The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 166

Chapter 166 - Religion of the Four Gods

In their gazes, Jeffrey couldn't look directly.

Discomfort tinged his neck with red.

"Did you really threaten the prophet?"

"W-well, that..."

"No need to give a long answer, right? Did you or didn't you?"

Jeffrey, with trembling lips, nodded deeply.

"Y-yes. I'm really sorry."



Simultaneously, a sigh escaped from both.

"T-there's a reason. I can explain..."

"Didn't you hear the recording just now? You did it for the sake of my daughter."

"Yes. It was with the intention of giving information to Christine..."

"Still, threatening the prophet crossed a line."

Nathan, who thought Jeffrey would be on his side, spoke firmly.

"I told you before. The prophet is like a golden-egg-laying hen. If you try to split the boat, you'll end up losing the gold."


"Threatening the prophet to get information from her? Did you want to fight with the prophet to break the relationship?"

"It was about Christine's life and death. It would be better to prevent the crime..."

"The prophet already told Christine. Because there's a risk of the future changing, she can't reveal more information. You made a move after hearing that."


"And yet, you decided to threaten. It was a reckless and ignorant action."

"I-I have no excuse. I'm really sorry, truly..."

"You should apologize to the prophet, not to me."

With a cold voice, Christine intervened.

"What were you thinking, Butler Jeffrey?"

"I-I'm sorry..."

"My father didn't do anything good either."

"Eh? Me? You mean me?"

Nathan was suddenly surprised.

"Father, you put Butler Jeffrey in danger."

"That was to protect you..."

"Do you think I'm stupid? Instead, you watched me. Korea is not a danger zone like Nigeria. What danger could there be here? And surely I told you, right? That I would go alone. But in the end, you didn't listen to me, so it's also your fault. Am I wrong?"


Having said nothing wrong, even Nathan had no choice but to remain silent like Jeffrey.

"Ugh... all thanks to the prophet's predictions, we could have been a little more prepared... But you ruined it like this... How will we face the prophet now? Even if we pass Round 11, what about the next one? How do you plan to conquer it if you can't hear the prophecy?"

"D-don't worry too much. I'll apologize directly to the prophet."

"Jeffrey should apologize first before you, father."

"Y-yes, yes. I'll apologize. Christine, so calm down. I'm really sorry. I truly am, and it's all my fault..."

"If you're going to apologize, do it quickly. And don't talk to me anymore. I don't want to hear you because I'm disgusted."

Firmly, Christine left as if she didn't want to exchange more words.

From behind Jeffrey, who was watching in shock, the sound of someone clicking their tongue was heard.

"Tsk tsk, why would you dare mess with the prophet? You shouldn't."

"I never imagined things would end up like this. I'm sorry."

"No need for Christine to apologize to me."

"Well, I'll call the prophet right away."

"Do you expect this to be resolved with a simple call? Seriously?"

Nathan, who was sitting, stood up.

"You should personally go and apologize. You might as well buy a gift to soothe her heart."

"Go personally?"

Leaving the surprised Jeffrey behind, Nathan opened the door.

"What are you doing? Pack your things quickly. We're going to Korea together."


Back at home, Ryu Min thought about Jeffrey.

"What is he doing right now? It seems like he won't stay still, judging by Christine's reaction."

When threatened with a knife, Ryu Min activated the recording on two phones he had in his pocket. Then, he threw one as a decoy so the other could record without being detected.

Afterwards, he consulted Ma Gyeong-rok for Christine and Nathan's phone numbers and sent them the audio file.

"It's going to be uncomfortable. I'm earning the hatred of someone I secretly love."

Surely Jeffrey would realize what happens next after this incident. What happens when you mess with a prophet.

Ryu Min ran his hand over his neck with a wry smile.

The player occupying the top spot in the ranking would find himself in an unusual situation.

"An assassin, you say? Doesn't seem that strong. Does he really think he can protect Christine with that level of power? Ridiculous."

He felt no pain. Just an unpleasant sensation.

Nevertheless, he was satisfied to have the chance to showcase the power of a prophet.

"There's no bigger foolishness than being led by love."

At that moment, Ryu Min's phone received a message.

Someone else was blinded by love.

[Min Juri: Ryu Min, do you have any religious beliefs?]

"Why is she suddenly asking about religion? Don't tell me."

Ryu Min pretended not to know and replied.

[Ryu Min: I don't have any, why?]

[Min Juri: Thank goodness. So, do you want to go somewhere with me? Can you make time?]

[Ryu Min: Where to?]

[Min Juri: If I was going to tell you, I would have said it before. It's a secret.]

[Ryu Min: Okay. Then, see you in front of the convenience store in 10 minutes.]

[Min Juri: Ok, hahaha]

"Something feels strange..."

Although he didn't say which religion he followed, he had a feeling she knew.

"Going there might be a little uncomfortable..."

Still, it seemed like it wouldn't hurt to go at least once. He was also curious about how it formed.

As he prepared to leave in casual clothes, his younger brother approached and asked:

"Brother, where are you going?"

"To see a friend."

"Can I go see a friend too?"

Ryu Min's gaze went on alert upon hearing the word "friend."

"Who is your friend?"

"He's a friend I met in an online game. He lives in Seoul. We had planned to meet at a PC cafe and play together, but I always made excuses."

"So, he's a gaming friend."

Although Ryu Min had been playing games at home lately, he didn't know he had made friends in the game as well.

