Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 212


Summoned with a winning ticket, the hero born with five stars, Wiryung, was assigned to the fourth floor.

Given his excellent basic specifications, he couldn't be treated like the other newcomers.

His accommodation was assigned next to my room. Anything probably wanted me to pay special attention to him, which is why he designated it that way. Some instructions were also given to Nerissa, as suddenly the Submaster's work schedule cleared up.


I swung the practice sword.

The iron sword, hitting the iron floor of the fourth-floor Training Ground, rolled with a loud noise.

"She's not coming."

I had checked that she was in the room this morning.

I told her to come to the Training Ground basically because I had something to tell her.

But hours passed, and that door didn't open.

"She's playing hard to get. Is it because her value is high?"

Belkist let out a cold laugh.

I had called him for an accurate assessment of Wiryung's power.

"Should I go drag her by the hair?"

"Forget it."

Belkist stopped as he was about to leave the Training Ground.

He looked at me, sighed deeply, and said, "Do as you please."

Belkist entered a personal training room in the corner of the field.

I sat on the rest couch with my arms crossed. It had been half a day since I called Wiryung to the Training Ground.

Still, not a sound of footsteps could be heard.

'Is she in a state of desperation?'


It was one of the abnormal states that a hero could experience when their stress reached its limit.

A hero in desperation cannot be sent on missions, and all their abilities and engravings significantly decrease during battle. It's essentially a state of stun.

Yesterday, right after pulling a five-star, Anything tried to send Wiryung on a trial mission but couldn't.

Anything tapped and swiped Wiryung's hero box dozens of times, looked in the help section, but couldn't find a suitable solution. He simply put Wiryung in the Lobby and logged out.

It was understandably frustrating.

To have pulled such a powerful five-star hero for the first time.

And yet, not being able to send her on a mission as soon as she was summoned.

I could indirectly understand the situation, but Anything must be puzzled.

It was time for Anything to log in.

I roughly ordered the practice tools and got up.

And then...


Without knocking, I entered Wiryung's room.


It was just like when I had come in the morning.

Wiryung was sitting on the bed, staring at the floor, and the fried eggs and milk on the table had gone cold.

I sat on the bed.


She kept looking down, not responding.

It was like talking to a wall.

'I'm so tired of this.'

Even if I tried to persuade and console this girl, it wouldn't be of much use.

Because of the special restrictions on her registration.

If this continues, will it lead to her synthesis?

Being a five-star, absorbing her would probably lead to considerable growth.


I sighed deeply.

Then I approached Wiryung and raised my right hand.




Wiryung staggered after the slap.

"What is this?!"

Wiryung looked up at me.

Her right cheek was swollen and red.

I sneered and then said, "I don't know what your deal is, but this is not a place to be reckless. If you don't want to die, follow the rules here. Otherwise, should I just synthesize you? Seems like it would be a good experience gain."


The expression on Wiryung's face changed constantly.

She finally spoke in a low voice.

"I'm sorry. I was reflecting on that moment."

"That moment?"

"When Mu-ryeon was destroyed."

Wiryung's eyes darkened.

"I couldn't do anything. I should have protected him... but I..."

"Are you trying to annoy me again?"

"Haha, right. This is not Mu-ryeon."

Wiryung gave a bitter smile.

It seemed like she had come back to her senses.

I handed her the cold milk that was on the table.


"Let me tell you about your situation and what's going on now."


"You have been summoned to Taonier as a five-star hero. And we have a difficult mission ahead. We're at the point where we'd ask for help even from an ant if we could. That's why you were summoned, to be used with all your strength."

"Is that so? So this is what another chance means."

"Another chance?"

"The Priestess said it like that."


Another unfamiliar term came up.

But it wasn't hard to infer its meaning.

'Tel, huh.'

I understood that Mu-ryeon, the 2nd ranker's account, was destroyed for some reason.

Whether by an external invasion, total annihilation on a mission, or another reason.

But now wasn't the time to worry about that. Because we might die soon. As I said before, I was so desperate that I would have accepted help even from an ant.

"Anyway, tell me here. Will you fight or not?"

"I'm sorry, but... I can't fight."

Wiryung shook her head.

"I am bound by the Lotus Oath. I cannot wield a sword properly."

"Is that so?"

I clicked my tongue.

If that was the case, her future was clear.

She would have to face the consequences of her choice.

I turned around and walked towards the door.



"Does this world belong to Realm 2?"

She's complicating things with ambiguous terms.

After pondering for a moment, I realized that 'realm' was synonymous with 'server.'

"But why?"

"I have something to do. Help me just this once."

"You're asking for help without intending to earn it?"

I looked at Wiryung with cold eyes.

Wiryung swallowed hard.

"I know it's shameless. But... it's something I must do."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"If you help me, I will try too. Conditions might be fulfilled. Of course, this is not a one-sided request. I will definitely return the favor."

"If you prove to be useful, then I'll reconsider."

Wiryung stood up.

All these oaths and conditions are annoying.

That's why five-star heroes are troublesome.

Shortly after.

Wiryung and I arrived at the Training Camp.

In the middle of the Training Camp was a combat arena fenced in by iron gates.

