I Will Divorce the Female Lead’s Siscon Brother (Novel) Chapter 145




If he is referring to a member of the Asteroth royal family who possesses great power, he might be able to help me.

Yes. The power of the royal family has been passed down from generation to generation for a long time and has become more secular than the sacred power of an ordinary priest.

Lucy shook her head as if it were the correct answer.

But the root of this is the power that comes from Miella. Perhaps, as it is worldly, it might adapt to my mistress.


Because my mistress is also someone far from being pious or sacred.

... I'll take it as a compliment.

Moreover, this kind of behavior seems to be safer if there is intimacy and trust between the person giving the power and the one receiving it. Anyway, the opponent's power must be fully accepted into my mistress's body.

Well, Terence would be much better than a group of priests I don't know.

I could trust Terence.

I sent a note to Terence through someone asking him to stop by the villa when he had some free time.

Since he was a busy person, I thought I would only see him at night at the earliest, but surprisingly, he appeared in front of me right away.


Oh, are you free?

That's right.

You're lying.

Oops, caught. But since you have a favor to ask me, shouldn't you drop everything and come running to you?

Now, Terence's comments didn't seem as embarrassing as before.

But you shouldn't drop everything.
You hold an important position.

Actually, I just put aside the little things.

We sat down and had a meaningless conversation.

But what favor do you need?

After hearing the request, Terence responded easily.

If I can help, I'll be happy.

Lucy said that applying too much power at once can be tough on the body. So, sorry, but I think I'll have to be in your debt many times.

Please call as many times as you want. In fact...

Terence's expression became somewhat cloudy.

I haven't seemed to be of much help to you lately, so I'm glad you need me this way.

What? Is that possible? Terence always helps me.

But when I tried to appease the eccentric inventor, I almost just followed you, and when you unraveled Mikhail's brainwashing, and when you revealed that woman's identity to Cassius...

After hearing this, it seemed that lately I spent less time with Terence.

But that certainly didn't mean I was less useful than before.

Not exactly. It's very comforting to have someone by my side listening to my story.

It was just yesterday.

I was reassured because you told me I could forgive or not forgive the Cassius family based on what I feel.

That was just simple advice.

It touched my heart more because it was simple.

I grabbed Terence's hand that was on the table.

Thank you for being by my side. Thanks to you, I can do my best.

Finally, a smile returned to Terence's face.

Thank you for your words.

Oh, I'm really grateful.

And there's something I want to make clear right now. Ethel also reassures me.


You said this before when we had to cooperate with the Empress on the Mikhail issue. You are the only one who has a temporary association with the Empress, and I don't have to feel bound by it.

Oh, I did.

Cooperating with the Empress was necessary to break Mikhail's brainwashing.

However, from Terence's perspective, the Empress is an enemy who has tried to kill him numerous times since he was young.

It was a temporary relationship and a necessary step to prevent Liena from using her blessing on the emperor, but it was a decision he would never be happy with.

Moreover, even if it was just to put a leash on the Empress, I expressed my willingness to provide magical stones to Duke Birod.

I knew that Terence would naturally oppose my decision.

"But there was no particular reaction."

So I started to worry.

I wondered if he was trying his hardest to suppress his feelings because he liked me.

Terence, if you don't like my behavior, tell me honestly at any time. You don't have to support me by lying to your heart.

So one day I spoke to him.

Our opinions won't always overlap. But when they do, we discuss them seriously and decide what to do. Perhaps then we come up with a better solution.

At that moment, Terence responded like this: He has nothing against my decision and can never erase his resentment towards the Empress, but there are more important things to do right now.

Terence opened his mouth.

Actually, at that moment I was quite surprised. Ethel cared a lot about what happened to me in the past, but she never said anything about revenge.


Yes, usually people who talk about my relationship with the Empress fall into two groups."

Terence raised his index and middle fingers.

"Those who tell me to forget the past and move forward for the well-being of the empire. My father is like that."

