The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player (Novel) Chapter 164

Chapter 164 - International News

[International News]

[Kidnapped Women in Nigeria Speak Out About Black Scythe...]

It was revealed that the South Korean player known as Black Scythe (pseudonym), involved in the suicide of the EI leader and the murder of his subordinates, also eradicated human trafficking organizations in Nigeria.

Although Nigeria remains a scene of various organized crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution, organ trafficking, and baby factories, all of that seems to be a thing of the past.

According to the revelations of the Nigerian government, it was confirmed that 22 organizations that were under investigation disappeared completely within a matter of days.

How did this happen?

It was the action of the self-proclaimed individual, Black Scythe.

The testimony of Subina, a 30-year-old woman who had been kidnapped by a human trafficking organization, revealed that she lived each day in agony, expecting to be sacrificed like livestock in a small, lightless cell.

She bravely resisted, even in the face of harassment from organization members as cruel as demons, because she did not have the courage to commit suicide.

It is said that a ray of light in the midst of that despair was Black Scythe.

He cleared out the organization members and rescued all the captive women without asking for anything in return.

The women who truly reported the kidnapping stated that if it weren't for Black Scythe and the Asian woman who seemed to be his companion, they would still be trapped in that horrific prison.

The author of this article is not a human rights advocate or a pacifist, but upon hearing the stories of so many women saved by Black Scythe, he could at least assure one thing.

The actions of Black Scythe do not deserve condemnation but should be praised.

(This article is a literal translation of a Nigerian article.)

└Wow... There are no words for this.

└He really rescued dozens of kidnapped people.

└He rescued them without asking for anything in return and then disappeared without saying a word.


└He's truly a hero.

└If it's true, he has really done something great for the country's reputation.

└True. I searched on Google and found the original article from Nigeria.

└But the comments here are quite clean. In other articles, many were angry, saying that Black Scythe should be punished as a murderer.

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Have those idiots who said he was a murderer now disappeared?

└Damn idiots. After seeing this, if they keep talking about the rights of criminals, they are not human, seriously.

└The ones who are not human are the bastards who traffic people. It makes me so angry.

└Black Scythe did it well a hundred times and a thousand times~

└(Comment deleted after report.)

└But who is the woman who seems to be his partner?

└Isn't that his girlfriend, Black Scythe?

└ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is Black Scythe crazy bringing his girlfriend to rescue her?

└Literally, she could be his companion.

└Oh my god! I believed it. He really is the savior of this era. God! Save! Lord!

A satisfied smile appeared on Ryu Min's lips as he read the article.

"The situation has taken a turn."

Thanks to the rescued women in Nigeria speaking out, Black Scythe went from being a serial killer to becoming a hero who saved people. With the appearance of articles representing the victims' situation, many sympathized with the women and supported Black Scythe.

"Well. With this, there shouldn't be any problems going public."

Ryu Min picked up Lost Yak's cellphone.

Upon checking, he found that, as expected, there were hundreds of missed calls.

"Interviews, charity announcements, presidential praises, I'll accept them all," Ryu Min thought, determined to promote himself as a celebrity at this moment.

He was determined to elevate Black Scythe's reputation using all available means and methods. To turn Black Scythe into a nationally recognized figure, he first had to become famous. He wanted everyone, even ordinary citizens, to know the name Black Scythe.

"Isn't this the perfect time to try it out?" Ryu Min took out an item from his inventory.

It was a runes package he had received as a reward from round 10. Although he wouldn't mind getting an unfavorable rune in this mood, he thought it wouldn't affect him much.


The runes package disappeared with a bright light. At the same time, a message appeared revealing the appearance of an unknown rune and its imprint on his body.


Nine months had passed since the world changed. Of the 1.8 billion people who started, only a scant 130,000 remained. Among them, there were fewer than 700 Korean players. Globally, the population had reduced by over 22%.

The economy was staggering, and the population reduction was a harsh reality.

"We failed. Our company has failed," complained the CEOs of companies, lamenting to Ma Gyeong-rok.

He understood their concerns. As an entrepreneur, he could sympathize with the idea that any alarm sound was justified. However, he couldn't share his sympathy.

"I'm living well," he thought. "As long as I'm okay, it's fine."

Ma Gyeong-rok's dominant mindset led him to understand others' lamentations in his head, but he couldn't emotionally connect with it.

His company hadn't failed like the others.

"As the prophet said, right? When I switched to the VVIP site, my income didn't really decrease."

A week after returning from the round, Ma Gyeong-rok redesigned the market site exclusively for VVIP, following the prophet's advice. To reassure existing customers, he included generous events and increased auction offerings.

"There were many good items provided by the prophet, which helped maintain the market."

Although the number of clients reduced to a quarter, the change in income was not significant. Players who felt the threat of survival became more aggressive in their negotiations to find better items, throwing all their fortunes in the process.

In the midst of this, the appearance of the exclusive VVIP site also contributed.

"It was worth listening to the prophet. Haha."

Ma Gyeong-rok smiled with satisfaction, proud of his choice without doubting the prophet.

Sure, the prophet's advice had a significant impact.

But the prophet only showed the way.

The choice, after all, was one's own responsibility.

"I discerned well and accepted the prophet's advice. Well, I even admit the prophet is a clever guy."

He was no longer worried about his company's failure. Without the guidance of the prophet, he trusted that he could continue to thrive.

The problem now was whether he could capitalize on this momentum and achieve enough success to be listed on the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSPI).

