The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 165

Chapter 165 - Jeffrey

Jeffrey, raised in a common household, became an orphan at the age of 11 due to a shootout in the neighboring house of his parents, whom he lost in that incident.

With no close relatives, he found himself homeless in adolescence, facing intense stress. He lost the will to live and continued his undead life, intercepting food left by store customers.

"There is no God in this world," he thought, attributing the loss of his parents to divine will and the imperfection of the world.

Filled with anger towards God, he went to the most famous church in the area and questioned as if investigating, "Why do I have to suffer so much? Why did God choose to take away my parents?"

Nathan's response to the young man's angry questions was clear: "We are people who believe that God is right. How can I know the will of God? If you really want to know, go and ask God yourself."

Though puzzled by these words, Jeffrey reflected on the last part: "Ask God? Ask directly if I'm interested?"

He was intrigued by the possible answer from God, like finding a path in a sea of uncertainty. From that day on, Jeffrey trusted the church, studying the Bible under Nathan's tutelage, seeking to understand the divine will, and hoping to encounter God.

"I must meet God and ask him," he told himself.

It was the beginning of a new life, fueled by anger as his motivation.

In the process, Nathan, who raised and took care of him, became his father, mentor, and guide in life. The reason why 28-year-old Jeffrey still obeys his orders absolutely is that he owes him a lifelong favor.

Therefore, he treated Nathan's daughter, Christine, firmly.

However, the human heart is truly cunning. Perhaps because life became more comfortable?

After more than 17 years, Christine, who had been seen as a daughter, began to appear attractive to him one day.

"It shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be like this..."

He scolded himself and slapped her, but he couldn't help but have romantic feelings. He just hid them deep in his heart.

"I can't show that I like Christine. It would be an act of betrayal towards Nathan, who is like my father."

Jeffrey kept his infatuation a secret, even now as he continues to obey Nathan's orders.

"It seems that Christine is going to Korea to meet her fiancé this time. They say they want you to go, but it's not necessary. It might be uncomfortable if I interfere."

"Do you think I don't know my daughter? Can't you see that in your eyes it seems like Christine likes her fiancé? She's not going to meet her fiancé; she's going to meet the prophet."

"Ah, now that you mention it... the next one is the round 11 of destiny."

Jeffrey muttered as if he had just remembered something.

He decided to protect Christine in some way in round 11 while preparing to confront the prophet.

"Yes, that's probably why she's going to meet the prophet. So, Jeffrey, go to Korea too. Of course, keep it a secret from Christine."

"Are you telling me to follow her?"

"Yes, secretly follow Christine. And let me know everything she does. It will be even better if you overhear the conversation with the prophet."

"In the name of God, I will carry out this order."


After that, Jeffrey followed Christine to Korea.

And as they sat on a bench, he heard their voices conversing.

"We should keep a distance of at least 30 meters, just in case they detect our presence."

Although they mentioned 30 meters, it wasn't difficult to hear the conversation as the surroundings were quite quiet.

But, was it really wrong to listen to the conversation?

Jeffrey became angry seeing the prophet, who, despite Christine's request, continued to refuse.

"How can you hide information about the future with a simple word?"

Since the life of his unrequited love was at stake, Jeffrey's empathy was more intense than usual.

"Come on, calm down. Settle down and think about how I can help."

How could he help Christine?

Although he was willing to risk his life in round 11 to protect her, that wasn't enough.

It would be useful to have information about the attacker, but the prophet stubbornly remained silent.

"Did you forget? He's probably lying to avoid giving information."


Was he really afraid that the future would change?

"Well, if the result is different from his own vision, he will lose the trust of those who believed in him."

In short, Christine was letting things spiral out of control to maintain his position as a prophet.

"Now that I think about it, this is making me angry."

He looked at the prophet entering the company with a determined look.

Then, he decided.

Even if he had to resort to force, he would extract information from the prophet.


"I appreciate the information for round 11."

"Thank you, prophet."

Ma Gyeong-rok and Christine thanked Ryu Min.

"May we all have a successful round 11."

