Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha! (Novel) Chapter 190

Chapter 190 – Dungeon of Advent (2)


[The Dungeon gates are opening!]

[Warning! Warning! Warning!]


A black blaze covered the entire sky.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

The ground shook violently, and the sand walls collapsed with a roar.

Through the fallen walls, a wall of flames flickered.

<Who dares to summon me?>

A fissure in the sky.

The eye of a colossal dragon looked down at this place.


I've heard about it from Nerissa.

The current leaders of the four great families of this generation barely managed to access the power bestowed upon them by their diluted blood.

The one I attempted to summon was one of the four ancient beings with whom the empire made a pact when it was founded. With a single gesture, it could cleave the earth, and with a single glance, it could set mountains ablaze.


[The current power level is insufficient to overcome this level of difficulty.]

[It is recommended to withdraw.]

Countless warning messages obscured my vision.

I brushed aside the holograms with a gesture and took a deep breath.

The hot air pierced my lungs. The temperature of the atmosphere had increased by tens of degrees just with its presence.

"This should suffice."

I smiled, looking up at the dragon.

The creature's fiery gaze seemed to pierce through me.

<Insignificant human, you are like a speck of dust to me. What business do you have with me?>

"Give it to me."

<What do you mean?>

"Your power."

Its pupils narrowed vertically.

<Hehehehe… Hahaha!>


The wall of flames burned fiercely.


[Primordial Black Dragon]

[Halgion Syraos Lv.???]

A man engulfed in black flames slowly descended to the ground.

Three pairs of wings flapped on his back.

Holding a black lance like jet, the man clad in ebony armor spoke.

"So, you are the hero spoken of by the goddess."

The man pronounced.

"Your power is insignificant. You are still lacking. You cannot handle this body. Go back."

"I won't know until I try."

"Is it something you have to try to know?"

The man laughed.

At that moment.


I kneeled in place.

The pressure felt like my body was breaking apart. It seemed as if the blood was receding through my veins.

<Fool! Do you really need to try to know?>

Struggling to maintain my balance, I glanced to the side.

Creeeek. The ground, unable to withstand the pressure, was cracking like spiderwebs.

It wasn't just psychological intimidation.

It's… Gravity?

<Master, the opponent is stronger than anticipated.>

"…So it seems."

If Yurnet says it's strong, then it must be.

I chuckled.

"Well, then I can't afford to fail anymore."


"Help me a little. I don't want to stay kneeling like this any longer."

I heard Yurnet sigh.

<Really… I can't stop Master.>

"Consider it a compliment. I won't drag this out much longer."

<I will assist. Please, win.>

A portal opened from above, and a two-handed sword with scales engraved on it was thrust into the ground.

I kneeled and grabbed the sword.

Ascalon, the Dragon Slayer Sword.

A magical sword that could deal fixed damage specifically to dragons.

If the user possessed the Dragon Slayer skill, its efficiency would be amplified several times.

[Ascalon effect activated!]

From the portal, a white steel gauntlet fell.

The steel gauntlet writhed as if alive and adhered to my right hand.


[Draupnir effect activated!]

Next was a small wooden box.

Upon opening the lid, there was a crimson apple.

I took a big bite of the apple.

[Iðunn's Apple effect activated!]

Numerous weapons began to fall from the portal.

[Eye of Argos effect activated!]

[Fragarach effect activated...]

[Megingjörð effect activated...]

This was the last chance.

I had been saving it for this moment.


[Han (★★★★) has entered Exceed mode!]

Hundreds of kilograms of pressure pressed down on me from all sides.

I gritted my teeth. Firmly gripping Ascalon, I rose with determination.


Hmph, my feet!

I swung the blade and charged at the creature watching me.

[Sword Spirit skill activated!]


The first strike.

Sword Spirit at full power struck the black dragon, causing flames and dense dust to rise.

Just as my body screamed from the recoil damage, a cold sensation sprouted from my navel, enveloping my body. This was the effect of Iðunn's Apple, temporarily amplifying my healing ability hundreds of times.

[Sword Spirit skill activated!]

[Sword Spirit skill activated!]

[Sword Spirit skill activated!]

With a strength I could never have dreamed of, I continuously struck with Sword Spirit.

With each swing of Ascalon, a red ray of Dragon Slayer attribute sparked, and the damage received from the recoil of Exceed and Sword Spirit was continuously healed under the influence of Iðunn's Apple.

Though my body was healing, the pain did not fade.

I gritted my teeth tightly and swung the sword.

I couldn't afford to rest. I could clearly see the creature standing amidst the dust, flames, and flying rock fragments.

'This is reckless.'

Even using weapons from Niflheim, the chances of winning were not 100%.

Such a dangerous gamble. The old me would never have done this. It would be better to obtain higher-level Engravings later, once I had grown stronger.


'That won't be enough.'

Even now, if I close my eyes, I can see it.

If I had been stronger back then, I wouldn't have had to witness such a scene.

I refuse to experience that again.

<Haha, interesting. I can feel your determination.>

"So, how about you die for me then? I'm dying here."

"Then, I will gladly face you! Overcome the trial. I, Halgion Syraos, will personally verify if you are worthy!"


The creature leaped within the flash of light.

Beating its wings, it aimed its lance at me.

"I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Is cheating in the exam allowed?"

"If you pass, it doesn't matter."

"Good to know."

This bastard.

A monster beyond my expectations.

If this were the highest difficulty, I should have been dead and lying on the ground right now.