"Gradually, I should start preparing to go public. There's nothing safer than listing on the KOSPI to earn my father's recognition."

Setting aside worries about the company, Ma Gyeong-rok began to consider other concerns.

"Is this finally Round 11 of Death?"

Of course, Ma Gyeong-rok wasn't worried about himself.

The concern came from his fiancée, who feared she might die in Round 11.

"I hope everything goes well."

There were no tender emotions.

Only sympathy derived from compassion.

Ma Gyeong-rok, who initially had no interest in romance, was involved in a business relationship due to his father's business influence.

Superficially, they were lovers, but they hadn't even kissed.

People might misunderstand and think he liked men, but in reality, Ma Gyeong-rok only knew himself and his business.

Still, now he couldn't help but worry.

"What if Christine dies according to the prophecy? I'll surely be blamed too. Though I know it's dangerous, if I can't avoid it, I won't be able to avoid the criticisms either. I've committed, and if she dies, it will definitely affect my image."

"I should protect Christine. Besides, Round 11 integrates with other countries."

For more specific details, he would have to talk to Ryu Min, the prophet.

"It's about time he comes..."

At that moment, there was a knock on the office door.

To his surprise, it wasn't Ryu Min who entered.

It was Christine, the blonde woman.

"Oh, you've come, Christine."

"I'm sorry for coming without notice."

"Haha, why apologize? We're not a common couple; we're lovers, so seeing each other often is a good thing, isn't it?"

Ma Gyeong-rok always showed a friendly smile in front of Christine.

Christine, unknowingly, was more cautious towards that attitude.

"The reason I came, do you know it from the phone call, right?"

"Of course. Since today is the meeting day, wait for me a bit. Coffee?"


Ma Gyeong-rok prepared coffee in the break room and had various conversations with Christine.

They talked about the weather, if she had any trouble coming, formalities about Ma Gyeong-rok's father's well-being, among other things.

There were also player conversations about levels and the difficulty of Round 10, as well as comments on the authenticity of prophecies.

It was a conversation that didn't show the typical sweetness of a couple.

In the midst of all this, Ma Gyeong-rok received a call from a subordinate.

"Oh, really? Understood."

"What call was that?"

"He's here."


Ma Gyeong-rok stood up from his chair and left the office to greet him.

A small man entered the office shortly after.

The prophet.

He was the reason Christine had come to Korea.

"CEO Ma Gyeong-rok, hello?"

"Major, are you here?"

Ryu Min greeted while noticing Christine standing next to Ma Gyeong-rok.

"Is your fiancée here too?"

"Hello, Ryu Min."

"Nice to meet you, Christine."

"It seems you remember my name."

"Of course. I also know why you've come."

Christine looked at Ma Gyeong-rok with surprised rabbit eyes.

It was a look asking if he had revealed the reason for her visit, but Ma Gyeong-rok just nodded.

"Ma didn't say a word to me. I foresaw it all. Shall we talk first in a quiet place?"


Christine, following Ryu Min, stopped Ma Gyeong-rok, who was following closely.

"Sorry, but I'd prefer to talk alone."

"Oh, that's fine. I'll wait here, so feel free to talk and then join us."

"Thank you."

Ryu Min and Christine sat on a bench in front of the company.

"This place seems nice. But why did Mr. Ma Gyeong-rok say not to come?"

"I think it would be easier to talk this way. It seems to be a serious matter where my life is at stake, and we don't know if things will change if several people hear it."

"Well, you're not wrong."

Smiling, Ryu Min asked directly.

"Did you come to Korea out of concern for Round 11?"

"Yes. Actually, I came to see the Prophet and get his advice."

"Advice... I already think I said everything at that time."

"That's not what I think. Even though you know something, you're hiding it. Who is saving me, who is threatening me?"


"Even if it's embarrassing, please tell me. You said there was a group that didn't recognize me, who exactly are they?"

"I don't know. I mentioned it before."

"I know. But give me at least a small hint. You said you saw the scene at that moment. It would be better to prevent it in advance. It might be useful in a crisis situation."

"I don't remember now. I forgot everything."


With those words, Christine couldn't find what to say.

It was futile when someone persisted in not knowing.

"Then, who is the person who will save you? Have you seen their face? Do you remember anything?"

"Yes, but I can't say."

"Because you fear the future will change if you say it?"

"I know very well."

"Still, couldn't you tell me? I'll be careful so that the future doesn't change."

"How can you guarantee that? And if Christine dies, how can I face Mr. Ma?"


"You're worried and anxious, so I rushed here in a month, but there's nothing I can do. There are limits to the information I can provide."


Not even the strongest walls could match this wall.

Though feeling frustrated, Christine understood.

It was natural for trust in the Prophet to crumble if the future changed.

"I'm sorry. I think I rushed too much due to excitement."

"No problem."

"I guess I'm more nervous and restless because an incident is looming in the next round. I'll apologize again."

Christine, who spoke clearly and amiably, asked to confirm.

"So, is my only task to wait for someone to save me?"

"Yes, for now, that would be best."


"Don't worry too much, Christine. Everything will be fine."

With a few simple and warm words, Christine was able to alleviate some of her anxiety.

"Thank you, Prophet. When you speak like that, I really feel confidence in you."

"Really? Well, since Mr. Ma is also waiting, why don't we go up? Since you're here, how about you also listen to the prophecy of Round 11?"


Both got up from the bench and entered the company.

Unaware that someone was watching them as if they were about to be killed from behind.


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