Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 161

Chapter 161 - Notice

The next day, early in the morning.

The members had gathered at the Training Grounds on the mansion's first floor.

Me, Jenna, Belkist, and Nerissa. All from Group 1, except Katio, who was in the workshop.

And in a corner of the courtyard, crouched, was a girl.

It was Kishasha.

"Um... So."

After a round of explanations, Jenna, with a puzzled expression, began to speak.

Her gaze was directed towards Kishasha.

"Does she want to join our group?"

I nodded.

"As you know, Kishasha is the highest-ranked hero in the Lobby. I guarantee her ability. It's worth facing her. Wouldn't it be a waste not to take advantage of such talent?"

"That means we must prepare for the selection."

Belkist smirked.

He was already geared up for combat. Belkist's hand rested on the hilt of his sword.

"So, winner takes the spot, like last time?"

"For now."

"I'm ready. This time will be different." Belkist stared intently at Kishasha.

This guy had been miserably defeated by Kishasha when I returned from Niflheim. Since then, he had been sharpening his fangs and training tirelessly.

"Better so. I don't have to go looking for unnecessary trouble."

Kishasha yawned lazily.

"That sounds interesting." Belkist moved his lips.

"Right now..."

"Your turn will come later." I shook my head.

Jenna stood by my side with a tense expression.

I hadn't said I would withdraw, nor had I thought about it, but she seemed to be preparing for something.

"First, Jenna."

"Are you telling me to fight first?"

"It'll be a good experience for both of you."

"Understood. I'll give it a try."

Jenna strapped a quiver and bow on her back and slid a dagger into her waist before stepping onto the dueling field.

When I signaled, Kishasha, who had been lazily lounging around, lit up with enthusiasm and followed Jenna.

"So, I just have to fight this human girl?"

"She's your first opponent."

"There's a second after. Well, doesn't matter."

I observed Belkist and Nerissa.

The reason for having Jenna duel was twofold: to gather a wide range of combat data and to increase Jenna's experience. The latter goal was to give them small advantages.

So they could get to know their opponent in advance.

"This is enough."

At least I give them a minimal benefit.

What happens next will depend on them.

Belkist took a seat on a chair, watching Kishasha intently.

He always brims with fighting spirit. Even if he may fall this time, I'm sure he'll bounce back quickly. This certainty allows me to make decisions without hesitation.

"She's cooled down a bit."

Nerissa, on the other hand, seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

With an indifferent expression, she alternated her gaze between Kishasha and Belkist.

"She's changed."

I noticed a difference in her attitude, unlike her usual self.


Suddenly, Nerissa glanced at me.

Our eyes met. She showed an unreadable expression before looking away.

The duel began.

Jenna, true to her style, retreated while shooting arrows in rapid succession.

Skillfully, she kept her distance, bringing the fight to a medium to long-range combat. If the opponent closed in, Jenna was ready to defend herself with her dagger, always looking for an opening. This was Jenna's characteristic tactical approach. However...


The result was instantaneous.

Jenna probably had never faced someone of such speed.

Kishasha, with surprising agility, closed the distance, easily dodged the arrows and dagger, and positioned her claws near Jenna's neck.

"20 seconds?"

"I've lost," Jenna declared, raising both hands in surrender.

"For a human, you have speed and skill. But don't rely too much on your agility," Kishasha advised.

Jenna nodded, somewhat puzzled, at Kishasha's words.

Kishasha's advice was straightforward. Jenna should adapt her fighting strategy according to her opponent's characteristics. In a speed matchup, Jenna stood no chance against Kishasha. If she had employed a different tactic, perhaps she would have lasted at least twice as long.

"Can I try again?"

Reflecting, Jenna asked after leaving the dueling field.


"I want to try again."

"You can try as many times as you want. I've cleared my schedule for today, so no problem."

"Whenever you're ready, I'm here," Kishasha responded with a smile.

Jenna bowed to me, and then to Kishasha, before returning to the dueling field, with a determined look.

