Regressor of the Fallen Family (Novel) Chapter 175

Episode 175

"I can't believe how much this neighborhood has changed; it's truly unbelievable."

The silver-haired beauty's black eyes sparkled as she surveyed her surroundings.

Despite her somewhat haggard complexion, her beauty was unmistakable, commanding the gaze of everyone who walked by McLean manor at least once. 

But her sole attendant, a female servant, couldn't hide her anxiety, in stark contrast to her lady's nonchalance.

"My lady, are you sure about this? If something were to go wrong..."

"It's fine. He still hasn’t been able to forget about me."

"But you, you broke off the engagement so dramatically..."

"It's natural to clash under such circumstances. His pride must have been hurt, but I'm certain. That man can't forget me."

With her mistress so assertive, the servant couldn't press any further.

Leena, too, sensed her servant's skepticism, but she was confident in herself.

She remembered distinctly—

- The memories created with Young Master Logan in this beautiful, peaceful place, the precious moments left in a young heart that she didn’t want to abandon.

The moment she feigned her tears.

The man who looked at her with eyes filled with every possible emotion.

The vehement opposition at the time of their broken engagement must have been out of desire for her.

Leena thought so.

And thus.

"Please, make sure one more time. Do I look distressed enough?"

"Yes, my lady. Both your makeup and the garments you prepared are perfect."

The old-fashioned dress, orchestrated to evoke pity, accentuated her beauty as if it were her intentional choice.

Certainly, Leena was undeniably pretty in her servant's eyes.

"Good. I'll grab McLean once again and revive our family."

Such was her confidence, not excessive in the least.

Whether or not things would go as she wished, however, remained to be seen.

"Yes, my lady. It shall be as you say."

The servant's voice lacked conviction, but it didn't matter to the mistress.

'Even if I fail to restore the family name, just by securing my place in the manor, it would be a better outcome for me.'

Leena thought as she conjured a wistful expression once again, committing to flawlessly maintain her act until the desired results were achieved.

* * *


"Your former fiancée, Miss Leena Wolves..."

"I know the name, but why would she come here?"

"She says she has something to discuss with you, Young Master."


Logan was taken aback, a wry laugh escaping him. 

He recalled the rumors about the Wolves family. 

Stripped of their wealth and title by the royal family, they lost their ancestral lands and were relegated to a desolate estate on the borders.

It didn’t seem like a pleasant occasion for the eldest daughter of such a distressed family to seek him out.

"Nevermind. Have Dwain handle it and send her away."

"But she insists on not leaving until she 'personally' sees the Young Master."


"Well, it would cause concern if we forcefully turned away a noble entourage. I'm a bit worried about the repercussions of using force unnecessarily."

"Just another inconvenience, huh... Hmm..."

He didn’t want to provoke idle gossip during this busy period, but it seemed unavoidable.

"Well, let me see her, then. Just to hear what she has to say."

Dismissing whatever nonsense she might spout was easy enough.

With that lightweight resolve, Logan went to meet his former fiancée.

* * * Squeak.

As the drawing-room door opened, the attendees rose in unison, and among them stood out one lady in particular.


Long, shimmering silver hair.

Luminous pale skin and obsidian eyes complementing it.

The distinct facial features remained as beautiful as ever, worthy of admiration.

The haggard look and shadowed face she now bore stirred a protective instinct to embrace and shelter her. 

Even in a muted-colored simple dress, her beauty still captured the attention of onlookers like a spell.

'If I didn't know any better...'

Logan smirked to himself as he approached, and upon seeing him, Leena gracefully bowed her head.

"It's good to see you after such a long time, Young Master Logan."

Her eyes brimmed with sorrow, yet her demeanor was free of hesitation.

Even in a state of pitiable distress, she maintained her dignity.

That appearance, whether genuine or an act, was undeniably compelling, and Logan couldn't help but give a nod of acknowledgment.

"Yes, it has been a long time, Miss. But why have you come all this way? I don't see a reason that would necessitate your travel."

His dismissive greeting seemed to momentarily unnerve her, but she responded without pause.

"I came to apologize for past offenses and to establish a new relationship between our families and the McLains."

"Hm, a new relationship? Seems like something Sir Kairon Wolves should've addressed personally, don't you think?"

She seemed prepared for that jab, smoothly countering with her response.

"My father overexerted himself trying to restore our family's standing and has collapsed. I convinced him to stay put, and I came in his stead, hoping for your understanding."

Right. Old friends, or a friend's child, might be too prideful to bow their heads.

Logan could understand to an extent.

"That's unfortunate. But..."

Not wanting to prolong the conversation, Logan took a more forceful approach.

"Our McLain family doesn't need to consider Wolvens' aid; we're doing fine without it. You should be aware of that."

"Yes. Of course, I'm aware."

"Then let's hear your terms."


"You didn't come all this way empty-handed to say such things, did you?"

Caught off-guard, she faltered momentarily.

"Ah... Yes, well, you're right."

