Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 165


With the announcement of the knight, the great hall's doors opened, and side by side walked in a pair of red-haired and red-eyed father and son.

"Ah? The Grand Duke? Didn't the Lord proclaim that he wouldn't assign the Grand Duke any work for a week, and that he would personally take care of anyone who came to seek him... Yes, my apologies."

Henderson, who had spoken too thoughtlessly and loudly, silenced himself under Patrick's stern gaze.

One by one, the vassals gathered, watching from all around, as the father and son pair took their seats at the head of the table.

"We shall commence the first regular meeting of the MacLaine Viscounty," Patrick announced the start of the meeting, and Logan immediately stepped forward.

"After the war ended and our family was promoted to viscounts, there have been many big and small changes. Let's discuss the issues one by one and find solutions. Who would like to start?"

As he spoke, Dwayne raised his hand first.

"As I mentioned before, above all, we must supplement the administrative staff. We need to recruit more officials in the name of our family."

"I heard about that, but why is there such a shortage of officials? Didn't we take over Bifrost's officials, except for the high-ranking ones?"

"...The Lord commanded us to be selective in taking people in. Anyone who had even the slightest corruption or was related to the Bifrost family was excluded, leaving us critically short on staff."


Logan had no choice but to nod.

With the exclusion of those involved in corruption and those related to the Bifrost family, there was a shortage of people, and what more could be said about that?

"Yeah, I get it. Are there any other issues for the rest?"

As Logan shifted his gaze, surprisingly, Clayton stepped forward.

"I have caught the gist of the research that the Grand Duke requested. We need funds for it."


At the mention of the requested research, a spark shone in Logan's eyes.

Clayton's words didn't end there though.

"In addition to that, as shameful as it is to say out loud, since I've become known, many wandering mages have been coming to the mage tower, or people who want to become mages have been applying. This has posed some problems."

"...Isn't that a good thing?"

The implication was that mages were flocking to the mage tower due to Clayton, who had reached the realm of a magic user and earned the moniker Golem Master.

Wasn't this the opportunity to take in new apprentices? What was the issue?

"Well... there are many among them who are mediocre at best in magic, and the wandering mages are mostly those who have been kicked out of their previous mage towers or sects for causing trouble. We need help to filter out such individuals and to select truly talented ones."

"Hmm. Specifically, what kind of support do you require?"

"It's embarrassing to admit... but..."

"Clayton, sir, you are a treasure to our territory. Anything..."

"We just need funds."


...There was indeed something to be embarrassed about.

Reading Logan's reaction, Clayton quickly added.

"That is, we need to create artifacts and magical circles that can be used for the mage tower's defense and can identify and measure the talent of children, and also..."

Feeling the surrounding gaze becoming sharper.

"Crucially! The research that Logan entrusted us with requires a large amount of rare metal materials."

Clayton presented an issue that couldn't be ignored.

The revival of the golem mage tower was directly connected to the power of the MacLaine domain.

As overwhelming as that task was, the research on Kraowne had to be achieved.

In his previous life, it was a visionary project that increased the empire's knights' forces by twenty percent.

If possible, it had to be accomplished no matter what.

Logan sighed softly and nodded.

"Hmm. We understand that issue as well. Does anyone else have another problem?"

As if waiting his turn, Hamar, the master of the workshop in attendance, immediately followed with his remarks.

"The workshop also lacks workers. It's near deathly tough since we were ordered to sell our rapid-fire crossbows nationwide but had no recruitment for manpower. If we want to do it properly, we need thrice the number of artisans we have now."

"Three times as many?"

"Yes, that's the minimum, based on our dwarven standards."

"Ugh. Is that so? Can't we do with a little less...?"

"That's already the smallest amount, my lord."

Hamar's request was another issue that needed money.

Logan let out yet another sigh.

"Ha, alright. Any other issues?"

"For the matters related to the knights, Heinikel 'the Knight' will speak for us."

Patrick emphasized a specific word while subtly gesturing towards Heinikel seated below the dais.

"It doesn't seem right for me to involve myself in the knights' affairs."

With noticeably more wrinkles and white hair, and a wooden and metal prosthetic where his right arm once was, Heinikel's expression was calm, yet to the others, it seemed pitiable.

After the merit distribution at the royal palace, Heinikel, along with Clayton and Ronian, had received the rank of knight under Patrick's lead for their significant contributions during the war.

Aside from Ronian, the remaining ten, including Viktor and Ailen from the knight squad and the total commander Kaisellon, were rewarded with rank above baron - a reward higher than the rest.

Yet, even that compensation seemed painfully insufficient to fill the loss of arm and force suffered by the superior knight.

Patrick's expression inevitably became complex as he looked at Heinikel.

"…Alright, I'll speak myself. With the incorporation of the northern Kallia region into our domain, the majority of the existing Kallia knights opted to remain in their positions and align with our territory."

"The majority?"

Logan, who began his reply with a soft sigh, was met with surprise.

"One would think you'd be pleased with the increase in knights?"

"Our knights numbered 112 after the war. In contrast, the number of Kallia knights who chose to transfer reached 201."

"Wow... Wicken Kallia must have been furious."

"Not at all. On the contrary, he pushed them to go."

"…Excuse me?"

"Wicken Kallia, formerly the lord, er, the count, said it was better to go to the newly powerful MacLaines and spread their wings than remain in Kallia under surveillance amidst restrictions. So, even Lord Jorge of the Kallia knights came to us."

"A high-grade knight's with us?!"

"Yes. That's precisely why it's an issue."

Logan understood his father's words immediately.

Wicken Kallia's choice was unexpected, but since the knights have officially aligned under the lordship of the king to the MacLaine domain, their transfer was not too bizarre.

