Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 145

Chapter 145

"That's a good idea. Ronian has come up with something impressive."

Padric smiled and nodded in approval, but Logan could not share in the laughter. His father's pale complexion and faint smile did not look normal at all.

"Are you still not fully recovered?"

"The priest said it would take at least two more weeks of complete rest. Don’t worry, they’ve extracted the remnants of the aura. I've been talking about auras all this time, but experiencing it myself—it's quite dreadful. You be careful too."

Though Logan couldn’t quite feel the same, he could understand his father's sentiment.

"Should I even worry about aftereffects when fighting Superhumans? I'll have to do my best just to keep up."

"…Yes, indeed. Haha, that's true."

"Please take care of yourself. I will give this sword to Lady Eillen as you instructed."

"Yes. And if the lady refuses it, just call it a betrothal gift."


"Given the situation, we haven't been able to have an engagement or wedding ceremony, so if she thinks of it as an engagement gift, she'd have to take it. The girl can be quite stubborn about unnecessary things."


Would she refuse an artifact, especially one of the 4th class?

Logan snorted at the thought.


"I see no reason to accept this. It's too much for a gift."

Seeing his father’s prediction come true, Logan could only lament his own poor judgment.

"Uh, well… does a gift need a reason?"

Logan’s words made Eillen's face blush even more, and her eyes wavered.

Although she couldn’t take her eyes off the sword, indicating a conflict within her, the words that came out were different.

"Like I said, it's too much. It would be an issue for the morale of the other knights for me to receive such a treasure without having achieved any significant feats. It's too much for me right now."

At that, Logan became even more determined.

"That is not the case."


"This sword is not for Knight Eillen, but for my fiancée, Lady Eillen, as an engagement gift."


"With the current state of affairs, since we can't even have an engagement ceremony, isn’t there something I should give you? After all, I’ve only made use of you so far."

"No, I was…"

"So please accept it. I want this sword to be a proof of my promise to you."

An engagement gift traditionally holds such meaning.

And Logan hoped that this sword would be the foundation for Eillen to achieve even greater martial prowess.

With that sentiment alone.

"Are you proposing… right now?"

Eillen's face blushed deeply at her own words, leaving Logan momentarily flustered.

"…What? Uh… yes. Well… if you put it that way…"

Aren’t they already decided to marry? Why question it now?

While Logan tensed up a bit,

Eillen showed a smile more radiant than he had ever seen before.

"A proposal with a sword... Thank you, Your Highness. I can't imagine a more fitting proposal for me."

A proposal with a sword—not a ring or necklace. Logan thought that did indeed suit Eillen, but his heart was pricked with regret.

'…Though I'm not sure exactly how this happened, one thing is clear.'

He must never say that he first thought to give it to Ronian. 'Never!'

He would have to make sure his father and brother kept their mouths shut as well.

With that thought, he sported an awkward smile, and Eillen, beaming happily, firmly grasped his hand.

"I will work hard, too."

What? Surely, she means swordsmanship?

"Let's go. It's been a while since we've sparred!"

Eillen's smile was so beautiful today that Logan couldn’t help but follow her smile and nod, momentarily forgetting the danger that looms in the future.

* * *

The day after McLean declared his withdrawal from the civil war, the siege battle of Harun Castle heated up severely.

Following the most recent decisive battle, where both factions suffered serious damage, the war entered a lull.

Externally, it seemed that both sides were recuperating and preparing their ranks, but such a preparation period strangely lasted far too long.

About a month later, when everyone began to feel something was off, the armies of both factions set out simultaneously.

However, this deployment was not aimed at each other but rather in an unexpectedly unison direction.

Even the lower nobility and soldiers of the factions were puzzled by this abrupt development.

Both factions unexpectedly announced a stance nobody had foreseen.

- We will eradicate the treacherous McLean roots!

Their overt reason was that McLean had stirred up the neutral forces, plotting behind the backs of the legitimate royal successors (the factions).

Some found it unbelievable, yet no one could deny the fact that the armies of the 1st and 2nd princes were on the move simultaneously.

Even that alone hinted at the fate that awaited McLean.

- The McLean house is finished.

Although they retained some forces for mutual check, the fact that the forces including the Superhumans of the counts and the marquises were pointing towards McLean hinted at a coordinated effort.

Effectively, the elite armies of both factions were moving to target McLean through different routes.

McLean was most shocked by these developments, of course.


"Logan! What on earth has happened?!"

"Please, Father, calm down. Let's sit down and talk."

Logan understood his father's excitement completely as he had felt the same only half a day before.

"Wasn’t everything supposed to have been handled properly?! How has it come to this…!?"

The worst crisis had come just when they were beginning to smile, thinking everything was going well.

It would have been odd for his father not to be excited.

"It’s my oversight. However, isn’t it now the time to consider our strategy? Father, please calm down and wait a moment."

