The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 214

Chapter 214 - Black Scythe's Request

In a quiet village in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province, what appeared to be a common house had a sign carved in Chinese.

"Church of the Four Gods."

To anyone who saw it, it might seem like a sect, but fortunately, the village residents paid it no mind.

In fact, most people didn't even know that this modest house was used as a religious facility, except for the followers of the Church of the Four Gods.


"Oh, Cardinal Eom,".

"What are you thinking about?"

Heo Taeseok, who was sitting in front of his desk lost in thought, sighed as if it were obvious.

"It's about finances, you know."

Calling this a Church of the Four Gods and operating a modest house as such shouldn't cost much, but surprisingly, it does.

"During the week, we travel around the country to recruit new followers, and on weekends, we host social events and dinners so that the followers don't leave... It's not as simple as it seems."

Sometimes, calculating the cost of going abroad to recruit followers required more money than expected.

Especially at dinners, where expenses were significant. Treating several people to drinks and going out for a second or third round could easily exceed 500,000 won at a minimum.

"By repeating this every week, it's natural that there's no money left."

Despite that, the religious leader himself had no job and simply relaxed as he was now.

"It was my mistake. I thought too easily. My enthusiasm prevented me from facing reality."

"...Is it really that difficult?"

Heo Taeseok responded with a sigh.

"Even selling items has its limits now. I've sold everything I could sell for living and operating expenses. Moreover, recently, even the online market is in danger of closing..."

Heo Taeseok used to sell equipment on the online market whenever he needed money, but that also became impossible now.

Of course, he could sell things on cafes like "Joonggonara," but compared to Player Place, it's extremely inconvenient.

"Ah, this is..."


Seeing the religious leader sigh deeply, Eom Jun-seok, feeling compassionate, had an idea.

"What if we try to collect donations?"

It's not that I haven't thought of that. I also want to collect donations. But what if the followers we've recruited with so much effort leave because of it?"

"If you honestly explain the situation, they will surely understand and be willing to help."

"Do you really think so?"

Heo Taeseok viewed it negatively.

It's easy to spend other people's money, but when the money comes out of your own pocket, people tend to become indifferent.

Even if you honestly reveal your situation and plead, there's no guarantee that they won't leave.

If it's already difficult to spend time on religious activities, who would want to stay if you also have to spend money?

"Well, I can't guarantee how the followers will react."


Just as they both sighed at the same time, the sound of the door opening was heard, and someone was detected by the sensor.

"Who is it? The regular meeting is tomorrow..."

Since there was no one else, Heo Taeseok went out to see if any curious residents had entered.

But he was surprised to see who it was.

"Oh, wait, it's him, him, him... Black Scythe!"

The treasure of the Church of the Four Gods and spiritual leader had arrived.

"So you recognize immediately that I am Black Scythe. This is the first time we've met in reality, isn't it?"

"Although you know, right? How could you not know by seeing that attire?"

Even if Ryu Min hid his face, he deliberately revealed himself with the attire he wore in the other world, making it evident as Black Scythe.

Heo Taeseok, who had teamed up with Black Scythe on several occasions, couldn't help but recognize him.

Even though he didn't know with what intention he showed up.

"To meet Black Scythe in reality! I'm really glad! But, what brings you to this humble place...?"

"Is the platform you created for me humble?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's not that it has another meaning, it's just evident that it's humble..."

"It seems that the financial situation is not very good."

"...That's right."

"How many followers of the Church of the Four Gods have you gathered?"

"Originally, excluding Priest Eom Jun-seok and me, there were about 30, but now it's down to 10..."

"Many died in Round 12, it seems."

"That's right."

The current number of players in South Korea is 175.

Up until Round 11, they were 690, but surprisingly, many failed to surpass Round 12 and died.

"Are those 10 all players?"


Heo Taeseok, in answering, observed Black Scythe's reaction.

"Did you come to inspect, by any chance?"

Did he come to ask how everything was going, like an officer in the army who checks the status of his unit after leaving it behind?

That was the only conclusion he could come to.

He was surveying the surroundings, like circling around.

"No, I came because I have a request for you."

"A request? A request?"

Even if it was an order, wasn't it too casually serious?

Heo Taeseok, as if dazed, waved his hands.

"There's no need for a request. No matter what it is, please just tell me."

"I can't just ask you. After all, you created this platform for me. Well, although it's a bit humble to call it a platform."

"Well, that's true."

"So I want you to move to another place."



Was he suggesting abandoning this place and moving to another?

"But, like I said, the conditions aren't the best..."

"I'll take care of the building. It would be better to build a new one, but there's no time for that, so it would be good to buy the church building I gave you. What do you think about having the headquarters in Seoul?"


Heo Taeseok was momentarily speechless.

Was he saying he would provide a church building in Seoul?

"Am I hearing this right? Did you just say you'll provide the building..."

"I didn't say that. I'll buy the building under my name. Would Seoul be fine anyway?"

"Seoul is fine, but it will be expensive..."

"Anyway, around 20 billion won would be fine, right?"

Heo Taeseok's mouth opened again.

Talking about 20 billion sounded as if he was talking about thousand won bills.

"What are you saying?"