When Ryu Min showed his hesitation, his brother Ryu Won added:

"We're planning to go together to the PC cafe. Eh? Is that okay now? There have been fewer troublesome players, and it's safer now. He says they'll let us go."

Ryu Min, who had been reflecting, nodded with the idea that there was nothing he couldn't do.

"Fine, I'll allow it."

"Really? Oh yeah!"

"But don't stay out too late."


"When I send you a message, read it immediately."

"Understood. Hehe! I should contact her and arrange to meet today. Brother! Thanks! Good luck!"

His younger brother, full of excitement, quickly made plans to meet up, making Ryu Min smile at the scene.

"Is it really that good?"

Ryu Min's expression hardened for a moment as he watched his brother with mixed emotions.

'Well, just in case.'


Ryu Min's fingers quickly typed a message.


Arriving at the meeting place, Ryu Min felt somewhat surprised.

Min Juri was sitting in the passenger seat, making gestures to leave suddenly.

"Where are we going?"


"Why there?"

"There's a religious place there. It's scary to go alone... Will you come with me?"

Unable to resist her puppy-like eyes, he agreed.

"What religion is that?"

"Just come. I'll explain when we get there."

Although she was trying to hide it in case he refused, he already knew her true feelings.

'She's planning to go to the Church of the Four Gods, just as I expected.'

The Church of the Four Gods by Heo Taeseok was located in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province. Ryu Min remembered seeing promotional posts on the Pseva Café, thanks to Min Juri's interest in the supernatural.

'She subtly gave me the address last time because Min Juri seemed interested in it in the other world.'

With nothing else to do and just an hour's drive from Seoul, Ryu Min had plenty of time.

'It's not bad to spend time with Min Juri, considering there are only a few months left.'

Taking the wheel to drive in silence, Ryu Min didn't complain and drove quietly.

Min Juri was grateful to Ryu Min.

"Thanks for accompanying me. I can't offer anything, but... Get a benefit and cheer up!"

"Haha... I feel energized."

Maybe he didn't help with the driving, but it certainly had a comforting effect on the mood.

"We've arrived."

After an hour of driving, they reached a small town.

Normally, one wouldn't imagine finding a religious place in such a location, but there it was.

It was a worn-out house like a neighborhood elderly care center.

"Min. Is this the place?"

"Yes. According to the address you gave me, it should be this."

Approaching, the first thing that caught the eye was a wooden sign with Chinese characters engraved.

"Church of the Four Gods. Is this where you wanted to go?"

At Ryu Min's question, Min Juri nodded uncomfortably.

"Well... It's a group that worships Black Scythe."

"Oh? Do you know about the Church of the Four Gods?"

"I saw promotional posts in the café used by players."

Speaking seriously, Ryu Min asked, "So, are you going to join here?"

"No. I just wanted to take a look, see how it is."

'Lies. She's planning to join.'

Ryu Min was also intrigued. Although he knew about the Church of the Four Gods, he had never been to its headquarters.

At some point, its presence had disappeared.

"Heo Taeseok became famous as a leader up to Round 15."

Round 15 of the Abyss boasted extreme difficulty that even annihilated the leader of the Church of the Four Gods.

"But this round will probably have a different outcome."

Although it had a cult-like air, there was no reason not to like someone who admired you.

Moreover, the Church of the Four Gods begins to consolidate its power by conquering other countries in Round 12, quietly attracting many followers.

"Why don't we choose some promising talents and train them?"

It would be useful for Ryu Min in the future.

"Where and how did they form this place? Should we take a look?"

With expectations, they entered the interior of the Church of the Four Gods, but the reality was disappointing.

The only furniture was a rug and mats placed on the floor, creating a stifling atmosphere.

It was nothing more than a common elderly hostel, or even worse, a miserable house.

Moreover, there weren't many people gathered.

"Is this it...?"

Apart from Ryu Min and Min Juri, there were about five people, all with unfamiliar faces except for two.

"Welcome, devotee."

A man approached with a smile as Heo Taeseok pushed his shoulders.

"Eom Jun-seok?"

Whether Heo Taeseok or Eom Jun-seok, they didn't seem to have customized their appearances, as their faces matched between the world and reality.

"Welcome to our Church of the Four Gods. Did you come to join by any chance?"

"Oh, no. We're just taking a look..."

"Looks like a player, huh? A familiar face, eh?"

Eom Jun-seok smiled as he looked at Min Juri.

"Have we met somewhere?"

"We were introduced in another world."

"Oh? Are you, by any chance, the Buffer? Is the nickname Democracy?"

"Yes, that's right."

When Min Juri revealed that she was a Buffer, Eom Jun-seok couldn't help but be amazed.

"Heo, I mean, Church Master! Church Master!"

"What's up, Eom, Senior Disciple?"

Although they laughed while calling their church leaders Master and Senior Disciple among themselves, Ryu Min restrained himself.

At this moment, even though their influence was insignificant, it would grow significantly in a few months.

The Church of the Four Gods was something that couldn't be ignored.

"Here is Black Scythe's companion, Miss Democracy has come."

"Oh, really?"

Heo Taeseok approached Min Juri with enthusiasm.


Although the word "companion" bothered him a little, it wasn't entirely incorrect.

"Are you really Democracy?"

"Yes, I am."

Although the word "companion" bothered him a little, it wasn't entirely incorrect.

"And who is this? Isn't this Black Scythe, right?"

" He's my friend."

"What's his nickname...?"

Ryu Min, after thinking for a moment, revealed the nickname he hadn't disclosed to Min Juri yet.


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