splattered, dyeing Priacis's delicate neck.

"Who are you really? Why are you doing this to me? I just... wanted to protect my people..."

Priacis's golden eyes clouded, and her voice broke into sobs.



I kicked the barrier with all my might.

But the barrier remained unmoved.

'What is this?'

It makes no sense.

"Hey! Can you hear me?"

"These guys, who do they think they're killing! I won't die so easily!"

In the end, Priacis was the only one left standing on the battlefield.

Dozens of black knights surrounded her. Beyond them, hundreds of infantry formed the front line. Followed by more infantry in the second row, and then the third.


They all lay dead.

Priacis tilted her head.

"I belong to the royalty... leading my people..."

<Kill her.>
A sinister voice emanated from behind the helms of the black knights.

<Kill the witch.>
<Kill the filthy witch.>
<The witch. The witch. The witch.>
<Kill. Hurt. Kill her. Hurt.>

Thirty black knights spoke in unison, as if chanting a macabre choir.


I withdrew my hand from the sheath.

The distance was barely 5 meters. But the thin barrier before me was insurmountable.

There was no way to cross it, a reality that I, in my role as Master, knew better than anyone.

"Ask me. Where did I fail?"

<You've dishonored. Our pride.>

<You've sold. The world we revered.>

<If it weren't for you.>

What nonsense is this?

I frowned.

Priacis, her eyes bloodshot, screamed.

"What do you mean? What have I sold? To whom?"

The black knights offered no answer.

They simply raised their swords, now bathed in blood, flesh, and entrails.

I smiled bitterly.

And I exclaimed softly.


Finally, Priacis turned her gaze to me.

It wasn't a thunderous shout, but it was enough to catch her attention.

The golden eyes, once sunk in resignation and hopelessness, lit up again.


I said no more.

Either way, it was all over. My body began to be enveloped in light.

'There's nothing to say.'

Not even a goodbye.

Telling her to die with dignity didn't seem appropriate either.

"You were alive. I'm glad."

Before my eyes, Priacis smiled, tears flooding her face.

And amidst a rain of sword cuts, Priacis's body was dismembered and vanished.

[Stage completed!]

[Han (★★★), Jenna (★★★), Kishasha (★★★★), level up!]

[Reward - 300,000G, Specter Shard (low quality)]

[MVP - Kishasha (★★★★)]


[Notice - 4 opportunities remaining.]

We returned through the Space-Time Rift.

Everyone, except Kishasha, showed a bewildered expression on their faces.

Despite the considerable distance, we had all witnessed the death of Priacis, who had been a crucial figure in our mission up to that point.


We had 4 opportunities left.

It wasn't that we lacked clues.

The last message had provided me with certainty.


And so, we left the Space-Time Rift.

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