The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 215

Chapter 215 - The Hero's Rune

A week before Christmas.

At Café Pseva, a striking message appeared.

<Title: [Promotion] Get 10,000 points by joining the Church of the Four Gods religion!>

Content: Hello, I'm the leader of the Church of the Four Gods, Nogeinnogei.

First of all, I want to express my sincere respect to all Pseva family members who have survived until round 12. Truly impressive!

We want to recruit those brave warriors who have survived up to this point to the Church of the Four Gods.

The Church of the Four Gods is an organization that worships Black Scythe, ranked number 1 in all regions, and anyone who loves and admires Black Scythe can join, regardless of nationality.

However, there is one condition: members must be players and must carry a valid identification (basic personal information must be provided upon joining).

Unlike other religions, we do not charge membership fees or donations (this is important!)!

Additionally, we want to celebrate the relocation of our headquarters to the south of Seoul with a small event.

On December 25th at 10 in the morning, those who join our sect will be given 10,000 points.

And the most exciting part is that Black Scythe himself will be handing out the points! So join us, get points, and seize the opportunity to meet Lord Black Scythe in person. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

For those busy, here's a summary in 3 lines:

◆ Event Period: December 25, 2022, at 10 in the morning.

◆ Event Content: By joining the Church of the Four Gods, Lord Black Scythe will personally grant you 10,000 points (valid identification required).

◆ Location: Sashin Bridge, 625 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Points are a currency that can be used in the special store.

It is considered more valuable than gold, as angels have declared that it cannot be earned in any other way.

And they offer these points just for joining?

And it's 10,000 points?

Those intrigued by the title couldn't help but comment.

Seriously, they give 10,000 points just for joining?

Of course! ^^

Will the famous Black Scythe come in person?

Yes! Take this opportunity to meet him in person!

Why did they choose Christmas Day for the event? Is it to see couples fight?

There's no such intention. We chose the date because we thought it would be significant to hold the event on Holy Week. Seriously.

What if it's a scam?

Try it once. Let's see what happens, haha.

By giving your real name and face, how will you prevent fraud? Haha.

If you defraud, Black Scythe himself is likely to come looking for you personally...

There were over 50 comments, but Heo Taeseok joyfully replied to each one.

Although he had posted many promotions before, he had never received so much attention.

In just two days, the number of views exceeded 120.

'With 130 current members in Pseva, almost everyone must have read this.'

It was an exceptional record, considering the previous post had only 20 views.

'Could it be possible for everyone to attend?'

So came the much-awaited Christmas Day.

Ryu Min and Heo Taeseok awaited the followers in the courtyard of the new sect they had established.

Since it was a well-located place, it often caught the attention of common passersby.

"How much time is left?"

"It's exactly 9 o'clock, so there's an hour left."

"Still a bit early, so we can wait calmly."

However, players showed up earlier than expected.

"Hello, is this the Church of the Four Gods...?"

"Yes, you've come to the right place! I'm the religious leader, Nogeinnogei."

"Then, is this...?"

The man's gaze shifted to the side.

It was Ryu Min, with a white mask, unusual equipment, and a large scythe.

It wasn't hard to guess who he was.

"I am Black Scythe."

"Oh, pleased to meet you! Honored to meet you."

As he lightly shook hands, Ryu Min probed into the other's thoughts.

It was to discern whether they were a fair or malicious person.

"You seem to have no ill intentions in joining."

He was a pure member of Pseva society, drawn by admiration for Black Scythe.

"Hello, I'm Cardinal Eom Jun-seok. Here's your turn and membership form. Please wait, and we will assist you with registration when your turn comes."

The reason they didn't accept registration immediately was that it wasn't the agreed-upon time yet, and also out of fear that some might try to flee after registering.

"I cannot allow that. We need to gather as many people as possible."

Though the target of 100 people was a hope, it was fulfilled faster than expected.

"Is this the Church of the Four Gods?"

"Wow, I didn't expect much, but it's huge!"

Suddenly, people began to flood in like a tide.

As the agreed-upon time approached, more people joined.

"It seems like 100 people were a modest goal."

There were still 20 minutes left until 10, but they had already reached the goal.

"We might reach 130 this way."

It would be possible if all Pseva members, excluding the president, joined.

"It's time to start. I'll assist you with registration in order. Start from number 1..."

The registration process was simple. They sat down, had their photo taken on the spot, wrote their name, date of birth, phone number, and address on the membership form. Then, they signed a pledge to attend the Church of the Four Gods at least once a month unless there was a natural disaster. This was a measure in case they joined but didn't participate in activities.

Then, they faced Ryu Min and conducted transactions using the trading function.

"Oh, it really is 10,000 points... Thank you, Black Scythe."

"Congratulations on joining the Church of the Four Gods. Use the points wisely."

"Can I go home now?"

"Yes, but if possible, I would recommend you listen to the speech before you leave. We plan to provide information you'll regret missing out on."

There was no time for extended conversation as the next person in line was waiting.

"Ready. Next, number 38?"

After going through the process of taking photos, filling out personal information, and signing the pledge, they finally faced Black Scythe.

Though it was a straightforward task, the large number of people made the process frenetic.

In the midst of it all, they also encountered familiar faces.

"Black Scythe?"

"Min Juri?"

They already knew Min Juri would come, as they had invited her to join the Church of the Four Gods.

However, a Prophet and Black Scythe couldn't exist simultaneously.