There's plenty of time.

I've cleared my schedule for today.

"You're incredibly fast, sister."

Thus, Jenna addressed Kishasha, who appeared much younger, with admiration.

Probably aware they belonged to different races, Kishasha simply raised her claws, without uttering a word.

30 minutes later.

"I've lost," Jenna shook her head, accepting her defeat.

The final result for Jenna was 6 defeats in 6 duels. In the end, she managed to hold out for almost 5 minutes, but failed to land any significant blows.

"You're strong. Your potential is evident."

"Thanks for the compliment. When I perfect my secret technique, let's fight again."

"Of course."

Jenna descended the stairs with a frustrated look.

Secret technique. I recalled she hadn't used the ability she developed after the skills fusion last time.

Apparently, it's still a work in progress.

Then, I turned my attention to Belkist.

It wasn't surprising, but his chances of winning weren't high. At best, less than 10%. However, he showed no signs of wanting to back down. In fact, he smiled as he stroked the sheath of his sword.

"Is it my turn next?"

"That's right."

"Since I can't leave out the archer, it seems I'll be the one facing this selection. The same applies to the other roles. If I lose, I'll leave Group 1. Right?"

I had no intention of lying.

I nodded in response to Belkist's question.

"That girl is still monstrously strong. She reminds me of the Major. But I haven't been wasting time. Let's try it." With a smile, Belkist unsheathed his sword.

And just as he was about to head towards the stairs.

"I withdraw."

A calm voice interrupted the atmosphere in the training grounds.

I turned around. Nerissa was raising her hand.

"What did you say?" murmured Belkist, surprised.

"I withdraw from Group 1."

"It seems you've lost your mind. Seriously?"

"Seriously." Nerissa replied without hesitation.

Then, she turned to me.

"As you'll know, it would be more beneficial for the group if I withdraw instead of Belkist. My role is not irreplaceable. For reconnaissance tasks, Jenna can also fulfill them, and the semi-beast girl too. That's why, please, exclude me."

I sighed before responding.

"If you decide to retire on your own, you won't be able to come back. Are you aware of that?"

"Yes, I'm prepared."

"There won't be space for you in other groups either."

"I know."

"Nerissa!" Belkist was completely ignored by Nerissa, who didn't stop in her decision.

"I know the work in the Lobby keeps you busy. If you entrust me with those responsibilities, I believe I can handle them efficiently. Someone has to do it."

What Nerissa said was true.

In order to fully focus on conquering the tower, we would need someone to take on my duties as Submaster. But I never imagined it would happen like this.

"Can I leave now?"

Kishasha, who had been waiting on the dueling field, stretched.

I took a moment before nodding slowly.

This was incredibly frustrating.

As they passed by us, Belkist muttered disdainfully.

"You organize a selection and this is what we get?"

"Don't make decisions based on emotions. It's more efficient for the group if I step back. I'm the expendable one here," Nerissa said coldly.

Then, addressing Jenna with a softer look, she affirmed:

"Jenna can take over my role perfectly."

"Were you preparing me for this by teaching me those techniques?" Jenna seemed confused and somewhat dazed.

I sat down, crossing my arms and sinking into my thoughts.

The worst thing for team dynamics is to have members who don't want to be in it.

"I want to talk to you in private," Nerissa requested somewhat shyly.

"There's nothing worth hearing. It seems she's lost all logic."

"Step aside," I said firmly.

Kishasha was the first to leave, followed by a hesitant Jenna. Belkist, the last to leave the Training Camp, shot Nerissa a furious glance before departing.

"Now it's just you and me," Nerissa said with a bitter smile.

"What's wrong with you? Suddenly saying you're leaving."

"It wasn't a sudden decision. I've been considering it for a long time."

"At first, you talked about survival and such. What changed? It's not the end just because you lose to her. There are many other opportunities. I'll support you too."

However, Nerissa shook her head, as if she had already made her decision.


