Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 213


"The Cid."

Named after the legendary hero of Spain, this master was the first beta tester of Pick Me Up, the first ranked player, the first to possess seven stars, and the first to surpass floor 80.


"El Cid is a legendary figure in Spanish history, known as Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, born around 1043 in Vivar del Cid, near Burgos, Spain. He was a prominent military leader during the Reconquista, fighting against Muslim kingdoms to reclaim territory for Christian realms. His bravery, strategy, and loyalty made him famous. His story is immortalized in the 'Cantar de mio Cid,' an epic work that narrates his feats and adventures. El Cid is a symbol of courage and honor in Spanish culture."
A beta tester in a video game is a person who tests a preliminary or beta version of the game before its official release.
Additionally, he was currently ranked number one.

He rarely participated in community activities, but it was he who deeply drew me into Pick Me Up, as I was just a casual player. Initially, I treated Pick Me Up like another P2W game, but my perception changed drastically after meeting him.

"To bring down a place like Mu-ryeon, he would have had to intervene."

Yurnet commented, and I nodded.

The 3rd ranker was impressive, far below Mu-ryeon.

The same applied to those who followed in the hierarchy. Since Mu-ryeon had stopped his ascent in the tower, there seemed to be only one reason for his fall.

"Do you know him?"

Wiryung looked at me, puzzled.

It made sense.

Ranker number one had disappeared a year ago in real time, over three years in Moebius time. As a mere submaster of Taonier, my active period didn't align with his, so my reaction must have seemed suspicious.

"I've heard the name."

"Anyway, I need to pass this news on to the Master of Niflheim."

"What will you do after delivering it?"

"...I can't talk about it here."

Abundant secrets.

I hung the practice sword on the rack.

<Master, what will you do? Bifröst's repair is also complete. Perhaps you could take this opportunity to visit Niflheim.>


At a time like this.

I frowned.

I might consider it if I had just finished floor 50 and had some free time, but now was a busy period.

'There's always something annoying.'


"It's okay, I'll go."

I could spare a day or two.

<Then, I'll make the arrangements.>

Yurnet cut off the communication with a slightly cheerier tone.

I turned to Wiryung, who was looking at me seriously.

"You wanted to go to Niflheim, didn't you?"

"Yes. Even if it takes days, I..."

"I'll send you today."

Wiryung's eyes widened.

"What do you mean?"

"I told you I have some connections. I'll pick you up at dawn; be ready."


Wiryung rushed towards me and grabbed my hand tightly, her eyes shining with moisture.

"I'm truly grateful! I will never forget this kindness. I will repay it with all my heart!"

"It's okay, now let go of my hand. Wait quietly in your room. Don't wander around."

"I will! Silent as a mouse, still as a corpse!"

"...You don't need to go that far."

Regardless of what I said, Wiryung hurried out of the Training Field.

Being alone, I sighed.

'I wish she had stayed still.'

El Cid's domain, the Golden Province, was so strong that even Niflheim had to be prepared for total war.

The exact levels of power were unknown, but given what I knew of his capabilities, he must have become terribly strong by now. If a clash were to occur between them, I could no longer remain in Taonier. I would have to take direct command.

I remembered the game of the ranked player number one.

There were no videos or strategy articles, but I had seen his gameplay by pure chance.

'He knew.'

Now, as a hero thrown into this world, I understood things I didn't comprehend before.

He knew that the heroes of Pick Me Up were alive.

'The timing of El Cid's disappearance and his acquisition of a seven-star hero are similar.'

His disappearance was probably related to obtaining a seven-star hero.

Probably because of the concept of the Book of Heaven's Investment.

'Then, is it the hero, not the Master, who rules there now?'

I wasn't sure.

It was said that the condition for advancing to seven stars was the fusion of hero and Master, but it wasn't 100% certain.

We must go to Niflheim to find out how Mu-ryeon was destroyed, what El Cid did, and what Wiryung has to tell us.

That night, I asked Iselle to manipulate the records.

To erase the record that an aircraft from Niflheim had been sent and, if I didn't return by tomorrow, make it appear as if Wiryung and I had gone on a raid in the Daily Dungeons. Iselle happily complied, and at dawn, a small aircraft from Niflheim secretly docked in Taonier.

"What is your status in Niflheim? For them to come with just a word from you. You're not an ordinary person."

On the aircraft to Niflheim, Wiryung initiated the conversation.

Even her way of addressing had changed.


I remained silent.

I would eventually be found out, but I didn't want to reveal my identity yet.

Perhaps because the aircraft sent by Yurnet was a high-speed model, it arrived at a place full of lightning and sulfur in less than an hour.

It was Niflheim.


A dimensional vortex began to surround the aircraft.

And when the light cleared, what greeted me was not the sight of the hangar, but the view of the 13th floor of Niflheim, spread across five different areas.


The aircraft carrying Wiryung and me began to descend, and then, it slid downstairs with a small mechanical sound.

"I apologize for the late arrival. Were you waiting?"

Yurnet bowed deeply to me.

I shook my head.

"It's fine. I contacted you because I needed it."

"We have prepared a place for you. Please, follow me."


Wiryung seemed confused.

I told her, who still didn't understand the situation, "Follow me."

Yurnet led us to an ebony black castle in the center of the 13th floor.

A place prepared for my eventual return. A large conference table was arranged in the hall on the first floor.