However, the issue was not simple since more knights had joined than before, including high-grade ones, and even if they expressed obedience, managing them wouldn't be easy.

And perhaps...

"Now, we must decide whether to pass on the Blood Sword, which has become our symbol or not. If we treat everyone equally, the knights who have built the current territory may feel slighted, and if we make a distinction, it might cause problems later."

"...Don't they say, 'Familiarity breeds closeness?' Wasn't that one of your father's principles?"

"There's a limit to everything. Even more so since the circumstances are now much different than before."

The turbulent period of defending unknown domains has ended, followed by a civil war that split the nation. It was over.

The era of chaos and the era of peace — it was only natural that the approach to knight management would have to change.

Logan sighed and looked around at the audience.

"Are there no other matters?"

After making sure no one else came forward, Logan focused on Dwayne.

"Let's discuss the matter of recruiting administrators that Mr. Dwayne mentioned. It's easy to issue a public notice for recruitment, but how many do we need to hire exactly?"

"There are twenty castles, and we have fewer administrators than that. At least the former Bifrost administrators are working hard in those areas, but due to the war, we haven't been able to assign overseers, and many other castles are being operated by a consensus of the village chiefs alone. If this continues, the territory's operations themselves will either be paralyzed or collapse."

The situation was far more serious than anticipated, casting grim expressions on all listeners.

"Is it really that bad?"

"Now even the chief administrators of the main castle, myself included, are handling work day and night without rest and are barely managing the administrative work of only two towns and the Sylvan, Teslon, and MacLaine castles."

And to think there was all that reveling during the festival.

'Even with a lord's command, that was rather...'

Logan swallowed the retort that had surged to the tip of his tongue.

In these grave circumstances, there was no need to waste time dredging up the past.

"So, how many more do we need?"

"We need at least thirty experienced administrators ready for immediate deployment."

"Thirty? Will that be enough?"

"...For now, yes. And actually..."

Encouraged by Logan's active response, Dwayne cautiously glanced at the audience before hesitantly adding his piece.

"Wouldn't it be impractical to send newly hired administrators immediately as lords to the castles? It seems wiser to pick from among us here, those who already have some degree of trust, to manage the regions without issues."

At those words, the room fell silent for a moment.

Whether administrators or knights, everyone's eyes turned expectantly towards Logan and Patrick.

Owning a castle and acting as a regent was a great honor.

As Dwayne suggested, no one would foolishly appoint a newly recruited administrator as a regional power-holder right away.

Excluding MacLaine Town, there were 19 splendid positions among the MacLaine territory's 20 castles, setting off a gleaming opportunity in the minds of the gathered vassals.

"Yes. Perhaps it's best that among the vassals who have served diligently, we select those with a good reputation to be installed as lords?"

"Yes. That seems wise."

And just as quickly, the answer came from Dwayne himself.

His expression betrayed his thoughts, prompting Logan to chuckle unconsciously.


"Yes. After all, the candidates are all here, so it's better to decide on the spot now that the topic has come up."

Upon Patrick's words, the vassals' eyes started shining.

"So, Dwayne, why don't you start by recommending someone for us?"

At that, the burly administrator's face flushed so red his eyes seemed to shine.

"Is self-nomination also possible...?"

"Ah, of course, since you have to manage here as chief administrator, you're excluded."

"What?! Why?!"

"You know how much I value you, Dwayne, why would I send you anywhere else?"

"Ah, ahem... Drat."

"Why don't you just make some recommendations?"

While the frustrated Dwayne caught everyone's attention, an unexpected answer came from the back.

"Even if we take recommendations, we should at least have one criteria."

"Damien? Well, let's hear it."

Buoyed by the positive response, the previous lifetime's independent army chief of intelligence spoke up, his face slightly flushed.

"Although I'm unaware of the southwest territory's traditions, for the castles in Kallia and Taren regions, it might be best to send incumbent superior knights."


"Yes. Historically, there is always a sense of localism in lands newly incorporated into a nation or territory. Particularly in areas merged from previously hostile regions. One classic issue could be the lax duty of the troops."

"I see. And?"

"Yes. If the lord is a knight, especially one of mid-grade or above, at least that concern can be mitigated. Even if we separately send supervisors for actual management tasks."

"...That's a good idea. Let's do that."

"Thank you!"

As Damien tightly clenched his fist in delight, Logan secretly sneered.

Damien Nadal, the 'Evil Brain,' was celebrating over a single accepted idea on personnel.

'The disconnect with my past life is too vast. I should soon find a suitable task for this fellow to utilize his talents.'

While a new source of concern emerged, addressing the domain's immediate problems took precedence.

"Now, with Damian's proposed criteria in mind, let's proceed with appointing the lords. Everyone, feel free to suggest candidates!"

No sooner had his words concluded than hands popped up all around.

"I recommend Mr. Lugel Hice!"

"I nominate Mr. Feran Doyle..."

"From the former Bifrost, official Mr. Reactor..."

The lord of a castle.

Though technically a representative of the domain, as long as they did not oppose their true master, no noble could dismiss their authority within the castle.

In this era, a lord who performed well could retain his position indefinitely and even pass it on to the next generation.

It was as good as being a noble in all but name.

Therefore, the vassals' competition for the position was fierce.

"I put forward Sir Digrom!"

"I would recommend Sir Enrique..."

'The family has grown this much.'

Just three and a half years back, MacLaine was nothing but a humble fort.

To think the family had expanded so significantly.

As Logan marveled at the newfound pride and smiled, he caught his father's eyes doing the same.

Without a word, as if to acknowledge the interruption to his rest...

'It's all thanks to you.'

...Patrick shaped those words silently with his lips and gave a thumbs up.

It wasn't until a full four hours later that the 19 castle lords and their respective administrative and regent positions were all determined.

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