"A training combat, huh?"


I said to Wiryung in front of me.

Wiryung nodded and then drew her sword.

A long silver-white sword, thin as paper.

The tip of the sword trembled, perhaps due to the recoil of pulling it from the sheath.

"I've become terribly weak." Wiryung sighed.


If this chick was originally an elite member of Mu-ryeon and was reassigned during its destruction, it's very likely her level and skills got reset.


Wiryung took a deep breath.

I took an iron sword from the side of the combat arena.

No matter if it was a five-star, this was a combat between a level 1 hero and another level 40.

I decided to play along, adjusting to her level appropriately.

'Let's see what you got.'

It felt similar to using Exceed.

The difference was that, while Exceed increased output, this deliberately reduced it.

This was the method used by Lydigion when practicing with me.

"Thanks for the consideration."

Noticing the state of my body, Wiryung spoke.

I nodded and held the iron sword in a relaxed manner.

"Nan-Wiryung Geomhong, leader of the Thousand Martial Arts Battalion of Mu-ryeon."

Wiryung, with her black hair tied up, made a formal gesture of respect towards me.

Her gaze was firm.

"Please, be gentle."

"No need for courtesies."

"As you are a Master, I will take the lead!"


Wiryung disappeared in an instant.

Without looking, I swung my sword backward.


The sound of iron clashing against iron.

I took a step back.

It was because the blade of the flexible sword slid like a snake across the surface of the sword.

'Fluid Sword Technique.'

It was an extremely rare martial art even in the Pick Me Up game.

If I hadn't experienced it in a duel with Lydigion, I would have been injured already.

"Why can't you use your sword?"

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

I said, while continuously parrying the ceaselessly twisting fluid sword.

"The Lotus Oath is a commitment to devote oneself to righteousness and brotherhood."

"Forget about fancy reasons."

"In Mu-ryeon, one cannot reach the pinnacle without making such an oath."


So it's some sort of self-imposed penalty.

"Have you already reached Union with the Spirit of the Sword at four stars?"

"Speak in a way I can understand."


Wiryung changed her stance three times in the air and unleashed a series of sword strikes.

A triple attack aimed at the chest, waist, and thigh. I deflected her attacks with an upward sweep of my sword and then advanced aggressively.

"What a shame. If you were from Mu-ryeon, you could have achieved greatness…"

Wiryung moved freely in the air, as if flying.

'Mu-ryeon, huh.'

It had some connection to Niflheim.

During the server integration battles held every few months, I really interacted with the Master of Mu-ryeon.

Most of the heroes belonging there, excluding some non-combat roles, could be considered masters, focusing intensely on martial arts and enhancing their strength with Mu-ryeon's unique Qi techniques.

Estimated members: 50,000.

In numbers, it's almost double that of Niflheim.

'Why did it fall?'

I wondered this as I crossed swords with Wiryung.

Mu-ryeon was the undisputed ruler of the Asian server.

Especially, its Submaster, Dan Ziheum, was one of the seven-star heroes of level 400 and something, who had mastered 17 different weapon techniques.

'Did they fail a mission?'


I shook my head.

After reaching the 89th floor of the tower, Mu-ryeon officially declared that they were giving up the climb.

"You're strong."

"That's laughable."

If this chick's skills hadn't been reset, I would have probably lost.

The leader of a Mu-ryeon branch.

In the past, she must have been at the maximum level of 6 stars.

'Maybe internal struggles?'


Mu-ryeon's unity was formidable.

They would gather like bees at the slightest provocation.

"Now I remember. I dedicated myself to the Priestess to avenge my grudge and straighten my intentions. If necessary, I would be willing to go through even millions of mountains and forests of swords."

Wiryung's fencing became more lively.

I gradually released my power limit.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to keep up with her.

Her strength was incredible for level 1.


[Wiryung (★★★★★) has overcome her desperate state!]

[Now she can be deployed on missions!]

But the penalty of enrollment remains.

"What do you need?"

"There is a place I must go to in the Second Realm."




I might need to ask Katio to prepare a translation spell.

I don't understand anything.

"In the pronunciation of this place, it's called Niflheim."

I sheathed my sword.

My interest waned at the unexpected mention.


I looked at Wiryung.

She seemed to be pondering.

Then, as if convinced, she murmured.

"It should be fine. Not many know that blasphemous name."

Wiryung straightened her sword and slid it into her white sheath.

"I've learned a lot."


It was an ambiguous duel where neither of us revealed our cards, but Wiryung bowed respectfully to me.

"What I'm about to say is absolutely confidential. If it leaks out, I must take responsibility."

"It's okay, it's okay."

"I am from Mu-ryeon, and I came to the Second Realm under a special order from the Master."

Wiryung took a few deep breaths.

Then she continued.

"The Cid…"


I moved my hand.

"I haven't finished speaking yet."

"You don't need to say more. I think I understand."

<Interesting, right?>

A familiar voice echoed in my mind.

"Were you listening?"

<Sure. I'm always keeping an eye on the master. Hearing that name again, though, I thought he was surely dead, given the lack of news.>

"Dead? Him?"

That monster."

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