Seeing that there is a limit to relying on items, it seems that this is a creature that would appear in a demonic-level difficulty.

'It's called the Primordial something.'

"Yurnet, open another door."

"At your command."

A second portal opened behind me.

This meant I had used up my third opportunity to summon weapons.

I had no regrets. Now was the true moment to use this power.

I would use everything at my disposal.

I moved my right hand.

With a thunderous roar, Gungnir, transformed into lightning, struck down upon the creature.

Next, weapons thrown like lightning pierced one after another.

"Attach all equipped items."


Lucky that the examiner is generous.

The gear I'm equipped with is top quality, but while I'm at a low level, it's not even half as effective. Still, with so much, it'll cover somehow.


I exhaled silently, equipped with premium items.

The dragon watched me. It was a monster that, despite being hit multiple times with the Dragon Slayer attribute, didn't have a scratch. It was immune to attributes, with control over special properties.

‘Certainly, it's a top-level Engraving.’

If only I could pass this test.

I turned Ascalon's blade and lunged towards the creature hovering in the air.

And then.


I threw Ascalon, now broken in half.

Then I sat on the ground.

This creature could be summed up in one phrase.

Tough as hell. Even a blow in Exceed state loaded with all kinds of effects couldn't leave a significant mark. The only damage I managed to inflict was breaking one of its six wings.

<Is this the end?>

"It's over." I replied briefly and spat blood.

The weapons from Niflheim were all withdrawn. Some due to depleted durability, others because their summoning time ended. In any case, the important thing was that I hadn't managed to inflict any significant damage to this guy. I had no one to blame but myself.

‘Surely, the difficulty of the Advent Dungeon was top-level…’

At this rate, calling it infernal level wouldn't be an exaggeration.

I clicked my tongue. Did I miscalculate? No matter how much I want to make myself stronger, I'm not stupid enough to challenge a fight I clearly can't win. If it were a high-level Advent monster, I could have easily won using item summoning.

‘If penetration doesn't work, and neither do attribute-less attacks or Dragon Slayer, then what's its weakness?’

With more time, I could have found a strategy…

But now it was too late. Communication with Yurnet was also cut off.


The man looked down at me.

However, his expression had changed a bit. If initially, he looked at me as if I were an insect, now there was a smile on his lips, looking at me with interest.

<Is that all?>


<Well, that's okay.>

The man smiled slightly and folded his wings.

The flames engulfing his whole body, the pressure crushing me, and the black light staining the sky had disappeared.

<You've passed the test.>


<Even though you knew the truth, you called upon me to gain power.>

What's this guy talking about?

<I took a glimpse into your memories. You... come from elsewhere. And something feels strange. Intriguingly mysterious.>
The man's pupils narrowed vertically.

It was a penetrating gaze.

<I suppose it doesn't matter.>


<I don't like them either. I don't want to bear so much, so I'll give up. Tsk, aren't they all just cowards? I like you because you seem a little different.>

The man threw something onto the ground beneath me.

It was a sphere, shining translucently.

Within the palm-sized sphere, black flames burned.

<Take it.>
The man gave me one last glance before pushing off the ground and soaring into the sky.

Soon after, his figure disappeared.

[Stage Cleared!]

[You have cleared the Intermediate Advent Dungeon.]

[You have obtained the special Engraving True Black Dragon Blood (A). You may bestow this engraving upon the hero who challenged the dungeon.]

[Eligible Hero - Han (★★★★)]

The clearance message appeared.

"I don't understand."

I stayed still for a moment, then looked at the sphere.

[True Black Dragon Blood (A, Lv.1)]

[The pure lineage of an ancient black dragon. It harbors tremendous power.]

[Effect: Defense of all attributes +10%]

[Unique Ability: Black Dragon Scale (Duration 1 second)]

A grade A.

For all the fuss, the grade seems low.

Although it's an increase in physical and magical defense to defense of all attributes, there don't seem to be any other special abilities. The unique ability doesn't seem to have changed much either.

‘Could it be…?’

Have I been deceived?

A grade A Engraving is quite high, but compared to the high-grade Advent Stone and the weapon summoning I invested in, it's an absurd exchange rate.


I shook my head.

I guess I'll only know once I use it.

I took out a magical silk cloth and wrapped the sphere. Haphazardly engraving it when I'm not at my best could lead to contamination. I planned to try the Engraving after returning to the Lobby and finishing maintenance.

Holding the wrapped sphere, I walked out through the door that had appeared at the back of the field.

[How was it, Loki? Huh? Huh?]

As soon as I entered the plaza, Iselle clung to me.

I handed the wrapped sphere to Iselle.

"Give it to me tomorrow afternoon. I'll engrave it then."

[Okay! Let's see, wow, it's grade A! As expected of Loki. Amazing...]

Iselle, babbling, then carefully started a conversation, noticing my mood.

[Is something wrong?]

"Not really."

I climbed the stairs leading to the next floor, frowning.

Even after returning to the Lobby, the aftermath of the battle persisted, and every corner of my body ached and throbbed.

"Damn it."

It's clear that even without an S-grade Engraving, depending on growth and combination, it's possible to become much stronger, but the result was disappointing.

The investment just doesn't add up.

Considering what I've invested.

Even if an Engraving of this level is satisfactory considering my level and grade, still…

‘There's synergy.’

Immunity to damage is a perfect match for Exceed and Spirit of the Sword.

But I wanted something more powerful. After all that buildup, just an A-grade? How stingy.

I decided to try the Engraving the next day.

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