After shaking hands with Ryu Min, she left the company.

Although she originally planned to attend the meeting, she decided to take a day off today.

"Someone is waiting for me outside."

Although he didn't look intentionally, Ryu Min knew someone was following him.

"It's probably the guy who was watching us with Christine from the bench."

Despite following from more than 30 meters to avoid detection, it was impossible.

Ryu Min had a rune that provided him with an enhancement in presence detection.

[Rune of Sensation]

-Effect: Doubles the range of presence detection, allows hearing and smelling all sounds and smells within the range.

The rune he extracted from the rune pack was one that improved presence detection.

"It's quite a useful rune."

With a doubled range, he couldn't help but notice the one following him.

Moreover, he could even hear murmurs in English.

"How much will his future change with a word?"

Ryu Min noticed the pursuer due to his murmurs.

"It seems like he definitely doesn't like me."

Using English and harboring resentments towards him, being a prophet...

"Yes, I can guess who he is more or less, but to be sure, I have to draw him out."

Ryu Min intentionally decided to walk.

And then, when they reached a deserted place, the pursuer finally took the bait.

"The prophet knight."

The moment Ryu Min turned his head towards the English voice he heard from behind,


A pursuer grabbed his neck and pushed him forcefully against the wall.

Cough...! J-Jeffrey?

The pursuer, confirmed belatedly as the deacon following Christine, exclaimed.

While visibly suffering, Ryu Min calmly evaluated the situation inside him.

"Was it really him? Why does he harbor negative feelings towards me? Should I try to read his thoughts?"

Observing the individual squeezing his throat with a look full of life, Ryu Min quickly understood.

"It seems he's angry because I didn't provide information to Christine."

Now he remembered that the individual had grown up with Nathan, almost like family.

"Is he secretly in love with Christine in such a matter? Isn't he related to Christine?"

To be sure, he tried to read more thoughts and found that, indeed, they were independent actions unrelated to Christine.

"Well, let's play a little more."

Ryu Min staged an even more painful performance than at the beginning.

"Ugh, J-Jeffrey, you're choking me! R-Release this!"

Perhaps due to his convincing performance, Jeffrey unconsciously released his grip on the throat.

"He really has no intention of killing me."

Reading his thoughts, the individual's intentions became clear.

He was simply trying to threaten him to get information he hadn't given to Christine.

Ryu Min, who was rubbing his throat while coughing, exclaimed with a weak expression, "What the hell are you doing out of nowhere?"

"I'm a prophet. I haven't liked you from the start. I've always suspected you. Seeing the future is just a pure scam, right?"

"A scam, you say? Haven't I already proven my ability?"

"Sure, now I believe in what you say. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't like you."

Jeffrey glared at him menacingly.

In his hands, he suddenly held a knife.

Ryu Min, noticing his gaze, nervously swallowed saliva as he watched his movements.

"Why are you doing this? What do you want?"



"I want information about the person threatening Christine."

"I, I don't know anything about it."

"I've heard the conversations between you and Christine. Even when asked who the criminal was, you simply refused and denied, saying you didn't remember."

"If you heard the conversation, you'll know I couldn't help it. Given the complication of changing the future..."

"Yes, it will be complicated. Changing the future means losing trust as a prophet. For you, it must be extremely difficult."

Jeffrey, lowering his voice, opened his eyes with anger.

It was a look full of rage and frustration.

"But that doesn't mean I should allow Christine to fall into danger."

"I'm not letting her..."

"Stop justifying yourself."

The cold sensation of the knife touched Ryu Min's throat.

"Don't say more. Tell me everything you've seen. Who is threatening Christine and who is protecting her?"

"What if I don't want to?"

"Then, this knife will go through your throat."

Though the words were terrifying, Ryu Min, who had read his thoughts, knew he had no intention of causing harm. Despite the harsh words, there was no intent for attempted murder.

"But still, he's being too reckless."

With that thought in mind, Ryu Min reached into his pocket.

Jeffrey grabbed the hand fidgeting with something.

The phone slipped from Ryu Min's hand.

