Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 144

Chapter 144: 

"It was fifty-fifty anyway. It's alright. After all, it's a privilege to meet the Third Prince. The master can be persuaded in time."

In the city's nighttime streets, Logan comforted himself with these thoughts as he dashed across the rooftops. Although he had failed to secure the definitive winning hand known as the Sword Sage, he had other cards to play.

"It'll be as easy as flipping over my hand to persuade the Third Prince..."

Would he accept his fate of either dying or being imprisoned for life, or would he choose to take a chance on the slim possibility of becoming king? For most people, the latter was the obvious choice.

Logan believed the Third Prince he had encountered would make the same choice. What he needed now was to secure not only his own influence and his family's power but also the support of forces that could stand behind the Third Prince.

"Everything should go as planned..."

After running through the darkness for a while, Logan's strides took him into a mansion adorned with an intricate floral design.

"This condition is too great to accept; are they really planning to keep their word?"

Even in the dead of night when he should have been deeply asleep, Count Roberts Floyd struggled with a headache, unable to rest. Two thin letters had robbed him of his sleep. The letters offered an empty seat among the frontier lords due to the war and beckoned him to their side.

After covering another similar letter with a sardonic laugh, the Count gazed at the ceiling. Rumors of significant damage sustained by both factions in a major clash at Harun Castle a week ago had been circulating.

The aftermath of those rumors were the letters now in his possession. Both factions were reaching out to neutral forces.

Not officially a faction, but the neutral declaration by the Sword Sage meant that many nobles around the capital, especially those in the Esperanza region, had declared neutrality. While not as formidable as the first or second prince's factions, they were powerful enough to tip the scales if they sided with one faction.

That's why neither faction could meddle carelessly, but it was a different story when it came to enticing them with tempting offers. 

"The Sword Sage wouldn't stop any house from dropping their neutrality unless forced to."

In this situation, the memory of the rascal who had stolen his "treasure" six months ago also resurfaced.

"I was told to stay as neutral as possible. Could he have anticipated this? No, surely not..."

"I did anticipate it."


The sudden voice behind him made Count Roberts Floyd jump out of his skin. Not a particularly strong man but possessing the skills of a Force User comparable to an average knight, he had no choice but to be startled.

He was also well aware of the defensive and warning spells set up around the mansion.

However, the voice that followed caused more shock than the sudden intrusion.

"I apologize, father-in-law."

It was a familiar voice, but when the black mask was removed, the face revealed seemed strangely unfamiliar.

"Prince Logan? No, that hair color... and your eyes, why?"

"Firstly, I must apologize for visiting so impolitely. It was urgent, and I had to speak to you without others knowing..."

What followed was a conversation that made the Count's face grow sterner. The first response, as expected from his expression, was negative.

"It's an interesting proposition, but this is a matter that involves the fate of our house. I can't make a hasty decision."

While the Count diplomatically expressed that it would be difficult, his countenance grew even darker. If it weren't for his daughter's involvement with their house, he likely would have immediately shaken his head.

But Logan remained unperturbed.

"That's because you think even if we gather all neutral nobles, our collective strength is still too weak, isn't it, father-in-law?"

"I won't deny it. Moreover, choosing me as the pivotal figure to unite the neutral forces implies that Sir Felix has already declined, doesn't it?" 

At Roberts's assumption, Logan grimaced.

"I plan to persuade the master further. He seems to need more time."

"Indeed... Given what he has said, whether he'll retract his decision..."

A deep sigh was the Count's weary reply.

"Anyway... Even if the Duke of Esperanza and his allies stand by us, and we rally all neutral forces, it will still be a struggle to oppose either faction. It's highly risky, they're even offering unbelievable conditions in their desperation."

"I'm aware."

"And yet you speak such words? Some families have already joined the factions and are marching to the frontlines."

"I know that too."

If things had proceeded as in the original history, Roberts Floyd, the man before Logan, would also have been eager to join the second prince's faction.

'It's a bit earlier than anticipated.'

By the time of Logan's plan, the families that hadn't maintained neutrality but succumbed to the temptation of the factions had already been confirmed to have marched out.

All those who could have joined the enemy were already in their ranks.

"However, father-in-law, there is something you don't know."

"...And what might that be?"

"Our house, the McLean, possesses enough strength on its own to combat two or potentially even three frontier lords at once."

"I'm aware of the prowess your family displayed in the Central Battlefields, but that seems a bit exaggerated."

"Most recently, our forces even managed to repel Duke Kalia's army. Of course, that included the elite aided by the Storm Sword."

Although he didn't say so, even the forces left to defend their territory hadn't been accounted for. That was enough assurance to be persuasive.

"Is that truly so?"

The Count's countenance brightened noticeably.


"Elaine, the Lady, was also present. Could you not inquire directly? Perhaps communication will be possible quite soon."

"What?! That's not certain..."

"Did you entice my daughter to a battlefield?! Even to a place where the Storm Sword was present?! You insane...!!"

Logan spent some time sweating profusely as he tried to appease his infuriated father-in-law.

But after much effort, and when the Count had finally calmed down...

"So McLean and the Duke of Esperanza... If we then add the remaining neutral forces, it certainly seems feasible. It's better than gambling away half the fate of our house."


"I shall join you. I entrust this to you, 'son-in-law.' Though, this all presumes that the Sword Sage moves as well."

"Of course."

Eight months into the civil war.

The head of a notably strong neutral noble house, Count Roberts Floyd of Floyd, accepted Logan's offer.

The following day.