"When I arrived here, I didn't trust anyone. They all seemed like enemies to me, except myself," Nerissa said, looking down.

"Only my way of thinking changed a little."

"I don't understand."

"That's exactly what I mean." Nerissa took a few steps away from me.

Her dark blue hair moved in the wind.

"I thought I could trust you with something important..."

"What is it?"

Nerissa turned around, exposing her back to me.

The collar of her shirt slipped, revealing her white shoulder and the curves of her back.


Right on the curve of her waist.

An unusual symbol was engraved there.

That symbol, reminiscent of a rose, shimmered with a gloomy light.

"This is known as The Twilight Seal, a special technique of the Halgion Family. It's a magical seal that imposes absolute obedience on its bearer."


"It also has other functions. Physical and mental enhancement, shortening of lifespan but preserving youth. And... it enhances memory," Nerissa continued.

"For some reason, this seal remained even after I arrived here."

"I see."

She mentioned she was from Halgion.

She didn't seem to have a high opinion of them.

"Do you remember your previous life?"

"Yes. Most of my memories came back when I ranked up."

Nerissa covered up again.

The image of the seal was etched into my mind.

Nerissa began to tell her story.

Originally belonging to nobility, she was sold as a slave after her family's fall. Then, she received special treatment from the Halgion Family and was given as a gift to the empire's second princess.

"Priacis Al Ragnar. She was my lady. She didn't treat me like a slave. It seems she doesn't remember."

Nerissa mentioned.

"This world was created for the restoration of Taonier, right?"

She retained memories about that.

I couldn't deny it at this point.

I nodded.

"As I suspected, you already knew. I had my suspicions."

Nerissa gave a weak smile.

"When will the others find out the truth?"

"After floor 40."

Level 40.

The limit for the ascension of 4-star ones is removed.

I recalled the Master's teachings.

There was a significant difference between 3-star and 4-star ones.

The difference lies not only in performance within the game. The attitude towards missions also changes.

'4-star heroes are aware of their purpose.'

This is something Kishasha and Shay have in common.

They understand the true objective of the missions.

They don't act reluctantly, like many 3-star heroes, but with full awareness of their role.

The subtle difference I perceived in them outside the game probably stems from this knowledge.

'The time will come to explain everything.'

It's not far off.

I just have to prove that what I've seen directly is the truth.

I'm also intrigued.

In the ascensions from 2 to 3 stars, I only witnessed unfortunate situations.

It was difficult for me to understand their conversations.

But with the 4-star ones, it will be different. I'll surely get a clearer clue.


"But what does that memory have to do with your decision to leave the group?"

"Uh." Nerissa coughed slightly.

"If it's about fighting, I'll try even harder."

"You're already trying very hard. Originally, I was only in charge of minor tasks in my land."

"That sounds like an excuse."

"If I have to explain, it's because I want to investigate on my own. If I'm in Group 1, I won't have time for that."

"Investigate what?"

"There are several things that don't match with what I know. Especially..."

Nerissa paused in thought.

"It doesn't matter. I'll tell you when I'm sure."


"Anyway, I hope you approve of my decision. Belkist will be more useful to the group than me at this time."

"If you really think so, I guess I have no other choice."

"I'm glad." Nerissa smiled, relieved.

"That fool makes me feel sorry for him. It would be a shame if he's expelled after training so much..."


'It's clear he would lose.'

Nerissa muttered this last to herself before leaving the training camp.

She left me alone, reflecting.

'A hero's memory.'

It's still a mystery to me.

My decision not to inquire further into the details of Nerissa's memory also stems from this uncertainty.

As I advance in the tower, I'll understand better.

'Floor 40.'

Upon reaching 4 stars, the treatment toward heroes changes slightly.

4-star heroes have access to the third skill, the engraving.


I've found a hero suitable to take on the role of Submaster.

Nerissa will perform well in that role.

She belongs to the diligent group and manages her tasks meticulously.

'It's time to resume the conquest of the tower.'

With greater swiftness this time.

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