Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 164


Under the rising sunlight of a summer's early morning, a warm heat began spreading across the world. Yet the air of dawn remained cool. Taking a deep breath of that crisp and refreshing air, Logan stepped powerfully out of his room.

"It's finally quiet."

Thinking back to the events of just a few days prior still brought a smirk to his face. The grand welcome ceremony. The festive atmosphere filled with joy and cheers. The declaration of celebration by Count Padric McClain had amplified that mood several-fold, leading to a frenzied festival that lasted three whole days and nights. Of course, Logan had been holed up in his office the entire time.

'There was so much to do,' he thought, justifying the need to keep the good atmosphere going. 'I've finished checking whether the post-war cleanup was done. Now it’s time to start exploring the new territory I've acquired...'

With a calm mind, Logan organized his to-do list and headed for his office. It was necessary for him to understand the contents and devise a plan so that the staff could move efficiently once the celebrations were over. As he arrived at his office with those thoughts, he encountered an unexpected sight.


His father, who had never been one to get up at dawn to work on documents before he handed over full authority to Logan, was already there before him.

"As expected. Coming straight here at dawn..."

'As expected?' Logan tilted his head at his father's unusual choice of words, and his father approached his side with a soft sigh.

"Your Excellency, no I mean, Sir Eilen told me. Despite what I said, you've been only practicing even in the capital after the war ended. It’s always training or work... Even when everyone else was enjoying the festival."

"I needed to do it."

"Yes, of course. I can't fault you for not neglecting your training, especially since there was no one else to stand in for you in the capital."

Despite his words, Logan could see a deep concern in his father's eyes – and through his next words, Logan immediately understood why.

"Son, do you distrust me or the other vassals by any chance?"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"The cleanup after the battlefield, the organization of the newly acquired territory... Surely, others could handle that."

Well, of course, but...

"There are important issues that I feel better handling myself. I have plans I’ve been thinking about."

"To me, that sounds like you don't trust others."

"Father, that’s not it..."

"Then why do you feel the need to handle everything yourself?"

"…I'm only doing what's necessary. Besides, it was you, Father, who entrusted me with full authority."

"Yes, that's true. It made sense during the urgency of war. But now all that’s left for me and Dwayne are matters that can be dealt with later, right?"

The crisis was not yet over. Immediate action was necessary, because if left for later, even manageable affairs could become unmanageable. Many words came to mind, but Logan found it difficult to voice them amid the apparent worry in his father's gaze, eyes that so resembled his own.

"Of course, working hard is good. But even when others are ready to step in, and they beg you to rest, yet you can't... that’s an illness. Do you think there's no one in the family who can take your place?”

Yes, before he could utter the truth that rose to his throat.

"Is that why you're anxious?"

The concerned face that entered his vision again weighed on his heart.

“…It's not that serious."

"I'm sure you're aware of how much influence you wield within the McClain family. And with that in mind, it's good for the family that you rest and maintain emotional ease. So rest for now."

"I'm not neglecting my duties because I don't trust others, I’m just..."

"So please, show the people around you that you trust them."


But still...

Seeing Logan flustered, Padric gave a sardonic smile.

"From today, you are forbidden from working or training for one week. Do nothing and rest well in your room. Do you understand?"


"If you attempt to do something within that week, I'll consider excluding you from family affairs for a while."

"How can you say such a thing..."

Before Logan could protest further, it seemed his father had no intention of giving him a chance.

"All of this is out of concern for you. Go rest. Just go back to your room."

"Ah, Father?"

His father forcibly turned Logan around and pushed him out the door. Logan could have resisted, but what would be the use in fighting his father over wanting to work?

During his state of bewilderment, he was pushed out of the door with a puzzled expression, and he turned to his father.

"Logan. One week. Just rest for one week. Absolutely don't do anything and trust me and the other vassals, alright?"

"Uh? Father, listen to me..."

"Then rest up, my son!"


The office door slammed shut, with no intention of listening to Logan's words. Logan was left staring at the closed door, dumbfounded for a moment.

* * *


There were so many things he had to do. Who would have expected such absurd interruptions?

Lying on his bed, Logan repeatedly pondered how to overcome the sudden obstacle that had sprung up uninvited.

"What to do..."

No matter how he thought about it, there seemed to be no way around it, as his father had said it out of concern. As he was struggling with these thoughts.

"…Young Master. You're not in distress just because you can't work right now, are you?"

An incredulous voice reached his ears. When he turned his head, he saw Rick.

Is it strange that the look on his face, as though he's witnessing something bizarre, felt somewhat troubling?

Logan found himself making excuses without realizing it.

"No, it's not because I'm work-addicted, I just have a lot of work to do."

"That's what we call work addiction."

"…Ahem. Well, you might not understand but if I don't do it..."

"Someone else will."