"Is this the first time we've met in reality? Did you notice right away?"

"Because we have similar faces. Besides, I've already heard you joined the Guild."

"Haha, now everyone knows my identity. Take responsibility, Black Scythe."

"I'll take it."

When they responded seriously to the joke, Min Juri's face momentarily contracted.

"Oh, uh..."

For a moment, Min Juri was so flustered she couldn't find words to say, but Ryu Min remained composed.

"Don't you have anything else to say? If not, we can talk later. Someone else is waiting."

"Yeah, see you later."

Ryu Min smiled wryly as he watched Min Juri, taking the opportunity to leave, then welcomed the next person in line.

When he reached number 50, another familiar face appeared again.

This time, Ryu Min had to act as if he didn't know.

"Seo Arin, were you also in the Church of the Four Gods?"

"What sad words. As an ambassador of the CPF, I cannot join the Church of the Four Gods."

Seo Arin smiled and, after receiving 10,000 points from Ryu Min, bowed her head in greeting.

"Thank you for the points. I'll use them well. Oh, and..."

After looking around, Seo Arin whispered into Ryu Min's ear.

"Thanks again for last time."

"Last time?"

"When CEO Ma Gyeong-rok died. You helped us so we wouldn't have any trouble."

"It was just doing the right thing. In reality, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Still, thank you."

Originally, Ryu Min should have been questioned by the police and faced various investigations, but thanks to Ryu Min's efforts, he managed to avoid troublesome issues.

"Oh, the next person is waiting. See you later."

As Seo Arin left with a regretful expression for not having many conversations, the next person approached.

"This doesn't give a break."

If he didn't have stats, it would be as exhausting as manual labor.

Meanwhile, he took a brief break to check the time and the waiting queue.

"It's already 10:30, and there are already over 130 people gathered."

The basic goal of 100 people had already been achieved, and the expectation of 130 people had been surpassed.

But still, looking at the entrance, he saw people still coming in.

"Even non-members are somehow arriving."

Not only Pseva members who read the post, but also non-members came somehow, whether through the spread of the post or becoming news.

"This should be enough. It's time."

The conditions to obtain the Rune of the Hero had become favorable according to the plan.

"Should I start slowly?"

At that moment, a group of people rushed into the venue.

"They're coming again?"

Someone recognized them, and it turned out to be a familiar group.

"Jo Yong-ho?"

The Mercenary King and his subordinates were looking for the Church of the Four Gods, can I gather all the players in the country?"

It was enough to be surprised; now it was time to execute the plan.

Ryu Min looked at Heo Taeseok.

When their eyes casually met, Ryu Min adjusted his mask.

It was a signal to activate the Black Seed.

Heo Taeseok nodded slightly and looked toward the place where he had planted the seed.

By chance, it was a courtyard filled with over a hundred people.

"If I make the seed sprout now..."

A high-level demon would be summoned, and people would be surprised.

Of course, even if it was a demon, it was Heo Taeseok's servant, so it wouldn't attack.

"I don't know what Black Scythe is thinking, but it was a divine order, so I had no doubts and used the skill."


In an instant, a shoot suddenly sprouted from the ground where the players were clustered.

"Agh, what, what is this!?"

"What the hell is this!?"

The devil's trunk rose like a utility pole, and leaves sprouted from the mouth like a claw.


A random demon fell to the ground beneath the falling leaves.

It was a Devlin, a demon with red goblin-like skin, 2 meters tall.

"Finally, it has appeared in the human world! It has appeared."

No one understood what the guy was babbling about.

Not only because they couldn't speak demon, but also because the situation was too confusing.

But not only the players were bewildered.

"Humans, so many people have come! It's bewildering, kek!"

In an instant, Defiz's head, which sprang up like a spring, fell to the ground.

Ryu Min's scythe swiftly cut the demon's neck without delay.

It was a miserable death that occurred only 5 seconds after the summoning.

"Summoning demons in a sacred place? Are you out of your mind?"

Ryu Min warned the crowd with a voice as sharp as a knife.

"Regardless of who you are, do not use skills here."

Although it resounded, the situation was quickly resolved.

Someone, a careless summoner, summoned a demon, and Ryu Min quickly eliminated it.

Of course, the summoner, Heo Taeseok, was very bewildered.

After all, it was unexpected.

"Black Scythe. What just happened..."

"Thank you for your work."

Although he was slightly surprised at killing the demon he had summoned himself, Heo Taeseok nodded.

There was a reason, so he let the matter pass.

"There's a reason, a very clear reason."

Ryu Min, returning to his place, smiled as he looked at the message that appeared before him.

["You have saved 100 people in danger by defeating the high-level demon for the first time."]

["The conditions have been met."]

["The secret rune 'Rune of the Hero' will be granted."]

["The acquired rune will be automatically engraved on the player's body."]

"I finally got it. The Hero rune, one of the essential runes I had to obtain."

The conditions for obtaining the rune were simple: you just had to kill a demon in front of 100 people.

"That's enough to be considered a savior in the midst of a crisis."

The system recognized the situation as a crisis just from the appearance of a demon among defenseless people.

However, the demon had to be of a higher rank, and with the Black Seed learned at level 40, he could only summon medium to low-rank demons.

"That's why I waited until Heo Taeseok reached level 60. I needed to kill a higher-rank demon."

Fortunately, the plan went well, and he was able to obtain the rune.

Ryu Min, with a mask on his face, smiled as he looked at the information window that appeared before him.


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