"Is Seoul acceptable if I provide it for you?"

"Ah, well, yes, but still, it would be costly..."

"Anyway, around 200 billion, right?"

Heo Taeseok's mouth opened again.

He was talking about 200 billion as if they were ten thousand won bills.

"What are you saying?"

"So, what do you think about moving to Seoul?"

"Ah, well, that's..."

Heo Taeseok, worried about various things, couldn't immediately respond.

Of course, even though Ryu Min could read his thoughts, the truth was he knew why he was worried.

"Don't worry. I'll provide all the necessary capital for the operation. And since we're talking about it, I'll give you 100 million as operational expenses for the next year."

"Seriously? 100 million?"

"Stop being surprised and call the bank account."

While Black Scythe was actually preparing for the transfer by taking out his phone, Heo Taeseok couldn't help but be surprised.

The luck that came suddenly seemed almost unreal.

"Call the bank account."

"Oh, yes. Nonhyup Bank, 291..."

Ryu Min, upon hearing the account number, instantly transferred 100 million.

Of course, being under the name of Lost Yak, his true identity was not revealed.

Heo Taeseok, genuinely surprised upon confirming the transfer of 100 million, looked at him with astonished eyes.

"Can you give such a large sum so easily...?"

"Don't worry, use it for the sect's operational expenses. For me, it's just a small amount of money."

Compared to the 10 billion generated annually as interest, 100 million was almost insignificant.

"Thank you. Thank you!"

"No need to thank me. In the future, I'll get involved in managing the Church of the Four Gods."

"Get involved?"

"I'll send you an email, so organize and send me the expense history every month. I need to make sure you're not spending money on unnecessary things. Can you do that?"

"Oh, of course! What can I do with 100 million?"

In reality, the money was practically useless, but he decided to check expense records to not feel like he was getting free money.

When someone keeps showing kindness, people tend to consider it as a right.

"If you need more, just say it."

"Oh, no, with 100 million it's enough. Besides, you said you would even provide a building... oh!"

Heo Taeseok wiped a tear that came out at that moment.

Apparently, he had been going through difficult times.

"I'm sorry. As a religious leader, I showed you a pitiful side. Our financial situation has been really bad lately. Now I feel relieved."

"It's not just a gesture of kindness. As I said before, I have something to ask of you."

"Whatever it is, please, say it."

Although he hadn't asked for a duel, Heo Taeseok bowed like a slave.

The power of money was truly overwhelming.

"You probably have a skill you learned at level 40 called 'Black Seed'. If you plant the seed in the ground, it randomly summons a demon."

"Yes, I have it."

"When you reach level 60, that skill is likely to have strengthened. It has probably become a stronger demon, right?"

"Yes, that's right."

"I want you to plant that seed in a place I'll tell you, and when I give the signal, use the skill to summon the demon. Can you do that?"

Heo Taeseok nodded without hesitation.

It wasn't a difficult request.

It was a simple task of using the skill in a designated place.

"But how did you know about my skill? I don't think I used it in front of Black Scythe..."

"I saw another dark wizard using it."

Of course, it was a lie.

He had discovered the skill during the Seventh Round because of the illusion he saw.

"That was when Heo Taeseok planted the seed in Min Juri's body and threatened to make her explode."

Since it was only an illusion created by the system, there was no lingering resentment.

Heo Taeseok, who had also created his own religion, had no reason to betray himself.

"Is that all you need?"

"Yes. That's all I ask of you. If you do it as I say, not only will I provide you with a building in Seoul and support operational expenses, but I will also help you gather followers."

"Even followers too?"

"Ten people are sincerely too few, don't you think? There should be at least a hundred."

Heo Taeseok's mouth opened wide as if the figure were unimaginable.

"I-is it possible?"

"Yes, it's possible. If you have the power of money. Although, if you think about it, more than the power of money, it would be the power of points."

"Points, what do you mean?"

"Do you know the cafe called '[Players Change the World]'?"

Instead of a response, Black Scythe raised a questioning eyebrow, but Heo Taeseok continued to quickly answer.

"Yes, of course. I even joined."

"Post ads there to attract people. Say you've established a new sect in Seoul."

"I already did. But not as many joined as I thought."

"Sure, of course, they won't come just because you call them."

"So, how...?"

"Tell them you'll give points. Promise to give 10,000 points to each person who joins."


Points are more valuable than gold. Dividing those points as a membership gift? No one will resist.

Especially in situations like the current one, where even a few points are desperately needed.

"People know I have 20 million points. They see it on the results screen after Round 11. If Black Scythe says he'll distribute them personally, there's no reason for them not to come."

"I-if we offer points, I think people will flock like crazy."

"Well, then the problem of recruiting followers is also solved."

Although he would lose a million points if a hundred people came, Ryu Min did not consider it a loss at all.

After all, what he had left over was points.

"The more followers, the better. They are people who follow me, and accumulating them will make control easier."

Moreover, he hadn't called the followers for no reason.

To get the Hero Runes as planned, he needed to have many people around him.

And that meant more than a hundred people.

"Don't tell me I won't even gather a hundred people. After all, I'm offering points."

However, Ryu Min didn't know that.

More people than he thought would gather.


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