Amid the silent standoff between master and servant, Logan realized something.

"You've heard something from Father, haven't you?"

"Yes. He told me to monitor you, Young Master."


He was too straightforward to even argue with. Logan could only look on in astonishment, but Rick didn't back down.

"Young Master, I’m quite scared."


Logan's eyes widened at the unexpected words.

"People say how enviable it must be to be the immediate servant of the heroic Young Master. That my future must be bright and assured. It’s a cause for jealousy."


"Yes, it’s true. It’s good to have the directly served Young Master become a hero, to be in a position where I can enjoy the benefits. But at the same time, I felt suffocated."

"What do you mean by that?"

Rick continued speaking, unfazed by Logan's puzzled gaze.

"At night, you would save even your sleeping time for training and practicing meditation. During the day, it's work or more training. Sometimes I wondered if I was a hindrance to your work or training... if you might discard me."

"Rick, I'd never do such a..."

"Of course, I know that's not true. It's just my timid fears speaking. But Young Master, can you answer me honestly for once?"

"…What is it?"

"Even now, you still have worries that you can't share with others, right? That's why you feel uneasy doing nothing? Ever since that day over three years ago, when you collapsed and then woke up again..."

Rick's brown eyes conveyed true sincerity, which inadvertently prompted Logan to respond.


"I thought so... That's how it was. Our Young Master, how difficult it must have been for you all this time. What a confounded situation. As your dedicated servant, even I was clueless... Sorry, it's just... tears..."

Was it luck that he didn't press further? Logan wasn't sure what to say as he stared back.

Wiping away the tears, Rick continued, his eyes still red.

"I wouldn't dare ask you to lean on me. But the lord and the others are working hard to help you. Take a break for a bit. Put aside that worry you can't speak of for a moment. I'll do my best too. Just as the lord said, take a short rest, and then you can go back to working hard again, can’t you, Young Master?"

How could he say no to such a fervent plea? Logan let out a weary sigh and a sarcastic smile before nodding.

"…Okay. I’ll rest."

"That’s the spirit! Please lie down. I'll let you know as soon as lunch is ready."

Rick promptly turned to leave. Watching his familiar departure evoked unexpected emotions and statements.

"Thank you... always."

Rick's figure paused briefly. His head dipped to the floor before tilting up to gaze at the ceiling for a moment.

"…I'll see you later."

Only his voice tinged with moisture departed the room.

'Yes. I should take a little break.'

After sending Rick away, a truly long sigh escaped Logan’s lips. His perspective seemed to have shifted slightly.

He had indeed been working very hard until now. Perhaps it was okay to afford himself this leisure. He could always work harder afterward.

Determined, Logan settled quietly onto his bed, intending to enjoy sheer laziness until mealtime.

But then...

Knock knock.

"…Who is it?"

- Yo, Young Master! Please help!

The urgent voice seemed to penetrate the door.

"...I'm on vacation."

- The lord left all the work on me because he’s busy interviewing new knights! I feel like dying!

"Talk to Father. I'm going to sleep."

- Young Master!

"No matter what anyone says, I'll sleep..."

- No, it's really urgent!



"Sir Dwayne! My back, my back!"

The door as though about to be broken down, two people tumbled onto the floor.

"What the... Have you lost your mind?"

Logan shouted with a startled voice upon seeing the faces of Dwayne and Lugel.

"Argh... This… It was a mistake. An accident. But it’s really important! Please allow us to hire more people! Our territory has expanded, and we're critically short on administrative personnel!"

"So why are you telling me that? Go to Father..."

"The lord thinks if someone can count, they can handle administration! He wants us to just use anyone from the territory!”

"But still, why come to me..."

"Dwayne, me first!"

Before Logan could cut off Dwayne's ramblings, Lugel interjected.

"Your Highness. It’s not just the administrative staff at the main castle; the other regions are even more of a problem. We have limits to using village chiefs as temporary castle lords. Now that it’s not wartime, we have to issue official appointments. Demands are pouring in like a flood; do you understand how serious this is?"

While Logan was clutching his head at the sight of the two desperate administrators, another loud bang echoed.



As Padric's eyes met with the two administrators, they averted their gazes awkwardly with forced smiles.

"…And why are you here, Father?"

Looking at his father, Logan rubbed his eyes, which felt like they were twitching, and glared at him.

"Well, there’s a pressing matter with the knights that I need to discuss with you... Oh? Why are you guys here?"

"…So you say, but you told me to rest no matter what."

"Hm. Well. As much as I could discuss with others, since you're the one who will lead these knights in the future... I need your input now... Sorry, son."

With a long sigh, 'so this is the fate I’m dealt,' Logan resigned himself to awakening from his much too brief respite.

"Just hold a general meeting. Gather everyone."

As for what to tell Rick, a smile crept across his face at the thought.

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