"Please, take a seat here."

Yurnet pulled out the chair at the head of the table and patted the cushion, indicating for me to sit.


Well, it wasn't the first time.

I sighed and took a seat.

"Wait, isn't that the master's seat? How can you...?"

"Be quiet. This person is Loki, the ruler of Niflheim and the commander of all its warriors and scholars."

"What?" Wiryung's expression changed quickly.

From confusion to shock, then to amazement.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Not at all. This is the ruler of Niflheim you've been looking for." Yurnet smiled cunningly.

I clicked my tongue. Was it really necessary to mock like this?

"But, this person is from Taonier..."

"There are special circumstances. Your Highness."

A cold-looking youth appeared from the corridor to the left.

Lydigion, third-ranked.

Given the hurry, it seemed that only two heroes from Group 1 could be summoned.

"Aren't you Lord Lydigion?"

"Formalities later. You are in the presence of the master."

Lydigion glanced at me, then knelt down.

"It's good to see you again, Master."

"Don't be so formal. It gives me the chills."

Lydigion, ignoring my words, stood up decorously.

Wiryung, looking back and forth between me and Lydigion, continued with a downcast expression.

"The person I was looking for is someone who wields the Scarlet Sword..."

"This person is the lord of Niflheim."

Wiryung's mouth opened in astonishment.

Yurnet whispered to me.

"Master, there is a special connection between Lydigion and Mu-ryeon."

"I know."

I had sent Lydigion to Mu-ryeon for about three months before.

The goal was to elevate his martial skills to a higher level.

Mu-ryeon, looking at me in amazement, bit her lip and then said:

"Master of Niflheim, I, Wiryung of Mu-ryeon, have come with a request!"

Wiryung knelt before me.

"By violating the peace treaty and massacring Mu-ryeon, that utterly ruthless person must be punished!"

She pressed her forehead to the ground so hard that the sound echoed throughout the hall.


I had expected this.

"If we leave that person free, it will become a great calamity not only for Niflheim but also for the three thousand worlds. I beg you, venerable leader, to subdue that person and raise the spirits of the entire Great Sky!"

"Punishment, huh."

Yurnet murmured with a strangely emotionless voice.

"You're asking us to eliminate the current ranker No. 1."

"Yes. That person launched a surprise attack on Mu-ryeon without any declaration, massacring civilians. An atrocious act..."

"How interesting."

Yurnet stepped forward, her face adopting a cold expression.

"I will speak."

Lydigion stepped in front of Yurnet.

"Raise your head, Miss."

Wiryung lifted her head, her once-white forehead now stained red.

"Tell us what happened. Describe the incident."

"Ah, understood."

Stammering, Wiryung recounted the destruction of Mu-ryeon. While practicing martial arts in the auditorium, there was a loud noise, followed by the invasion of people in strange clothing. She learned that Dan Ziheum, the commander there, was killed and many of Mu-ryeon were massacred.


Lydigion closed his eyes.

"It's regrettable that the alliance master has died. He was a commendable person."

"Indeed. Those people..."

"Master." Lydigion turned to me.

I nodded.

"I'm sorry, but we cannot help Mu-ryeon."

"Why not?"

"It is true that Niflheim and Mu-ryeon were connected. I learned a lot there. However, we cannot interfere in matters that we do not fully understand. Isn't that right, Miss Wiryung?"

"That person..."

"What you saw were mysterious figures attacking and killing the alliance master, massacring Mu-ryeon's people. That's all, isn't it?"

Lydigion continued.

"If it's the Golden Province, even we cannot easily interfere. Are you asking us to stake everything just to satisfy your vengeance?"


"Calm down first."

"Lord Lydigion, how can you say that! The alliance master thought highly of you..."


Yurnet gave the order sharply, and a shadowy figure descended from the ceiling.

"Take her to her room."


Nisled took Wiryung away.

The hall fell silent.

"Master." Yurnet spoke.

"...I'm thinking."

Lydigion wasn't wrong.

Wiryung's testimony did not specify the reason Mu-ryeon was attacked.

If Niflheim were involved, action might be necessary, but the situation remained uncertain.

The main question was the difference in servers.

Mu-ryeon and Dorado were on different servers, the third and fourth, respectively.

Except for periodic events between servers, interaction between players from different servers was not possible.

"Moebius management is a mess."

It used to be a game known for being bug-free and having excellent servers, but its reputation had changed.

"What was El Cid thinking?"

El Cid wasn't a PvP player. He was a dedicated strategy player, even more extreme than me.

Could Mu-ryeon have instigated the conflict? That also seemed strange. Mu-ryeon also avoided PvP.

"At this moment."

Normally I would leave this to Yurnet, but this case was different.

I needed to know what happened. Depending on the situation, El Cid might have reasons to interfere in Niflheim.


"Yes, I will investigate."

Yurnet bowed and disappeared behind the hall.

Only Lydigion and I remained in the hall.


Lydigion seemed lost in thought, perhaps reflecting on Wiryung's testimony or recalling his connection with Dan Ziheum.

Lydigion had changed after his assignment; he was already strong, but I felt he truly came into his own after returning from Mu-ryeon.

"He obtained the title of Sword Demon there, didn't he?"

Perhaps the stay in Niflheim wouldn't be just for a day or two.

I left Lydigion to his thoughts and quietly exited the room.

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