Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 162

Chapter 162 – Mosaic War (1)

Three days later, we found ourselves seated in the waiting area on the first-floor plaza.

It was early afternoon; the sky lights shone brightly, and on the game screen to our right, Anything was maneuvering the Lobby with movements that were already familiar to us.

"It's been a while since we've climbed," Jenna remarked, showing signs of nervousness.

"This time, let's try to keep everyone alive. I'll only trust you, brother."

"Don't trust blindly. It might be a burden."

"I'll also put my trust."

"I've already told you not to trust. If they betray you, it won't be my fault."

While Jenna and Kishasha exchanged words, I looked away.

Belkist was sitting alone on a bench in the corner, with a bored expression.

Since Nerissa left, he had been like that. At least, he wasn't causing trouble.

"Have you checked the airship?"

"All set. I can take off anytime," confirmed Katio with a nod.

So, we waited silently for the time to depart.

‘Nerissa must be extremely busy right now.’

She surely wouldn’t have a moment of rest.

Despite assigning her some assistants, the workload was overwhelming.

Recently, Anything had recruited dozens of heroes at once. For Nerissa to deliver reports on each hero on time, she must be extremely busy. I tried to offer my help, but she insisted I focus on the mission, preventing me from participating in administrative tasks.

So, with some free time on my hands, I made some adjustments to Group 1's formation and practiced in lower-level dungeons.

One notable observation was Kishasha's exceptional performance. Not only did she excel in individual combat, but she also proved to be unmatched in group skirmishes. Surely, it was worth the effort to incorporate her into the team, despite the complications it brought.

‘I've also made progress in my personal training.’

In addition to Exceed, I could now activate the Conqueror's Sword Spirit at least once.

Although I could only use it with minimal power, unlike before, I wasn't completely drained after using it. I could retain 50% of my combat capability. Of course, if I used it with full intensity, I would be incapacitated immediately.

"I hope this time we have a quieter mission," sighed Jenna.

Anything was finishing up his preparations.

"On the 30th floor, we encountered a desert, and on the 35th, a sea. I have no idea what awaits us on the 40th floor."

"Whatever it is, we just have to fulfill our task," I responded as I secured the sheath of my dagger to my belt.

"Get ready," announced Anything, opening the deployment window.

[Open, Time-Space Rift!]

Iselle appeared in the air, pointing towards the door.

The Time-Space Rift opened widely.

"Han, this time it's the 36th floor. Good luck on the conquest!"

"Thank you," I said, advancing with Iselle towards the Time-Space Rift.

Group 1 members followed me, forming a line.

[Climb the Tower, Save the World!]

[Main Dungeon: Number of Floors Ascended So Far – 35].

‘Floor 36.’

It was an intermediate level before the 40th floor.

While waiting for my turn to enter, I engaged in casual conversation with Jenna.

After all, this wasn't the first time we did so.

‘The familiar faces aren't present.’

Two people were missing.

I suppressed a strange feeling and let myself be enveloped by the surrounding light.

A feeling of weightlessness took over me.

‘A plain, huh.’

We were transported to an unfamiliar plain.

"Everything okay?" Jenna looked around with wide eyes.

It wasn't a desert, nor an ocean, nor a labyrinth. For the first time in a long while, it was simply a field.

A plain bathed in daylight. A cool breeze blew from the higher hill.

‘It's a little hard to breathe, but it's not serious.’

After all, it was a minor difference.

I glanced to the left.

[Floor 36.]

[Mission Type – Plunder]

[Objective: Plunder the specified goods!]


My brow furrowed.

A completely different type of mission had emerged.

"Plunder? What does that mean?"

"It's exactly what it sounds like."

I surveyed the surroundings.

The plain was dotted with grass and rocks here and there.

However, the presence of numerous hills prevented seeing the horizon.

It seemed we were at the foot of a hill.

"Brother, do you want me to scout first?"

"Not necessary. If we climb this hill, we can have a full view."

I began the ascent up the slope.

Group members followed me in procession.

"Han, there's a strange noise."

Kishasha's ears perked up.

She then sniffed the air.

"I smell something."

"What does it smell like?"