Logan used the same route and method as the day before to enter his master's mansion, where he managed to encounter the third prince, who looked somewhat haggard in comparison to before.

"It has been a while, Your Highness."

Despite being startled by a sudden voice from behind, the Third Prince calmly turned around as if he had been expecting it.

Then he gave a wry smile upon seeing Logan unmask himself.

"Yes, it has been a while, Sir Logan."

"I trust you have been well, Your Highness. I have come because I believe it is time to keep a promise I once made."

"Haha... A promise..."

The prince's pale face turned sharp as his blue eyes glinted, scrutinizing Logan.

Logan, without hesitation, went straight to the point.

"Just as I told you that day, I've dealt with Roger Bifrost. Now, I wish to make you this country's ruler. That is, should Your Highness desire it."


The prince's demeanor brightened slightly at the mention of a sovereign.

But Rogers von Grandia, the Third Prince, did not readily speak after a lengthy pause.

"Currently, I am confined to a duke's residence rather than the royal palace, and you, with your noble lineage, must hide and wear a mask to meet someone like me. Can it truly be done under these circumstances?"

"It can be done."

With no trace of hesitation in his immediate response, Logan saw the prince's gaze become sharper.

"The factions of the first and second princes are too preoccupied with fighting each other, which means their strength continues to diminish. And I am preparing forces that can wipe them out in a single strike."

"How exactly?"

"Our family's might has already been proven in the central battlefields. And we have over twice that firepower waiting in our lands."

"What?! Can this be true?"

Although Logan had only mentioned double, the prince's eyes sparkled at the prospect.

'You've been attentive to the war's intelligence, haven't you? Good, it's desirable.'

A smile crossed Logan's lips.

"Moreover, if the master can persuade the neutral forces to act, we can easily sweep away the remaining might of the battle-wearied factions."

"And they will ultimately support me?"

The Third Prince's eyes began to brighten even more.

"Yes, Your Highness. No noble will refuse the opportunity to claim a place in a new kingdom."

"Even if your master refuses to help?"

"McLean already has ample strength, Your Highness. And as time passes, the situation will increasingly work in our favor."

It was a straightforward but solid strategy. For the first time in a while, the Third Prince's face blossomed with a smile.

'Rushing to persuade the master now could backfire. It's better to return and convey my thoughts via occasional communications. From now on...'

From that day, Logan spent the next several days secretly meeting with the leading figures of the neutral forces who had staunchly maintained neutrality during the civil war, even falling into destitution by its end, to use them as a stepping stone for his most assured plan.

* * *

"Increase the production of Liberatio and the chains rapier as much as possible. Also, expand the training of the defense squad."

Logan's orders to his territory right after declaring his withdrawal from a faction. By the time Logan had arrived in his domain, after a stint in the capital, these tasks were already well underway.

"The production of crossbows, cartridges, and Liberatio has been increased more than 1.5 times, and the defense squad is close to reaching 20,000 members. There is some discontent due to increased training time as the harvest season approaches, though..."

"That's okay. You've done well, Ronnie."

"Not at all, brother. It was my duty, after all."

Logan patted his younger brother, who had grown quite sturdily over the years, on the shoulder.

"What news from the central front?"

"Since the last clash a week ago, there's been a lull."

"What? Why?"

It was too soon. They shouldn't have suffered such severe damage yet.

Facing Logan's puzzled gaze, Ronnie looked uncomfortable.

"To be honest, I'm not sure either. Perhaps they're each drawing on more reserves to gather strength?"

"Right, that must be it."

Though slightly uneasy, Logan knew he couldn't fully inspect the situation at the front from here. Instead of worrying needlessly, he decided to focus on bolstering his family's forces.

"Good. You've done very well in our absence. Here's your reward for it."


"Take it. Consider it compensation for keeping our lands safe."

Ronnie's gaze settled on the sword Logan extended toward him.

The blade, with runes engraved as ornate decorations, emanated a chilly blue aura. Even at a glance, it was clear the artifact was high-grade.

"This is the sword that Knight of the Moonlight, Plantes, used. It's named Frigus, which means 'cold' in ancient language. Seems to be at least 4th class."

"Why give it to me? You could use it, brother..."

"Lux has awakened the elemental magic. I won't need it."

"Oh...! It was actually possible! Wow!!"

Ronnie's eyes widened in amazement as he repeatedly uttered exclamations of surprise.

However, he soon shook his head again.

"No, no. I should not accept this."


"Give it to your fiancée instead. I am happy with Mane. Who knows, maybe Mane will awaken to elemental magic like Lux."

Lux was a masterpiece that contained a dwarf master's soul. Mane, which could be considered a lower form, was fundamentally different from Lux.

'Hammar probably couldn't deliberately create another one.'

But his brother wasn't ignorant of this fact.

"That's for you. You have the merit of protecting our family during our absence. It's alright for you to use it."

Heinzel had already given the sword, of one grade lower than the one Aslan lost, Bellochitas.

Logan naturally thought that his brother should accept this sword.

"Then all the retainers should receive it. Not just me."

"Huh. This guy..."

"As I said, it was my expected duty. The safety of the future lady of McLean is certainly more important, right, brother?"

"That's you... Hmm."


"No, it's nothing. Perhaps you're right."

Regardless of her being the fiancée, Elaine was also a talented individual with potential to become an extraordinary being.

If not from Ronnie, then giving the sword to Elaine wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Oh, you look amused, brother? Surely thinking of the lady..."

"You impress me, kid! Young man!"


Facing an unpredictable future amidst impending turmoil, Logan managed to smile genuinely for a moment.

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