Her eyes wavered slightly, then she began to lay out her prepared terms.

"As you know, the Wolves have invested heavily to restore our standing. However, that doesn't mean we've lost all of our competitive edge. We still have..."

"Please be brief, Miss. I’m quite busy."

"...our network of trade connections that the Wolves have built over generations. I believe it is more valuable than any material wealth."

"Hmm. But even with such valuable assets, Wolves lacks the minimal funds to utilize them. The Wolves of today, that is."

His barbs struck in rapid succession.

'Still so sharp. I need to infuse more emotion into this...'

A woeful expression crossed Leena's face as she bit her lip and bowed her head deeply once again.

"So, I've come to seek your help. Young Master. In light of our old friendship, please lend our family a hand just this once."

How much of her poignant emotional display was genuine?

As Leena presented every move as if it were all an act, Logan chuckled internally.

'I'm still paranoid about this woman? Or is she really acting?'

Neither answer was clear, nor did he particularly want to find out.

"Why travel so far to say this? I'm aware the new territory you received is in the opposite direction from here. Why not seek help closer to home?"

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears at his words.

Catching herself off guard, she hastily wiped them away.

"…My apologies. I got a little emotional."

Seen seemingly unaffected by her tears, Leena maintained a desolate tone.

"There is no one in this country who would dare help a family that's at odds with the McLains. So, please reconsider."

Her reddened eyes quivered even more noticeably.

'I knew it. This man, he can't let me go.'


'Yikes, your tears give me the creeps, woman.'

He was shaken, indeed, but for reasons completely contrary to her expectations.

The tears of a beauty.

Truly a potent weapon, but not against such an unfavorable opponent.

With a shiver crawling up his arms, Logan sighed lightly before responding.

"Why are we at odds? I thought we just called off our engagement and settled the matter fairly."

"Just proving that would greatly help our Wolvens. Please, I implore you."

Leena’s face looked as if it would burst into tears any moment.

'Anyone would think I'm a villain, seeing that face.'

It kept bringing back nightmarish memories of past lives he wished to avoid.

"Is it truly in our McLain's interest, though?"

It was the typical discourse of the nobility: if there's no benefit for us, let’s drop it.

'So it won't be easy after all? But if I mention marriage now, that'll seem too cheap on my part. Can't do that.'

Leena decided to proffer a different angle for her strategy.

"The Wolvens have the connections to globally market McLain's specialty goods to bring us substantial profits."

Those words shifted Logan's expression.


This was unexpected.

They could shrug off and dismiss a bribe, but...

"Specialty goods? Go on."

"McLain's new weapons, proven their worth in the civil war, could be one such specialty. If entrusted to the Wolves, we guarantee profits at least thirty times the cost."


"Don't restrict it to just the kingdom; our network spans the eastern kingdoms and beyond to the western empire. That's something only a family with the Wolves' reach can deliver."

'What's all this then...'

Logan's interest instantly cooled.

"Let’s pretend that conversation didn't happen. Farewell, Miss Leena."

As he stood up to leave.

"Young Master Logan! Please, as a sign of our old bond, hear me out!"

Rushing in front of him, Leena kneeled down.

Old bonds?

The only thing that came to mind was anger, and Logan exhaled in disbelief.

However, she seemed to take it differently, quickly adding,

"Even if you’re averse to those term, I have a better offer."


"I'll enter into a marriage contract with you, ensuring both our families benefit. What do you say?"

Blatant confidence.

Her prior tear-filled look disappeared as if by magic, replaced by the certainty that he wouldn't refuse her proposal.

"You must be mistaken..."


"That's worse than before. Not enticing at all. Why would I want to marry you?"

His categorical rejection shattered her confidence.

"That, that can't... Oh! If it’s about the past, I, I apologize! Douglas pressured me, and I had no choice! If you want, I can even show you the documents exchanged back then!"

Her hasty, unnecessary justification only elicited a bemused smile from Logan.

"If you have nothing else to say, then take care. Travel safely, Miss."

Stunned, Leena watched as Logan reached for the door.

"Wait! Just a moment, Young Master!"

Her voice grew a notch more desperate.

'Persistent, this woman.'

A sigh escaped him naturally.

"Did you ever truly love me?"


Logan turned around, flabbergasted by her unexpected question.

"If, if it's about another fiancée, I, I don't mind being a concubine. If you desire me, I am willing to do anything."

The plaintive look, followed by her plaintive, tear-laden voice, forced Logan into an impolite burst of laughter.


Crying again?

You really are something else.

"Haha. Oh, I'm sorry. Hehe. Ah. Hmm. I must apologize, just so there's no misunderstanding. I have no interest in you whatsoever, Miss."

"But, how could that be…"

"There seems to have been a vast miscommunication. Sadly, I cannot see you out. Please take care, Miss."

Opening the door respectfully and bowing, Logan beheld her for a long moment. Biting her lip tightly, Leena finally left the drawing-room, as if fleeing.

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