"Iron and blood!"

Kishasha performed a mid-air turn before speeding towards the hill.

It was impossible to stop her. I decided to follow at my own pace. Upon reaching the top, Kishasha was already looking down the other side.

"This is…"

Kishasha's eyes lit up.

"There are a lot of humans. Too many to count them all."

"That's right, there are many." My brow furrowed.

In the vast plain below us, an uncountable number of humans had gathered.

At least, they were in the thousands. Several flags swayed in the wind, and faint sounds of shouts and clash of weapons reached my ears.

"They're at war," Belkist said in a soft tone.

The distance to the battlefield on the plain was several hundred meters, allowing an even clearer view.

The opposing armies tore into each other in a fierce struggle.

Soldiers equipped with armor and swords clashed with the enemy, cavalry trampled over opposing infantry, and archers' arrows rained down upon horses. From above, spells of fire and ice streaked the sky, painting it with colors.

The sounds of shouts and lamentations mingled in the battlefield air.

"Where are we?"

"I'm not sure. Does anyone know?"

I looked back, but no one seemed to have an answer.

If Nerissa were here, perhaps she could have given some clue.

I tried to discern which side had the upper hand on the battlefield.

A silver banner with an emblem of a winged cross waved, dominating the enemy with its numerical superiority.

‘They're more numerous.’

I recognized the emblem.

I had seen it during the 15th floor mission, when we rescued Priacis.

‘It was the emblem of the Goddess Cult, right?’

The group that tried to kill Priacis, accusing her of being a witch, among other things.

After fleeing the city, they even put a hefty bounty on Priacis's head. Come to think of it…

‘Did she manage to escape safely?’

We were in the middle of the sea.

There were no boats available to reach the mainland.

I guess she somehow found a way.

I set aside those thoughts.

What mattered now was what was in front of me.

"It seems we've encountered a roadblock."

Katio lowered the hand he had extended.

Apparently, he had been scanning the base of the hill with magical waves.

"Is it the same type of invisible barrier as last time?"

"Yes, a restricted area."

As Katio and I conversed, the battle continued its course.

It was already turning into a retreat. The army on the right tried to fall back, but the cult's army on the left surrounded them, devouring them mercilessly.

Every moment, dozens fell.

If we had been a bit closer, we would probably have witnessed a horrifying feast of blood and guts.

"It's terrible," Jenna commented in a low voice.

Kishasha's eyes narrowed.

"There's nothing to gain here. Let's go back."

I averted my gaze. Our purpose wasn't to be mere spectators.

So, what else could we find in this place?

"There it is."

A trail that extended behind the battlefield.

A group of soldiers escorted several carriages down the path.

[Cult Soldiers Lv.21] X 87

[Cult Knights Lv.23] X 5

[Cult Mage Lv.25]

Identification tags floated above them, tinged in red, a clear indication of their hostility towards us.

It seemed others had noticed the carriages too.

"Probably…," I began.

"Our objective in this mission seems to be related to this conflict."

"That means…"


"But there are too many of them," Belkist pointed out, crossing his arms.

"I'm not referring to them. I mean the battlefield."

"I understand. They're thousands."

This battlefield was nothing more than a backdrop for now.

But that would change as we advanced.

"So, are you afraid?"

"Nah. This pleases me. So far, we've only fulfilled extermination missions without much meaning."

"Then, good luck. Follow me. And quickly."

I dashed downhill, with the human soldiers and knights crossing the plain.

"Remember, that's the enemy. What do we do with the enemy?"

"We eliminate them," Kishasha responded firmly.

"Even though it's repulsive," Jenna sighed deeply, but still tightened her bow.

There was no room for doubts here, even when we were all human beings.

"Let's set up an ambush. Don't hesitate. Before they form up, let's finish them off. Oh, and it seems they have a mage among them."

"I'll handle the mage," said Katio.


I firmly gripped the hilt of my sword and dagger.

In a single breath, I ran dozens of meters downhill, cutting through the bushes in pursuit of the rear of the carriages.


A soldier who was casually chatting met my gaze.

Before he had time to shout, he clutched his neck and fell to the ground.

An arrow had pierced him.


