Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 179

Chapter 179 - Only Once (3)

"Why the hell are those people here...?"

The old man opened his mouth, "They're in the way of our guests. Could you please step aside?"

The woman took a step back with a perplexed expression.

Shortly after, the subjects of the conversation appeared.

Two men and two women, dressed in tight black uniforms. In pairs, they walked with a lordly step towards the parked limousine.

"That uniform... I think I've seen it somewhere before."

Jenna tilted her head.

I clicked my tongue and said, "How much time has passed, and you've forgotten?"

"Oh, right! I remember now! Niflheim! It's a really cool place. But why are they coming here? I thought they played in bigger waters."


I narrowed my eyes.

Niflheim has no reason to come here. This is because rewards like high-quality Advent Stones or 5-star summoning tickets aren't worth much at that level. Yet, they appeared here, even giving up the chance to enter a high-level Dimensional City.


The service is too much.

I've never heard of something like this.

"Please, come in," the old man opened the limousine door. "There's still one person. Please wait a moment."

The youth at the forefront shook his head.

He wore a white cross emblazoned on the left chest of his uniform. The three behind him wore similar insignias, the mark of a senior cadet issued by the Nilfheim training center.

Only the core was missing.

I don't remember the four, so they must have been summoned in my absence, but it was clear that they were Nilfheim's best 4-star heroes.

The former senior cadets should already be five stars.

"Why Niflheim?" the bewildered blonde had long become an extra.

Nilfheim's top apprentices remained impassive under the intense gazes. It seems they're waiting for the other.

After a while, the last member joined.

He carried an iron spear strapped to his back and walked behind the waiting members.

"What were you doing? It's late."

"Sorry. I was changing clothes," he scratched his cheek with a embarrassed expression.


The limousine carrying the Nilfheim event entourage left the square.

Jenna, watching this confused, muttered, "I just saw something wrong, didn't I?"

"I was wondering where he had disappeared to, but he was stuck there." Belkist sneered.

"I've heard a bit about Niflheim too. It's the best in the district. If he's worthy of that treatment, he's succeeded, good for him."

"It's strange. The Aaron I knew..."

"He'd probably like the big city more than a place like ours. He even wears a nicer uniform."

"Wouldn't it be better to wait and see? Something might be happening," said Edith, who had already joined us.

"And even if that's the case... we should be celebrating. Our situation is tough, don't you think, Han?"

"Well, that's correct," I smiled and replied.

The last member of the event group was Aaron.

The tall man's stature and somewhat immature face remained the same, but his atmosphere had clearly changed.


Even if the reward has nothing to do with this, Nilfheim's public image is at stake.

They wouldn't have sent someone indecisive in any way.

"This could be a problem... Could it be that we might not even be able to get the summoning ticket if we're not careful?"

"You don't need to take it. It's just a warm-up, so don't overdo it."

Anyway, my goal was the Advent Stone.

It would be great to get the summoning ticket, but if it's not possible, it's not the end of the world either.

Many special guests attended this event. It will be a good opportunity to see how much I've grown to where I am now.

As transport buses came and went, the number of people in the square gradually decreased.

Our group boarded the last bus leaving the square. Looking at the brochure, the opening ceremony was tomorrow. Today we were supposed to spend the night at the hotel.

"Are you listening?"


I was at the back of the bus, looking out the window, when Belkist spoke.

As far as I know, that senpai wasn't very talented. Is that right?"

"Yes. Ten of him wouldn't have beaten you."

"But it's strange. That senpai is there..."

"It means he's gotten stronger."

I leaned my arms on the window frame.

Anyway, Nilfheim was the enemy in this Festival.

They'll be your strongest competitor. I don't know about other categories, but I'll definitely appear in the main tournament. There was a very high chance that one of those members would be Aaron.

'Are they trying to help Aaron gain experience?'

I think so, but I'm not sure exactly what they're trying to do.

Is it Yurnet's intention or Muden's intention? If I make a call, I'll get an answer immediately, but I don't want to rely on that here.

'Or not...'

There's a high possibility that Aaron has completely changed 'sides.'

No one can know how a person's heart will change.

'Even if he did, it doesn't matter.'

Living comfortably in Nilfheim isn't a bad idea, rather than wallowing like a dog in Taonier.

From my perspective.

I thought about various things to kill time until we reached the hotel.

We arrived at a tall building located in the city center and unpacked our luggage at the hotel under the assistant's guidance.

Jenna exclaimed at the huge size of the building, and Edith was equally amazed. Kishasha got dizzy and vomited several times. I helped them settle in, giving them instructions on how to use the facilities and other precautions.

"Has Nilfheim arrived?"

"No, what are they missing...?"

"What's with all the fuss? Is there anything to eat?"

"Haven't you heard of Loki? The strongest combat group on Server 2! Do you know about the Guild Union incident last time? Four people took down hundreds of aircraft..."

Every floor and hallway of the hotel was filled with stories about Nilfheim.

'Nilfheim, Nilfheim, Nilfheim. My ears are hurting.'

A corridor on the eighth floor of the hotel.

Jenna pushed an iron cart.

The cart was filled with tons of food from the buffet restaurant on the first floor.

The accommodation we were assigned was a triple room on the eighth floor. There are five rooms and three double beds.

A large table was also set up in the lounge for strategic meetings.

"But Aaron, has he really gone? Don't you know anything?"