In addition to taking care of Terence, the emperor was reluctant to shed imperial family blood. If he tried to kill the empress, he wouldn't stand still, and the possibility of this causing instability in the country and leading to a civil war, as in the novel, couldn't be ruled out.

"Or those who want to retaliate in kind. Jack and my other men are like that. I know you say this because you're thinking of me, but..."

"Do you feel any pressure?"

"Is that so? I'm not exempt from desires for revenge. But even when I think about revenge, I'm not as enthusiastic as before. Before, just thinking about getting revenge made me laugh."

Terence took my hand firmly.

"These days, what I enjoy the most is sitting at the table with you and talking about the future, such as how to undo that woman's brainwashing and where to invest the magical stones."

That made me very happy.

"It's worth worrying about. Still, one thing is certain. Whether you seek revenge or not, I'm on your side."

"Even if it seems cruel, could I seek a cruel revenge?"

"I don't know how cruel it will be, but I know Terence is a man who will never betray my trust."

I trusted Terence, whom I had seen and felt by my side, more than the dark and cruel side described in the novel "Return and Walk on a Path of Flowers." At least he wouldn't be the one to cross the final line a human should not cross.

"Have you finished your conversation?"

A moment later, Lucy entered through the door and jumped onto the table. He sensed that the conversation had nothing to do with him and knew to get out of the way. He now seemed very human.

"So, from now on, I will transfer the prince's power to my mistress. Sit next to each other."

After sitting on the sofa as Lucy said, I raised my hand and asked a question.

"Hey, I should ask, but how will you transfer it? Should Terence just hold my arm like he did the last time I got your powers?"

Looking at Lucy's expression, it seemed like I had asked a ridiculous question.

"I'm a divine beast, so I could transfer a significant amount of power with just that level of contact, but if a human does that, it would be difficult for me to transfer it."

"What should we do then...?"

"Of course, they have to be in closer contact. Hey, prince. Hurry up and hug my mistress right now."


"As close as possible."

Terence and I looked at each other uncomfortably due to the sudden order. Then Terence spoke first.

"Ethel, this is necessary. I have no problem."

For some reason, I felt a sense of solemnity.

"Well, that's right. Please take care of me."

As soon as I finished speaking, one of Terence's arms went around my waist, and the other arm around my legs.


He lifted me and placed me on his lap.

Terence's face was close. When I made eye contact with him, I felt embarrassed and avoided my gaze.

"What's with that awkward posture?"

Lucy didn't let it pass.

"The lower parts of their bodies touch, but the upper parts are still far apart. Get closer."

How can he say that so casually?!

But I couldn't get out of here, so I moved even closer to Terence.

Now I was completely buried in his arms.

"Lucy, is it okay?"

Before I knew it, Lucy had climbed onto my shoulder and shook his head with a stern look on his face.

"Relax your body more. If you're so nervous, their power won't be able to enter."

Terence patted my back with a gentle hand.

"Ethel, it's okay, just relax."

I was about to relax when I saw his relaxed smile, unlike mine.

"Why are you boasting, prince!"

Lucy, who had moved to Terence's shoulder, shouted loudly.

"Your body is stiffer than my mistress's!"

... Now that I think about it, it does seem that way. As our bodies were so close, I could feel his muscles tensing.

Lucy sighed deeply seeing that we couldn't relax.

"Why don't you both take off your clothes? In fact, it's more effective with bare skin."

"Lucy! Please shut up!"

I had a premonition that the series of tasks to increase my divine power wouldn't be completed easily.


At that moment, Isaac was in his mansion, looking at the untouched plate of food.

It was the food tray he placed in the room where Liena was trapped.

"I'm not going to eat until you get me out of here!"

A stubborn voice came from beyond the door.

"So if you don't want me to starve, open the door! Uncle!"

It was the moment Liena clamored for freedom and declared a hunger strike against Isaac.


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