Another soldier beside him gasped in surprise.

My dagger, thrown with precision, embedded itself in his forehead.


I unsheathed my sword.

It was at that moment that they noticed our presence.


"Don't panic! Counterattack! How many are they?"



Alarms started ringing.

But it was already too late.


Kishasha leaped several meters up and landed on one of the carriages.

Her claws extended.

"Hmm… that girl…!"

Kishasha's eyes narrowed, taking on the shape of thin slits.

Sliding over the roof of the carriage with the agility of a snake, Kishasha's hands moved skillfully.

Two soldiers were thrown into the air, blood scattering in their wake.

"A shame Yvolka isn't here."

In this kind of combat, she's unbeatable.

With a sigh, I shook my head and wielded my sword. A soldier, paralyzed by fear, was split in two with a single strike.


Belkist lunged into the midst of the enemies.

His sword slid with the agility of a snake, piercing through three men in one motion.


A commander with a distinctive helmet unsheathed his sword, but an arrow found its way into his chest before he could react.

Jenna, from atop a carriage, picked her targets with precision: first the officers, then the archers.

"Are they mercenaries? Who are you?"

"It's none of your concern."

With a fluid motion, I lowered my sword.

The soldier attempted to block with his iron shield, but upon the impact of my sword, the shield bent as if it were paper. The soldier's legs gave way under the force, fracturing.

"Ah, ah!"

With a swift strike, I ended his suffering.

"They're no challenge."

None could withstand even a single blow from my sword.

Swords shattered, and shields broke like fragile sticks.

In an instant, more than a dozen bodies lay around me, none with all their limbs intact.

"It's a monster, a monster!"

"Don't be afraid, fight! The Goddess is with us… ugh!"

"Cursed be!"

From the distance, a young knight in silver armor approached.

"I am the Silver Paladin executing the wrath of the Goddess. Kyle Von Strauss has arrived! If you stand in the way of the Goddess, my fencing will fall upon you like a hammer."



The knight fixed his gaze on me, his eyes widening.

With a triumphant smile, he exclaimed, "Hahaha! Finally, we meet again."


I released the soldier I had gripped.

The soldier fell to the ground, inert, not rising again.

"Do you remember? The great battle on the stairs, the sacred contest in which we wagered our lives. Since that day, five years ago, I, Kyle, heir of the Strauss Family, have never forgotten you!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Ah, I'll make you remember. Doesn't that wound still hurt? This time, it won't be so easy for you. You'll witness my deadly technique. It's called… Burning Edge...!"

At that moment, a soldier thrown by Kishasha's fist collided with the knight.

Struck in the head, the knight writhed on the ground before becoming still.

"Did you know that guy?"

Belkist wiped the blood from his sword before posing the question.

"No, I have no idea."

If I had had any previous encounter with him...

Perhaps on the 15th floor? I really don't remember.

But that was irrelevant now.

Setting aside that distraction, I sought my next target.

The battle was reaching its final stage. It was no longer necessary to maintain formation. Dozens of soldiers fell without the possibility of mounting an effective defense.


"A demon? Is it a demon, perhaps?"

On the ground lay an elderly man who appeared to be a mage, blood flowing from his nose, eyes, and ears. He had undergone magical reversal, a tactic known among sorcerers, which involves reversing the opponent's magic to turn their magical power against them. This elderly man had likely fallen without managing to cast a single effective spell.

"No matter how they fight…"

A knight with a severed arm smiled bitterly.

"The victory is ours! The tide won't change! Oh Goddess, watch over us!"

With an agile movement, I severed his neck.

This was the last one.

"It was an insignificant battle."

Belkist sheathed his sword.

"They've grown weak. It wasn't like this before."

"Perhaps we've become too strong? Too..."


"Like we're human weapons. Though it's hard to perceive."

Jenna scratched her cheek, somewhat embarrassed.


‘A war, huh?’

I leaned against the wheel of a cart.

Around me lay the corpses of countless soldiers and knights.

I began to grasp the concept of this mission. It wasn't just a simple raid.

It was a large-scale battle, clearly at a disadvantage.

‘Something like Dynasty Warriors?’

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