"I don't know. We'll know when we talk to him."

"I don't know where he is. Even when I asked at the counter, they didn't answer. If I had known this would happen, I would have asked when I left Nilfheim."

"What if he's gone?"

"We'll have to convince him to come back."

"But there's no room for him if he comes back."

"I wonder... what will happen? Anyway, I don't want to fight against Aaron, big brother." Jenna sighed deeply.

It was the first time I'd seen her displeased in a long time. When I smiled, she patted me on the shoulder, telling me not to mock her.


I'll have to talk to him in person.

As soon as possible.

That night, the meeting began with all the members of the event group gathered.

"There are three special events in this festival: 1-on-1 individual competition, 3-on-3 team competition, and random event. To get first place, you have to win all three events."

I continued.

"The important thing is that people participating in one event cannot compete in the others."

The problem was the time.

The individual and team trials are held simultaneously. So the idea of the winner of the individual trial competing in the team trial was out of the question.

"One person for the individual event. Three people for the team event. And one person will be needed for the remaining event. In other words, we need to divide the number of people in advance."

"I had already heard about it, but I suppose you've already decided on the list."


The team members for the individual and team competitions were already organized.

"Kishasha, Edith, and Jenna for the team event."

"I am in the individual competition."

"Do you think you can win?"

Belkist laughed without saying a word.

Originally, I was going to participate in the individual competition, but...

"If I don't know what's going to happen, it's better for me to step aside."

As a result, Belkist would participate in the individual competition.

"We have to win everything. If we don't win a single event, getting a 5-star summon ticket will be difficult."

"Niflheim will also appear."

"We will win. Don't you have confidence?"

"Well, that's..." Jenna scratched her head.

She didn't say she lacked confidence.

"Whether it's Niflheim or Niflheim's grandfather, we'll defeat them all. We can do it, right?"

"I'll try."

"Good. Go to bed early today. We'll be busy starting tomorrow."

The meeting ended.

I sent the members back to their rooms to do their warm-up exercises.

Better to stay fit than to stay up all night. Everyone expressed their discontent with my words and went to bed.

"Brother, you should go to sleep quickly too."


Of course, I still have no intention of sleeping.

Since I was participating in an unknown event, I had to devise a strategy depending on the number of cases.

I'm used to staying up all night. It won't really cause any trouble. I was absorbed in formulating a strategy in the room with the nightstand light on.

And just like that, the stars outside my window dimmed.

Ding. They rang the front doorbell.

What the hell.

It was midnight.

I tucked the paper and pen into the drawer and went to the front door.

I opened the door with my left hand resting on the sheath of my dagger. Prepared for an ambush at any moment.

"Who is it?"

An unexpected person was waiting outside the door.

The boy looked at my face and lowered his head.

"Sorry if you were sleeping. Later..."

"No, I wasn't sleeping. Come in."

"Understood, thank you."

I opened the door and Aaron entered.

He stiffened, alternating between looking at me and the floor.

"What are you doing? Just standing there."

"Ah, yes!"

Aaron hurriedly entered the living room.

I left two glasses of water on the table and then sat across from Aaron.

"The other members..."

"They're sleeping. It's late."

"Well, I'm really sorry. I only have time now..."

"It's okay."

I took a sip of water.

"It's been a while. How have you been?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm relieved to see that you, Miss Jenna, and Sister Edith are safe."

"I am. Do we look like people who would easily die?"

I laughed.

Yvolka... I decided not to mention it.

It would be better to hide it as much as possible.

I looked at Aaron.

Up close, he wore a wrinkled uniform.

There was a big difference compared to the other Niflheim members who wore neatly pressed clothes. He had hunched shoulders and both hands wrapped in white bandages. At first glance, among the bandages, calluses and blood crusts were visible.

'It looks like he's still the same.'

And that ignorant training method.

"How did you know we were here?"

"The Master told me that my brother would come here."


I took another sip of water.

After that, as the silence continued, Aaron opened his mouth as if he had made a decision.

"I guess I should start by saying..."

"I didn't move to Niflheim."

I suppose so.

Due to Aaron's personality, there was no way he would change.

"So why are you here?"

"I came here on my Master's recommendation."

Is it time to descend already?

I thought he was still there. I emptied my water cup completely.

"Brother, I plan to participate in this tournament as a member of Niflheim."

"The competition must have been fierce. Well done."

"No, more than a competition, I should say it's a risky bet."

Aaron tilted his head.

No wonder the Niflheim apprentices were so cold to him.

Seeing that the uniform didn't fit his body, it seemed like the decision was made suddenly. But in Niflheim, there are no risky bets. If you don't have the right skills, you won't have the chance.

"Is the training going well?"

"Every day was like hell. In fact, it still is."

Aaron scratched his cheek.

I can tell from his hands that he's been training hard.

"Well, somehow I'm keeping up."

"Why does your answer sound so evasive? I gave you my best by sending you off."

"I'm sorry."

I laughed and drank the water.

Now to the point.

"So why are you here? I'm from Taonier, you're from Niflheim. You wouldn't be asking to see me in the tournament, right? You're still far from home."

"Of course not, I just... wanted to talk to you about my decision."


Aaron took a deep breath.

He must have something important to say.

"Brother. I'm going to compete in the individual competition of this event."

Aaron looked at his bandaged hand.

"If I win the individual competition..."

He clenched his hand.

"I'm going back to Taonier."

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