"Why are you touching the phone?" Jeffrey asked.

Upon checking, he found that the recording function was activated.

Jeffrey immediately turned off the phone.

"Why? What do you plan to do by recording?"

"I'll present it as evidence to the police. This is clearly a threat and attempted murder."

"Haha, the player is going to the police. You're willing to help."

"Or I'll reveal what you've done to Christine and her family."

"Try it. I'm not sure if a corpse can speak, but try it."

"Ugh... Why are you doing this? Do you have any animosity towards me?"

"I don't have particular animosity. But who knows what might happen if you don't reveal the information."

"I don't even know who's targeting Christine."

"Do you think I'm stupid? Even if you know, aren't you showing signs of it?"

"Do you think I'll talk easily for this? I can't change the future by doing that."

"Anyway, if you don't speak now, you won't have a future. Because you're going to die."

Despite Jeffrey's threat, Ryu Min did not cower or show fear but looked at him with courage.

"What shouldn't be done, shouldn't be done, even if a knife is stabbed in your throat. By spreading information about the future everywhere, the future changes. The future I knew has already disappeared, and I have become a charlatan instead of a prophet."


"You must handle the complex threads of the future carefully. It's not something achieved by threatening. You don't know how the future will change the moment you obtain information and change your actions. Why don't you think about how you might hurt Christine instead of helping her?"

Did Ryu Min's persuasions work?

After a moment of silence, the knife disappeared from Jeffrey's hand.

"I thought too hastily. Your argument makes sense."

"Isn't this an apology now?"

"Hey, Mr. Prophet. Do you want me to apologize? It would be inconvenient to boast that I kept the knife. Don't forget I can draw it at any time."


Jeffrey left those words and retreated without an apology.


"Damn, he didn't even give in to the threat!"

On the plane ride back home.

Jeffrey recalled the figure of the prophet who wasn't intimidated or yielding.

"How could he stay calm even when a knife was pointed at his throat?"

At first, he seemed scared, but when he mentioned the prophecy, his expression completely changed.

He had some kind of mission or solid belief.

"I hoped the knife would smoothly pierce when I pushed it, but it was unexpected."

"Could it be that certain information about the future doesn't easily reveal itself even if you risk your life?"

He didn't know what the prophet's mindset was, but at least this was clear.

"At least I won't disclose unnecessary information to other people."

A person who chooses their words carefully is reliable.

Although trust in the prophet increased with this incident, he didn't seem that good.

"He lacks flexibility. What if he gives some hints?"

Speaking positively, he was honorable, but speaking negatively, he lacked flexibility.

"There's no other choice. Since things have come to this point, I can only protect Christine with my own hands."

Unaware that there were more people trying to protect her, Jeffrey returned to the hall with Christine.

Of course, since he was following Christine, he waited a bit before entering, keeping the fact that he was following her a secret.

"Hello, Mr. Jeffrey."

When they arrived at the office, Christine, who was talking to Nathan, greeted him.

"Hello, Christine."

"Hello, not so kind. For whom?"


Jeffrey, who was thinking of a cold response, looked up at the phone Nathan was offering him.

"What is this?"

"The prophet sent a file to Christine. Press play and listen."

Pressing what seemed to be a recording file, a familiar voice began to play.

-Why? What do you intend to do with this recording?

-It will be presented as evidence to the police. This is clearly blackmail and attempted murder.

-Why don't you try it? I'm not sure if a corpse can speak, but...

-I already told you I don't know who's targeting Christine.

-Do you think I'm stupid? Even if you know, you're not saying anything?

-Do you think I'll talk so easily for this? I can't change the future with this.

-Anyway, if you don't speak now, you won't have a future. Because you're going to die.

Jeffrey was stunned listening to the recording.

It was his own voice, clearly, and there was nothing more to hear.

"Oh, what happened? I definitely turned off the phone at that moment, right?"

A hypothesis arose in his mind.

"Did I have two phones at that moment?"

With a blank mind, he only had one idea in mind.

"...I've been caught."

Nathan and Christine were looking at him with fearful and threatening eyes.


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