Logan sighed and recalled his communication with Count Roberts Floyd.

[Ranbert and Irvin, those small baron-class families that hadn’t seemed of concern, apparently had lines to each faction separately. We’re still investigating how and where the information leaked.]

After he returned, he had made sure that no neutral noble families that had joined factions in his past life were left.

And still, for there to be a spy left...

‘Did they catch onto my moves? Or could it be that despite my explicit warnings, one of the neutral faction's key figures leaked information?’

The truth was unknown.

What was clear, though, was that a plan intended to be executed in at least half a year had caused an immediate disaster.

At least he was somewhat comforted by the fact that such a situation had been considered or rather imagined.

'Yeah, imagined, damn it!'

That enabled Logan to recover his composure within a few hours amid the near panic.

"It’s a difficult situation, but in a way, it’s an issue that was bound to happen sooner or later."

"…What do you mean?"

"Didn’t I tell you when I returned? We're going to have to face the Empire eventually."

"At that time, you said we needed to consolidate power for that purpose.”

"Even with our power, if we were to prepare thoroughly for the future, we'll have to dominate these troubled times. And we must do that while showing undeniable strength to prevent any future opposition."

Initially, Logan considered joining one side of the factions to win, then stealthily eliminating the counts or princes from the same faction and establishing the 3rd prince as king.

However, even if that plan succeeded, it would be difficult to get cooperation from other nobles afterward—becoming a major hindrance in his overarching plan to confront the Empire.

That would be like starting with a stumbling block.

That's why the changed plan included a long detour: consolidating the neutral forces. But with the situation as it unfolded, it became necessary to take a drastic measure once again.

"This time, we simply need to show that we can stand against both factions."

Logan said so, trying to look as shameless as possible.

Seeing the resolve on his face, Padric began to harbor a glimmer of hope.

"…Do you think we have the strength to fend off both factions?"

"We have enough strength to hold out."

"Merely enduring isn’t enough! Are we just going to hold out until we’re worn down to nothing?!"

"That won’t happen. We must fight back. And even with just that success, the situation will change."

"How so?"

"If the situation has come to this…."

As Logan continued, life returned to the previously grim Padric's face.

However, Logan himself remained visibly tense. An assured plan had twisted into placing his fate on uncertain expectations.

'It has to go according to plan.'

Logan forced himself to nurture hopeful thoughts.

If McLean could withstand this desperate attack, no noble in this country could ignore his influence in the future—not even the 3rd prince, whom they planned to crown as king.

Clenching his fist.

"We can be the anvil. That’s entirely possible. But as for the proper hammer…"

Logan looked towards the northwest sky with a worried gaze and re-established a communication.

* * *

As rumors of war spread, the local lord summoned the militia, drawing them inwards.

This caused significant anxiety among the residents under McLean's jurisdiction.

Consequently, even the indigenous people, who had been resistant to relocation policies, were now joining the exodus to seemingly safe locations.

"If this continues, Tomodo-Sylvan Town and Bifrost Castle will soon be filled with people. The number of volunteers for the militia has been steadily increasing, which is somewhat encouraging."

Dwain's expression was nuanced as he reported.

The tension between the dire crisis and the will of the region's people was reflected on the faces of all the vassals.

"Without time to train new volunteers, we'll assign them menial tasks for now. The current militia should be concentrated in McLean Town, leaving the defense of other castles to their fate."

In such circumstances, Padric announced the conclusion reached during the senior leadership meeting to everyone present.

Most nodded in agreement. The routes of the impending invasion by the faction coalition armies were already well-known.

However, Padric unnecessarily restated an already familiar fact to the vassals.

"It’s common knowledge that McLean Town is our core. The northern mountains are too difficult for a large army to traverse, and the enemies have no reason to employ risky tactics. They'll come through the closest flatlands to the east, circling north towards McLean Castle."

Padric continued relentlessly despite the puzzled looks of the vassals.

"The space between McLean Castle and the northern mountains is too vast to be defended only by McLean Castle. Therefore, we will build a long earth wall north of McLean Castle to create a defensive line."

Padric's declaration turned the hall into a buzzing marketplace.

"What are you talking…"

"What did I just hear?"

"With so little time left, how can you suggest building an earth wall? Wouldn't it be better to…"

The murmurs increased until—

"Everyone quiet down! If we invest all remaining budget, it can be constructed within a week."

Before the noise could swell further, Logan asserted, quieting the uproar.


"That makes no sense."

"Your Highness! What exactly are you saying…!"

As some vassals continued with bewildered questions,

"We have the best magicians with us."

Logan declared, looking towards a part of the hall, but the vassals remained sceptical.

At the site where Logan gazed, Clayton stood with a fierce look on his somber face, sweating as he forced a smile at the assembled crowd.

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